Getting Jack Ch. 04

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Chapter Four: Lucy and Lorelei


I have always been a rational and skeptical person. I’d stopped believing in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny when I was five years old, and I had… never …believed in ghosts, or any other supernatural claptrap for that matter.

But when I walked into the bedroom, and was confronted by that…apparition…I almost jumped out of my skin.

In my defense, I was a stranger in a strange house. The house was quiet, and Jack had made a point of locking it up when he left. I believed I was totally alone, so when I almost bumped into those freaky little creatures, it was not only a shock to my nervous system, but also a challenge to my entire worldview.

“Oh shit, ghosts!” was the first thing that popped into my mind.

They were small, a couple of inches under five feet, and their heads appeared too large for their slight bodies. Furthermore, their enormous, green eyes occupied an inordinate amount of space on those oversized heads. They weren’t ugly, in fact they were cute, elfishly so, with big toothed, benign smiles which radiated an eerie calm. This was very frightening.

Calm? They didn’t even flinch when I almost crashed into them and screamed.

Instinctively, foolishly, I tried to cover myself with my hands. Foolish because A: I have way too much to cover with my hands, and B: why should I care if little girl ghosts see me naked?

They giggled, a happy tinkling sound, not crazed or manic, or evil.

“She’s funny,” one of them said.

“She’s funny,” said the other one.

They were identical twins, and at first I thought they might be Siamese twins because of the way they stood so tightly pressed together. Their hands were all over each other, touching and stroking, even as they kept looking, at me.

“Wwwwho are you?” I stuttered like a character from a kids cartoon.

“Lorelei and Lucy,” they replied.

“Lucy and Lorelei,” they said again in unison, nodding their heads in agreement.

They were cute, but I half expected their faces to suddenly dissolve into death masks, their massive manes of hair to stand on end, and bolts of green lightening come shooting out of their eyes.

“Do you… live… here?” I asked.

“Sometimes,” they replied, this time one after the other, like a giggling echo.

That didn’t really reassure me much, I mean, did they only live here on haunting days?

“Who are you?” they asked, this time in perfect unison, and I took an involuntary step backwards.

“I’m Lexi, Lexi Duncan,” I replied without offering my hand to shake.

“You’re a friend of Jack’s,” it was a statement not a question.

“Yes, yes, I’m a friend of Jack Harrowsmith,” I replied eagerly. “Uhh, he invited me in, he said I could take a shower.”

“This will probably fit you,” one of them said, and together they held up a black, loose looking dress.

They had a slow, dreamy way of talking that was calming me down despite myself. Their eyes were starting to seem less strange and actually a little hypnotic, but in a good way. I stepped forward and took it from them and hurriedly put it over my head and wiggled into it. It was a bit tight over the bust and hips, but then most things are on me.

“Are you…girls…friends of Jack?” I asked tentatively, fearing I might trigger some dreaded transformation, even though I hadn’t actually seen any paranormal activity on their part other than seeming to make the dress appear out of thin air.

They looked at each other and giggled and then looked back at me.

“Yes…sure,” they replied and then giggled some more.

They giggled a lot. Then, without any further explanation they turned around and headed out of the room.

When I didn’t move to follow them, they stopped in the doorway and turned inwards towards each other, their arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders. I’d been so entranced by their big eyes and smiles that I hadn’t really noticed how lush and full the cascades of golden curls and ringlets were that tumbled down past their shoulders. Were they joined at the hip?

“Come on,” one of them said.

I still couldn’t tell which one of them was talking at any given time, or which one was which for that matter. In fact, from now, on for the sake on narrative, I’m just going to assign them arbitrary attribution.

“Let’s have a drink,” Lorelei said, “you look like you need a drink.”

“Yes, I do,” I replied. “How did you know that?” I asked as I started after them.

They didn’t reply, just turned and kind of floated into the living room. I say floated because they wore pale, loose fitting, dresses that hung down to their delicate ankles.

“Wait, you guys drink?”

I followed them through the living room and around the island/bar into the kitchen area. The little buggers moved pretty fast without seeming to expend any effort at all. In the kitchen they actually split up. They weren’t joined at the hip I was relieved to see. Not that I have anything against poker oyna the conjoined community, it just helped to make things a little less weird, not that the conjoined are weird. You know what I mean. Lorelei went to the fridge, and Lucy went to the cupboard.

“We’re having white wine,” Lucy said.

“Californian,” Lorelei added.

“Chardonnay,” they both said together. “Is that okay with you?”

They’d gravitated back together again and were pressed lightly along their entire flanks as they stared at me from the other side of the bar. I wondered if maybe they used to be joined at the hip.

“That’s great,” I replied. I don’t know anything about wine. “My mom drinks Chardonnay all the time,” I added.

They laughed; genuine, very human sounding laughter.

“Our mom drinks everything all the time,” they said.

A barking laugh burst out of me. “I’m not fucking surprised,” I thought, but I didn’t say it.

Suddenly I was feeling much more at ease. Close up they appeared more normal, and besides that, when Lorelei had gone to the fridge she’d passed in front of the window and I’d learned three things. First, the shift she was wearing was very thin as well as loose, almost sheer. Second, there was an actual body under there, she wasn’t just a floating head. And third, it wasn’t a child’s body either, she definitely had decent sized breasts, and some hip too.

“Thank you,” I said as Lucy handed me a half full, very large, glass of wine. “How is it that you know Jack?” I ventured.

“He was married to our mother.”


“She wouldn’t let him adopt us, but we lived with him when she was in rehab, even after the divorce. Jack’s a great guy,” Lucy said and they both nodded soberly.

“How long ago was that?” I asked.

“Oh, six, seven years ago,” Lorelei said, and Lucy nodded.

“So you guys are…”

“Twenty-four,” they replied in unison, “people always think we’re younger.”

“God,” I thought, “they’re six years older than me.”

Then I could hear a lot of fumbling down at the garage door, Jack must be finally back. I felt a huge sense of relief, but it was premature.

“That’ll be Sarah,” Lucy said.

“She’s always late,” they both added.

“Who’s Sarah?” I asked.

“She’s a friend, kind of a sister.”

“Kind of?”

“Well…” and at that point the two munchkins looked at each other, they were hugging again, and started speaking rapidly in low voices.

I have a passing familiarity with about thirty languages, and I didn’t recognize a single word they said.

“A step half-sister,” they concluded turning their huge eyes back on me as if they could drill understanding into my granite noggin.

Before I could delve any further into that, Sarah herself emerged up the stairs, head down, swearing and texting away furiously. I could see some family resemblance; she was short and petite like them with a similarly oversized head and unnaturally big, round eyes. But where there eyes were misty green, hers were deep pools of black.

She had cute little features too, but her skin was several shades darker than their whiter shade of pale. She was a beautiful, seamless, golden brown. Her chestnut hair flowed down to just past her breasts in lazy waves and didn’t have the full, puffed out quality like them. She was slender, and although an inch or two taller than me, probably weighed twenty pounds less. She wore a simple, very short sundress that give her very attractive cleavage.

“Hey Sarah,” the twins said, giggling.

“Hey freaks,” she replied genially without looking up from her phone.

She would have walked right into me if the twins’ squeals hadn’t brought her up short. She looked at me and frowned, finished off her text, and looked up at me again. Very cool and calm, but not at all dreamy. She blinked slowly.

“Are you here for the shoot?” she asked.

“No, what shoot?” I asked in return. I was really beginning to feel like an idiot.

She looked over at the twins and a made a little “what the hell?” shrug.

“She’s a friend of Jack’s,” they said.

She swung her head back and looked at me with increased interest. She had an impatient look about her cute, button-nosed face. I noticed that she wore very little make up other than a pale pink on her plump lips.

“Don’t you see? She’s Scharza!” the twins exclaimed.

“Who the fuck’s Scharza?” Sarah replied.

The twins thought that was hilarious. Wrapped together, faces close enough to kiss each other’s tears, they convulsed with laughter.

Lorelei managed to blurt out, “from ‘Tyrus’, didn’t you read it?”

“Uhhhhghhggghh! His books are so lonnnng,” she replied with a weary drooping of her shoulders. After a bit more growling and rolling of eyes she looked at me again and nodded.

“Boobs, great, we could use some boobs around here. Okay, sure she’ll work,” she said.

Before I could reply to that she said, “I hope the bedroom’s set up,” and turned and left the canlı poker oyna living room.

“Would someone please explain something, anything to me? What’s going on?” I pleaded.

“Sarah is the daughter of our mother and a man who was not our dad, and who isn’t married to her now. Jack took care of her too for a while,” Lucy said.

“She’s a photographer,” Lorelei said.

“And a fashion blogger,” Lucy added.

“Oh,” I replied politely, not greatly enlightened.

“We’re fashion designers,” they said in unison.


“And models,” they added.

“Bring your glass,” Lucy said.

She grabbed the bottle and came around the edge of the bar and went after Sarah with Lorelei tight behind her.

“Oh well, it all makes sense then,” I said shaking my head and rolling my eyes.

They didn’t look back, so I grabbed my drink and went after them. What else was I supposed to do?


What sort of mental state was I in?

Well let me put it this way; when Sarah said, “The dress has got to come off,” my reaction was not “excuse me?”

No, it was “where can I put my wine glass.” Followed by “why is my wine glass empty?” In short, I was a little drunk.

When I did set the glass down on the dresser I could see in the mirror that the twins were already stark naked, and arranging themselves on the big bed while Sarah fiddled with a professional looking camera on a tripod. The whole afternoon had such a surreal quality about it, that without a second thought, I promptly wiggled out of my briefly borrowed dress.

In a tangle of white limbs and golden hair they beckoned to me. One of them, Lorelai no doubt called to me.

“Come Scharza, this is going to be so much fun.”

And without any protest I gave my tender virgin body to the sirens. Or so the whole, warm and misty experience seemed to me.

Certainly alcohol played a part in my easy surrender, but the twins were not without their charms. Soft, perfect skin, shimmering waterfalls of hair, soft green eyes like mist in a meadow. Cute features, sweet seductive smiles, darling, tiny breasts (compared to mine), and neat little gardens of home spun golden pubic hair. I was smitten, I’d gone from fearing them to lusting after them in less than an hour.

At the time, I fancied the whole point of the exercise was to initiate me into the rituals of Lesbos, when in fact there was work to be done. Apparently we were modelling jewelry, although I paid scant attention to the lightning flashes of the camera, and the increasingly annoyed instructions from Sarah.

Things like, “Can we get Scooby’s big butt out of the shot?”

To which the twins would gaily respond “Scharza!”

And receive the same response, “whatever.”

We weren’t taking nude pictures per say. As she zoomed in on the jewelry, Sarah was at pains to get us close together and overlapping, using our bodies to hide the naughtiest bits from the camera.

I’m not very dark, but next to them, my olive hue made me feel like a peasant in the arms of princesses. Sarah made the most of that as she draped us with gold and silver and gems. The effect was often striking, especially when they spread my jet black hair against their snowy bodies, or straddled my thighs with their golden pussys.

My breasts were frequently used for the purpose of display, my bum not so much. I had a fortune of gold, silver and gems nestled in my cleavage, and Sarah had me pose this way and that, revealing many fascinating aspects of my tits that I’d never imagined. The twins had little cleavage to work with, although they did make remarkable use of their dimpled, rounded little bums. The concept of butt cleavage was one of the day’s many revelations to me.

Sarah turned out to be a very professional and talented photographer. She did wonders by creating cleavage out of the most unexpected things, such as thighs and armpits

I enjoyed modelling the rings the most, placing my bejeweled hands over top of the twin’s breasts, feeling their little nipples rise up at my touch of my protective palm. We did lots of variations of this, me sitting behind them, holding one of their boobs or both, or one of each as they crushed up against each other. Then we did much the same sort of thing with their tight round bottoms.

One piece of jewelry exited them in particular, and me as well. It was a very long gold chain that fitted over me almost like a harness. It draped from around my neck, down into my cleavage and out the bottom before splitting and hooking over my hips.

“Scharza, oh you really are Scharza, you must dance for us!” they exclaimed with delight.

I don’t dance, I’ve never danced, yet I was sorely tempted at that moment. I truly felt like Scharza, and perhaps if I’d had the courage, her spirt might have taken hold of me and turned me into a wanton seductress. I missed the moment, but resolved to take belly dancing lessons at the first opportunity.

With all this artful nudity and constant internet casino rubbing together of our bodies, it didn’t take long for things to become overtly sexual. At one point we were all pressed together, with Lucy nestled on one arm and Lorelai on the other, their heads high on my breasts. Lucy had made some joke, calling me ‘earth mother’ or some sort of thing. I looked down at her cute face all snuggled in its nest of curls and bent down and gave her a kiss. Then, knowing how they shared everything, I turned and did the same to Lorelai.

It was a perfectly natural and innocent act, like kissing a pet dog, or friendly fairy. Perfectly innocent until I felt their hands, one on each butt cheek, stroking and reaching for my crack.

“Oh,” I whispered, then “Ohhhhh,” as I realized how nice it felt.

“You two quit goofing around,” Sarah warned sharply looking up from her camera. “You can play with shaboopie later.”

“Scharzthsza,” I corrected her, my tongue affected by the alcohol and the honey of their lips

They stopped stroking my bum, but pressed more tightly against me from each side, I think they were holding hands behind my back.

“You guys start sweating, and we’ll be here all day,” Sarah warned.

We made an effort to resume working, but now that I was awakened to them as sexual beings I became very distracted. Now every move brought frissons of carnal excitement. And there was soooo much touching, for which Sarah has to bear responsibility since she was posing us.

For well over an hour, I’d been enfolded in the scent of their perfume, which was very light and reminded me of snow flowers. Of course there’s no such thing as snow flowers, which gives you an idea of where my mind was at. There is also no such thing as fairies, yet here they were. As things began to heat up the smell of their sweet sexual arousal became undeniable.

Now each pose involved discreet, soft, but ceaseless caressing of the parts of our bodies not on camera, which was pretty much our entire bodies. It was distracting, there being so much to explore; hair, and bums, calves, breasts, pubes, lips, even feet. And to explore with, finger tips and lips and tongues, and all the tingling vast expanses of my super charged skin.

And everything doubled, so it was impossible not to have all of my sensory organs fully engaged at all times. We started sweating and much more. Their golden pussys began leaving little moisture trails all over my body, and I started staining the sheets.

“Okayyyyyy I guess that’s all I’m getting out of you jokers,” Sarah said, giving in to the inevitable at last.

“Don’t go getting swollen heads or anything, but we got some really good shit today,” she added. “Dresses tomorrow, the rectory at eight PM?” she prompted, trying to get their attention which had become firmly focused on my breasts.

“We’ll be there,” came their somewhat muffled reply.

“What about you Salome, you gonna be there?”

“Scharza,” we all objected in unison. Then I added, “Oh, I don’t think so, I don’t know…”

“We’ll work on her,” Lorelai said with an animal growl, that if I’d heard coming out of her an hour ago, would have sent me leaping out the window.

“Later freaks, you too Charmaine,” she said walking out of the room, already texting.

None of us corrected her this time because all of our mouths were fully engaged.

They worked on me alright, they worked me over good. They kissed and stroked, and Lucy ended up between my legs doing things I’d never experienced. I may have seen something like it on the internet, but never really considered what it would feel like. I’d been concentrating on heterosexual sex. Not that I’d ruled out lesbian encounters, in fact I knew I would never be a truly rounded person without one. It was just that my natural desire was very clearly associated with the male gender.

Lorelai at my lips kissing gently, her hair falling all over us both, while Lucy was at my pussy. Looking down all I could see was more blonde hair, but I could certainly feel her down there, kissing gently at my other lips. They separated, but remained in close contact, one reaching up to stroke my belly, and the other attempting to reach down past my heaving breasts.

They rolled me over onto my stomach, and resting their heads on the small of my back subjected me to the most exquisite teasing. Stroking me with their magic little fingers they drew my big bum high up into the air. Lucy slipped her head under me and licked my clit while Lorelei stuck her face into my wet pussy and very quickly brought me to orgasm.

Orgasms! Naturally they had their own special way of climaxing. As they got hotter from the action of my fumbling fingers and tongue, and their own inspired work on each other, they would breathe faster and start to speak to each other in their own language. Encouraging, challenging, they pulled each other towards the peak of ecstasy, harmonizing the intensity of their arousal.

When they came it was with low guttural sounds and a long sighing, that would pause, clench, pause, and sigh again, and again. I believe I witnessed three of these orgasms, or maybe it was nine, depending on how you would count such things, I’m not sure.

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