Dawg’s Glory Hole

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Back in the days when Yahoo! was the place to hook up, I saw a posting on one of the groups there for a glory hole set up at a house near by. The attached photos made it very clear what the focus of the poster was – he wanted pictures of big or really big cocks coming through his glory hole, and of him sucking them off. That also being an interest of mine, and my apartment being set up so that a glory hole was not a practical idea, I sent him a message.

About a week or so later, I got an email from him, asking for some pertinent information that would let him know I was not a basher or a cop, and was serious about what I was into, and was healthy. All good signs, as far as I was concerned, and I sent the information he had asked for.

About another week later, on a Friday night, I got an IM from him. His place would be open, starting at 9. He sent directions, and how to signal I was there. So I jumped into the car and drove the half mile to where he had said his place was. It frankly took longer to find parking than to get there, and I arrived at about 9:10.

He had one of those places… a group of small cottages surrounding a communal central patio, each cottage not being much bigger than 400 square feet. His had the advantage of having a back door, and he had said to come to the back door, come in, and then knock twice. He had a green bulb in his porch lamp as he’d said he would, and so I knew which cottage was his without having to read the number poker oyna by the door in the poor light.

I went around to the back door and let myself in, and found myself in a pantry holding a bunch of kitchen and cleaning supplies and a small water heater. Facing me, and almost certainly leading to the cottage’s kitchen was a doorway blocked by a single sheet of plywood with a glory hole cut into it. And not crudely – he again went up in my estimation. It was cut oblong, taller than it was wide – about 5″ high and 3″ wide, to accommodate people of different heights and sizes. It was routed out around the edges to have a smooth surface, and varnished to keep it clean and free of splinters or obstructions. Above it there was a grab bar set at the top of the doorway. Beyond it I could see a dim light.

I knocked twice, and within a few seconds, a voice said “hello?” I explained who I was, and mentioned the parking, and we both got a laugh out of that. The area was, and is, infamous for that. I could see on his side of the door that he was moving a pillow into place for his knees and changing a light, which I took to be for the photos. That was OK with me, and when we’d discussed it on-line, I’d said I was fine with it, so long as I got copies.

I unzipped, and put my cock through the hole, and he got to work. He was very talented and very appreciative. He paused a few times to get pictures, and made very nice sounds, and within 15 or 20 minutes I came, and canlı poker oyna he swallowed every drop, thanked me, and told me he’d be in touch. He also told me there was a box of baby wipes on the shelf near me, which was a very nice detail. He took good care of us.

I went home, and within an hour got e-mailed a few photos that looked pretty good.

A couple of weeks later, I go another e-mail from him, telling him that he would be opening the hole on Friday night, starting at 9, and please to be on time, as he was expecting more than just me.

I got there at 9 promptly, knowing what to expect, and finding parking earlier and hanging in the neighborhood until it was time. When I got there, here was already another guy being serviced, and I waited until he was done (which was not long) and cleaned up and left, and I moved forward. I had been there just a few minutes, when the door opened, and another guy came in He stood and waited for a few minutes, and then our host said “Let me switch between you”, and I pulled out and moved to the side, and the new guy unzipped and moved to the hole. While he was there, a third guy came in the door, and hesitated, seeing two of us already there, but I told him not to worry, and he relaxed a bit.

After about five minutes, our host asked for the guy at the hole to make room for the new guy, an we could then rotate through for a few minutes each. That was OK with me, but the second guy looked a but frustrated, internet casino so I told him things could be taken care of, and knelt down and took his cock in my mouth.

The third guy was a little bit surprised at that, but the second guy accepted it, and so we set up the rotation that way – I would stand at the hole for five minutes or so, and the other two would wait, then guy two would go to the hole and I would suck guy 3, and then guy 3 would go to the hole while I sucked buy 2, and so on. This worked four about two rounds, until guy 2 came in my mouth. This caused guy 3 to cum for our host (he’d been watching as much as he could in the cramped space, and enjoying it), and then I went and had him finish me off.

Now THAT was fun.

The next time, I got there a bit earlier (as requested), and after the first five minutes pulled out and asked my host if I could suck HIM. He was happy to as long as I didn’t get him off, and I was busy sucking him off when guy 2 (a new one) came in the door. He also hesitated, seeing the place busy, but I waved him in, and within 15 minutes there were four of us in the pantry, which was, frankly all it could hold.

We set up a rotation as before, except that I was the only one on my side of the door sucking cock. That was perfectly fine with me. I would generally rather suck than be sucked anyway.

Two of them came in my mouth before the end of the evening, and the other two came for our host, and I made certain to suck him off before I came.

We kept this up for about six months, every few weekends, until he got a new job and moved away.

I just wish I’d had the guts to ask him for his local contact list before he left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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