Wake Me

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A soft sigh as I stretch in my sleep, a finger coming to rest on my bottom lip. My dreams are filled with images of the sun dappled leaves in the wood and stolen moments with you. Your fingers brushing my hair back from my face, which I raise to catch a kiss. Muted moans of pleasure as your lips touch my throat, a soft laugh as I feel your teeth nipping. I raise my hand to your face, palm grazing over stubble. Eye lashes flutter and I know you are here………

My arms slip around your neck, pulling you to me, locking my lips on yours I drink in the taste of you.

“Turn over,” you murmur against my mouth.

Hands gentle as you turn me, fingers brushing the underside of my breast, caressing my hips. A soft little sigh as I settle into the pillows on the bed.

“I…,” the words start…………

“I know,” you finish.

Your fingers tangling in my hair as you catch it in a knot, exposing my neck, lips brushing over the sensitive skin. My nipples stiffen against the cotton sheet, every breath rubbing the delicate nubs against the fibres. Tongue flicking against my flesh, you elicit a series of soft moans. Warm oil dribbled down my spine, that heady scent permeating the air. Your thumbs brush over the vertebrae in my neck and I feel like I’ll melt into you. My pussy so moist, so hot that I part my thighs, releasing its fragrance. Your thumbs increase their pressure, stroking into my hair and then down to my shoulders. Fingers splayed as your hands smooth over my skin. Soft sighs and moans as you stroke me, my skin tingling under your touch.

I feel your thumbs skimming over my spine, from the base of my neck to the dimples at the base of my back. Dipping into the dimples and working their way back up to my shoulders. My body moves under your hands. The pressure of your fingertips, the warmth of your touch, I love being explored by you, the goosebumps on my skin, the way I tremble. Your hands caress my back, stopping at the curve of my hips. Thumbs brushing over the crevice between my buttocks, fingers clasping my firm flesh. I feel the heat of your breath at the base of my spine, a soft lick, your tongue descending to probe between my cheeks. Hands grasping my arse as your tongue brushes over my rosebud.

Feel poker oyna my body, the way I shiver, the incandescence of my skin. Hear my moans, your name on my lips. Kisses, as your lips are replaced with your thumb, nail scratching over my sensitive skin. Working the oil into my arse, your thumb circles, slowly pressing, I moan as you slip into me. Leaning forwards, your lips grazing my buttock, teeth nipping, my hips thrust back against you. As you have me, your fingers slip into the wet folds of my pussy, pressing my clit as your thumb works its way deeper. I can’t help but squirm against your fingers, my hands clutching the sheet, the fire in my blood blazing. Your finger eases in alongside your thumb and your breath makes my pussy spasm. The rasping of your tongue over my clit, flicking at my sensitised flesh, the feeling of your fingers in my arse. Take my hard pearl between your lips and feel me cum, flooding your mouth with my juices, my body shuddering, groaning your name into the soft pillow.

My hunger for you inflames me, I have to touch you, to feast on you. Rolling over quickly I trap you between my thighs, my hands still trembling as I struggle with the fastening of your pants. Your soft chuckle as you assist me is the only thing that prevents me from ripping them open. Lips parting on a moan of delight as I slip my fingers under the fabric and grasp your cock, hard and straining in my hand. Pushing your pants down your thighs, I need to see as well as feel you. Tongue licking my bottom lip as your cock is exposed, hard and thick, my hand stroking the shaft. With the other hand I cup your balls, weighing their weight in my palm, rubbing over the skin with my thumb, squeezing gently as I feel your cock stiffen further. You know that I want to feel my lips stretched around your shaft, sucking you into the moistness of my mouth.

Palms pressing over my nipples, you massage in slow circular motions, the sensitive bud blushing with darker colour. A squeal of protest as you push me, to lie flat on the bed, my hair tangled across the pillows. Pressing yourself down on top of me, your cock hard against my stomach and your lips hard against mine, your tongue slips into my mouth as you swallow my moan of desire. Tongues duel, lips crush, fingers canlı poker oyna grasp, so much longing expressed in one kiss. Lips trailing down my throat, your fingers brushing the sides of my breasts, my neck arching in response. The wetness of your tongue as you lick over my breastbone, pausing to place a kiss between my breasts. Thumbs now rubbing over my nipples, the hardened nubs tingling, your fingers kneading the pale flesh of my breasts, pushing them together. The heat of your mouth clapped around one nipple, sucking and tugging at the flesh. Arching my back, hands grasping your head, pulling you closer. Your mouth devouring both nipples, tongue laving them, sucking both into your mouth.

A hand slips under me, fingers biting into my arse, rolling onto your back and pulling me to lie astride you. The dripping heat of my pussy pressed against your stomach, your mouth firmly attached to my nipples. The air filled with moans and the sound of you suckling my flesh. Grasping your cock in one hand I move back against you, pulling away from your mouth. Sliding the tip of your cock between my pussy lips, letting you feel my wetness, my heat. I bite down hard on my lower lip as your cock rubs against my pebble-hard clit. Over and over I use your cocktip to massage my clit, your fingers biting into my thighs, your hips thrusting. A growl rumbling in your chest as with a small thrust I capture the head of your cock in my cunt. I’m so wet, so hot, so tight, clenching around you as I start to fuck, my hand still holding your shaft, controlling how much of your cock I take.

Slipping off your cock and further down your body, my hand once again grasps your hard flesh, fingers tight. Lips pressed to the tip, softly parted, my tongue flicking over your sensitive skin, licking the underside of your shaft in one long stroke. Flickering over the skin of your balls, eliciting groans of approval, then slowly kissing back up your shaft to draw the head into the warmth of my mouth. Cheeks hollowing, lips stretched around your cock, my hair tickling your balls with every move. One long moan vibrating around you and my lips descend forcing you against the back of my throat. Tightening my lips around your shaft as I draw back, before plunging you back into my internet casino mouth. Over and over I take you, suck you. Fingers around the base of your cock, thumbtip rubbing your balls, I can feel the tension in your body, your hips thrusting. Holding my lips against the head, my tongue fluttering against your responsive cock. I want to make you cum in my mouth, to taste your essence, to swallow every drop, but not just yet.

I drop a kiss, a little nip, onto your stomach, shifting my position so that I once more straddle your hips, this time squatting, rather than on my knees. Seizing your cock and holding you firm I lower myself, so that the head of your cock presses against my asshole. Biting my lower lip and holding your gaze, I push down. Your eyes drop, absorbing the image, as I press down a little harder. A long low moan spills from my lips as I feel you breach my body, the head of your cock in the tight grasp of my ass. My breath quickening, tits rising and falling, I ease more of your cock into me. Slowly taking all of you, inch by inch, my tightness being stretched. There, I have all of you, throbbing and twitching in my asshole, my cock-filled ass and pussy on full display to you. Bracing my hands on my knees, I rise, until I hold only your tip, before lowering myself slowly. With each downward move I feel you filling me.

“I have to fuck you, I need to.”

Your response I see in your eyes, a hunger, lust burning in your veins. Faster and faster I rise and fall, my ass consuming you. My tits bouncing with every move, glowing in the candlelight. Your growls and moans meld with mine in the air, filling the room. A fine sheen glistens on my skin. On the edge and so close, I can feel the tremble of my thighs, the clamouring of my body to climax. A fingertip slips over my clit, circling the sensitive nub, my fingernail flicking. Head thrown back I take your cock deep as my stomach clenches, muscles tauten and full to the brim with you I start to shudder. The spasms ripping through my cunt are so deep, so intense. My ass muscles clenching your cock so tightly, your hands grabbing at me as you feel the familiar tightening of your balls, your cock twitching in my ass as you flood me with your cum. A scream ripped from my lips, your name gasped onto the air. Taking every drop of spunk, my ass milking your cock as I fall onto your chest, still shaking. Your arms wrapped around me, your lips in my hair as with a final spasm you feel hot juices trickling over your balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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