Unfolding Ch. 04

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“Jack, the door!” I went to stand up fully, unclasping my hands from where they were wrapped around my ankles.

“No!” he cried, pressing my head back down until my nose nearly touched my shins. “Stay there. I ordered room service while you were in the bathroom.”

“Jack!” I moaned, knowing that when he opened the door, the waiter would see me jackknifed in front of the bed, wearing only a pair of black fishnets and four-inch heels, my ass filled with a clear butt plug and my pussy swollen and dripping wet underneath. I was just glad that I could hide my red face behind my legs.

“Hi, bring it on in,” Jack said, and the words made my heart lurch and my belly clench. My first instinct was to run, to cover myself, but I fought it, feeling even more blood fill my face.

The dishes on the tray clattered as the cart—and the person pushing it, I presumed—moved into the room. I was lightheaded enough already from being upside-down, but now I really felt faint.

“Thanks, we’re starving,” Jack remarked as the door swung closed. “What do I owe you?”

“Uh…” It was a male voice, young, and I closed my eyes, willing myself anywhere else but here. “W-we charge it to your room, sir.”

“Good enough, then here’s your tip,” Jack said. He was still wearing his jeans, but no shirt, and I heard him dig his wallet out of his back pocket.

“Th-thank you, sir. That’s very generous of you.” The young man’s voice shook, and I wondered what he could possibly be thinking. Part of me really wanted to know, I discovered.

“No, thank you,” Jack said. “We’re working up quite an appetite.”

“I can see that, sir,” the young man replied, and I swear I could feel his eyes on me, looking at the glass butt plug spreading my ass wide open, allowing for a clear view inside, according to Jack. My pussy was soaking wet and throbbing.

“You like what you see?” Jack asked and I groaned softly, gripping my ankles tight.

“Uh…” There was a moment of quiet, and I couldn’t contain my curiosity. I poked my head out around my legs, seeing a young man standing at the doorway. His eyes were round as saucers under a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles that made them look even larger, and he ran a hand through his short dark hair as he stared at me.

“You can say so,” Jack replied, and I looked at him. He was smiling at me, his eyes bright. “She’s something, isn’t she?”

I couldn’t believe he was doing this, and while my head screamed that I should run to the bathroom and lock the door right this minute, my body seemed to be responding to this humiliation. A slow heat was spreading through my pelvis and my pussy ached.

“Y-yes, sir,” the young man breathed, shifting from foot-to-foot.

Jack clapped him on the back, turning him with his big body. “Well, thanks again.”

“You’re welcome.” I saw him glance over his shoulder as Jack propelled him out the door.

The young man was facing me, and he licked his lips, looking at Jack. “Leave the cart outside your door when you’re finished. And if there’s anything else you need… anything… just let me know. Ask for Lloyd when you call down, okay?”

“Will do.” I could hear Jack grinning as he shut the door.

“Jack!” I gasped, watching him walk toward me, the upside-down view making me dizzy. “What were you thinking?!”

He chuckled, coming up behind me and grasping my hips, rubbing denim against my skin, his zipper biting me as he pulled me roughly back, shoving the butt plug in to its maximum depth, making me fully aware of it again. His cock was hard—I could feel it like an iron bar between us.

“What did you think of Lloyd?” he asked, his fingers kneading the flesh of my ass, his hips rocking, pressing the butt plug rhythmically into me. “Or, better yet, what do you think Lloyd thought of you?”

“He probably thought I was a slut,” I murmured, feeling his hand moving between us, searching for the smooth skin of my lips and finding them.

“Don’t you like being a slut?” he asked, sliding two fingers into my pussy. “Don’t you want to be my little slut?”

I moaned as he started moving his fingers, twisting them in my wetness. They made a wet sound as they moved in and out of me, faster and faster.

“Oh Jack,” I cried, feeling his thumb on my clit, finally, my whole body responding and beginning to quiver. “Yes!”

“Tell me,” he said, pushing his fingers in deep and keeping them there, his thumb strumming my clit, focused, practiced and precise. “Tell me that you’re my little slut.”

“Yes!” Gasping, I arched my back, the sensation between my legs so intense I could barely breathe. “Yes, yes, I’m your little slut… your naughty, dirty little slut.”

“That’s my girl,” he groaned, and I could hear his zipper coming down. “Did you like Lloyd seeing you with your bare ass up in the air?”

His cock was out, pressing where his fingers had been, parting my lips.

“Oh god!” I cried, feeling him move forward, grabbing güvenilir bahis my hips and shoving himself hard into my pussy. I felt off-balance, reaching toward the floor to steady myself.

“Put your hands on your ankles,” Jack instructed, his cock buried to the hilt, now, pushing the butt plug deep with his weight.

I did what he asked, gripping my ankles so tight that the fishnets made criss-cross patterns on my palms. He was fucking me, pulling his cock out slow, nearly all the way out, before plunging back in, hard. I had never felt so completely filled.

“I think you liked it,” he murmured, pulling me back into the saddle of his hips and keeping me there. “Does it get you hot, knowing you made his cock hard? He’s going to go find the nearest bathroom and jack off, you know, thinking about you bent over with this butt plug shoved into your tight little asshole.”

I moaned as he twisted it in my ass, sending a shiver through me. The thought of that man—little more than a boy, really—jerking off and imagining me, made my knees weak. I might have collapsed if Jack hadn’t been holding onto me so tight.

“He wanted to fuck you,” Jack said, moving his cock in me again, short strokes. “He wanted to fuck your hot, wet little cunt, just like this.”

“Oh, Jack,” I moaned, my pussy on fire, my asshole spread around the shaft of the butt plug, stretched so tight that I could barely stand it.

“Think you’d like that?”

He grabbed me, pulling me to fully stand and turning me around to face him. The world tilted, the blood pounding in my head, my face tingling as he kissed me, hard, plunging his tongue deep. I couldn’t stay standing, and he sensed my collapse, gripping my arms and pressing me back onto the bed, spreading my thighs with his as he entered me again, fucking me while holding both of my wrists above my head.

“Does it feel good, both of those holes being filled?” he grunted into my ear, his cock driving in. I felt stretched open, the sensation beyond anything I’d imagined, as he pounded into me again and again. “Tell me, baby.”

“Yes, yes,” I gasped, my nails digging hard into his back. “Oh I love both of my hot, tight little holes being filled. Fuck me hard, Jack, make me cum for you!”

He groaned, thrusting deeper, faster, my whole body jolting with the impact, my pussy throbbing and aching for release. I was so close, panting, clutching him, fucking him back as much as I could, working toward my orgasm. When it came, I bit his shoulder, the spasms shuddering through me, my pussy squeezing the length of his cock and my asshole contracting, threatening to expel the butt plug, but he kept it pressed deep into me with his weight.

“Oh Jack,” I whispered, breathless, as he pulled out of me, still hard and glistening with my juices. “Oh, god, that was so good.”

“Hold your legs back,” he instructed, his fingers gripping the wide end of the butt plug, wiggling it back and forth it my ass and making me squirm.

I grabbed my knees, watching as he slowly eased the clear, hard length out of my asshole, feeling every ridge as it slid out, slippery with K-Y, my muscles contracting, in a hurry to resume their proper shape. He set the butt plug up on the night table and opened the drawer, reaching in and pulling out the rabbit vibrator and another bottle of K-Y and setting them on the bed next to me.

“What are we going to do with that?” I asked, looking up at him with wide-eyes.

“You’ll find out,” he said, slipping his jeans and shorts down his hips and then straddling me, moving his hard cock up towards my mouth. He pressed the head to my lips, rubbing it there, still slick with my juices. “Suck.”

I took him in, rolling my tongue around the head and pulling the skin taut with my hand the way I knew he loved.

“Oh, yeah,” he groaned as I sucked him deeper, using my other hand to grab his ass and pull him in, the muscles tight and hard.

His cock throbbed against my tongue, and I licked the taste of me off his shaft, all the way down to the base and back up again. The feel of him in my mouth made my pussy ache, and I longed for something, the throb between my legs incredible. After being so filled, I felt empty now, and wanted more.

I was eager, sucking him greedily, moving my head up and down his length, using my mouth like a tight, wet cunt, just a hot, wet channel for him to fuck. He groaned and grunted, thrusting over my tongue, hard into my throat, making me gag a little, but neither of us cared. I tasted his pre-cum and swallowed, loving the taste of us together.

“Okay, okay,” Jack gasped, grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling me back, easing his cock out of my mouth. I reached my tongue out for him, using the tip to lick at the head, my eyes on his.

“Hungry little slut,” he murmured, and I smiled as he slid between my thighs and grabbed the tube of K-Y.

I watched as he squirted some over the head of his cock, still wet türkçe bahis from my mouth.

“Pull your legs back, again,” he said, and I did, feeling him resting against my aching asshole. I hadn’t realized how stretched I was from the butt plug until his cock touched that crinkled little hole.

“Oh god,” I whispered, my nails digging to my knees as I pulled them back, feeling him pressing forward. It didn’t matter that I had been stretched open for nearly half-an-hour, that tight band of muscle had managed to contract down again and was pursed against his entry.

“Easy,” he murmured, one hand on my thigh, the other guiding his cock.

He shifted his weight, pressing in, and I gasped as the head of his cock sought entrance and slipped past the constriction, the puckered hole of my ass opening at his insistence. There was a familiar concession as he slid slowly into that dark, private orifice, and I while I had to submit, allowing him access to my tight, dimpled flesh, it was a gentle acquiescence. The butt plug must have stretched me open more than I realized, because he’d never been able to slip in so easily before.

“Ready?” he asked, leaning into me, the length of his cock moving to search my depths.

I sighed, closing my eyes as he made his way in, much faster than ever before, until I felt his pelvis pressed tight against my ass. He started sliding back out, my flesh relieved, as it always was, at the thought of being free of the obstruction, but then he pressed back in again, making me moan. It was always such a shock, feeling the delicate flesh there giving in to him, buckling under his hard heat and weight as he made his way along that fissured passage.

I always felt so humbled in these moments, the heat of such an intimate, secret part of my body being opened and entered, the shame of it slowly being overridden by the wicked, carnal delight of it. We did that push-pull for a few moments, and he would stop when he was almost all the way out, rubbing his cock head against the tight ring there, the one that seemed to want to squeeze him right back out. He teased the hole with the ridge of his flesh, before pressing back into my dark recesses again. He did that until I was rocking under him, moaning and panting out loud.

“Feel good?” he asked, sliding his fingers through my pussy lips.

I nodded, my eyes half-closed, feeling myself being carried away. His thumb found my clit, moving in circles, making me moan. He’d never had such easy access before, and it surprised me, how open and exposed I was to him, his cock buried in my ass as he rubbed my pussy.

“So tell me the truth,” he murmured, watching my face as he fucked me, slow now, still teasing my asshole when he eased himself back. “Did you like Lloyd looking at you?”

I remembered the look of lust on the young man’s face, the way his eyes moved over me, and I nodded, feeling a heat spreading through my cheeks.

“He wanted you,” Jack said, sliding two fingers into my pussy. “He wanted this wet little cunt. Think he’d ever seen anything shoved up a woman’s ass before?”

“Oh!” I gasped as his fingers started moving in me, in and out, the same rhythm as his cock.

“I bet Lloyd would love to fuck your ass,” he breathed, his eyes on mine. The thought made me breathless. “Would you like to feel his hard cock sliding into your tight little asshole, baby? See the look his face as he took a woman’s ass for the first time?’

“Jack!” I gasped, squirming under him at the thought. It turned me on more than I was willing to admit.

“Lloyd could fuck your sweet ass,” he went on, plunging his cock deep into that hot, constricted tunnel, making me moan. “And I could slide into to your pussy… would you like that, baby? Being filled by two cocks?”

“Oh god,” I whispered, closing my eyes to it, my pussy throbbing with wanting. The fantasy had completely captured me.

The thought of being opened up and filled like that made me feel faint. I could imagine that stunned young man—Lloyd—sliding his cock into my ass for the first time as I knelt on the bed over Jack. I would have to guide him, show him, reach underneath and use my own hand to press him past that tight resistance. Then to have Jack slide his cock into me, too! Oh god!

“Jack!” I cried, feeling something hard pressing against the entrance of my pussy and looked down to see him holding the vibrator.

“Let’s see if you’d like it,” he breathed, twisting the cock-like head around as he pressed it slowly in.

“Oh, wait!” I cried, the hard shaft beginning to fill me, opening me wide. It was already halfway in and I felt some sort of maximum stretch burning between my legs. I had to get used to it, the sensation so intense I felt like I was going to burst.

“I can feel it,” he told me hoarsely, stopping for a moment, wiggling the vibrator, twisting it around. “There’s just a thin layer of flesh between my cock and this one.”

“Does it feel good?” güvenilir bahis siteleri I asked, looking up at him, my eyes wide.

He nodded, groaning, pressed it in deeper, making me gasp. I could feel the head of it wanting to go further, and he eased it in, more, and more still, until it was buried inside of my pussy. I trembled, looking down at the little rabbit sitting on top of the shaft resting against my slit, his ears nudging my clit.

“Turn it on,” I begged, and he did, the rabbit buzzing softly, making me moan and squirm. His cock jumped—I could feel it in my ass, the muscles of that tight passage very sensitive to the rhythmic throb of his shaft.

“Can you feel that?” I asked, watching his face as he turned the vibrator up even further, the hum sending shivers through me.

“Yeah,” he gasped, pulling his cock slowly out and pressing it back in. “It’s good.”

I was stretched wide, my skin taut, but everything slippery wet and swollen as he started moving the cock inside of my pussy in time with his cock in my ass. His flesh was softer and had more give, more delicious heat, but the vibrator hummed, the little rabbit’s buzz traveling up the hard shaft, deep inside of me.

“Oh god, look at that,” I moaned, arching against him, curling around so I could watch myself get fucked by two cocks at once.

He smiled, wiggling his eyebrows, his eyes moving over my face. “Wait… there’s more.”

I cocked my head at him and then looked down between my legs, where he pressed a second button on the vibrator. Something came to life inside of my pussy, the shaft of the cock there making a rhythmic hum, and I remembered the rotating beads buried in the length of the dildo.

“Jack!” I gasped, collapsing back fully on the bed, my heels falling to the sheets, the points digging into the mattress so I could press back, up against him.

“Feel good?” he whispered, pushing the button, driving those beads around and around at the sensitive entrance of my pussy.

“Oh fuck!” I cried as he began moving everything at once, his cock like steel heat in my ass, the vibrator stimulating my clit and my cunt together, in and out in a rocking rhythm that made everything feel swollen and thick between my thighs.

“You’re so tight like this!” he gasped, his eyes closing as he started to fuck me, his cock not teasing anymore, but taking long, hard strokes as he shoved the vibrator deep into me.

He was driving forward, now, leaning into me, shoving my thighs back as he took my ass, the cock buried in my cunt making us both moan with its steady hum. Jack was growling and grunting as he slid into the tight, puckered heat of my asshole, pounding me so hard that our flesh made a wet slapping sound as we came together again and again.

Lost in the pleasure of it, he grabbed my ankles and pressed my knees back practically to my ears and I slipped my hand between us, searching for the vibrator and fucking myself with it, wanting more, not just to be filled but to be fucked hard in both holes, completely taken. The only thing missing was something to fill my mouth, and I grabbed Jack’s hand, taking his finger into my mouth and sucking hard.

Watching me, Jack moaned, thrusting even deeper, and I knew I wasn’t going to last. I wanted to—I loved feeling filled like that, two hard cocks seeking the center of my flesh, buried to the hilt and exploring my depths. The heat in my belly was too much, the buzz between us a driving force, and I knew I was going to explode.

I sucked hard on the finger in my mouth, moaning and squirming under his weight, feeling the swell of my orgasm breaking over me, pushing that taut ache in my belly past the point of no return. My pussy contracted around the vibrator, the rabbit’s slippery ears buzzing my clit into ecstasy, and my asshole spasmed tightly around Jack’s slick length. I was carried away completely, moaning and whimpering as the pleasure shuddered through my body.

“Oh fuck!” he cried, feeling my ass clamping down on the head of his cock.

I knew he couldn’t hold back, then, and he shuddered, bucking his hips into me as he started to cum, too. He strained against me as his cock erupted, spilling his hot cum in generous, swelling waves, exploding into the deep, humid cavity he thrust hard into again and again. There was so much, I couldn’t contain it, and I could feel his cum slipping down the crack of my ass toward the bed as he shoved his length into me.

I groaned, sliding the buzzing vibrator out of my wetness and tossing it, still humming, onto the bed. Jack leaned over me, kissing my cheek, my ear, his cock softening slowly. It stayed in my ass, though, until he shifted his weight, pulling the length of it out with a slick “pop.” He rolled off me, propping himself up on his elbow.

“Hungry?” he asked, glancing over at the cart.

“Starving!” I agreed.

“Good,” he said, smiling, leaning over and biting playfully at my nipple, making me squeal. “Hope you’re still in the mood when I call Lloyd to come get the cart.”

I stared at his broad, strong back as he sat up, my heart racing. “Are you serious?”

“Maybe.” He grinned at me and winked.

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