Vegi Tales

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Ok, I am a dirty fucker and I am married to another dirty fucker (some would say FREAK), and I LOVE it!! My wife and I have an amazing sex life full of dirty games, porno, toys etc. Recently, I have been feeding my wife, Abigail, BBC stories and movies, which have just been driving her NUTTS and paying me a lot of dividends! Last week I came home from work one night and she just had a naughty smile on her face that I knew meant something good. Turns out she had been shopping and bought us a cucumber to play with that evening. Let me tell you, seemed like it took forever to get the kids to bed that night so we could go play.

Wanting to make sure she was good and relaxed so I could draw the evening out as long as possible, I started the evening off giving her a nice long back massage, and then followed that up by eating her pussy while she was laying on her back until she was really close to cumming. I got her to the point where she was moaning and squirming and begging me to just let her cum. Bottom line, she was really hot and ready!

I picked up the cucumber she had bought and slowly let some lube run down it, and then made her rub it around to make it was slick and she remembered just how big the cucumber was she had bought (it was easily 12 inches long and fat enough I couldn’t get my fingers around it! I then sat cross legged between her legs, had her put her feet on my hips so she was spread wide open, and then oh so slowly started working the cucumber into her. I would go a little bit till I met resistance and then pull it out, and then slowly push it back in again until it was just a little further in than the last time, and then pull it back out. I kept this up, slowly, until I had worked the whole cucumber into her, much to her delight! Let me tell you, watching it slowly creep past her pussy lips until she had engulfed the entire thing, hearing her gasp each time I hit bottom, and then poker oyna slowly drawing it all the way back out, listening to her whimpering, had me absolutely ROCK hard! God it was hot!

After a few minutes of slowly teasing her this way, watching her get more and more worked up, she suddenly started begging me “make me cum, please, god damn it, please make me cum!” What was I to do but follow through and grant her wish? So, I laid on my stomach and started licking her clit / eating her out while I really got into fucking her with the cucumber. She was grunting and moaning and thrashing around, but I got a little too aggressive (Oops!) and it got to be a little too intense for her. So I got back into the first position and gave Abigail her egg vibrator for her clit and started fucking her hard with the cucumber.

Damn, did that change the situation! She just started bucking and grunting as the egg and cucumber combo got her closer and closer, until wham, she just went nuts! She was thrashing all over the bed with a massive orgasm, all while I fucked her pussy relentlessly with the cucumber! Not wanting to over stimulate her again and really mess up our momentum, I gently pulled the cucumber out after about 15 seconds and just admired her sitting there quivering and smiling ear to ear. It was dirty as hell, but seeing the angelic afterglow on my wife was intoxicating as only someone deeply in love can understand.

When I got up to wipe the lube off of the cucumber she rolled over, grabbed my dick, and pulled me into her hungry mouth and proceeded to suck me like a Hoover. Fuck, she was wild and intense, which got me close to cumming really quick (watching her has always gotten me riled up), so I grabbed her nipple to distract myself, and she just about came immediately. Having a wife who can cum from just having her nipples played with is a wonderful thing, and seeing her reaction emphasized canlı poker oyna just how worked up I had gotten her. Not wanting to cum yet myself, and knowing I could make Abigail explode again, I made her stop what she was doing and then crawled back up on the bed.

I quickly positioned myself between her legs again, face staring at her pussy, and put my arms up on her chest so I could twist both her nipples while eating her out. The moment I started licking her clit she told me “twist those nipples” followed up with “come on, harder!” Then she started bucking her hips and moaning like a wild woman, again. Thinking ahead and knowing what I wanted later, I paused (which elicited a cry of frustration from her), put the egg vibrator next to her asshole, turned it on high, and then resumed my previous activity. Abigail just whimpered and then begged me to pinch her nipples harder and make her cum! I did and she did just a second later. Boy did she ever!

I let Abigail calm down for a just a minute and then I lubed my finger up and gently started pushing it into her ass. This led to another deep moan and then I heard “oh yea, shove that finger in my ass!” In seconds Abigail is bucking and squealing again while I slowly finger her ass, twist a nipple with my other hand, while I was sucking and licking her clit. It couldn’t have been 2 minutes before she literally came off of the bed with the strength of her orgasm. It left her panting and quivering, begging me “Stop, please stop!”

I did, but for just a moment, and then I gently licked her pussy and tweaked both her nipples, again. This led to yet another low, drawn out moan and then a whimper that I knew was going to lead to her to her third massive orgasm of the night. She was over stimulated enough at this point that several times she started to move her hand toward my head to make me stop, but thankfully I saw the movement each time and was internet casino able change up what I was doing just enough to keep her from completing the motion. Suddenly, she let out a guttural groan and just started vibrating, thrashing back and forth, and yelling at me to “pinch my fucking nipples harder!!” Her orgasm just seemed to go on and on and on this time, easily lasting a minute or more. Fuck, it was intoxicating to watch, and really had me dripping pre cum on the sheets!

Knowing she was done, I rolled her on her side, lifted her left leg onto my shoulder, lubed her ass and my dick up really good, and then just slowly slid my cock all the way into her ass. She took it all with just a moan and a slight position adjustment, which gave me the time to get my speed up to what she liked, good and hard! In seconds I had a good rhythm going, sliding my 7 inch cock all the way in her ass and then all the way out. I know this is Abigail’s preferred anal position, but I wanted her in mine after all the fun she had just had. So I pulled my dick out of her now well lubed ass and had her lay on her stomach. She whimpered knowing what was going to be next, but I could also see the smile on her face.

I immediately plunged all seven inches of my cock deep into her ass, leading to another squeal, which was followed by her begging me to dump my load up her ass as I started tapping it for all I was worth. I actually managed to pull off 2 full minutes of HARD anal pounding with her encouraging me to “dump a big load up your anal slut wife’s ass!” mixed in with groans, shudders, and whimpers until I couldn’t take it any longer and dumped a huge load deep in her bowls… I just couldn’t hold back any longer and started dumping one great big gush of cum after another deep in her ass. Her encouraging me to “fill my ass, cum for me, fill my ass!” just seemed to strengthen my orgasm. After what seemed like an hour I slowly pulled out and just began laughing at the intensity of the experience I had just had followed up by getting to watch my cum slowly ooze out of her ass, down her pussy lips, and onto the sheets. OMG, I am a lucky man!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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