Just The Top

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I don’t know if you’ll like this story or not. That’s okay. It’s the sequel to ‘Just the Tip’ and while I like a lot of it, I’ll be honest, the reason this work exists is because the fan who asked for the original didn’t think the massive cum-shot I did in the original was big enough. Therefore, this story, is intended to be essentially me begging the Guiness book of World Records for the “Biggest Detailed Cumshot in a single Story” award. Sadly, no such record exists, but if it did, I challenge you, the reader, to find a bigger highly detailed one anywhere to prove me wrong that I don’t deserve it. That being said, please enjoy!)


The hotel room was both bigger and smaller than I remembered it being. This was the place where he and I had first made love, hell, first fucked on a cold winter night in my not-so-distant past. It had been an insane night, wild, brutal, endlessly orgasmic and always surprising. I’d started that evening feeling like a bitter failure, but finished it the luckiest woman on earth. I had been an over-endowed waitress whose livelihood depended on how much male diners ogled her monstrous breasts, but now was happily married to the hottest, very well hung, kindest, just absurdly well hung, down-to-earth hung rich guy on the planet. Did I mention that he was hung?

Of course, using his gigantic cock to put a baby in me had transformed me in other ways. Back then, those tip-earners had been a 48GGG cup size, but now, following the pregnancy, the already preposterous pair had ballooned up to be an insane J-cup. I was lucky most of my figure had returned to its pre-pregnancy shape, but that only made those behemoth boobs stand out even more on my frame. The other change was the lustrous bronze tone my skin had taken on after some post-pregnancy spa time. It defies my genetics, but I take to a natural tan incredibly well.

The pregnancy hadn’t been easy on either of us. While I went through my body’s many, irritating changes, my huge-dicked stud, Eric, saw to my every need. A lot of rich guys would just hire nannies, nurses, therapists to see their wives through a pregnancy, but not my man, he was by my side almost constantly.

*knock* *knock* *knock*

Grinning I went to the door and opened it wide without hesitation. Five years ago I’d barged in and he’d been waiting for me, now the tables were turned and I reveled in the long trip his eyes made taking me in as though it were that very first time all over again.

They traveled all the way down, getting wider, and then made a much slower trip back up, starting from my sheer stocking-clad feet and legs, (I’d also shaved them, this was a night about spoiling him after all,) up to where my garter belt connected their tops to the black lace thong, over my nearly smooth, bare stomach (I’d escaped the worst of stretch marks, thank goodness for cocoa butter) and then up to where my black demi-bra served up my tits on perfect display.

I was lucky I’d found that bra, they’re hard enough to get in my size generally, but this one took great advantage of the slight sag my humongous breasts had begun to have to them in a way that made them look even larger and more opulent, like they’d burst from their cups at any second.

“You look amazing, Tessa, but what is this all about?”

“Shut up.” I said, my words were cold but my face warmed with a smile. He still seemed a little stung. I pointed into the room like I was commanding a dog to the easy-chair I’d dragged to the center. It was already half-reclined for his comfort and there was a snifter of his favorite brandy on a tray at the right hand.

He looked stung but complied. One he was seated I gave him some answers.

“Did you know we haven’t fucked in an entire year, stud?”

He grimaced and took a sip of the brandy, “You might say I’m aware of that fact, yes.”

“And you’ve wanted to, haven’t?”

“Of course… look at you. Fucking of course.”

“And you remember that from the moment we exchanged vows, fidelity was not among them? That I gave you permission to fuck other women if you wanted… that I understood you were a man of extraordinary size, stature, appetite and opportunity and that it wouldn’t be fair of me to try to keep you all to myself at all times.”

“That is some really clumsy expositio—-“

“SILENCE!” I shouted, cutting him off. “This isn’t about you actually remembering, OBVIOUSLY. This is about getting everything out in the open, laying the facts side-by-side.”

He swallowed hard, looking around sheepishly, “Erm, am I in trouble?”

I grinned like a predator, “In a manner of speaking, yes. I have one more question: In all that time that we haven’t fucked, in all that time when you’ve had permission to go splitting whatever cunts you wanted while I was laid up with our child, you were with me the whole time, were you not? I know you didn’t go off and fuck anybody, because I know you can fuck for poker oyna hours and I don’t think I was ever without you more than twenty minutes in that entire span.”

He blinked, “yes, that’s true. I guess I hadn’t thought about it. You and the baby were what was the most important to me.”

“And THAT is what tonight is about, Eric: You getting yours. I’m going to suck and fuck you so well tonight you might just never need sex again. Ever. But even though this is about spoiling you, I’m the one in charge. If you’ve demonstrated one thing over this last year, it’s that you don’t know HOW to spoil yourself, so I have to be the one to take charge of it. Are there any question?”

He grinned, sipped again, and then opened his mouth to speak, “Yes, I wanted to ask wh—-“

“SILENCE!” I shouted again, tits heaving from the sheer air I gave it and then I took the tiny stereo remote out of my bra and pressed the button as planned, the beats of Asteroid Galaxy Tour’s “Lady Jesus” filling the room. Eric’s eyes and grin both widened as I began to do a hoppy little gyration around him, turning to give my oft-neglected bubble-ass the lion’s share of the attention. Don’t get me wrong, my tits are incredible, I know they’re incredible and I love them for being incredible, but if I were a flatter chested chick there’s no doubt in my mind that my lush round ass would have just about the same amount of pull for guys.

My next pass I circled him again, this time giving him just about every bounce and sway and swivel my tits could take on. In one moment I was leaning over and shimmying so that my whole cleavage could shake for him, in another arching back slightly so they bounced so violently I was threatening to break not just my bra but portions of the floor and ceiling as well, then it was a rhythmic side-to-side torso jiggle, the huge tanned udders slapping together audibly in multiple places due to their sheer size and the angle the lingerie served them up. Lastly, I just went crazy, tossing my tits every which way and not caring when they clumsily collided or bounced so hard it hurt, this was for him goddamnit.

Still dancing I got behind him, leaning forward to wrap my arms around his muscular shoulders and chest, tits swallowing portions of his head and neck while I leaned down, rubbing, loving the feel of his still-taut abs (who says dad’s need dad-bods?) and grazing the stirring monster confined in his fine slacks. I hadn’t fondled him in forever and it felt genuinely new and wonderful just how much real-estate my fingers had to roam teasing a cock the size of his through clothing.

I straightened back up slightly, but still kept that tit-contact as I circled him again, straddling his legs, jiggling the girls with his face between them, loving the little smacks and moans my aggressive boob-attack brought from him before I danced back out of reach, ever the slutty tease for him. When I came back around again I’d plucked one of the items I hid behind the hotel’s bar, suddenly snapping a manacle around one of his wrists, dancing the silk rope around him before he could figure out what was going on, leaving him looped up in five or size coils around his strapping chest and arms.

“Tessa!?” He exclaimed as the second manacle clicked into place, totally immobilizing him.

“Now what did we say about talking, hmm?” I slipped to my knees, eagerly attacking his belt buckle and fly, tugging hard to get his dress slacks out from under him, giggling at the way his immense dong, semi-hard at this point flopped over the edge of the chair. Then I saw his balls and I gave a shriek, lurching back.

“ERIC! Are you okay!?” the shock had knocked me right out of character.

“I’m fine, hon, apart from some ultra-boobed vixen tying me to this chair of course.”

“Your…your balls!?” I pointed, trembling. He had always had the biggest nuts I’d ever seen, each ponderous testical weighing in at the approximate size of a pomegranate, but now each one was even fatter, more bloated and swollen-looking (yes, the change was so vast it deserved all three redundant statements!) Now it was like his poor, smooth overtaxed sack was struggling to hold a pair of grapefruits.

He shrugged, “That’s what happens when you don’t get off for a year.”

I goggled and blinked a moment longer, “Honey, you weren’t even…” I made the classical ‘jack-off’ motion, which was a little silly since Eric had to use both hands and looked much different when he did it.

“I told you, you were my top priority, over other women and of course over my hands as well.”

I swallowed hard, “Oh you poor thing!” I sank to my knees, experimentally lifting each big ball separately. They were HEAVY, the fat things were almost a strain to heft and I could nearly feel the juices sloshing around inside them. These batter-bombs were ready to burst!

Speaking of bombs, I straightened back up and reached back to unhook my bra, finally freeing the massive missiles I’d been concealing. canlı poker oyna Now it was Eric’s turn for a little shock.

The baby-weight and milk swelling had made my tits just HUGE! Even now, when they weren’t engorged (I’d pumped before this little encounter) the damned things had grone from the honeydews he was familiar with to a pair of basketballs that any man would want to engage in a little traveling with.

His eyes especially lingered around my now semi-puffy areolas, hungrily devouring every inch of those, and then I could almost see his pupils dilating as they took in the nipples at the center of them. Eric had always loved my nipples, had spent more time sucking them then I could count and his obvious surprise at how they’d grown and stretched during my body’s long and intense period of change was something I relished. I could almost feel my tits growing hotter beneath the intensity of his laser-like gaze.

“Oh fuck!” Eric groaned, struggling a little in his tight bonds.

“Silence,” I whispered as I slowly, tauntingly slid to my knees. I let my tits sweep across his face, down his built chest and sculpted abs, finally pooling heavily in his lap as I took hold of his enormous cock and began to show it my appreciation.

I started with a big, wet kiss right on the big fat head of it, smearing my lips over the crown, following the line of his shaft down to that pair of bloated balls. In despair, there was little I could do to feast on them as I loved; at their current size there wasn’t much to be done with them but a loving tongue-bath and a kiss to each before I was traveling back up, finding a new spot of gigantic prong to lick or slurp on. One of the hundreds of nice things about Eric having such a preposterously huge dick was that there was just so much real-estate to worship; I’d blown lesser men before meeting him and each had a cock my thick lustrous lips could completely cover in just a half-dozen well-placed kisses.

By the time I’d re-reached his head I was in a state of pure cocksucking bliss, showing my adulation for his formidable organ swirling my mouth around his head, kissing it again between my pillowy red lips, slapping the flat of my tongue up and down across it, tasting the first shocking thick drops of pearlescent precum. I coaxed more out with a slow jack of my hand and then smeared it all over my pouty dicksuckers, using his pre-spunk like some rich lip-gloss milked from a ridiculously oversized applier.

I then used those hot, glistening lips to smear love all over the rims of his prick-top, keeping them still as I used a hand to guide his cock in a slow hot circle, letting him feel the texture of every wrinkle of my lip, every hot drop of slobber, every bump on my tongue as it traced over his velvety skin in probing tastes. Finally I leaned down just a little more and worked his cock and my head carefully, sweeping the tip of my tongue underneath the flared-out part of his glans, touching spots that even I had probably never touched in all our time making love.

He hissed and those behemoth balls pulsed dangerously, his fingers digging into the arms of the chair.

“I’ve missed this,” I purred, giving his cock a long lick from balls to tip, “I’ve missed sucking this big fat fucking cock, missed making you breathe funny and moan, missed the taste of this meaty fucking shaft.” I gnawed back down him like he was an especially large ear of corn, then back up again, rubbing my face messily into his shaft. “Have you been dreaming of this? Fantasizing about my huge fucking tits? The feel of my tongue tracing every vein of your dick? The nasty noises only you are man enough to bring out of me?”

I punctuated the latter comment by abruptly slamming myself down on his cock, feeling it push harshly into my throat, gagging grotesquely with a cough of slobbery lust before pulling off to gasp for breath. From the way he squirmed then I could tell his toes were curling, his balls tightened and I back off.

“Mmmm, my poor hung hubby is on a hair trigger!” I exclaimed, fondly stroking at those no-doubt aching balls with my cruel palms. I rose back up and shoved my tits in his face, stroking his hair as he instinctively licked and sucked away at them.

“Oh I know you’re good for more than one round, baby, I know… but this is about you, and as I’ve said, you don’t know the first thing about spoiling yourself. We’re gonna take our time and you’re gonna have the best orgasm of your entire goddamned life. Agreed?””

He struggled and whimpered a bit, never before so powerful-looking and powerless at the same time. My cunt was so wet you could have sailed a yacht on its flow at this point. His cock looked like a column that could have supported the acropolis it was so thick and rigid and long. I didn’t want him going off yet so I doubled-down on rubbing my J-cups in his face, stroking his hair, “That’s it stud, you worship my big fat titties, they’re about to take you to fucking heaven and I want internet casino you to earn it.”

He did as he was told with minimal struggling and I realized in my pity he just wanted to touch what I was making him lick and suck, so I finally undid the manacles and moaned my approval as he used those big strong hands to maul my breasts, stroking them and pushing gently together as he worked his head to kiss and gently bite them all over, each motion of his mouth sending another jolt to my supremely sopping pussy.

Once almost every inch of my tits were glistening with a veritable sheen of his worship and adulation, I re-asserted my dominance, tangling a hand in his thick lustrous hair and pulling his head back with a rough grunt.

“Enough, this is about YOU, remember?” I gave each of his cheeks a huge boob-swat, loving the way I streaked his face with his own slobber before I backed off to grab an old favorite.

When I returned, Eric’s face lit up with a grin, we hadn’t used oil since our first unbelievable slam-fuck in this very room. I stared him down as I carefully poured a generous sheen of the clear fluid over each my gigantic well-sucked breasts, making them shine and glisten such that they caught every single bit of the light, appearing even huger and in the mirrored surface around the room even I was tempted by myself.

I slid back to my knees and wrapped those now-slick monsters around his sloppy monolith of cock, loving how only he was man enough to protrude from my massive cleavage, loving the feel of his hotness and girth between my oiled tits, loving the tortured groan that escaped his lips as I began the slowest possible boob-fuck imaginable. I don’t know if he’d noticed the changes in them during my body’s great shift, the increased size, the relative poutiness of the areolas, the lengthy nipples that now poked from my huge tan tatas like a pair of thimbles, but he was certainly getting an eyeful (and a lapful) of those changes now. Those tits traveled up and down and somewhat back and forth as I made the trip from the tip of his cock to the base of his shaft again and again, sometimes briefly letting the full weight of my immense udders rest on his overpacked spunk-tanks before starting their next trip up him.

Very slowly I increased the speed of things, coating his whole cock in the oil that was on my gleaming tits, using them to take a pulse of his titanic testes; I had to be careful as it might not take much to set those bad boys off. I both distracted and tortured him more with smutty words between smutty slurps on his cockhead whenever it reached my lips, “You like that, stud? You like the feel of these big huge breasts all over your huge fucking cock? Times like this you LOVE being hung, I bet, you’re the only man big enough to deserve this epic titfuck on the whole planet, certainly the only one big enough to fuck my mouth and these huge fucking boobs at the same time.”

He made a strangled noise and I instantly backed off again, ready to pounce and slap his hands away if he started to jack himself to completion, but while his fingers twitched, he didn’t move his arms. I looked him in the eye, hefting my huge tits, rubbing my hands in the oil on them, licking my lips, taunting him with the overwhelming force of my sheer femininity and nastiness. I dragged those huge tits back up his body, not caring where I smeared the oil and love the way it made his cock jump. I grabbed that leaping length of love meat and tugged on it, urging him to stand up. Bemused, he followed me, not that he had a choice, he certainly wasn’t going to let me drag his most incredible body part away and leave him behind.

When we got the the bed, Eric said, “So do you want t—-“

“SILENCE!” I was getting to love shouting. “Get one the bed,” I commanded, “Because you’re sure as hell not doing any of the work. Lie on your back. Good boy.”

I crawled over him, letting my heavy tits again sway and drag up his body, tracing lines on his skin with my hard nipples. As my thighs crossed his cock I let out a moan, loving the feel of the hot throbbing friction as my clit dragged along it from base to tip, shuddering in tiny orgasmic spasms; this was another thing men not as well equipped would never hope to do. He whimpered his own delight at what I did and then we both sucked in a breath as one when I abruptly speared my ass back, impaling myself on the first few inches of his mammoth member. Our eyes met, but only for a second as I squinched mine shut, easing back to accommodate more of his cunt-killing cock, breath catching in my throat as I dripped juices helplessly down his shaft.

I wasn’t all the way down yet, but I would need time to re-learn this, it had been so long. For all that talk of how babies are proof that no cock is too big or should be a challenge to a vagina, I had just given birth and did not feel any less tight around the immense shaft. I think people forget that the body is trying to do pretty radically different things between delivering a child and conceiving one. Since I needed time, I stopped trying to take the whole thing, instead letting myself bounce on the first half, loving how he was bigger than my second-biggest lover just that far down.

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