David Back in the Book Store

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One evening, a few weeks ago, David Bradshaw drove to the Carnal Club Book Store, hoping to find a nice cock or two to suck off, but was disappointed when he saw it was closed for remodeling. It is his favorite place to hook up with other men and suck them off, either in one of the video booths in the back room or through one of the glory holes in the men’s rest room. Because it was closed, he would have to find another place, and he knew there were none around that were as good. He knew that because he had tried the other places and had found nothing about them that would make him even consider hanging out in one of them if the The Carnal Club had been available.

The best thing about his favorite place was the attitude of the owner. Not only did he not try to prevent people from enjoying themselves in his establishment, he encouraged it, and sometimes even joined in the fun. David had sucked him off several times, but he wouldn’t have even known the man’s name was Bruno Rossi if he hadn’t noticed it on the business license that was prominently displayed. He had never told Bruno his name, and had never been asked, and there had never even been any conversation between the two men, except for an exchange of greetings when David entered the store.

Over the next two weeks, David drove by several times, always to be disappointed by seeing the “Closed” sign prominently displayed. Finally, after going over three weeks without sucking off anybody, he found the store had reopened. He had just come by on his lunch hour, and had to get back to work in a few minutes, but David was curious, so he parked his car in the adjacent parking lot and entered the store. Bruno and his assistant were behind the counter, and the proprietor smiled at seeing one of his favorite customers and came around the counter to greet him personally.

As he stuck out his hand, there was a moment of awkwardness when Bruno realized that he had never learned the name of his customer. “Welcome to my store, er….”

“David. Just call me David, Bruno. I’m glad to see you’re open again. I’ve missed coming here.”

Bruno smiled at that, because he had also missed David, and not because of the quarters he fed into the videotape machines. “Come, my friend. Let me show you how the place looks now.” He rested his hand on David’s shoulder to steer him into the back room.

The new floor plan of the men’s rest room brought a smile to David’s face. Previously, there had been two stalls and a urinal, but there were now four stalls. When he looked inside of them, he saw the partitions had been repainted a light green, and the glory holes seemed to have been enlarged. Even the two new stalls had round, three-inch wide holes cut through the inside partitions. The big change, though, was in the back room. It had been extended, and the new section had a sign, saying “Lovers Lane” over the entrance. Soft music was playing from several speakers in the original back room and in the addition.

When David walked into the new section, he saw that there were six new doors on either side of a central aisle. It would cost two five dollar bills to pass through one of them, and this would pay for 30 minutes of privacy, during which time the patrons could watch videotapes or do whatever else they felt like doing. Bruno unlocked one of the doors and showed David a room about seven feet square. One side of the room was completely occupied by a plastic-upholstered couch, and the video screen was in the wall across from it. One of the other walls held a paper towel dispenser.

“I figure the girls who work in the area can bring their men in here, instead of sitting in his car or going to one of the sleazy hotels. Or, people can come in here and do what they like. Are you going to be here for a while?”

“Sorry, no. I wish I could, but I have to get back to work. I’ll be here later, though, about 5:30 or so.”

“Okay, I’ll see you then.”

David left, because he really did have to go back to work. He couldn’t concentrate very well that afternoon, because he was looking forward so much to going back to The Carnal Club Book Store. At five o’clock, he turned off poker oyna his computer and calculator, locked his desk drawer and prepared to leave. The small zipper bag he called his “slut bag” was in his car, as always, and he checked to see he had what would be needed. Not knowing exactly what Bruno would want to do, he made sure he had condoms, lubricant and mouthwash. In the past, David had always sucked off the proprietor and whoever else wanted it, but the addition of the sofa meant he might get fucked in what he thought of as his asspussy. Maybe by some other men too, if there were any who were interested.

It was 5:25 when David walked back into the bookstore. Bruno saw him, and he again walked around the counter to meet him, and accompanied him to the back room. On their way toward Lovers Lane, the proprietor patted his customer’s ass, which David took as a good sign. He loved sucking cocks but, given the choice, he preferred getting fucked in his asspussy. Some of the new rooms were in use, according to the lights above their doors, but Bruno unlocked an available one and the two men stepped inside. Before doing anything else, he used another key to turn off the mechanism that would automatically open the door after thirty minutes. He didn’t know exactly what they would be doing, but he wanted no interruptions while they were doing it.

When he turned back, the two men stood facing each other. “What do you want to do?” Bruno asked. Because of their past relationship, they both knew they were there for sex. What he obviously meant was “Where do you want me to stick my cock?”

“I want to suck your cock until it’s nice and hard, put a rubber on it and take it up my asspussy.”

“That sounds like a good program.”

Bruno sat on the couch and took off his shoes. He stood up, unbuckled his belt, unfastened his pants and pulled them and his underwear down to his knees. Before sitting back down, Bruno took some paper towels from the dispenser and set them where his ass would be. Once seated on the couch, with his pants down around his ankles and his cock semi-erect, he looked expectantly at his companion.

David knelt between Bruno’s knees, leaned forward so his mouth was directly over the other man’s lap, and used his tongue to draw the head of the cock into his mouth. Holding it between his lips, David teased it with his tongue, feeling it quickly become harder. Slowly, he lowered his head, letting the shaft slide between his lips. It felt good, especially because it was the first one that had been there for almost a month. Slowly bobbing his head, David sucked Bruno’s cock in and out of his mouth for another dozen strokes before taking it out and holding it in his fingers. He smiled at the other man, took a condom out of the slut bag, opened it, and rolled it onto the erection.

“Do you have any lube in there,” Bruno asked.

After getting an affirmative nod, he got to his feet and waited for the other man to get ready. David moved forward so he was a comfortable distance from the front of the couch, unfastened his pants and pulled them and his underwear down and around his knees. He had to make sure his upper body would be well supported, and that he would have room to masturbate while the fucking was in progress. Still wearing his shoes, he pulled one pants leg over his foot, but left the other as it was. If he had been lying in a bed and anticipating a long session, he would have preferred to be naked but, for a quickie like this would be, just baring his asspussy was good enough.

David removed the squeeze bottle of Aqualube from the slut bag and handed it to Bruno, who removed the cap. After settling into a more comfortable position kneeling on the tile floor and leaning against the couch, David reached back with his hands and spread the cheeks of his ass. A smile crossed his face as he felt the tip of the bottle penetrate his asspussy, followed by a big dollop of the cool lubricant gushing into him. The tip left his ass, replaced by a long finger, that sent shivers of delight coursing through his body as it spread the Aqualube evenly. After the finger was removed, he knew Bruno would be covering canlı poker oyna his cock with more of the contents of the bottle, and replacing the cap.

David knew the other man was done with the preparations when he felt the thumb and fingers of his hand reach in and stretch open the place that he would momentarily be fucking. His other hand would have been guiding his cock, and David felt the blunt tip press against the opening being created. Briefly, there was pressure, followed by the head of Bruno’s cock wedging into the place where both men wanted it. David sighed happily as he felt the intense pleasure, which had been missing in his life for too long, radiate out from the place of penetration.

“Mmmmm,” Bruno murmured, as he felt the head of his cock already being squeezed by his partner’s ass.

David kept his hands in place and, when Bruno grunted and gave another firm shove, he felt more of the hard shaft surge into him. It felt really good, sending more and greater waves of delight out from where it was stretching his asspussy. He could feel it starting to stimulate his prostate gland, what he always called his clit, but it would need to go in deeper to give him the greatest pleasure.

With another thrust, that’s what happened. David knew that about half of Bruno’s cock, almost three inches, was buried in his asspussy, and he wanted it all. It was already tickling his clit, but he wanted the head and the shaft to massage him more heavily there, stroking in and while drawing back again. Bruno decided he no longer needed to hold open his partner’s ass or guide his cock, and he rested both hands on the plump hips in front of himself. David wished he had first wiped off the lubricant, because it was rather messy, but the fucking was already too good for him to worry about minor things like that, and he knew it would quickly get better.

David was still holding his ass cheeks apart, but he moved his hands in closer, so the tips of his fingers were right at the rim of the hole being fucked. He pried the edges out, making sure no loose skin was going to get caught, or any other problem was going to occur. He was not into pain at all, except for the good pain of getting his asspussy thoroughly fucked by a long, thick cock. The one being driven into him that day wasn’t all that big, but it was good enough to provide some fun.

It gave him a lot more fun when Bruno pulled back on David’s hips and thrust his cock most of the way inside, massaging his partner’s clit. When he backed out again, it did the same thing, and David moaned from the exquisite pleasure. When just the head of his cock was still inside, Bruno paused for a second, and drove it all the way back in, until his pubic hair pressed snugly against the insides of David’s ass cheeks. The men stayed that way for almost two minutes. Incredible pleasure throbbed through David’s body from where his whole asspussy was being stretched by the rigid cock, which was also pressing against his clit. He sobbed and whimpered with joy from the excruciating sensations.

Bruno had always relished being sucked off by David, but he was delighted in the extreme by the ass he was fucking. It was smooth on the outside, almost like that of a woman, and the skin felt like warm satin against his hands. The inside was even better, so tight and slick and, as he kept his cock imbedded as far as possible, he could feel small movements inside David’s ass, each one providing more sexual thrills. When he finally drew back, he paused the same way as before, and plunged back in. As David felt the cock surging into his asspussy, he fucked back to meet it, using his hands to push away from the couch. When the two bodies met, Bruno kept pushing forward, until David’s belly was pressed against the front of the cushions, with the cock rammed the farthest yet into his asspussy. Once again, the men moaned blissfully, and the proprietor of the book store drew back for another slow, deep stroke.

They fucked like that for a long time, quietly, and with long, slow strokes. Neither man had any reason to speak, and the only sounds were their gasps and moans and sighs of pleasure, and internet casino the squeaking of the plastic-covered couch as David moved against it. His cock was just as hard as the one surging in and out of his asspussy, and he reached down to take it in his right hand and start to stroke it at the same pace. They were still fucking slowly, because it was so good that both men wanted to make it last, and neither wanted to cum until he could no longer hold back.

For Bruno, that time was drawing nearer. He could feel his climax building up, seeming to begin in his extremities and concentrate in his belly. He believed he couldn’t hold off any longer, nor did he want to, the pleasure was so intense. He leaned forward and whispered that he was getting ready to cum, and started fucking faster. David matched the faster strokes, both by thrusting his asspussy back to meet them and by stroking his own cock.

“Uuh! Uuh! Uuh!” Bruno grunted as his climax welled up inside him like a geyser. He was past the point of no return, and it would be exploding out of his groin in a matter of seconds.

David’s cock was also throbbing in his hand, and he no longer tried to match the tempo of the thrusts into his asspussy. He wanted to cum, and to take as much pleasure as he could from it. The cock plowing in and out of him, stretching everything in its path and massaging his clit, combined with the intense pleasure his own hand was giving him, and exploded. Ecstatically, he climaxed, shooting a gob of cum from his cock onto the floor, and spattering onto the couch. A great feeling of peace and well-being covered him as a cloak, but his hand continued pumping, and two more spurts of semen joined the first one. David leaned his body against the couch, relaxed and thoroughly happy with the remodeling that had been done in the book store.

Seconds later, Bruno’s climax erupted, his cum gushing into his condom. He continued fucking David’s ass, and ejaculated three more times, before he was through, and sprawled against his partner. The two happy men remained slumped against the couch until Bruno started to move.

He pulled his cock from David’s ass, releasing a gush of leftover Aqualube that ran out onto the floor. The sight made him glad he had decided to tile the floor, because a mess such as that would have been impossible to remove from carpet. With his asspussy no longer crammed full, and Bruno no longer leaning on him, David also started moving. The couch in front of his face was still covered with paper towels, and he used them to carefully wipe the semen from his cock and the floor and the cushions where it had spattered. Bruno had stood up by then, and he wordlessly handed David more of the towels. These were used to wipe the dripping Aqualube from around his asspussy, and wadded into a ball with the others. He would do a more thorough job of washing himself once he was home.

David sat on the couch to put on his underwear and pants, and used another paper towel to wipe off the spot where he had just been sitting. Bruno got to his feet, removed the condom, and pulled up his underwear and jeans before sitting down to put his shoes and socks back on. Both men wiped up the mess that had gushed out of David’s asspussy. A large litter can was sitting at the entrance to Lovers Lane, and that would be the destination of the soiled towels and the condom.

David picked up his slut bag, and the two men left the small room together. Bruno smiled when he saw the other 11 rooms were all being patronized. Besides getting some great fucking, he was already making money from the remodeling of his business. Nothing was said, but he and David were aware there would be more fucking in the future, as well as blow jobs shared by them and others who were horny and interested.


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as David and Bruno did, and as much as they will be having in the foreseeable future. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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