World Wildlife Day is an opportunity to celebrate the many

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replica bags china World Wildlife Day (3 March)The animals and plants that live in the wild have an intrinsic value and contributes to the ecological, genetic, social, economic, scientific, educational, cultural, recreational and aesthetic aspects of human well being and sustainable replica bags los angeles development. World Wildlife Day is an opportunity to celebrate the many beautiful and varied forms of wild fauna and flora and to raise awareness of the multitude of benefits that conservation provides to people. best replica bags online 2018 At the same time, the Day reminds us of the urgent need to step up the fight against wildlife crime and human induced reduction of species, which have wide ranging economic, environmental and social impacts.Principles for AI: Towards a Humanistic Approach? (4 March)As Artificial Intelligence (AI) changes the way we learn, work and live together, UNESCO is leading an international reflection to explore actions required to ensure that the potential of AI is harnessed at the service of humanity’s replica bags vancouver sustainable development. replica bags china

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