Curves Ch. 01

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This has been exactly what I needed, a get-away from the rigours of work and the cold winter that has trapped my soul. Stepping out of my bungalow perched over the crystal blue sea I felt the breeze on my skin and the fresh scent of the ocean. ‘Oh, this feels good’, my mind raced as I thought about my impending boat trip. I had the concierge book a charter to take me on a day trip to a quiet island, a water trip not unlike my road trips I take in the mountains at home. I was so looking forward to it. With my sunglasses, tanning oil and sexiest little aquamarine bikini with a shear wrap around my waist I arrived at my charter’s slip. “Curves” was her name… mmm, what a sexy name. She must have been 40 feet white shiny and new. I immediately noticed the great tanning decks one at the bow one a stern. ‘I know my boating lingo’, I laughed to myself.

And to my astonishment and joy the most beautiful woman, in bikini shorts and a silk top came up the stairs from the cabin. Wow! Striking, sexy and cute with her ball cap on, shading the sun.

“Hi there, I’m Rachel, your guide today”.

Shaking her hand I felt her soft skin with mine and blurted out with a gulp… “I’m Ashley, your guided today.”

Words cannot express her beauty, tanned softly with striking eyes, and with a tilt of the head she said: “OK, lets get you settled in…is your husband coming?”

“No, no it’s just me.”

She smiled.

“Well then, it looks like it’ll be a girls’ day in the sun.”

“Indeed,” I said, wondering if she could sense my attraction to her, and if she fancied women – more importantly ME!

With that we were on our way to a small island with a hidden cove – great for sunbathing or “anything else,” she said. As the cruiser ripped through the water we stood next to each other feeling the wind and the sea on our bodies. She was obviously comfortable with this boat. She knew it as if it were her child. We chatted and got to know one another. At one point I placed my hand on her back as we talked and let it linger there, with no objection from Rachel. She was flirtatious and fun, I was beginning to enjoy her very much.

“Rach, do you mind if I lay on the aft deck and sunbathe?”

“Please do – this is your boat today.”

I took my position on the deck stretched out my legs and found my oil. I slowly began to kneed it into my skin… Mmm, it felt so good under the sun. By instinct I took off my top. After all, there was just us and she was a woman… Mmm, my bursa eve gelen escort hands soaked in oil, I began to massage my breasts. It felt so warm and sensual. I had my sunglasses on and could see Rachel looking at me through the rear view mirror as I rubbed my skin, the look in her eye alluring and quite devious. Once I was finished I lay my head down on my towel and rested under the sun.

After a while I turned over. It was then that I felt the cruiser slow. As I turned my head to see what we were doing, Rachel was standing next to me.

“How you feelin’, beautiful?… Mmm, the sun feels so good… I thought I’d offer a hand putting some oil on your back.”

Then it hit me. She must have been watching me for quite a while. And clearly she was comfortable with me.

“Well… OK then.”

“My pleasure, Ashley.”

I felt her soft hands as they soothed my hot back with the oil, her fingers gentle but firm. Mmm, that feels so good Rachel, mmm…”

“I’mmm glad”, she purred.

Oh, it was magical and I was becoming very wet, my lips were starting to swell as my Maldives beauty was touching me.

“So, Rachel, do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, no-one around, and to tell you the truth I’m not that interested right now.”

An opportunity.

“Mmmmm, that feels good – could you oil me a little lower?”

Her hands slid softly to the curve of my bottom. My bikini was low cut in the waist and her hands were free to roam to the top of my crack.

“Mmmmm, don’t stop.”

I could feel her heat and thought it alright to ask…

“Rachel, would you be interested in someone like me?”

Her hands stopped.


Then, as they started again…



“Why don’t you show me if your interested in me.”

With that I rolled over exposing my firm hardened nipple to her. Lying on my side, my hand gently slid up her arm, to her neck. I kneaded it slowly and she stretched it, turned into the sun, eyes closed and moaned her pleasure. I leaned up and pulled her beautiful face to mine, opened my mouth and kissed my willing guide. Her wet mouth opened accepting my lips. My tongue traced hers as I moved in and pressed my nipples to her body, my hand continuing to rub as our kiss deepened. Mmmm, it was intense. Rachel was opening herself to me. I began to slide back giving us more room, bringing her with me as our mouths told each other bursa escort we wanted this. Rachel’s body lay on top of mine our legs straddling one another, our nipples pressing as our kiss grew more passionate. Her hands held my face as mine slid down her back onto her skin. “Ohhh, you are soooo beautiful,” I moaned out loud. As I moved my hand under her top, she broke our kiss, sat up and slowly removed her top, up over her head. Her breasts uncovered and nipples hard she began to massage them, looking sexily into my eyes.

“Ashley I want you, I have been watching you sunbathe… ahhh, I want this.”

Our wet loves were grinding against one another as she straddled my body, cupping her breasts. Without hesitation I sat up taking her into my arms, our naked breasts now touching for the first time. Shivers went down my spine; our kiss was free, open and emotional as our hands explored one another’s bodies. I moved my hand down to her nipples, brushing it ever so softly. There she was straddling me, grinding into me. I had to take her and show her what I felt. I bent and shifted her backwards, laying her down in front of me, my lips starting at her knee and moving slowly up her thigh. She opened her legs to me giving me access to her inner thigh, and my mouth obliged, reaching her wet love. She let me tongue and trace her wetness through her bikini bottom, letting out a gasp of pleasure as she grabbed my hands in joy.

“Ohhh, that feels soooooo good, Ashley, my love……YESSSSSS.”

And my mouth returned to her, soaking her crotch with my saliva and her wetness. Holding hands I brought one of hers to my mouth inviting her fingers to feel how wet she was and letting my mouth suck on her hand and crotch at the same time. Sliding her hand to the top of her bikini, I became the guide as I slid it under and down her wet crotch to her open and wanting love. She kept it there until my tongue forced it into her as I began to penetrate her from the outside of her bikini. “UH, UH UH,” Rachel moaned as her finger began to move with my tongue, in and out of her love. My free hand slid up and untied her bikini from the side, letting it fall, now her fabric was free to move with my tongue and her fingers. I cupped her bottom and pulled her close to my mouth, deeper my tongue went deeper than with I ever thought it could, she pulled me into her with her fingers as we both made love to her beautiful pussy.

“OHHHHH Ash, don’t stop. PLEEASE don’t stop!”

Her görükle escort bikini fell to the side, now allowing my mouth to fully enjoy her rapture, her taste, her smell, her sex. She was so wet and salty. OMG this was hot. She began to grind into my face as her fingers dove into her sex. I allowed two fingers from one hand to join hers, wetting them with my mouth and her tasty juice. In they slid, deep… ohhhh, the feeling of her fingers and mine working together into her love was too much. I got up on my knees and slid my other hand into my wet love, plunging them deep as well.

“OHHHHHHH, Rachel!” I screamed, “OHHHHHH, this is incredible!”

She could only manage a uhhhhhhhhh and a gggggguu as her pleasure went over the edge…. “OHHHHHH, ASHLEY, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeee!!!”

Our fingers were working in tandem, fucking her wet sex. She was grasping on her nipple -what a scene – Rachel on her back, pulling on her nipples, I on my knees and down on her, mouth in her raw sex, and the two of us fucking her in motion… OHH, it was ecstasy.

“Uuhhhhh, don’t stop, Ash, DON’T STOP!! Please baby, take me….”

In, out, in, out, our fingers fucked her, her clit exposed to me and my mouth clamped down on it.

“Oohhhhhhhhhh, yessss Ash, suck my clit.”

My tongue went wild and our finger rhythm intensified in and out in opposite motions.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh MYYYYYYY Goddddddddd nggggggggggg………,” as she raised her hips to my mouth, grinding against my face and our hands. “OHHHH FUCKkkkkkkk, Ash, I can’t… I ammmmm goinggggg”.

Feeling her closeness I intesified my mouth on her clit and drove my fingers deeper into her hole. “OHHHHHH UHHHH,” I groaned as I knew she was close, tilting her head back and gritting her teeth… “UHHHHhh ohhhhhhhhh fucccck, yessssssss,” as the rush of her orgasm hit her body and shuddered in delight. I could feel her tingle, pulled her hand out with mine and buried my face into her love, into her sex and drank her cummmmmmmmmmmm.

“OHHHHH I’mmmmmmm cummmmmmmmmmming Ashhhleyyyyyyy, drinkkkkk meeeeeeee”.

I drank her, ohhh, how I drank her down as my fingers worked my wet sex. I had become Rachel’s guide – she was mine now – as another wave of “GGGGGGG ooohhh I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiingggggggggggg” came over us. I left my sex and pulled her close to me as every last drop of her love entered my mouth.

Calming down, she giggled in delight, tilted her head to one side touching my face and closed her eyes. I let her sleep as I drove the boat in our direction. With the GPS on board I knew where to go to find our private cove. Our cove. Where we could share more of ourselves with one another.

For now I will let you sleep my darling. But I will wake you in ways you will always remember.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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