Get To Know Your Stepmother!

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I was nervous. I was driving to my Father’s house to meet my new Stepmother. I looked at the passenger seat and saw the cheap earning that I got her. I have never seen the chick but Father always talked highly of her. I sighed as I pulled to the house and saw everything normal. I walked up to the door and before I could knock the door swung open and there was a person that was a chick, had blonde hair big boobs, wore a tight black dress and was young, about MY AGE!

“Hey! You must be Ella! I’m Lizzie! So glad to meet you!” Lizzie hugged me with a big hug. Her boobs rubbed gently against mine.

I was never lesbian or bi but this feeling felt good.

“Well come on in! Is that for me?” Lizzie took the gift and opened it. She smiled at the earnings. “Thank you!” Another hug was given and she kissed my cheek very closely to my mouth and smiled.

I walked into the living room where Dad sat there on the couch watching some game on the sports channel.

“Hello Dad,” I say and I hug him.

“Hey there Ella, as you probably know this is Lizzie my fiancée,” Dad smiled and walked over and hugged Lizzie.

“How old is she?” I asked.

“27.” Lizzie said proudly. 27!?!? I was only 21! Lizzie could be my sister that I never had! While my Father was an 48 year old creep going through his mid-life crisis but did he have to marry someone his own daughter’s age?

“Wow, thats young. So Lizzie have you had any kids yet?” I asked hiding the anger.

“No but I want too. Sit, sit! Dinner will be shortly.” Lizzie smiled and walked away into the kitchen.

As soon she left I glared at Dad. He met my stare and shrugged.

“Get over it Ella,” He sat on the couch next to me and rubbed my shoulders, his hands went slowly down to my boob. He rubbed it and smiled.

“Remember…?” Dad whispered

I remember when I was 18 I came home late crying over my boyfriend who just dumped me. I walked in on my naked Dad in his room watching porn. I didn’t care I was horny because my boyfriend did a hump and dump on me.

I came crying into his naked arms, he told if things went bad with boyfriends I just should see him ASAP. So I did.

I explained what happen and once I finished Dad was rubbing his cock very thoughtfully. I felt myself become wet and I leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth. Dad petted my head and undid the zipper on the back on my dress. I kissed my Dad on the lips and my tongue went crazy licking all over his face. I pulled the dress over and my bra was unhooked by Dad.

“Look at these tits!” He screamed.

“Play with them!” I gasped.

My Dad began to suck my boobs till they looked like strawberries. Then he reach down and rubbed poker oyna my pussy very softly. He ripped off the skirt and put his cock in my pussy and began to go in and out very fast and rough. I moaned and let out tiny gasps of air. My Dad took his cock out and put me in the doggie style. He stuck his cock back in and while he fucked me he played with my boobs squeezing me and rubbing them together. I past out because of the pleasure and the pain and woke up to Dad sucking on my tits. I don’t know why but he loves my boobs.

I nodded with remembrance and smiled as he gave the boob a squeeze.

“You know I told Lizzie,” Dad said.

“Told Lizzie? Why?” I asked.

“Well it got her horny and it got her to bed on our first date. She is willing to do a threesome some time.” Dad said.

“Threesome?” I jumped up and almost ran out of there when Dad’s pager began to ring. Dad was a doctor and worked at the ER down the road and across the street.

“Looks like I have to go. Be nice to Lizzie, I will be right back.” Dad got up and kissed me on the head and walked into the kitchen. He soon came out and walked out the front door.

I sat there wondering if I should really leave but before i could make up my mind Lizzie came out and sighed.

“The chicken isn’t done. Wanna watch a movie while we wait?” Lizzie asked.

I shrugged knowing that Lizzie knew to much between my dad and I.

Lizzie must have seen my frustrated look and sat down next to me.

“It is okay hun, you and your father share a love that I can’t break, now can I?” Lizzie asked sweetly and moved my long black hair behind my ears.

“Lets watch a movie, mmm?” Lizzie said as she got up and grabbed some movies near the TV.

Lizzie fumbled threw the stack of movies until she stop at one of them.

“This might make you happy!” Lizzie put the movie in and sat next to me very closely.

The movie began to play and the first scene came on. It was two young girls giggling and laughing and sitting on a bed. After they stop laughing they began to kiss. They kissed slowly then they began to kiss fast and roughly as one of the girls played with the other girl boob.

I looked at Lizzie, she smiled and leaned forward. The kiss was just a peck at first but nothing real.

“Stop!” I say as I look the other way. Lizzie did not back off.

Lizzie began to rub my leg, her hand going up to my thigh. I push her hand away before she can get any farther.

“Oh Ella, I want to feel your boobs that your dad talks about so much.” Lizzie cooed as she reached up and grabbed my hair.

“No! Stop!” I got up but Lizzie pulled my arm back down to the couch.

“You listen to me young lady! canlı poker oyna I am your Mother!” Lizzie screamed.

“No you are not!”

Lizzie had a strong grip on my arm. I twisted and tried to get away but Lizzie was stronger and faster. Lizzie had a hold my hair and arm. I somehow ended with my head in her lap. She turned my head so that I had to watch the porn.

One of the girls was now licking the other one’s pussy with her tongue. She stuck the tongue farther up the pussy making the other girl moan.

“Tell me, doesn’t that look more pleasureful than your old man?” Lizzie asked.


“Wrong answer!”

I was slapped hard. It hurt and I was about to scream when I looked at the TV. I stop wiggling and gasped. What the girls on the movie did look pleasureful. I tried fighting the urge in me.

“Now, Ella, do you want to try that?”

I answered yes by kissing her. She let go of me as I took her hand and forced her to come to me.

“Lizzie, I want to go all the way.” I said threw kisses.

“Good, but you must call me Master. You are my slut slave from now one.”

“Yes Master.”

Lizzie stood up and turned around. I undid her zipper and watch the dress fall. She had nothing on underneath. She turned and faced me. Her big boobs looking yummy.

“Now, since you are new to this, I want it to be done right. Understand slut?”

“Yes Master.”

Lizzie grabbed my head and pulled it to her boob. I began to suck it and roll the nipple with my tongue. Lizzie moaned knowing that I was doing to right.

“Bite it!” Lizzie ordered.

I bit her nipple with my teeth as she moaned some more.

“How does it taste?” Lizzie asked.


I was slapped again. “Master!” Lizzie snapped. “We will never get to any fun if you keep doing this!”

“Yes Master! Yes!” I said.

“Good now, follow me slut!”

“Yes Master!”

I followed Lizzie upstairs to the master bedroom. Lizzie opened the door and motioned for me sit on the king size bed.

“Ella this is were the fun comes in. Strip down I shall blindfold you, understand?”

“Yes Master.”

I got rid of my top, bra, skirt, and thong. Before Lizzie put the blindfold on she kissed my boobs and smiled.

“Those are fine boobs Ella!”

“Thank you Master.”

Lizzie puts the blindfold on and pulls my arm for me to stand.

“Turn around slowly.”

“Yes Master.”

I begin to turn slowly until I feel a slap on my ass.

“You are very hot for a slut, mhm! Yummy! Can I eat you up now?” Lizzie moves her hand where my pussy is and teases it.

“Eat me Master until you can’t eat no more.”

Lizzie laughed internet casino and pushed me back onto the bed.

“Spread them.” Lizzie ordered.

I spread my legs as far as they could go.

“Now what do you want me to do?” Lizzie asked

“Make me scream while you eat me up Master!” I scream.

“Good girl!”

I felt Lizzie’s tongue licking the inside of my thighs. Then her tongue comes over to my pussy and licks my clit. I moaned. Then Lizzie stuck he tongue up my pussy! I moan and felt an orgasm come as Lizzie’s tongue went all over.

“Are you about to orgasm?” Lizzie asked.

Before I answered the orgasm came and it shivered up and down my body.

“You slut! No!” Lizzie screamed and slapped me!

“Sorry Master!”

“Not enough! Lick my pussy for I am cumming! Lick it clean slut!”

Lizzie pulled my hair so that my face was in her pussy. I licked her pussy, licking up all the juices. Lizzie moaned and I knew I was a good little slave.

“All done slut! Now I think I shall finish you! Lay on your stomach and put your ass up!”

“Yes Master!” I did what she asked me. I heard Lizzie get off the bed and walk away. She soon returned and stuck her whole fist in my pussy!

I moaned and felt myself cum.

“Cum baby! Cum all over me! Orgasm you slut! Lizzie said as she slapped and kissed my ass! I screamed as the orgasm came over me. Lizzie ripped off the blindfold and took her fist out of my pussy. I was sad that the pleasure stopped so soon.

“Lick my fist!” Lizzie ordered

“Yes Master!” I licked her hand until Lizzie pulled it away from me.

“Lay down.”

“Yes Master!” I laid down and Lizzie took her pussy and began to rub it on my belly. Lizzie with her mouth took my nipples and played with them. She sucked on them and bit them.

“Finger me and yourself!”

“Yes Master.” I took two fingers and stuck them in my pussy and with my other hand I stuck in Lizzie’s pussy. I began to finger both of us that we were screaming and panting.

“Don’t stop!!! GO BABY GOOOOO!!!” Lizzie screamed as I took my hand and made them into fists and pumping in and out in both our pussies!

After several moments of our pain and pleasure we stop and laid next to each other on the bed panting.

“What a good slave you are!” Lizzie said and French kissed me for as long as we could until she broke the kiss.

“Thank you Master!” I said as I rubbed her pussy and she rubbed mine.

“I love you Lizzie!”

“I love you Ella!”

Our love was sealed with a kiss as we rubbed each others pussies.

For the rest of the night we rubbed, lick or suck each other pussies as we watch some Lesbian movies. When my Dad came home he was so glad to see us that we had bonded. Lizzie soon left my Dad and came to live with me. I became Lizzie’s slave as she showed me off to other lesbians. But our love was strong and it could not be broken!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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