DeeGee in the O.Z.

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DeeGee lived a lonely life in the flat, prairie mid-West on a farm with her aunty Em and Uncle Henry since her parents had died in a car crash. Aunty Em was like a mother to her, and her one, faithful companion was her little dog Tatoo. The only other people on the farm were three bumbling farmhands.

On her uneventful eighteenth birthday DeeGee felt lonely and confused about her life, partly due to her not having any close friends because the farm was located quite a few miles outside the small Oklahoma town of Storm, and the only time she saw what few friends she had was in high school. However, even that was different now since she graduated, and most of her friends were Towners whom she saw occasionally while working in a hamburger joint.

DeeGee was often so depressed she often thought about running away from home to see the world, knowing that she and Tatoo would then be free and safe from the mean clutches of the old biddy Elvira Gulch who lived alone on a neighboring farm. DeeGee thought Elvira had the face of a witch. Now, Elvira Gulch in keeping with her mean streak had gone so far as to threaten DeeGee, Aunty Em, and Uncle Henry with a lawsuit that would allow her to take Tatoo away and get rid of him for good.

On the very day of her birthday after the non-exciting party was over, DeeGee went outside and was leaning against the wheel of a wagon loaded with hay when she heard the chirping and twittering of small birds and saw a lovely rainbow against a dark, foreboding sky that threatened a storm. Seeing the colorful rainbow painted as if on a canvas of a dark-clouded sky, DeeGee was filled with longing to be anywhere but on the farm in ho-hum Oklahoma. As she listened to the birds singing, her heart overflowed with longing so much that she remembered the words of a song she liked so very much.

So inspired was she, DeeGee started singing an old, Irish song her mother used to sing to her while rocking her on her lap, “Toor-a-loor-a-loora. Toor-a-loor-a-lye. Toor-a-loor-a-loora. Hush, now don’t you cry. Toor-a-loor-a-loora. Toor-a-loor-a-lye. Toor-a-loor-a-loora. That’s an Irish lullaby.”

As DeeGee sang the lullaby, a powerful wind began to blow with uncontrollable fury, and off in the distance she saw a huge, black twister coming her way. That was the last thing she remembered until she found herself lying on the ground in a far away place.


Nothing seemed to be going right for DeeGee ever since her house in Oklahoma had been torn off its very foundation and sucked up into the powerful twister that are so common in Oklahoma in what is known as Tornado Alley and landed with a sudden thud on top of the sister of the Wicked Bitch of the West in the Land of Tir na Nog located nine waves beyond the west, the place of eternal youth where no one ever grows old and where all your wishes come true. However, DeeGee had landed outside the peaceful realm of Tir na’ Nog in the area known as the O. Z., the Outer Zone.

The Wicked Bitch’s younger sister had died instantly, of course, despite the fact that she wore a silver chain on which there was a rainbow around her right ankle that contained magical powers, the very silver ankle chain the Wicked Bitch wanted so very badly when she had suddenly appeared upon the scene. However, Galinda, a good and powerful Sorceress of the North, had come to the aid of DeeGee at the bequest of the youthful people of Tir na’ Nog.

With the wave of her hand Galinda removed the magic silver chain from the ankle of the Bitch’s dead sister and put it onto DeeGee’s right ankle, telling her never to take it off because of its magical power.

Galinda’s magical hocus-pocus that transferred the silver chain onto Dorothy’s right ankle made the Wicked Bitch very, very angry, turning her face green with envy as she screamed at DeeGee, “Just you wait! I’ll get you, my Pretty, and your little dog, too!”

However, Galinda quaffed in an almost whimsical way at the Bitch’s threat, and with the wave of her hand she cautioned the Bitch to be careful so that a house didn’t fall on top of her as one had on her sister.

The Wicked Bitch looked into the sky with visible fear, and her face glowered with a scowl of anger at the innocent DeeGee who stood so innocently with the silver chain on her ankle.

No one knew for sure why the Wicked Bitch’s skin had turned green—maybe from envy—but there were none in and around the O. Z. who had green skin except for elves, so it remained a mystery.

It was also known that the Bitch had an unusual aversion to water, and for that reason she kept herself covered with a black, pointed, wide-circular-brim hat; a long, full black cape with a high collar that went to her ankles; and a black, spinster-looking dress that, too, was long, touching the instep of her laced, black, pointed toe shoes. She was the consummate image of what people thought a witch should look like.

In addition to that the Bitch possessed power within herself to come and bursa sınırsız escort go as she pleased.

Thus, heeding Galinda’s ominous warning and not wanting to have the same fate befall her, the Wicked Bitch scurried away in a smoldering huff, and twirling on the balls of her pointed, black shoes that caused her long, black cape to swish around her body, she suddenly disappeared in a rising plume of black smoke.

From that initial confrontation between the Wicked Bitch and DeeGee she hounded her all the way from the outskirts of the City of Eternal Youth, C.O.E.Y., where Galinda told her she might get help from the wise and powerful Mystic Man. This possibility held true for her even with the help of three most unusual characters: Strawman; Tin Man, a former lawman; and the fearful lion Roar. DeeGee had met each of them one by one along the way on the ancient brick road that had its beginning in the realm of the little people.

Through her magic looking glass the Bitch was able to follow their every move, setting up obstacles along the way to hinder their progress to see the Mystic Man.

However, as before, Galinda out of her inner goodness came to their aid to thwart the power of the Bitch, allowing them to reach to portal of the City of Eternal Youth.

When they were finally given admittance to see the Mystic Man, he at first castigated them for their audacity to come to him with such requests: a trusting memory for Strawman, a loving heart for Tin Man who had lost the ability to love from all his years of having to deal with criminals, courage for fearful Roar, and a way home for DeeGee, but eventually he told them he would grant them their wishes with one condition. They had to prove their worthiness by getting the emerald ring of the Wicked Bitch as proof that they, indeed, had made it to her castle-keep.

Thus, with fear and trepidation, realizing they had no choice but to do Mystic Man’s bidding if they were to have him grant them their wishes, they agreed to get the Wicked Bitch’s emerald ring and bring it to him.

Of course, the Wicked Bitch’s army of flying monkeys that she made by attaching the wings of large, predatory birds onto the backs of the monkeys, connecting the muscle tissue of one to the other, kept her well informed of the groups every move.

When she saw in her magic looking glass the four and Tatoo walking in the Dismal Forest where they saw a sign with the inscription, “WARNING: Private domain. Go back,” she sent out her army of flying monkeys to fetch DeeGee and her dog Tatoo and bring them to her large, grey, fortress castle-keep situated high on a mountaintop that below had a cold river flowing around the base of it. As for the others the flying monkeys were ordered to injure and delay them so they could not interfere with her plans for DeeGee.

Thus, two of the Wicked Bitch’s flying monkeys grabbed Dorothy by her arms and flew her to the castle-keep, and a third took Tatoo.

As for Strawman, Tin Man, and Roar, despite their inner fears, they, nevertheless, pulled themselves together and agreed to save DeeGee from the clutches of the Wicked Bitch, so with false bravado they went to rescue her.

When they arrived at a rocky place above the castle-keep, the three of them came up with a plan. They disguised themselves as the Wicked Bitch’s soldiers, having surprisingly defeated three of them. Each soldier was armed with a long, red staff topped with a large, pointed blade, and at that time they were marching in drill formation as they made their way across a drawbridge into the castle-keep while singing with deep voices:

“Ohr… ee… oh… Yeoh… Oh… Oh! Ohr… ee… oh… Yeoh… Oh… Oh! Ohr… ee… oh… Yeoh… Oh… Oh!”

Strawman, Tin Man, and Roar now dressed like the castle guards fell in line at the end and followed them across the drawbridge and into the castle-keep where they quickly ducked against a shadowed wall while the rest marched on to wherever. Once alone they decided that in order to find DeeGee they’d have to search slowly, quietly, and diligently every room in the castle. This they knew would take a long time, but they were determined to find DeeGee and save her from the clutches of the Wicked Bitch.

Now, while they were carrying out their plan, the Wicked Bitch had DeeGee locked up in the high Tower in which she had her magical looking glass hanging on an outer wall near a window that looked out over her dark, grey, shadowed world. It was there she threatened DeeGee and Tatoo with great harm in an attempt to threaten her into giving her the silver chain, telling her it was no use to her. Only she knew how to use its power.

DeeGee in fear and desperation finally agreed to let the Wicked Bitch have the silver chain if she’d just let her and Tatoo go. Upon hearing DeeGee’s assignation to let her have the silver chain, the Bitch cackled with glee and reached down to remove the silver chain from bursa escort bayan DeeGee’s ankle. However, when her fingers touched the silver chain, the Wicked Bitch was zapped with hot, jagged, electrical charges.

The Wicked Bitch screamed in pain, “I should have known! That silver chain will never come off your ankle until you’re dead.”

She then threw back her head and laughed a most wicked laugh; however, she said, “Before that happens, my Pretty, I have a better idea that will please me greatly, and maybe even you, too, before the night is over. It’s been a very long time since I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of a young girl like you. A long time. Just how young are you, My Pretty?”

DeeGee was stunned with the sudden change in the Wicked Bitch. She saw the Wicked Bitch’s green face with her beady, black eyes take on a strange glow, almost as if she were blushing.

“I… I don’t know what you mean,” DeeGee stammered in a very nervous voice as her knees trembled beneath her blue and white small, checkered bib-dress into which her white, puffy, high neck, short sleeve blouse was tucked with straps over her shoulders. This was DeeGee’s working outfit at the burger joint.

As the Wicked Bitch changed her focus on getting the silver chain to having DeeGee herself, she saw how pretty DeeGee really was. Her hair was a reddish-auburn that she wore in unbraided, wavy pigtails tied with tiny, blue bows. Her eyes were hazel. She had a small, pert nose that had a few freckles on the tip. She wasn’t tall, in fact about five feet three, but, nevertheless, for a girl her age, her breasts were pert, round, and full.

Considering the total image, the Wicked Bitch thought DeeGee was a lovely, young girl, something she had forgotten ever since she was a young girl herself.

When the Wicked Bitch was a young girl and became aware that her skin was green most likely due to her biological father being an elf with whom her promiscuous mother had enjoyed a sexual fling, she felt self-conscious of it, and not only because of the green color of her skin but the fact that she had a slightly beak nose and pointed chin. What’s more, she was thin, allowing her prominent bones to show such as her shoulder blades, her collarbone, her fingers, her elbows and knees.

She also had another anomaly. From an early age for whatever reason she became aware that she was allergic to water, and, therefore, she never bathed in water but washed herself with pure, light oil, giving her skin a smooth, healthy sheen.

Whether for these reasons or not, because of her being so different from the other children, both girls and boys, she was taken with the beauty of the girls with their white bodies and fair skin. Therefore, for want of another reason, her sexual orientation was for girls.

Now she had a beauty in her grasp, and she knew she had the power to do anything with her, anything at all.

“Pardon my begging the question, my Pretty, but I asked how old you are?” mewled the Wicked Bitch. “You look so very young.”

Dorothy, still caught off guard by the Wicked Bitch’s change in attitude towards her and her question about her age, shuffled her feet and fidgeted while she struggled to speak up in a civil voice, so afraid had she been of her.

Softly, however, DeeGee, half-whispered, “I’m… I just turned eighteen the day the twister uprooted my house and touched down and brought me to the Land of Eternal Youth where it landed. And, you must know I never meant to kill your sister with my house falling on top of her. It was an accident. The house just landed where it did when it fell from the sky, and your sister was standing right there.”

“Tut… tut… tut… tut, my Pretty. That’s all in the past now. All in the past,” she said soothingly. “After getting over the initial shock of finding my sister dead, I realized that it wasn’t your fault directly. It was just an unavoidable accident. That’s all,” said the Wicked Bitch almost too sweetly.

“Why, why, thank you. I don’t know you by any other name but the Wicked Bitch of the West,’ DeeGee apologized sincerely. “Do you have a name?”

The Wicked Bitch smiled demurely at DeeGee,

“How could you know my name since everybody calls me by that title, the Wicked Bitch of the West. However, I, like you, do have a given name. My name is Elphaba, so why not call me by my name, and we’ll dispense with your calling me the Wicked Bitch of the West. Isn’t that fair, my Pretty?”

DeeGee, still not sure of the Bitch’s motives, nevertheless, agreed to call her by her name, Elphaba.

“Well, Elphaba, may I ask why such a change in your attitude towards me. Not too long ago you just wanted to see me dead so you could get the silver chain, and now, your having found you can’t take it off my ankle because of the electrical charges, you’re being so kind to me?” DeeGee asked politely.

Elphaba smiled at DeeGee to reassure her for the time being that nilüfer escort her intentions towards her were nothing but a change of heart and to let her know that something just might be worked out that would let her have the silver chain so that she and Tatoo would be let go to join her friends.

In truth, however, even though Elphaba did have a change of heart and plans for DeeGee, for now she wanted to win over her confidence and help her to become more relaxed in her presence before she took advantage of her and her beautiful, young body.

Elphaba, remembering the way she used to be when she was young, curious, naïve in many things about life and living, most definitely about sex since her green color kept many of the children her age standoffish and somewhat aloof, seeing her as something strange and different from the rest of them as kids are wont to do in their inborn honesty, wanted to gain DeeGee’s confidence.

In part, this estrangement from the other children made Elphaba a loner from the time she was a young girl, but as she got older, she became very emphatic about issues that involved differences among both people as well as animals. This included politics, especially when she attended the university to study sociology and government.

Thus, as Elphaba grew older, her temperament became less tolerant of others to the point that she made herself an outcast from those around her even to the point of eventually ensconcing herself away in her far, out-of-the-way grey, stone castle-keep perched high atop a stark, mountain peak away from the maddening crowds.

However, now that she had a certain desire for her young captive Deegee, Elphaba turned on her charm as best she could to help DeeGee forget the angry bitch of a woman she had become and more of an amenable hostess to catch DeeGee off her guard.

Surprisingly her reversible tactics and reverse psychology were working. Elphaba saw in DeeGee’s demeanor some of the terror and tension dissipate. Thus, she knew it was time to put her plan into action.

“Now, DeeGee, isn’t this better than the way it was between us only minutes ago? You see. I’m not such a bad a person, a bitch if you would, as you first thought. But then, first impressions don’t always count. Do they?” Elphaba cooed sweetly.

DeeGee looked with some girlish skepticism at Elphaba, not really knowing exactly what she thought of her now, but being the naïve, young girl from Oklahoma that she was, she was ready to give Elphaba the benefit of the doubt.

Therefore, DeeGee breathed a sigh of almost instant relief and said in her soft, youthful voice, “, Bit… ah, I mean, Elphaba, you don’t seem to be the old Bitch that you were when you threatened me with death because you wanted your sister’s silver chain.”

“Well, well, now, I was just caught up in the moment, mourning the loss of my sister so suddenly, and her silver chain was the only keepsake I’d have by which to remember her,” Elphaba said in a euphoric tone of voice.

“Why, then, I’m so very sorry for your loss, and I’m not exactly sure why Galinda put your sister’s silver chain around my ankle, telling me never to take it off because it had magical qualities to it,” said DeeGee.

Smiling, Elphaba continued, “Tut… tut! That Galinda has always had it in for me because we are so different. It’s been that way ever since we were brought together as roommates at the university. Enough of that though.

“What you should know is that the silver chain was a special gift made by our father which he gave to her to make up for a birth defect that made it difficult for her to stand,” Elphaba said in her attempt to draw DeeGee into her good graces.

“Oh, my, no… I, of course, didn’t know that,” DeeGee exclaimed in her innocent way.

“Well, that’s the truth, so now we’ll have to find a way for me to have the silver chain without your having to be dead as was my sister when that fool of a meddler Galinda took it off her ankle and put it onto yours. She is just spiteful when it comes to me,” Elphaba emphasized with certainty to catch DeeGee off guard even more than she was.

DeeGee’s face light up with an idea that she thought might work.

“Maybe if I take off the silver chain and give it willingly to you, you won’t be shocked as you had been when you tried to take it off my ankle yourself,” DeeGee said as if she had come up with an unknown truth of which Elphaba hadn’t even thought.

Elphaba grinned at the very idea, wondering why she hadn’t thought of that herself; however, she knew she had been so caught up in her hatred of DeeGee and her desire to possess the silver chain that reason had slipped away from her crafty mind, and she was almost ashamed of herself that she hadn’t thought of such a simple solution to the problem.

“Hummmmmmmmmmm. DeeGee isn’t quite the selfish, young girl that I thought,” Elphaba mused within her tortured mind.

“Why, that’s an excellent idea, DeeGee. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that myself… your taking off the silver chain and just giving it to me as if it were a gift. What a clever young lady you are. I must confess,” mewled Elphaba as her green visage glowed with pleasure, both at DeeGee’s idea as well as her intent on having her way sexually with her in just a short time.

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