I’ll Say When You’re Done

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Wow, thick. How long is it?

– 7 inches

Hot, dark, uncut cock!

can I see it with the foreskin over the head, by any chance?

Awesome, what a fatty!

You like to top? You like to slide that into me?”

– Yes

– I would like to fuck your tight ass.

– Show me your hole.

Itching for your cock. What position do you like?

– First your back ’cause I want to see your face as I’m sliding my big fat cock up your sweet tight ass.

– Then doggy style to pound that ass.

You’ll be stretching me open with that cock.

– Yes, I want you to moan like a little bitch.

– I want you to beg for more cock.

– And I want you to swallow my big load.

I’ll do what you want.

I’ll get down on my knees and beg to lick the sweat off your balls.

Lick up that load and suck every last drop out of your hard cock.

– You’ll be my bitch

Use me, I’m your cock slave.

– I want to spank that ass as I’m fucking it.

That’s it, punish my ass till it’s red and sore.

And if you really want to punish me, pull out your cock and make me beg for it.

– I will.

– I want to fuck you raw.

Put it in. Own me with your cock.

– I want to force you to suck my cock, force you to deep throat it.

– Make you gag.

Force it in. Suffocate me.

– The more you suffer the more you want my cock.

– You’ll cry for me to put it in your ass.

Get it all on video so you can show I’m your slave.

I’m desperate for it, almost crying, please!

– You really want Taksim Escort it?

My ass was made for your cock. I can’t refuse even if it hurts.

I’m grovelling, licking your feet.

Please, God, please give it to me.

I’ll take your spit, your piss, whatever you give me.

I worship your cock

– Beg for it.

Your cock is my god.

I worship every inch of it with my tongue, my lips, my throat, my fingers, my ass.

I’m a worthless piece of shit whose only function is to serve your cock, however you say.

Please do me the honour of putting it in me, even though I don’t deserve it.

I love the shape of it, the feel of it, the precious drops of pre-cum that ooze out of the slit.

Please give it to me.

Please, please let me take your magnificent cock!

– I want you to sit on it.

– Take it all.

– Moan like a little bitch.

I sit on it.

– Show me your hole.

– I want to see where I’m going to put my cock in.

Im so proud to take it.

But as I’m trying to slide down on it, it feels so thick.

– Take it all bitch.

– Moan like a little bitch.

It’s stretching my hole open.

– Take it bitch.

– Take it all.

Fuck, my ass is burning, but I know I have to take it.

– I don’t care.

– Take it all.

I look into my master’s eyes humbly, knowing the honour of taking his cock.

– Good.

My insides feel completely full, the heat of the master cock spreads through my body.

I belong here, riding the cock.

Taksim Escort Bayan Cause if you can’t take it all I’ll give it to someone else.

Please God, no! I know there’s a million others who could be in my place.

All I can do is work as hard as I can to satisfy my master.

Please don’t give it to anyone else!

– I won’t, but keep riding it.

– Now bend over.

– As I’m sliding in, I want you to scream like a whore.

– Scream and moan. Like a bitch.

I cry with relief that the master will keep using me for a while.

As the cock slides back into my aching hole, my sobs turn to a scream.

I moan pathetically, experiencing the shock of being entered again, my tender hole twitching and gripping its master.

The force of the thrusts overwhelms me.

– But you’re taking it all.

– Like an obedient little whore.

My own pathetic dick bucks around, hard, weeping pre-cum, but I don’t dare touch it, focused on the assault on my ass.

I take it all, useless for anything else.

– I want you to stroke yourself as I’m fucking you.

– I want to see you cum as I’m fucking that ass.

I stroke myself as instructed.

– I want you to feel the pleasure and pain.

– Both at the same time.

– Show me that ass again.

The pressure on my insides is so intense, I feel like I might lose control of my bladder, and my dick is so sensitive, touching it is excruciating.

My ass is being destroyed, but waves of pleasure burn through me. I can’t take any more.

– Take Escort Taksim it bitch.

– I want you to cum.

I almost beg for it to stop, but it’s useless and wrong for me to do that.

– I’ll say when your done.

– When it’s over.

– Show me your fucking ass.

– Bitch.

My dick starts to spasm, but nothig comes out, as if my insides are too fucked up for me to come.

– Keep stroking it.

The feeling is so intense as my ass grips the source of all pleasure.

Finally my cock starts drooling cum, thick gobs that make a pool beneath me. I feel dizzy and my knees shake.

– I’ll start pounding harder. Answer. Harder.

– You’re begging to keep going.

– That ass, it’s so good and juicy.

I cry from the pleasure, and from knowing I belong completely to the cock mastering me.

– I’ll keep going, you begging me to cum inside you.

“Harder, harder, destroy me!”

– You want my cum?

– You want it all in your ass? Your fucked-up ass?

– I want you to beg for my cum in your ass.

“Master, bless my pathetic ass with your precious cum.”

– Ok whore, here it goes – all my cum in your ass.

“Make me a receptacle, fill me up.”

– I’m cumming.

– Take it all

I feel shot after shot gushing into me.

It hammers into me and coats my insides.

– Now I want you to suck every drop left behind.

I fall to my knees and reverently worship the cock with my mouth, savouring every drop I can find.

– Suck it clean.

The cum is salty and sweet, the best thing I’ve ever tasted. I wish I could live just on this.

– Okay bitch. You can rest for now.

I leave the cock well washed with my spit.

– But be ready.

– I’ll be back soon.

I know the honour of being used this way. And I will always be ready to serve.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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