A Nice Little Arrangement

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On the 22nd of February 2005, fifty three year old, Irish born David Hennessy committed himself into a mental institution. This monumental act was not because he was nuts or suffering from any mental illness, but was only to escape the long arm of the law. David Hennessy had been on the wrong side of the law for the majority of his life. Most of his activities involved the expert laundering of illegal funds for various crime families for which he was well rewarded.

David first came to the attention of Special Agent Simon Castairs some years back when raising funds for the Irish Republican Army. It was unfortunate that Special Agent Castairs had a deep loathing for the IRA and the carnage they caused, and once his sights were firmly set on David Hennessy, nothing was going to deter his determination to bring him to justice. At first David was amused by the attention that he was getting from the law enforcement agency and it soon became a bit of a game, a sort of fox and hound challenge. But David underestimated Special Agent Castairs resilience, and even after the IRA had practically withdrawn from their armed conflict, Castairs doggedly pursued his quarry at every opportunity.

As the aged special agent neared his enforced retirement age, Castairs made it known that his final claim to fame and grand finale would be to put David Hennessy behind bars for a very long time. As a reward for his long and outstanding contribution to law enforcement, the powers to be gave him carte blanch approval to target David Hennessy one last time. With copious amounts of resource made available to him, Special Agent Castairs set about his last assignment with ruthless efficiency. And with good reason, David began to get very, very worried.

Informed that Castairs was now armed with substantial evidence, David knew that he was close to having charges laid against him. He considered a number of options like fleeing the country, there was even some talk about putting a contract on the special agents life. But in a moment of inspiration, he came upon the idea of committing himself into a mental institution. David knew that Special Agent Castairs had less than a year before his retirement. If he could just stay out of his clutches until then, the heat would then disappear.

Now, the thought of a year in a mental institution wasn’t particularly appealing, but it was far better than a fifteen to twenty year stretch in a state penitentiary, which was exactly what he was looking at. So David, with the help of friends, family, a friendly doctor and psychiatrist, became mentally unstable. For a period of a few weeks, David delivered numerous characteristics that would suggest that a committal was required.

When Special Agent Castairs found out that his quarry had entered the Monterey Mental Institution, his rage dumbfounded the team of agents whom had known him as the gentle giant. Castairs knew that he had been duped, and he knew what the game was, he knew that David planned to hide there until he had retired. But as hard as Special Agent Castairs tried to prise David from his sanctuary, he was thwarted by the army of people protecting him. His only success was to have David’s passport revoked to ensure he couldn’t leave the country, and now all he could do was to sit back and watch for any opportunity to bring the whole escapade crashing down around his corrupt ears.

The Monterey Institution had been chosen by David for several reasons. Firstly the institution was a six hour drive from the city, and it would take the law enforcement agencies substantial investment and effort to keep a good eye on David. Secondly, the large one hundred year old building was set in beautiful park like grounds; even the high walls were covered in clinging plants to hide their presence. It would take great imagination to pretend that Monterey was any sort of a resort, but it was a far cry from a small cell with cold steel bars. But the most important reason was that the owner of the institution, Kenneth Bliss was going to be extremely well compensated for providing private and secure accommodation for their new patient. The fact that Mr Bliss’s substantial gambling debt would also disappear was just an added bonus.

David was allocated large self contained rooms on the top floor and away from the other patients. In fact, it was supposed to be live in accommodation for a staff member. He installed a number of creature comforts, like a king size bed, two comfortable leather chairs, a large screen TV with associated satellite technology. He had an internet connection installed so that he could browse the web, something he was now addicted to. He also brought along a laptop for business use, but without web capability for obvious reasons. The laptop had been fitted with a device that would clear all of the drives if the correct password was not entered ten seconds after booting up.

David settled into his comfortable incarceration with ease, he enjoyed his own company, and was well rid of the stresses of his normal business life. For emergencies, he had an untraceable pre-paid cell phone that would be discarded güvenilir bahis after it had been used once. He shunned all other business communications such as e-mail which could easily be monitored by Castairs and his cronies.

To keep up his façade of diminished mental state, David attended his group and one on one counselling; he had been well versed in what to say and how to act. He managed to avoid all patients with the exception of Edward Minter, a large man suffering from bi-polar and a number of other psychological problems. On his good days, Edward was a brilliant chess player and David fancied his chances of beating him. Little did he realise, he would never have that pleasure.

The many staff at Monterey were caring and pleasant, and David was treated with both courtesy and respect. He never quite knew how many if any, were aware of the conspiracy, and he didn’t care to inquire. The food was good and plentiful and David didn’t have a worry in the world, so long as he could keep Castairs and his associates at arms length. Twice a week, his trusted right hand man Jesse Shoals would make the long drive to Monterey to discuss business. These discussions were always conducted in different places to avoid any electronic audio monitoring. Most times, an encrypted computer memory stick containing business information would change hands quickly and discreetly.

David’s only disappointment in the whole arrangement was that his wife Christine had decided not to play ball when it came to his conjugal rights. They had been married twenty five years, and while it was no longer a passionate love affair, it was still a strong marriage. Their two children had long since flown the coop and the parents had since lived alone and happily together until David had made the move to Monterey. The intention was that Christine would travel down with Jesse for a little erotic enjoyment, but to David’s annoyance, Christine wasn’t interested or prepared to spread her legs in a strange bed within a mental institution. In fact, after a couple of visits, she’d decided not to make the trip at all, and nothing David did could change his wife’s mind. David was angry, as his wife would no doubt be expecting to continue her high life with an endless supply of credit on her bank cards while he tried to protect his hard earned assets. Was it too much to ask for her to travel to Monterey and part her thighs once or twice a week? Apparently it was.

For David, the thought of no sex for a year was inconceivable, for he was a man who enjoyed the company of women and the lustful pleasures of their flesh. He was a good looking man, dark haired and strong physically. He was by no means a saint, and in his earlier years he had many extramarital affairs. But as the years passed, he tired of the secrecy and the complications of them; and the constant desires of the other parties of wanting a more permanent relationship. He then dabbled with call girls, but even though some were truly beautiful, the lack of emotions during the acts eventually turned him away from their favours. For the last few years, he’d found himself being faithful to his wife Christine, it hadn’t been intentional, but it was more the fact he couldn’t be bothered chasing other women anymore. His Christine was still an attractive woman as she approached fifty years of life. She was tallish, long legged and curvy, in their early years of marriage; the sex had been rampant and satisfying. But with children, it had become less important and even after the children had left, the sex had never returned completely to its previous glory. That was until David had stopped playing away. It was then that some of the spark returned as he became more attentive and affectionate towards his wife, and things had been looking good until his move to Monterey.

David knew that he would go crazy without sex, but he had to remain clear headed while he waited for Special Agent Castairs to disappear from his life. If Christine wasn’t going to play ball, then he would look elsewhere. At first, he considered call girls, but trying to smuggle the girls into Monterey was one problem, but the major consideration was that they could never be trusted to keep their mouths shut. If they were willing to sell what was between their legs, they’d also be willing to sell information about David, and Special Agent Castairs would no doubt have access to substantial funds to obtain just that sort of information. He just couldn’t take the risk.

Jesse, now David’s only friend, fully appreciated his boss’s dilemma, and after some deliberation came up with another of his good ideas. Would any of the female staff at Monterey be interested in earning extra cash for a little regular hanky panky? There were a number of reasonably good looking females who would fit the bill, and David was getting less choosy as the weeks passed him by. And it was here that things sort of went wrong, but in the right kind of way.

After a little investigation, Jesse approached a young lady named Sharee who worked as a nurse at Monterey. Sharee was a pretty and large breasted brunette solo mother; her husband türkçe bahis walked out on her a few years back and left her to struggle financially and emotionally with two children. Jesse followed her to a supermarket and asked her for a coffee. Sharee, who’d spoken to Jesse on several occasions previously while on duty at Monterey, felt comfortable enough to accept. Over a coffee, Sharee listened to Jesse’s proposal with some surprise, a gift of two hundred tax free dollars for each time she climbed into David Hennessy’s bed and made him happy. Jesse mistakenly took her silence as a gesture of interest, and carried on explaining that there would be nothing kinky, just plain old sex. To escape the situation, Sharee smiled politely and said that she’d think about it over a day or two.

Unfortunately for David and Jesse, Sharee was a lady of high morals and fortitude. Sure, she was desperately short of money and life was tough, but the thought of selling her body was inconceivable. Initially, she considered saying nothing about the lurid proposal, but thinking that other females at Monterey may be at risk, she reported it the head nurse Jules McBride. Ten minutes later, Jules was knocking at David’s door. He invited a clearly agitated Jules into his modest accommodation and asked her take a seat. She stared at David with a mixture of anger and nervousness, for she knew that this wasn’t going to be easy.

“Mr Hennessy, it’s been brought to my notice that one of my staff has been propositioned with a view to providing sexual favours.” she suggested with authority. “It’s unacceptable and against all company policy for my staff to have any sort of relationships with patients. To do so will result in the immediate termination of their employment. Do you fully understand?”

“Err, yes.” replied an embarrassed David.

“Furthermore, the safety of my staff is paramount. Also I will not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour towards them, is that clear?”

“Yes, it is. But do you have any real ugly nurses, I mean really ugly?” he asked humorously.

Jules stared at David with conviction, but the glint in his eyes and the smirk on his face wore her down.

“Well.” she replied while trying not to smile. “I’ve a couple of big tough male nurses, they’re ugly enough. You’re not gay are you?”

David pulled a face, “Nope, but if I stay in this place long enough without a little female company, I might get there.”

Jules couldn’t help but chuckle, “Nope being a nurse I can assure you that it don’t work like that. Once hetero, men usually stay hetero.”

He wiped his brow with mock relief, “Boy, am I glad to hear that.”

“Look Mr Hennessy, I’ve been told to look after you by not bothering you and keeping out of your way. I’m not stupid, and I, like others around here, think you’re just hiding from something or someone.”

“Best you don’t know.” David commented quickly. “Look, I’m just a normal hot blooded male. Being cramped in here without female company is a little difficult for me, but I don’t want to cause problems by bringing women in here.”

“But, aren’t you married?”

“Yes, but it isn’t exactly working out, if you know what I mean.”

“So, basically you want to have sex with my female staff?”

“Yes, but it would be worth a couple of hundred bucks each time. Know anyone who wants a little extra pocket money?” he asked humorously.

“Look Mr Hennessy….”

“Please call me David.” he chipped in.

She sighed, “Look David, I won’t let my staff do anything that I wouldn’t do…..”

“Well, that’s one idea.” he blurted out.

“Really, Mr Hennessy, I mean David. That was inappropriate.”

But David stood his ground and grinned mischievously at her. She glared back at him realising that he was trying to take control of their discussion and put her ill at ease. She then decided to call his bluff and grinned back at him.

“Well, I could sure use an extra eight hundred a week, reckon you could get it up four times, or are you just all talk?”


“We’re about the same age don’t you think? I reckon that I’d give you a run for your money.”

Jules moved away from the windows and stood provocatively in front of David and began to undo the buttons of her white dress.

“Would you like to see what’s on offer?”

David stood in pure amazement as she held his eyes, her fingers moving downwards undoing each button. He took in a deep breath as the wide shapeless dress was slowly opened to display what was beneath. Jules knew that David would be impressed, for her body was in very good shape. She’d always been a dancer, from her early school days where she studied ballet. Then she became a cheerleader before moving to modern dancing. Even through motherhood and the later demise of her husband, she kept herself fit with aerobics and a few years back had joined a dance club to enjoy the physical Latin American style. She loved to dance hard and her body had stayed firm and toned. And here she now stood, dress open displaying her attributes to a man for all the wrong reasons.

“So, what güvenilir bahis siteleri do you think?” she asked.

David stood speechless at the sight before him. Her skin was clear and faultless, a no nonsense white bra supported her substantial breasts. Below, her waist was narrow before flaring outwards over her broad hips. White high waisted panties covered her pussy, but a faint triangle of darkish curls could be made out through the flimsy material. Her desirable thighs were full and round, and David was all but tempted to rush over and run his tongue over them.

“Well, am I worth two hundred a jump?” Jules asked knowingly.


“Well?” she asked again while closing her dress.

“Are you serious?” he asked.

“I might be under the right circumstances.”

“Which are?”

“Confidentiality, respect and just a little passion, and a nice cock to play with.” she added.

“Sure, no problem.”

“How about stepping out of your pants, I wanna see what you got first.” she asked.

David quickly undid his jeans and let them drop, then pushed down his boxers, his cock was nearly erect.

“Mmmm, not bad.” she commented. “I hope it gets harder than that. You’d best show me.”

Jules grinned as David promptly took himself in hand and began to stroke himself, within seconds it was standing perfectly rigid for her inspection. She could feel her own arousal as she took in its size. Cocks weren’t exactly pretty things, but she quite liked a nice hard one. It’d been a fair while since she’d had the satisfaction of one inside her, and maybe it was nearly time to do just that. In front of her stood a rather fine specimen; nice and thick with a large circumcised head. She liked a wide girth rather than length, and this would fit the bill perfectly. But one mustn’t appear to be too eager, she reminded herself.

“Mmmm, not bad. Shirt off, I like a nice chest too.” she requested.

David removed his shirt and stood buck naked as Jules walked around him with all the expertise of a farmer looking over potential breeding stock.

“Well, maybe I could manage it.” she commented unassumingly. “Two hundred a time, in cash?”


“No rough stuff, and if I wanna stop our little arrangement, I don’t want any repercussions.”


“Okay, I’ll try you out on a trial basis.”

“Right now?” he asked hopefully.

“No, not right now. I’m working.” she replied while doing up the buttons on her dress. “I’ll come back after I’ve finished, maybe after eight.”

Jules laughed at the disappointed look on David’s face as he stroked his cock, “Don’t worry, I’ll come back, I promise. No wanking after I’ve gone. I want you in good condition.”

Seconds later she was gone, and David got dressed wondering if all his dreams had come true. Just in case they had, he spent the next hour tidying the place and changing the bed sheets in readiness for Nurse Jules return.

At six thirty that evening, Nurse Jules stood in front of a mirror adjusting her makeup. She’d spent the last hour deciding what to wear, should she wear a dress or a skirt, or maybe jeans, what would be best to be seduced in? In the end she decided on a simple grey top and black jeans finished off with little leather ankle boots. She had struggled somewhat with what was about to happen, but the truth was she needed the money. Things had been hard since her husband had been killed in a freak accident at work, sure, the insurance had paid off the mortgage, but she still had to live. She had used all her savings and more on a recent holiday, but on her return, the transmission died on her car and she was now in real trouble with repayments. Being on salary, she had no way of increasing her pay check with the exception of taking on another part time job. Her rostered days and hours were all over the place, and it would be near impossible to pick up regular part time work. But here was an opportunity to clear her debts, that’s if she could live with herself.

She’d taken three lovers to her bed since her husband had left her life, each time she’d been taken out to fine eateries to be wined and dined beforehand. Was this so much different she asked herself? Instead of being fed, she would instead be taking cash for her favours. The fact that David Hennessy was a good looking man helped; and she probably would’ve agreed to go out with him if he’d asked under different circumstances. She was a passionate and sensual woman who craved being taken to bed for a little loving. Even during her married years, when things were a little rocky, she’d still sought her husband’s attentions, for he was a good lover and knew how to push the right buttons so to speak.

Jules examined herself critically in the mirror; she stretched her skin tight on her face with her fingers and wondered how much a face lift would cost? But at forty eight years of age, she couldn’t really complain too much. A few years back, she had gone to a high school reunion, and without being bitchy, she had weathered her years a lot better than some of her other counterparts. Her oval face was still pretty; her once long hair had now been cut short to fit in with other women her age. She knew men still looked at her, and being hit on by younger men was always a treat even though it didn’t happen quite so much these days.

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