Dots and Dashes of Color Ch. 07

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The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature – do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author.

* * * * * * * * * *

This is the seventh chapter of a story that has grown well beyond its intended length and subject matter. I am no longer writing it – it is writing itself. My fingers are slaves to my imagination.

Harvey and his daughter Annie joined Harry Cocksworth and his twin daughters at an overnight private party. Arcuda Zenellis, chairman of an international conglomerate, is celebrating his company’s new invention, an adhesive named FasTack, and his daughter Saroya’s 22nd birthday. Zenellis has offered $50,000 to each father who suggests a use for FasTack, plus an additional $50,000 if the father fucks someone else’s daughter, under the guise of “mentoring.”

Saroya, Zenellis’s daughter, had been choreographing the sex act. She hid under the bed when her father Arcuda showed up, and subsequently heard her father’s admissions about manipulating his guests. Mr. Marcus and Brandi are still coupled on the bed after Zenellis interrupted their coitus, took Brandi’s cherry ass and left.

* * * * * * * * *

Zenellis jerked his head, and his party of three departed as abruptly as they’d come.

Speaking of cumming, Brandi was jamming herself down on my prick. I could feel the impact of her pussy against my pubic bone. She was trying to get her clit stimulated, I guessed, or she was really into pain. I squeezed Brandis ass and held her close, my dick throbbing in her pussy.

“God, why did I wait so long?” She was almost screaming. “This is fucking fantastic! I can’t stop, it feels so good. I gotta cum! Don’t tease me! Please!”

I wasn’t playing games, but Zenellis’s interruption and participation had distracted me big time. After all of the stimulation, I was more than anxious for an orgasm myself.

“Stop it! Stop it this instant!” Saroya was standing by the bed, flushed, hands clenched in fists. “Listen to me. If you don’t stop right now, I’ll tell Father you seduced me and I am no longer a virgin.”

Shit! I stopped in mid thrust, although Brandi was still bouncing. “Can we talk about this like adults?” No way did I want Zenellis angry at me, especially about his daughter. I pushed Brandi off.

Brandi sat up on her knees and pounded at my shoulder with both fists. “No! Not when I was so close!”

There was only one way I knew that would get Brandi off immediately, and it wasn’t my dick. “She’s really desperate for an orgasm.” So was I, but I was sure that wouldn’t make any difference to Saroya. “You can understand that, can’t you? Isn’t there something in your book that advises against frustrating your partner?”

Saroya was staring at the ceiling, evidently trying to remember such a passage.

I rolled Brandi over and spread her legs. My face dove between her thighs, tongue on her pussy. Somewhere, I’d read that spelling the alphabet during cunningulus would make a woman orgasm. I didn’t get past the letter “I”, and she was thrusting her hips up. I stayed with “I” until she shook like she’d swallowed an earthquake. Then she sighed, went limp and curled into fetal position.

Saroya was standing over me, her mouth open.

“So, is that in your book?” I asked.

“It was, uh, hmm, quite educational.” Beads of sweat seeped from Saroya’s brow. I noticed that her wraparound dress was messed by repeated dives under the bed. At her chest and waist and thighs, the strip of material had shifted, providing erotic peeks at slices of Saroya’s bare flesh. “Don’t you ever worry about that coming apart?”

Saroya bent down under the desk to her purse’s scattered contents. Gaps exposed parts of her ass. “I have a tube of FasTack, for repairs.”

I glanced at Brandi. She was out of it. “So, time to go back to your jail cell?”

Saroya was staring at my erection, which had only shrunk a bit. “It seems you were correct. Father collects business and product ideas at these events, while promoting sexual intercourse between strangers. I am so embarrassed. I do not know what to say.”

“This isn’t your fault. Just go back before he finds you here and makes my life a living hell.”

“You are correct, I should go back, but not like this.” She tugged at the continuous strip, but every pull closed one gap and opened a larger one. This was getting interesting. “First, you must assist me in rewrapping my dress. bursa eve gelen escort I cannot do it alone. Three attendants helped me into it earlier this evening.”

“I stood up. “What do we do?”

“First, you need to unwrap it completely.”

This was no early Christmas. Saroya wasn’t a gift for me. Zenellis would torture anyone messing with his virgin daughter. Dying would be a relief.

“It starts at the bottom.” I felt around the hem for the end. With that in hand, I pulled the strip, walking in a circle a round Saroya. Her legs were shapely, probably from working out. Thin ankles, rounded calves, but not overly muscular. Soon she was bare from her thighs down. One more pass, and her panties would be showing, assuming she wore some. I kept walking, although I was getting dizzy. I stopped to take a rest, just after I reached Saroya’s waist. In place of panties, she wore a brown stringless g-string. That is, material covered her pussy and around to her ass, but it stayed there like magic.

“Continue please, with all due speed. I have to get back, remember?”

I picked up the pace. Saroya held her arms above her head so as not to interfere. Finally, I was done. Saroya’s breasts were cradled in a brown hammock-like bra that reached around her back and stopped on her shoulder blades. A man’s blessing – no bra hooks!

“Now what?” It was impossible to ignore the nearly nude body next to me. It was in perfect proportion. Oh, maybe the tits were a bit large for her frame, and her hips a tad too wide. Oh, and her waist a bit too narrow. Shit! This was one awesome body. My head was spinning.

“Start at the neck, and rewrap. There should be enough FasTack on the material to hold it together.” Saroya held one end at her chest to get me started.

I walked around, overlapping the strip with the previous loop.

“You have to press them together or they won’t hold.” she advised.

On her back, it was no sweat. Up front, I rubbed my hand above her breasts. Another pass, and I was pushing against her tits. They were soft and retreated with my touch.

“Harder. There must be no gaps.”

I moved my hand back and forth against her chest. Saroya was leaning into the strokes, her eyes closed. I kept circling with the material, rubbing my palm under her tits, across her stomach and then, oh God, over her ass and pussy.

“No gaps! No gaps!” Saroya was moaning with my continuous strokes. When I ran out of material, I stood back and examined my handiwork. The dress looked awful. There were buldges, and the strip overlaps were uneven, exposing more of Saroya’s skin than before.

“Look at this! Horrid!”

If I was dizzy before, it was worse now.

“Take it off. Do it again, and this time, do it properly.”

She must think of herself as some kind of corporate royalty, bossing people around like this. I staggered towards her, bent over, and pulled at the material. It came off more easily this time.

“The FasTack is failing,” she announced. “You probably won’t be able to get the dress reassembled. Oh dear, what will I do now?”

She plopped down on the bed, face in her hands. I wobbled over, still a bit dizzy to offer some consolation. She looked up. My erection was at face level. She leaned forward a couple of inches and put her lips over the head. She was humming, for Christ’s sake.

I pulled back, out of range. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Do you think I am attractive? Since I have had no experiences with men, I do not know how I am perceived.”

The man who gives Saroya her first experience will be a lucky guy indeed. “You’re quite lovely. Gorgeous in fact!” I glanced up at the ceiling. Shit! We were still being taped! That means Zenellis had a recording of Saroya sucking my dick! Shit, shit, shit! I need to get hold of that before he sees it.

“Wow! What a bod!” Brandi had woken from her sexual exhaustion. “Awesome tits!”

Brandi jumped up and faced Saroya. “How does this work?” She circled behind. “Does this just -” She pulled at the bra hammock. There was a Velcro sound.

“Ouch! That hurt!” yelled Saroya.

“Sorry.” Brandi kissed Saroya’s back, where two red marks showed the places where the bra had been glued to her body. “Better?”

Saroya’s breasts hung slightly on her chest, like water balloons filled with jello. Capped with large dark brown aroles and small black nipples, Brandi was right. Now Saroya was completely naked except for that oversized brown bandaid between her legs. “You’re supposed to be getting dressed, not taking more items off.”

From behind, Brandi ran her hands up from Saroya’s belly to her tits, cupping them, holding them out for my viewing. I salivated at the thought of those nipples in my mouth, my hands on her bare flesh – Hold on! Saroya was strictly off limits!

“I can use that tube of FasTack in my handbag to glue my dress back together.” Saroya bent over to retrieve the remaining items from under the desk. Her ass was round and full, and the bursa escort stringless panty barely covered her privates. My prick bobbed at the sight. God, she needed to leave now, before things got worse.

Saroya held out an unlabeled metal tube. “Here, apply this to my back, so the bra will stick.”

Brandi jumped from the bed. “I’ll do it!”

Thank goodness! If I touched Saroya’s bare skin, I wouldn’t be able to control myself. As it was, my erection was painfully stiff. When Saroya reached behind to point out where the gel should be applied, her chest thrust forward. My dick throbbed at the thought of taking Saroya’s tits in my hands. No! God, Zenellis already has us on tape!

Brandi put dabs of gel on Saroya’s back and rubbed.

“It should start to get tacky, like glue,” Saroya advised.

“Nope. It’s all slick and slidy. See?” Brandi smoothed her gelled fingertip around from behind, across Saroya’s breasts.

“This is not FasTack. Ooh.”

Brandi was concentrating on Saroya’s nipples, flicking them with her spread fingers. “Your tits are so much bigger than my sisters.”

“Stop that!” A sheen painted Saroya’s face and chest. She complained but stood there, letting Brandi caress her.

Brandi kept rubbing, now in larger circles. Every inch of Saroya’s breasts was getting attention, and her nipples had inflated to attention. Oh, to place one between my lips, only to nibble and perhaps suck – No! What was I thinking? Not with my brain, that’s for sure. Most of my blood had collected a lot lower.

Saroya turned to face Brandi, raising her hands up to Brandi’s tits, pulling them forward. “Yours are so nice – small and unobtrusive. I’m so self-conscious about mine.”

“Oh, don’t be.” Brandi put her face where I’d dreamed to, at Saroya’s nipples. She flicked her tongue.

Saroya’s legs were wobbling. “I have to sit.” Saroya lowered herself to the bed.

“Lay back,” said Brandi.

“Hold on,” I shouted. They ignored me.

Saroya scooted up, directly under the camera. Like it or not, Zenellis was going to have a lesbian flick in his collection, starring his daughter. Saroya pulled the brown patch from between her thighs. God, what a pussy! Rounded, with puffy lips. Without a word, the two women positioned themselves for sixty-nine. Brandi had an orgasm earlier from my mouth. I was curious how Saroya would react to Brandi’s mouth attack. I didn’t have to wait long. Saroya was bucking like an untamed horse. Brandi’s head bounced up and down, unable to remain in contact with Saroya’s pussy. In desperation, Brandi grabbed Saroya’s hips.

“The, uh, the book said that, ooh, oral stimulation was quite, uh, uh, stimulating.” Saroya continued wiggling.

Brandi lifted her face from Saroya’s pussy. “Stay still, and I’ll show you how good it feels. Just like Mr. M. did to me.”

All it took was the mention of my name to jolt Saroya from her sexual stupor. She jumped from the bed. “I have to get back. Now.”

I took a step closer. “And there’s something I need to get.”

Saroya slapped me across the face. I staggered back. She wrapped one arm around her tits and covered her cunt with the other. “Pervert! You’ll get nothing from me.”

I tried to run away the stinging sensation. “Cool it. See that small hole?” I pointed to the dot on the ceiling.

Saroya craned her neck. Her arm lowered, exposing her puffy nipples. God, had they blossomed!

“We’ve been filmed. All of us. You, me and Brandi. We need to get that tape.”

“Cool,” moaned Brandi, who was still on the bed, fingering herself.

“Why should I believe you?” Saroya laid out the brown ribbon dress on the desk and applied FasTack from the second silver tube. “This is probably some ruse, in your attempt to seduce me.”

Who came to my room? Who sucked my dick, if only for a moment? Who asked me to press my hands against her body, over and over? “Think about it. Your dad admitted he videotaped all the rooms. Do you want him to see videos of you and Brandi going at it, or you sucking my dick.”

“Oh dear Lord! I was being filmed? It must be destroyed!” By herself, she started wrapping the brown ribbon of material around her body.

“Precisely! Is there some kind of control room here? Some place that would accommodate recording equipment?” I asked.

“There’s a room down the hall from our suite. It is off limits to everyone except Father.”

“Sounds like the place. Can you show me where it is?”

“Come with me. But, you must promse to erase the video that was taken of this room.”

“I swear!”

Brandi helped me put my outfit back together, having done it once before for herself. By the time she was finished, Saroya had reassembled her dress with credible results. Perhaps she had three attendants assist earlier was because she could afford it, not because she needed them. Saroya scooped up items from the floor and placed them in her bag then grabbed her books. “This way.”

I walked behind Saroya’s swaying hips. Did she wiggle görükle escort like that on purpose, or was it natural? We stopped at a corner.

Saroya peered around. “There’s a guard at the door.”

That figures. Those recordings, of every guest and their young female companions, were worth millions in blackmail. Something bumped into me from behind. I spun.

It was Brandi, still naked. “What’s up?”

“Shhh. There’s a guard at the door to the control room.”

“No sweat! Give me a minute.” Brandi turned the corner.

I grabbed for her but it was too late.

We heard the guard’s reaction to a nude young woman. “No one is allowed – uh – what are you doing here?”

There was the sound of kissing, and moans and groans, then footsteps toward us. As the couple came around the corner, arm in arm, I hauled off and punched the guard in the jaw. My knuckles stung, but at least one impediment was out of the way.

“Go back to your room and stay put,” I directed Saroya.

“I’ll keep her company,” said Brandi.

“No. You go back to my room.”

“I’ll check on Daddy. Maybe I can help him educate somebody.” She lickied her lips.

Was Randi fucking Harry? Where was Annie? Damn, things were completely out of control. “My room, understand?”

Brandi giggled as she nodded. Fat chance she’d do what I asked. First things first. I needed to get my hands on that tape. The corridor was empty so I tiptoed to the end. The door knob didn’t rotate. If the room deserved a guard, who’d leave the door unlocked? On a lark, I knocked. After a moment, the knob turned.

A familair face appeared the opening – Lore. “Mr. Marcus? What are you doing here?” She stuck her head out. “Where’s the guard?”

“Sleeping one off.” I rubbed my fist. “Let me in.”

Lore stepped back as I entered the room. It was dimly lit by a single desk lamp. Racks of electronic equipment blinked at different rates. “Do you work for Mr. Zenellis?”

“No, I’m just a guest at his annual retreat. Is this the compnay you were interviewing for?” Did she know what was happening?

“Yes, this job, just like you predicted. See, you were lucky.” Lore threw her arms around me. She must have felt the remainder of my fading erection. “If I weren’t working, I would show you how lucky you are. Mmmmm.” She nibbled my earlobe.

“What is your job, exactly?”

“Mr. Z, oh please don’t tell him I call him that, is holding product brainstorming sessions at this conference. The future of Zenellis Enterprises is being defined, as we speak. It’s my job to keep the equipment running. See, the audio/video feeds come in here, ” she pointed to a bundle of wires entering through a removed tile in the ceiling, “and are encoded into digital through these converters,” rack-mounted devices showed activity with blinking lights. “The resulting digital content is stored in this disk array.”

One of the racks contained a small screen next to the converters, but it was turned off. “Do you monitor these recordings?”

“Oh no. Mr. Z said the sessions contained proprietary information. I’m not cleared for that level of -“

I flicked the ON switch. The screen filled with a young woman, face down on a bed, and some guy entering her from behind.

“Oh God! They’re fucking!” Lore looked at me with eyes and mouth wide open. “Where’s the brainstorming? Oh God, is that what they’re all doing?” She flipped the switch to access another feed. The scenes were either couples in the act, in various positions, or laying back afterwards. There were some empty beds as well.

“Zenellis is gathering incriminating evidence, to use against me and his other guests. He’ll get our product ideas for a nominal fee, and miliions in profits from the process. And, that doesn’t count the blackmail payments. How many disks are there?”

Lore pointed. “Just these four, at four hundred gigs each Why?”

“Can you tell what room was recorded on which disk?”

“These are RAID disks. The videos from every room are spread out across all four.”

Lore had gotten some good technical training, but now was no time for sublety. “I’m taking them. Shut down the system.”

“But – but -” Then Lore looked at the young woman taking it up the ass. “Okay. It’ll take a second.” She typed in a few commands at a console. The disk drives lights stopped blinking.

“Got something I can carry them in?”

Lore pulled a plastic fast food bag from beneath the desk. “I ordered in for lunch.”

“Perfect!” I slid the four disk drives into the bag.

“You have spare drives?” I asked.

“Of course.”

“Load the spare drives and restart the system.”

“But then I’ll have more of that -” She pointed the screen. The couple had changed positions. The young lady was on his lap, sitting bakwards, bouncing up and down on his erection. We had no audio, but she seemed to be whooping it up. Her tits flailed against her chest.

“That’s okay. Best to have a sample in case Zenellis comes by to check up on you. By the way, he hasn’t – you know?”


“Approached you sexually?”

“I haven’t had a lover since you, which makes me extremely horny.” She was plastered to my side, rubbing her hands up and down my chest. If I got any warmer, my clothes would fall apart, and I knew Lore would interpret that as an opportunity to scratch her itch.

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