A New Shade

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He had no idea why, but it turned him on immensely. He was not prone to questioning anyone’s certain perversions, especially his. If he couldn’t quickly figure out the underlying reason for them, he would just accept them as a matter of fact. But this one somehow piqued his interest. He wanted to know “why.”

The perversion in question started after he bought his wife a high quality latex dildo. One of those anatomically correct versions. Seven, maybe eight in inches long, and a solid three fingers thick. Flesh colored. Veins, balls, the whole deal. On the bottom was a suction cup. His hope was that she would stick it to stable platform (anything really), fuck it, and let him watch. If things got really hot, maybe she would let him stand over her and fuck her mouth as she rode it. If luck was really on this side, she would suck the toy off while he fucked her from behind. That’s was really his sole intention.

He always loved watching her masturbate. It was the shared voyeurism of the whole setup. He got off knowing she was watching him stroke his cock to the sight of her rubbing her pussy. He liked the showing off aspect of it, that she was getting turned on by the sight of his dick growing thicker and thicker in his hand. He loved the intense stare she always got as she laid on her back, craning her neck down so she could see. She wouldn’t break that stare. She would get this most-serious and focused look in her eyes, and her voice would fill with a breathless near-annoyance if he spoke to her.

“Do you like watching me get my dick nice and hard?” he would ask. Her response was a simple, breathy yes with the subtext of ‘please just shut up and stroke your cock so I can get my cunt off.’ He loved it. Such focus. And with every passing second of watching him, her pussy inched closer and closer to exploding. Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

But this perversion was more than just watching her masturbate. This was much further. It invoked such a level of excitement in him that he thought it was a drug. Illicit. This toy was thick. And he liked that she needed to slowly work up to getting her pussy ready to take it. There was no doubt that she had the tightest pussy he had ever been fortunate enough to experience. There is an expectation that after children a woman’s pussy becomes loose. Total myth with this women. Two children in, and her cunt still felt like a pristine silk glove around his dick. He would start with one finger inside her. Slowly fuck her with it. He would tickle her clit with his tongue, getting her wetter. Then in slid the second finger. He could feel her entire body start to relax into güvenilir bahis being fucked. And with it, her pussy followed. Opened up. Accepted more.

“Give me the smooth vibrator,” she ordered. She was ready for something larger, longer. He licked the length of the toy and slowly slid it inside her. Grabbing it from his grasp, she turned the motor on. A low hum pulsed into and out of silence as she rhythmically fucked herself with it. Her pussy soaked the length of the it, made it glisten. He couldn’t resist. He put his face between her legs and as she fucked herself, with each stroke he licked the length of it so he could taste her. Delicious.

He loved that she asked for his cock next in succession of being stretched enough to accept this toy. It didn’t bother him in the slightest that the toy was bigger and thicker than him. He would gladly fuck her, open her cunt up so she could more readily enjoy it. He always enjoyed how different her pussy felt wrapped around his cock after he had finger fucked her or she had been riding a fake cock. Used. Open. Different. He only figured that this would be better. And, my god, it was.

“Give it to me,” she said as he pulled his cock out of her. He thought he was going to be the one that would fuck her with it; lick her clit while this thick prick-toy slid in and out of her. But he was wrong. She wanted to control it. He coated it with lube and handed it to her. Still on her back, legs spread wide in front of him. Her pussy was ever-so-slightly gaping open. The natural result of the work his cock had done. To see it loosened was a rarity. The image bathed over him like the first drink of wine after crossing a dessert. Pure joy.

The head of the toy breached the lips of her pussy. Slowly it disappeared. Her pace was intentionally cautious. A touch of fear of pain accompanied the pleasure filling her. The look on her face was something like the look of someone who just ingested a hardcore drug for the very first time. What’s going to happen, when it is it going to happen, how will I feel? Darting, anxious but excited eyes. But it felt good. Her pussy was ready, and she fell into relaxed ecstasy. She felt full. She spread her legs wider, accepting more of the dildo into her. She propped her unused hand behind her head, holding it up so she could look down. She wanted to see it slide into her. More so, she wanted to see him again take his cock into his hand as he watched.

“Do you like this?” she asked the obvious question.

“Yes,” he responded simply, “very much.” She knew she was hypnotic to him. And she liked it. It made her pussy wetter. türkçe bahis Watching the watcher.

“How do you want me? Just like this, on my back? Or from behind?” she asked. She wanted to please him. What’s more, she wanted to show off.

“From behind,” he answered, “stick your ass in the air so I can see everything.” She knew ‘everything’ meant her asshole. She used to be shy about him seeing it, let alone playing with it. But that changed with time. He derived such pleasure from it, that it became very difficult to deny him the joy for any reason, let alone shyness. With time, she began to find a certain pleasure in giving him access to that once-secretive place. Touch it, stare at it, finger-fuck it, lick it, jack off to it. She knew that each of those brought his cock steps closer to cumming. It almost became a weapon for her to use. For the offensive: Do the dishes and I’ll let you lick my ass. Cleaner dishes never appeared so quickly in the history of the kitchen. For the defensive: if sex was going a bit too long for her comfort all she need to was whisper play with my ass into his ear as he fucked her. He would touch it, and with that he would fill her with his load less than one minute later, as though it was some sort of magic cum-button for him push. So, for him to request she put her ass in the air while she fuck herself with the dildo, she knew his pleasure would be undeniable.

But when she turned over to her hands and knees, this is where things assumed an out-of-body quality for him. Unexpected. He new the excitement he would get from seeing her positioned like this. There was no denying that doggy style was his favorite. Open eager pussy; open delicious ass; hips like handles to grab on and stabilize the thrusts of his cock. He loved it. There was no doubt that his his heart would race at the sight of the toy sliding into her slick and shaven pussy. He knew his cock would throb in his hand as he squeezed its thick shaft and slid to the tip while watching her. He was certain he would edge himself, catching his breath, then slowly backing off so he didn’t miss the opportunity to feed her pussy his load. This was all obvious to him, and quite expected.

It was the thoughts he had as she fuck herself with this realistic prick that he didn’t expect. Thoughts of her being fucked by other men. And he certainly didn’t expect them to turn him on nearly as much as it did.

This became abundantly clear to him as he kneeled there on the bed, watching her fuck herself with this thick fucking dildo, ass high in air. It was begging for him to lick it; to tongue-fuck her ass while she thrust güvenilir bahis siteleri the toy inside her. But he didn’t. He couldn’t. His thoughts had taken hold of his body, and paralyzed him. He just watched. He just thought. He just listened. Her moans grew as she inched closer and closer to cumming. The suction sound of her cunt gripping and releasing the toy. She was getting fucked by another dick. And it completely hypnotized him. Who was she thinking about? Who was he thinking about? There was suddenly a second man in the room, albeit an imaginary mate, and he was salaciously fucking his wife. And he dug it.

Her moans grew louder and louder.

“I want to hear you scream when you cum. Fucking loud. I love it.” His commands were in rhythm with her. She wasn’t normally vocal, but something seemed extraordinary in this. She couldn’t help but get lost in it, and she obliged his request. Full-throated, she wailed out as the toy plunged into her, forcing her to cum.

She withdrew the toy and collapsed on her stomach. Legs still spread wide, her pussy looked worn. Gaping open from the girth of the toy. Wide. Well-fucked. The sight drove him wild. She wasn’t done. She wanted more. This slut before him just fucked the thickest cock she could take, and she wanted more. This whore wanted more dick. She wasn’t satisfied. She had been opened, and she wanted more business. This sexy fuck was his wife. And it turned. Him. The. Fuck. On.

He climbed atop her, throbbing cock in his hand. She stayed on her stomach, arching her ass up to him, opening herself even more. His dick slid in with such ease. She felt like an entirely different person. She felt second-hand, worn in. Almost ragged. She felt like a greedy slut who just wanted more cock. And he gladly filled her. He fucked her with a ferocity normally reserved one night stands. It was as though he wanted to mark her again as his. Territorial.

It did not take long for him to explode inside her. A violent, uncontrollable, and immensely pleasurable orgasm. His jizz dripped out her around his clock and down over her clit. It was the single best, largest orgasm he had had in years.

When they were finished, she was spent. Her cunt ached like the legs of a marathon runner. She had thoroughly enjoyed herself. As did he.

But he still didn’t quite understand why the thoughts of his wife being fucked by other men had drove him to such delirium. Maybe he just loved the idea of his wife being a slut. Maybe it was idea that other men find her so fuckable. Or maybe it sparked in him some sort of primordial evolutionary territorial urge. Perhaps it was none of those. He asked, but did not come to any conclusion.

He just knew that he loved fucking his wife, in all her shades of sexy. And this day, a new shade was added to the palette: willing harlot.

And he loved it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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