Twisted Tail

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Cara spat out what seemed to be an endless supply of dirt from her mouth. Clouds of dust stung at her eyes, making it impossible to see. Her head rang like a bell, and her whole body felt sore, but she was just glad to be alive after the explosion.

Cara was a paladin, a holy knight in service to Goddess of the Dawn. For the last three weeks, she had been traveling with three fellow adventures, trying to vanquish a dark evil that had befallen the realm of Athenford.

The party had been founded by a halfling bard by the name of Melessi, who had a habit of telling bawdy jokes that Cara often frowned out. She’d recruited the powerful orc barbarian Mokor, who largely kept to himself, something Cara appreciated. The last member of their party, and in Cara’s eyes, least, was a demonspawn by the name of Harci, who had a habit of triggering traps.

Cara had been wary of Harci from the start. Cara had been so sure that Harci was evil incarnate. How could she not? Harci was short and slender, her skin bright red, her two small curled horns, and her tail, long and menacing, ending in a heart shaped spike. It had taken a minor miracle for Melessi and Mokor to stop Cara from smiting her on the spot.

As they had travelled, Cara had realized that Harci wasn’t evil. No, not evil, just a cursed menace. The girl was clumsy, naïve, and completely lacked discipline of any kind. She often fell asleep during watch, or wandered off during a mission, her fancy caught by some shiny object. And now, it appears, she set of some sort of fireball that had nearly killed them all.

“Is everyone okay?” Cara called out.

“I-I’m fine,” Melessi called out, followed by a coughing fit. “I hurt my hands, but I’ll make it back to camp. Mokor’s alive, but he’s out cold,”

Cara let out a sigh of relief. She could hear someone moving on the opposite side of the room from where Melessi’s voice came from. It was where Harci had been standing.

“Harci, what did you do this time?” Cara called out.

“That’s not fair!” Harci replied. “Every time something goes wrong, you always think it’s my fault.”

“Did you set off the trap?”

“…Yes…but it wasn’t my fault!” Harci whined.

Cara put a hand on her face in aggravation. ” We need to get back to camp and rest up. If those ogres find us, we’ll be an easy target with Mokor and Melessi hurt. Can you just come over here?”

“I can’t,” Harci said.

“Why not?”

“I’m…I’m stuck.”

“Stuck how?”

“It’s…it’s my tail…just come help me, please?” Harci begged.

Cara muttered a curse under her breath as she made her way to Harci. The room was starting to settle, and she could see Harci, sitting on the ground. The petite demon girl seemed to be pouting. The fire and blast had shredded her close, exposing her skin, from her cleavage, to her toned stomach, to her shapely calves.

Cara could immediately see her problem, too. Sitting next to Harci where the ruined remains of a metal contraption, one that Cara had ordered Harci not to meddle with. Before the explosion, it had looked like a fine tuned machine, a work of cogs and metal pipes that were clearly the work of some master engineer, a machine that worked to some end Cara could not comprehend.

After the explosion, the machine was pile of worthless broken metal. Harci’s tail was interwoven through the various pipes. It had even gotten stuck, wrapped around itself and a metal pipe near the heart shaped spike at the end.

Cara stood over Harci and said, “I told you not to touch it!”

“I know,” Harci pouted, “But I saw a trap and thought I could disarm it. I wanted to be the hero for once…”

“Well you almost killed us all!” Cara shouted.

“I know, I’m sorry” Harci whined.

“Look, just, stay still. I think I can free your tail, I just need to grab it and unwrap it here.”

“No!” Harci shouted.


“No, you can’t touch my tail! No one can touch my tail. The only person who can touch my tail is my…my…”

“your what?”

“It doesn’t matter. Not you. Look, if someone has to touch it, can’t it be Mokor?”

“Mokor is unconscious, and Melessi hurt her hands. You choices are me, or stay here and die. Which is it,”

Harci seemed to seriously consider ‘Stay and xslot giriş Die’, but she eventually conceded. “Just, be gentle, okay?”

“Sure,” Cara said.

Cara reached her hand into the metal pipes carefully. As she did, the back of her hand grazed part of Harci’s tail.

“Ooooh,” Harci whimpered.

“What, am I hurting you?” Cara asked.

“No, no, it’s fine, I’m fine,” Harci said, but Cara noticed the demonspawn’s eyes seemed to open wider, watching Cara.

Cara kept going until she made it to where the Harci’s tail was stuck. She opened her hand and grabbed the heart shaped spike. It felt softer than Cara expected, but still firm, and warm to the touch. It honestly felt very pleasant in her hand.

“C-C-Cara,” Harco whimpered. Cara could feel Harci latching on to Cara’s leg, her hands twitching softly against Cara’s calves.

“Just a second, gotta find a way to get it out,” Cara said. She traced her fingers back along Harci’s tail, feeling the path it needed to take, then grabbed the heart shaped spike and started to gently twist and push it.

“Oh, oh, keep going, just keep going, just a little more,” Harci gasped, clutching at Cara’s leg tighter.

“Yeah, I’ve almost got it,” Cara said. She pushed the heart shaped spike free, then pulled gently on Harci’s tail. It caught on a small nub, but Cara grabbed the heart shaped spike in her hand, squeezed gently, and gave it a tug, pulling it free.

“Yes, Cara, Yes!” Harci screamed,

Cara looked down to see Harci clutching her leg to Harci’s body tightly, with Cara’s knee gently nested between Harci’s breasts. Harci’s body was shaking and quivering, and she looked up at Cara, her lips parted, her eyes in a daze, her face turning just a shade redder, and she was breathing deep and ragged, before her body went still

“Did…did you just…” Cara stuttered.

Harci’s eyes widened, and she pushed back from Cara’s body. Her tail came slithering out of the machine, wrapping around her waist.

“My tail is very sensitive,” Harci said, softly.

They stood in a stunned silence for a few seconds, before Melessi came up to them, dragging Mokor’s body.

“Guys we gotta get going,” Melessi said, but neither Cara or Harci moved. “Guys? Hello, you okay?”

“Um, yes, here, let me help you with that. Come on, Harci, we have to get going,” Cara said, taking Mokor from Melessi and effortlessly swinging the big orc over her shoulder.

“Yes, we need to go. To.. the camp! That’s right, back to camp. Let’s um, let’s go,” Harci said, meekly, pacing along after Cara.

Melessi just watched the two walk off. “What’s with them?” She wondered.


It wasn’t long before they arrived back in camp. The next few hours flew by in a blur. Cara treated Mokor, while Melessi and Harci made dinner.

While they ate dinner, Cara and Harci didn’t talk. Melessi did her best to fill the silence, as often she does, but Cara knew that Melessi suspected something had happened between them. And Harci, she was looking at Cara differently now, not with annoyance or fear like she might have before. No, this was a look best described as hunger.

They took turns bathing alone, then drew lots for watch. Melessi would get the first watch, then Harci, then Cara.

Cara was glad to sleep first. The day had taken a toll on her, and she was glad to retreat back to her private tent, cast off her heavy armor, and just lay back for a while.

She found she couldn’t drift off to sleep right away. Of call things, she found herself thinking of Harci. Of having the little demonspawn girl at her feet, of the smooth and welcoming touch of her tail.

Did she really do what I think she did? Right there, below me? It sure seemed like it…still, why do I even care? I was just setting her free, she thought to herself.

She would talk with Harci in the morning, they would just move past this like it never happened. It was just a misunderstanding, Harci would understand that.

Cara signed and laid back in her bed. She pulled her blankets around her, and closed eyes, trying to drift off to sleep, but sleep didn’t seem to come.

A few moments later, she heard the cloth rustling at the entrance to her tent. xslot She rubbed her eyes and propped herself up and her elbows. “Melessi, is that you? Something wrong on watch?”

“No, it’s not Melessi,”

Harci slithered into Cara’s tent, her body wrapped in a dark robe. She was on her hands and knees as she moved into the cramped tent, crawling over Cara.

“Cara, I need to talk to you,” Harci said in a low voice.

“Yes, Harci, I need to talk to you too. About what happened, I-“

“What happened was amazing, Cara. Your touch, it did something to me, it reached something in me that I didn’t know was there,” Harco said, moving in closer to Cara, her face just a few inches away.

Cara stuttered, caught off guard, “I’m sorry about that, Harci, I didn’t mean -“

“Sorry, you’re sorry?” Harci said, “Cara, what you did to me, I have never felt that before, never had a lover make me so weak with just a touch,”

“Lover?” Cara asked, alarmed. “Harci, why exactly did you come here tonight?”

“Why did I come?” Harci planted a knee on either side of Cara’s body and leaned back, towering over her, then she threw off her black robe, revealing her naked body to Cara. Cara drank Harci in, her toned stomach, her slender thighs, her bare breasts, her clean shaven pussy, made all the more alluring by her crimson demon skin.

“I came here to offer myself to you, Cara, to give you what you gave me,” Harci said. Harci lowered herself again, moving close to Cara’s face. “I’m here for you, Cara,”

“Harci, no, I’m a paladin, you’re a demon. We can’t, I don’t, I don’t know,” Cara muttered

Harci lowered her lips to Cara’s ears, pressing her naked body against Cara’s. “Did I ever tell you I was part succubus, Cara? There’s two things about being a succubus that you might not know. First, I know what you want, what you need. I know how to please you, Cara. And the other thing is that I can make it feel so, so good for you, Cara”

As Harci spoke, she ran her hands up Cara’s shirt, feeling her toned body, before sliding down to her waist, squeezing gently. There was an unnatural warmth in Harci’s hands as they explored Cara’s flesh, and Cara could feel a heat building in herself as well.

“I could be yours, Cara. All you need to do is kiss me,” Harci said.

Cara grabbed Harci’s head with one strong hand and pulled her into a wild kiss. The demonspawn moaned softly as Cara kissed her again and again, each one more passionate and reckless than the last.

Harci ran her hands up Cara’s shirt, gently cupping her breasts, then squeezing them softly. Then Harci’s soft fingers found their way to Cara’s nipple, teasing and rubbing them. Cara broke their kiss to throw her head back and moan as the demonspawn’s hands expertly played with Cara’s body.

Cara raised her own hands to Harci’s bountiful breasts, squeezing them in kind. As she did, Harci’s tail and up and wrapped around Cara’s hand. Cara broke their kiss, smiling deviously, and grabbed the heart shaped spike in her palm.

“Remember this?” Cara asked, and she squeezed the spike. Harci leaned back and arched her back, displaying those perfect breasts for Cara. She cupped Harci’s breast with her right hand, while her left continued to play with Harci’s tail.

Harci whimpers, shivered, and moaned on top of Cara, but she composed herself enough to close her hands over Cara’s.

“Not yet, lover,” Harci whispered. “I want to take care of you first,”

Harci reached down, grabbing Cara’s pants at the waist, pulling them down. Cara helped her shuffle out of them as best she could in the cramped tent. Harci smiled as she threw Cara’s pants to the back of the tent and nestled herself between Cara’s legs.

“Mmm, I knew you weren’t a natural blonde,” Harci teased, glancing at Cara’s trimmed patch of pubic hair.

“Don’t you have a better use for that mouth?” Cara asked.

“Like this?” Harci asked, lowering her lips to Cara’s pussy, and gently kissed her clit.

“Oooh, yes, like that” Cara whimpered.

Harci slipped one hand under Cara, grabbing her ass as she started to lick Cara’s clit. Harci’s other hand snaked up to Cara’s chest, gently playing with her nipples. Her tongue continued to work Cara’s clit, tracing little patterns, slowing down and speeding up as Cara needed her to, as though she knew Cara’s thoughts.

Meanwhile,the demon girl’s tail slithered across Cara’s body. It teased her abs, cupped her breasts, then it came up and gently nuzzled Cara’s face. As it did, Cara leaned over and gave it a kiss, and she felt a shudder through Harci’s body, and heard a muffled moan escape Harci’s lips.

Cara couldn’t believe it, she normally couldn’t finish with her lovers, certainly not the first try, and never quickly. But the demon girl was even more skilled with her tongue than she was with her fingers.

“I’m getting close, Harci,” Cara warned.

The demon girl had one last trick up her sleeve. Her tail pulled back, massaging Cara’s body as it retreated, then it slithered up to her pussy, Gently, slowly, the tail slide inside her, as Harci’s mouth kept working her clit. The tail wiggled and squirmed inside of her, exploring her, and it hit a certain spot, instantly driving Cara over the edge.

Cara grabbed the demon girl’s horns and pressed Harci down, hard, against her pussy. “Yes, yes,yes, Harci!” Cara moaned, and she felt something explode inside her, spreading a warmth through her entire body, as she came on Harci’s tongue.

Cara pulled Harci off her clit, as the demon girl was still obediently sucking, and Cara was far too sensitive now. “Gods, Harci, how did you do that to me?” Cara asked, her breathing deep and ragged.

“Remember? Succubus,” Harci teased, leaning in and kissing Cara, this time, gently, sweetly. Cara could taste herself on Harci’s lips, but it didn’t bother her, not now as she still basked from the warmth of her climax.

Cara pulled Hacri in for a hug, pressing her strong body against the petite, soft demon. “You’re turn again,”Cara smiled.

She rolled Harci on her side, and Cara cuddled up behind her. One of Cara’s arms went under and around Harci’s chest, which Cara used to press the petite demon girl’s body back against Cara’s own.. The other arm went under Harci’s leg, lifting it up, letting Cara’s hand access the demon girl’s pussy.

Cara slowly slid a finger into Harci’s eager pussy. She was dripping wet, but Cara was surprised to find that Harci was so tight, she hard a hard time fitting even a single finger inside the girl. Slowly, Cara started to slide her finger in and out of Harci.

Harci gripped Cara’s arm, the one across Harci’s chest, with her soft hands, and started to slowly rock her hips in rhythm with Cara’s fingers. Unlike Cara, the demon girl was loud, whimpering and moaning as Cara pleased her.

“Yes, Cara, oh gods, I feel so safe in your arms, oh gods, more, give me more, oh gods, please, my big strong paladin, please give me more!”

Cara started to move her hand faster, letting a second finger slide inside of Harci. Then, she started to use her thumb to caress Harci’s clit. The second she made contact, Harci let out a loud moan and squirmed in Cara’s embrace.

Cara started to go faster, thrusting in and out of the demon girl, the sound of wet slaps filling the tent. Cara could feel it, the way Harci was wiggling underneath her, the way her pussy seemed to tighten around Cara’s fingers, Harci was close, but there was only one way to end this.

As Harci was about to cum, Cara grabbed the girl’s tail with her spare hand, squeezing and fondling the heart shaped spike ruthlessly.

“Yes, Cara, Cara I’m cumming! I’m cumming for you!” Harci screamed, louder than she had back in the dungeon and the poor girl started to spasm uncontrollably, but Cara pinned her down, holding her tight, slowing her thrust and squeezing as the demon girl started to go quiet, and finally, Cara felt Harci go limp.

Exhausted, Cara rolled on to her back, and Harci giggled and kissed her, then cuddled up next to her. Cara ran her arm over her, and pulled her in close.

“Oh Cara, that was amazing,” Harci muttered, eyes closed, smiling.

“Gods, it really was,” Cara said. “But I’m so tired, I can’t keep my eyes open much longer,”

Harci leaned up to give her one more kiss, then gently brushing her hair out of her eyes. “Then go to sleep, my paladin, so this demon can corrupt you in your sleep” Harci teased.

“I think you’ve corrupted plenty already,” Cara said. She squeezed Harci against her. Then she felt something, Harci’s tail creeping up her arm, it wrapped itself around Cara’s wrist, with the heart spike gently nuzzling her hand.

And like that, the two fell asleep.

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