Erotic Mud Battle

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The rain had stopped earlier in the morning and now the summer sun shone through the car windows heating the interior. I was hot already and wound down the window to let some cool air in.

I was nervous. Even more than last time I travelled this way. Today was certainly going to be different.

Only a few weeks ago I had participated in my first erotic mud wrestling match. Something I never thought I would ever get to do.

Out of the blue I had met my opponent Andy, online and before I knew it I was engaged in a hot sexual battle, stripped of my specially bought speedos and was rolling around covered in slippery clay in a large inflatable pool with the hardest cock I’d ever had.

To say I enjoyed the experience was an understatement, even more so because I had won the match. To my surprise I made Andy orgasm and victory was mine. But that is a story for another time.

This time things would be different. Andy wanted a rematch and who was i to say no?

The most erotic thing I’d ever done and I wanted more of it.

It was the bombshell of his suggestion that made me think twice.

“Have you ever wanted to be watched?” he threw in the middle of our online arrangement.

“I have two wrestle buddies that would love to watch us. What do you think?”

I was a little dumbstruck and really wasn’t sure if I wanted to share the experience.

I declined the offer and looked forward to our next private match.

For the next two days I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. He had planted the seed of something. The more I thought about it the more it appealed to me.

In our last online chat before the match I surprised him by telling him he should invite his two wrestling buddies. What had I done?

I considered cancelling right up until two hours before I was due to leave but I didn’t want to disappoint Andy and I wanted another mud match.

The 2 hour journey was mercifully short and my anticipation was growing with every mile. I was soon alerted that I had reached my destination and I parked outside the familiar looking house, glancing straight away at the closed garage that was positioned up the long drive almost behind the house.

As I walked to the front door it opened. Andy stood in jeans and t-shirt that was streaked with grey coloured hand prints. He had recently been mixing up the powdered clay that we would soon be wrestling in. We shook hands and greeted each other and I jokingly asked if he’d started without me as I looked him up and down.

We went into the house and had thirty minutes of coffee and general chit chat before he informed me what time our audience would arrive. I sat and finished my coffee while he showered. He appeared ten minutes later wearing just his white speedos.

At thirty five he was two years younger than me and I could see what a great body he must’ve had during his twenty’s. He was still hot now but similar to me, aging and the process of life can alter things slightly. The speedos never failed and bulged nicely. His tightly held cock and balls almost bouncing as he walked into the room.

I got my mind out of the gutter for a moment and proceeded to take my shower.

While I was drying myself off and pulling on my black speedos I heard the doorbell ring and several different voices could be heard but the words were a jumble through the walls.

After a few more minutes of heart pounding and breathing deeply I made my way back to the living room.

Andy appeared a minute later. I was sure his bulge had grown larger.

“Ok. Are you ready?” he asked.

“Are they here?” I replied suspecting that I already knew the answer.

“They are ready and waiting and very excited” he said, almost laughing.

“Let’s go” I said after another deep breath.

We walked to the kitchen and Andy stopped and turned.

“Are we going to enter how we discussed?”

My mind raced back to the last chat and the various ideas and rules we had set down.

There was to be no anal penetration of any sort. If our cocks slipped out of our speedos we weren’t allowed to put it back in. First to orgasm loses the match and the loser pays a forfeit and above all without compromising our competitive streaks we were going to put on a good show. I wanted to win again but we’d both talked about the possibility of being humiliated by being forced to cum in front of an audience. It seemed like a fun idea eventually but we both agreed on giving the audience what they want.

The idea in question was to enter the garage both sporting already hard cocks.

My cock was starting to twitch as I admitted to remembering our chats.

“Definitely!” I said

Before I knew it his hand was on my bulging speedos. Gently stroking it as the blood drained from my head making me slightly dizzy. I let out a soft groan as i reached for his neatly bundled package. I could feel his muscle hardening under the soft white fabric, growing with every stroke of my hand. My mind was now a blur and my heart was pumping furiously as Beşiktaş Escort nervousness and inhibition started to fade away.

“I hope you’re are ready for this” he said almost whispering

“Bring it on” I said confidently.

Both of our shafts were now clearly fully erect and in plain sight through our speedos.

We separated and exited the kitchen through the back door to the garden. The afternoon sun was beating down and felt warm on my body as we walked across heated paving to the garage side-door.

Andy opened the door and entered. As I followed in close behind there was the sound of clapping and cheering. The first thing that hit me apart from the noise was the heat and humidity. The garage was all but empty of everyday garage items. In the center, right where i left it was the pool or pit as we had started calling it. A fair size, it almost spanned the width of the garage. This time it was sitting on what looked like inflatable air beds giving the inside a soft and bouncy feel that we had both suggested since our last match.

Behind the pit was an old beat up sofa that I recognized from being in the corner of the garage the last time. It had been pulled out of retirement to serve the two guys that now sat on it overlooking the pit. Both were fairly well built in the body department and weren’t unattractive. They wore only speedos to. Somehow I hadn’t imagined that and thought they would be fully clothed. The light grey coloured clay covered the bottom of the pit and had required a lot of work judging by the numerous dirty buckets that littered the garage behind the sofa.

We continued the few short steps to the pit, still both sporting hard ons under our speedos which gained extra attention from the audience. We made our way to opposite corners of the pit and immediately stepped in.

The clay was cool on the skin compared to the warm air in the garage. Our bare feet sank into the inflated bottom which felt so much better than the hard floor of our previous encounter.

We immediately dropped to our knees to avoid slipping over, again sinking into the coolness of the sticky clay. It was mixed to perfection. We couldn’t stand the watery stuff we’d seen elsewhere and it wasn’t too thick that it stuck to you in clumps.

We waited, my heart thumping and my cock throbbing.

The signal to start came from the audience in the form of “Go!”

We both slid across the inflatable floor towards each other. Our hands met as we pushed and pulled against each other’s strength. It wasn’t fast or rough but still had plenty of meaning. Our bodies came together quickly as we both bear hugged each other. Our cocks mashed together and I could feel his hardness against mine.

His left hand lowered and grabbed my ass before slapping it to an approving cheer from our two voyeurs. He meant business. They wanted a show and he wanted to give it to them. My right hand went down into the clay and managed to scoop a handful which I quickly slapped on to Andy’s firm ass, spraying globs of muck in all directions. The audience loved that to.

It wasn’t long before we both lost our balance, our knees sliding on the uneven surface and falling sideways into the clay. The biggest cheer so far went up as we parted ways, both sliding on our fronts which were instantly smothered in the smooth grey muck.

Before I could right myself I felt Andy on my back and hooking his arms under mine. I was rolled over as Andy slid underneath me until I was lying on top of him. He held my arms tight as I felt his cock pressing on my back. His legs snaked around my waist and he used his feet to part my thighs, spreading my legs. My once black speedos were now a sloppy grey mess and my hips were thrust up displaying my bulge to everyone.

I was grunting at the force of it, giving a little extra for effect. I glanced over at our two watchers who were voicing their approval and stroking their own cocks through their speedos.

One of Andy’s legs suddenly moved up and his foot began sliding over my cock. There was little control as I struggled against the contact.

The two guys were starting to get more and more excited.

“Yeah!” they called out.

“No, no!” I added for effect.

Andy brought his other leg up and tried to use both his feet against my throbbing shaft but the clay was on my side as I slipped from his grasp and slid down his torso.

I span around as quickly as I could to see Andy getting to his knees. We were ninety percent smothered in the slippery mud. Only our faces and hair had escaped with spots of clay on them.

We quickly came together again in a hug. This time I took the initiative and pulled Andy’s speedos between his ass cheeks. He immediately slipped from the hug causing him to fall backwards. I quickly slid on top of his front and struggled with his strong arms until I spread my legs either side and straddled his stomach. I forcefully slid up to his chest and pinned his arms under my knees. I reached back and purposefully rubbed at his Beşiktaş Escort Bayan cock. His shaft was hard and slippery but before I could reach into his speedos he thrust his body up causing me to slide further up and over him. My cock filled speedos sliding over his face and smearing it with mud as I fell forward.

Andy was quick to respond. As I rolled on to my back he was there. He slid across me. Laying over my chest and holding my arm down in front of him. My other arm was trapped between his legs. It was almost a classic pin and he had a free hand.

I knew what was coming next. I couldn’t see it but I suddenly felt my cock being played with. Rubbed and stroked over my speedos. I grunted strongly trying to remove him from my chest. My legs slipped and kicked out trying to stop what was coming next.

Then it happened.

His hand slid into my speedos, grasping my cock with clay covered hands. There was loud approval from the audience who were now getting into the match.

“Get it out!” they demanded. “Get them off!”

Andy was thorough. It felt like he had grabbed clay and was now forcefully smothering my hairless balls and cock. I pushed and kicked out. I was enjoying the pleasure but i had to get free to win.

To my relief his hand disappeared from inside my speedos only to feel it taking grip of the seam around the top of my thigh. Before I could react he pulled at the material. Hearing the distinct sound of material starting to give way and the “Fuck yeah do it!” calls I pushed and thrust up as hard as I could. His grip on my speedos was still firm as he was pushed away. The material ripped slightly and was pulled across unleashing my cock from its mooring. The seam pulled across and separated my balls giving me a sudden dull pain. My opponent slid away and I quickly got to my knees and freed my other testicle from its speedo prison.

I was now exposed. My hard cock was bouncing free and my balls were hanging out of the stretched and partly ripped left leg of my speedos.

I couldn’t place my cock back into its place. Those were the rules.

“Oh fuck yeah!” one of our watchers exclaimed as he shoved his hand into his own speedos. The second quickly followed.

It suddenly dawned on me that id been naive to start with. These guys were putty in our hands. Andy was giving them what they wanted. I watched as he ran his hand over his speedos. I wasn’t sure if he was teasing the crowd or taunting me, probably both. In the few seconds of breathing space that followed my attitude changed.

I was hot, horny, erect and all but naked in front of two strangers who were absolutely lapping up the spectacle.

My hand started to caress my cock and balls smoothing the clay.

“You want this?” I taunted Andy, moving my hips from side to side causing my cock to gently slap each thigh.

He smiled as we both realized the show was on. I could quite easily have pulled off the rest of my speedos but it felt sexy and judging by everyone’s reactions it looked damn sexy to.

Again we made our way towards each other, my shaft bouncing dangerously free as I moved. We met hand to hand and pushed against each other. Andy’s knees slipped backward as I pushed. It sent him falling forward in front of me.

Seeing the opportunity I darted forward, my balls sliding down the back of his head all the way to his lower back as I straddled him again. I quickly slapped his ass before taking the side of his speedos in both hands and ripping the seam. I felt his body writhing under me. If he had wanted to get me off he would of. It would’ve been easy.

The side of his speedos gave way and I made sure it exposed his right ass cheek.

I reached for the other side, grasping either side of the seam as I looked at our audience.

They were waiting for the final rip. I nodded my head waiting for approval. It came loud and clear.

“Do it! Do it!”

“No!” My opponent begged.

I ruthlessly pulled the seam apart and pulled the material from under my prey.

I held them up victoriously to cheers and tossed them aside. I then smeared Andy’s ass in handfuls of clay. Feeling i had accomplished enough with that move I slid off my opponent and waited for him to rise without his precious covering.

Back on his knees and displaying his impressively hard cock, Andy wiped some clay from his face.

That was it. I knew he would be gunning for my speedos now. Not that it made much difference to me. I would rather have them fully off now.

After a little more pushing and pulling I found myself between his legs in a scissor move. It didn’t last long. Just long enough for him to remove the last of what used to be a pair of speedos.

From my experience of our last match this is where it got interesting. We were now naked, hard and a little breathless. It only took one of us to gain the advantage and the other would be shooting his load.

We came together in the center of the ring once more and into a hug. The movement was slower Escort Beşiktaş this time. My opponent’s hands were soon on my ass and i followed suit pulling each other closer and thrusting our groins rhythmically.

We grunted and groaned as we fucked cock to cock, neither one yielding at the intense pleasure.

“I want your cum.” Andy suddenly whispered breathlessly.

“My cock is going to drain yours.” he added.

He was right. I was losing it. His cock was overpowering mine. It was strong and slid against mine easily thanks to the clay. I wanted to cum.

“No no no.” was all could whisper to myself. I wanted to let go but couldn’t.

The crowd could sense it.

“Fuck his cock!”

“Make him cum!”

It didn’t help my situation.

I was in trouble. I pulled away to the side, slipping front first into the soft clay. I rolled over just in time to see a leg moving over my head followed by balls and a cock that were mercilessly planted on my forehead and dragged down my face as Andy took the initiative and once again molested my excited manhood.

He wanted to keep up the momentum. I certainly would’ve.

My head was trapped, turned slightly side ways to avoid suffocating on his ball sack. His hard cock angled downwards in front of my face covering my lips and nostrils with clay. I was so tempted to open my mouth in an attempt to suck at his cock.

I was being fully dominated in front of his buddies and they loved it. His hand was gliding up and down my cock picking up from where he had left off less than a minute before

I had to do something before it was all over. It took all my strength and a little help from the clay to roll him off. I spat clay and wiped it off my eyes before he was back on top of me. This time he straddled facing me.

His strength held me in the clay. My arms held down above my head. He purposely slid his cock and balls up my chest towards my face thinking he would stop there but he didn’t. He leant forward. His cock caught my chin on the way and before i could take a breath he smothered my face in his genitals. He took great pleasure in smearing my face. I wanted to open my mouth so badly.

He then slid back slightly and brought his feet over my stomach. I knew what they were looking for and they found it. I felt his feet clamp around my cock and started to wank it.

I opened my sticky eyelids to see his cock centimeters from my face.

His feet were doing too good a job. Between the beautiful pace at which he foot wanked me and the slippery lubrication of the clay I had to think fast. I couldn’t move. I wanted to give in and end the torment. What could I do? I had to break his dominance.

It took less than second to realize what I had to do.

To everyone’s surprise I lifted up my head and wrapped my lips around his cock. I sucked his length once and spat out the mouth of slightly gritty clay before returning and taking it in my mouth once more.

“Oh my god!” was all I could hear from the guys as I felt the rhythm on my cock disturbed.

It got weaker and fumbled until it stopped but I kept sucking at his cock. It was so firm and rigid and had a huge bulbous end. I wanted to suck his cock so much in our first match but I wasn’t brave enough.

I continued to impale my mouth on his throbbing muscle.

Did I have him?

Could I win here and now?

I thought I had earned it just by sucking his cock in all this muck.

He was almost silent. I could feel a slight push as I carried on sucking.

His sudden words were drawn out with pleasure.

“Oh fuck! You bastard!”.

That spurred me on, sucking faster. Was he now mine? Once he filled my mouth with his hot sperm it was all over.

I was disappointed to feel him quickly roll off, my mouth missing his shaft.

That was obviously the last straw for our admirers. They were now out of their speedos and wanking two very hard looking cocks.

They were getting more and more turned on as the match progressed but then so were we. We continued to slip and slide in and out of moves, doing our damdest to milk our opponents cock until eventually I was brought to my knees facing our audience, my arms held tightly behind me.

My energy was fading fast. I felt my arms pulled about until an arm reached around from behind and took hold of my cock. Andy had locked my arms behind me with one arm and my knees had separated and now sat on my feet.

I grunted trying to break free of his grip but it was no use. With every stroke of my cock i wanted to cum. I groaned and begged for him to stop but it did no good. Our two friends were fully wanking at my torture and must’ve been sensing that the end was near. I wanted to win. I had to win. I made another effort to free myself but it was weaker than the last. I sank back down, my balls swimming in the clay between my legs.

“No no!” I pleaded. This time I was serious.

But his hand was winning. I suddenly felt a familiar wave pass over me.

“Fuck no!” I said through gritted teeth.

The point of no return. My body tensed. The hand got faster. I couldn’t disguise it or hold it any longer.

I thrust my hips forward and that was it, the cum shot out of my cock in great streams splattering into the clay just shy of our two cheering perverts.

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