Beautiful Distraction

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Anissa Kate

Summer’s in the air. It’s that exciting time of year full of possibility. You’re wearing a thin little sundress, a bit short due to your height. You’re clearly self conscious about it the way you keep pulling it down in a modest nervous fashion. It’s cute, almost innocent. I can’t stop watching you.

It’s a nice sunny day, your hair is glowing in the sunlight as it drapes your sun kissed shoulders. That sundress gives away your shape as the sun fights through that flowy material. It’s tantalizing, the visual makes me yearn already.

We’re at a social function at this resort we’re staying at so you’re buzzing around mingling with people in that standard small talk we’re all required to engage in at these things. Eventually, you settle in at a table in the shade with a woman named Lexi we were introduced to earlier.

I watch you two interact, you are captivated by the exchange you’re having together. I’ve been fully aware of your interest in other women for some time now and have observed you lust after a specimen occasionally. This woman in particular is a lovely choice. You have superb taste. She’s petite with Strawberry blonde locks and a soft smile.

The two of you laugh and sip your chilled cocktails, occasionally slipping into that intimate flirty body language involving a light touch to the knee or arm in conversation.

I’m involved in a conversation myself, really only half listening as my gaze keeps drifting over to this beautiful distraction playing out.

After some time passes, I find you and your friend gone from the table. I check my phone to find a simple text, “Meet us at the room”. My cock makes a slight twitch as I smile down at my screen.

The elevator took eons to get there, istanbul travesti making its slow crawl to you. When my key hit the lock, my anticipation had me feeling so high.

You’re softly kissing her lips, your left hand has your fingers tangled in her locks. Right hand lost in the deep side slit of her long skirt. You’re groping her ass pulling her closer to you as your tongue slips between her lips.

Your focus breaks as I enter the room, you flash a smile inviting me over. Your hand reemerges from under her skirt and takes hold of my arm guiding my body to her. I start to kiss her, and your hands start to undress her for me. First, reaching both hands under her skirt to draw down her panties. They’re silky and a soft lilac tone. You slightly fold them smaller then tuck them into the front pocket of my pants.

My cock is swollen and hungry, raging, becoming impatient as you slowly move through this tease. Removing her skirt, unbuttoning her blouse from behind her, watching me put my mouth on hers. She starts unbuttoning my pants and slips her dainty hand down the trail of my zipper to pull my cock free. It’s throbbing and I shudder a light wince which makes you crack a sly smile as you finish undressing her.

Once naked, you guide her telling her to lay down putting herself on display for us. As she lays sprawled on the bed, you make a slow crawl across her body hovering over her. Your sundress drapes her body as you kiss her, gradually moving down to her breasts. Your tongue plays discovery travelling her body as your ass sticks up in the air.

I come up behind you, your sundress has fallen down to the arch of your back. I reach out with both hands for your luscious ass, squeezing to the istanbul travestileri point of making it red from my hand prints. Your lace panties are abrasive as my fingertips glide over them reaching for your slit. The crotch is moist telling me of your lust. I curl my index finger underneath the elastic to pull them aside, slipping my anxious cock inside you with such ease. Your moan as I enter is sultry and sexy dripping with your hunger.

I can peer past your shoulders to watch you spread open her smooth pussy lips inserting your tongue inside her sweet cunt. Her back arches and her head turns to the side, with closed eyes, she’s lost in her bliss. You use the tip of your tongue to slide along and flick her clit causing her legs to twitch uncontrollably.

My cock disappears in your warm tender pussy inch by inch and I slowly fuck you as I observe you bringing her such pleasure. I knead your ass cheeks and watch your delicate pink pussy grip around me as I pull out only to push back inside you again.

Our guest is becoming louder with her pleasure sounds. Your mouth devours her driving her to spasm and squirm as she loses it giving into the sublime experience, cumming over and over as you drink down her sex.

I sense you want to get up, so I back my cock out. As you stand up to your knees, you pull your dress over your head taking it off. Before she has a chance to recoup, you crawl over her to straddle her face lowering yourself onto her eager mouth and begin to grind. Pressing your palms against the mattress at her head, you ride her tongue making the most delicious moans. “Mmm, can you taste him on me?” You tease as you tug her hair bearing down tighter.

I kneel on the bed lifting and travesti istanbul pushing her legs back plowing into her tight wet cunt. Her hot little pussy feels heavenly while I pound deeper each thrust listening to your pleasure sounds as you begin to climax. Your moans are intoxicating coupled with the sounds of skin slapping against skin while I ravish her.

When your state of rapture subsides, you dismount and instruct Lexi to get up. She is to kneel on the floor before me. I pull my slick cock out so she can do as she’s been told, while you gently stroke me, kissing my neck and nibble at my ear.

Lexi wraps her lips around my shaft and massages my cock with her warm mouth. Slow at first, almost intimidated by her duty. You then run your finger through her hair at the back of her head, ball up a fist, and guide her pace. Lightly you tell her in a firm tone just how her mouth is to pleasure me, describing how to lay her tongue flat so it’s rough texture glides along my shaft as you move her head.

You come down to kneel next to her and begin touching her clit with your other hand as your mouth finds her nipple. You stop only long enough to taunt her, telling her, “That’s it, suck this magnificent cock.” “You make him cum” as you push my cock down her throat nearly making her gag. Moving her head faster, you look up at me as I moan and grunt. You can tell I am so close and nudge me to let go, “Cum for me baby.”

I can’t fucking help it, I pull out of her mouth and explode my hot ribbons across her face and lips, shifting slightly to unload more on your tits. You push them together wrapping your ample breasts around my cock. My slick shaft slides between them lubricated by my load. Lexi leans over with her cum stained lips for a kiss and you begin to clean each other as I shake in recovery.

Suddenly, my mind snaps back to reality from my state of daydream as I glance over to the table to find you still seated there engaged in your flirtatious conversation.

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