It Does a Body Good

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Eric tossed and turned, unable to stop thinking about his last call of the night. He’d seen a lot of weird things in his time as an EMT, but something about the naked, burly man passed out on the sidewalk had pushed the encounter to the top of the list. A tenant in one of the squat apartment buildings lining the street had called it in, saying they saw the hairy giant stumbling down the road before eventually doubling over and hitting the ground. It was a warm night with lots of windows open, and the person who called it in reported that the man was stammering something about “making it stop” and “shouldn’t be so big.”

By the time he and Dom arrived on the scene the man was unresponsive, face-down on the pavement. Whoever he was, he was a beast. Eric sized him up as he hopped out of the ambulance and pulled on his gloves on, figuring that his scrappy, wiry body could have fit comfortably inside the prone slab of muscle. Even Dom’s brawny frame was outmatched by the man’s broad shoulders, massive arms, and thick, powerful lower body, all hanging exposed in the evening air. There were tattered remains of what looked like shorts and briefs clinging to the man’s thick cheeks and wide thighs, but beyond that his only covering was the dense layer of body hair that seemed to coat him from head to toe.

As they struggled to roll the dense pile of muscle over, they both gasped at the rigid forearm that sprang up from beneath the man’s solid gut once they had him on his back. They’d both seen plenty of naked men in their careers, but neither of them had ever seen a dick so large, or so eager. It was the one part of the man that seemed to be responsive. As they prodded his hairy, bulging pecs and inspected the man for injuries they watched the monolithic organ start to twitch and ooze before finally erupting without warning. Dom managed to dodge the copious release, but to his partner’s delight it hit Eric full in the face like a warm, sticky water balloon. He’d wiped it off immediately and they’d kept working, but within moments the man was ready to go again. They thought to cover the potent organ before the second blast, which proved a wise move when the unconscious man let out a quiet groan and blew again as they shifted him onto a stretcher. By the time they pulled up to the hospital a few minutes later he’d done it two more times.

That had been four hours ago, and Eric hadn’t been able to get the experience out of his head. The image of the man’s beefy, muscled bulk with its carpet of hair and fountainous cock was burned into his mind. He’d been too focused on the massive endowment to pay much attention at the time, but thinking back, Eric was struck by the memory of the man’s young, baby face against his thick, furry bulk. It seemed out of place on such a rugged man, almost innocent in its youth while the rest of his body boiled with barely contained force, even unconscious.

Eric had showered as soon as he’d returned home, scrubbing his face until it was raw, but he could still feel the phantom cum clinging to his sharp cheeks and trickling into his mouth. It had an astringent, chemical flavor to it, and though he didn’t have any experience to compare it to, Eric wondered if it was supposed to taste that way.

As the hours wore on, he started to wonder about a lot of new things. At twenty five he was still wiry and naturally smooth, and he tried to picture what it would be like to lumber around in a coating of fur like the man had. The curly forest spared nothing in its growth, covering the man’s shelf of a chest and bowling ball shoulders before flowing south. Eric shivered and broke out in goosebumps as he absently ran a hand along his lean torso, imagining that his fingers were brushing through a silky carpet. He’d been surprised at how soft it was. He’d never given it much thought before, but as he was doing his inspection he couldn’t help but note the contrast between the bushy fur and the granite, solid muscle underneath.

“Hmmmm…” Eric sighed and squirmed, wrapping a hand around his aching pole before he knew what he was doing. He jerked it away after a few reflexive pumps, not wanting to get off with a head confusingly full of naked, hairy men. He tried to shift to his usual fantasies of large breasted blondes, but within moments he’d be back to thinking about the burly man and his impossibly huge cock. He finally gave up and rolled over, eventually drifting into a frustrated slumber.

That frustration was more present than ever the following morning. Eric had woken up so hard and horny it was painful. He was desperate to the point where he didn’t care what he thought about, as long as it got him off. Like the previous night his mind immediately went back to the naked, hairy hulk, but instead of lingering there it now shifted to his burly partner. Soon Eric was thinking back to the times he’d seen Dom stripped down in the locker room, his thick frame bulging out of his briefs or his bare, dark skin glistening from a recent shower.

It was all in vain. No matter how close Eric got to the edge he couldn’t cross over, leaving the lean young man panting, sweaty and unsatisfied. He’d tried everything. He varied his technique Avrupa Yakası Escort and switched his positions, even resorting to humping his bed like a horny dog, but while his abs burned from his bucking hips and his arms were sore from the rapid pumping, the relief he so vigorously sought never arrived.

Through it all he kept telling himself his mind was just playing tricks on him. Whenever he’d catch himself thinking that his average cock felt different, or notice a thickening of the hair on his arms, he told himself it was just his imagination. He’d been fantasizing about what it would be like to switch places with the hairy, baby-faced stud from the night before, that’s all, and the fully-body itching was just a result of the sweat from his forceful jerk session and nothing more.

That denial only lasted until his phone rang. The number was unlisted, and the calm, friendly voice on the other end was equally unfamiliar.

“I imagine you’re quite frustrated by now,” a man said.

“Excuse me? Who is this?” Eric asked after a surprised pause.

“You’ve been trying to get off for a while now, haven’t you? But things aren’t working quite the way you’re used to, are they?”

Eric’s heart started beating faster, the unease he’d been feeling since the previous night tightening around him like a noose. “How do you…who the fuck is this?”

“It must be extra frustrating for a fit, virile young man like yourself, isn’t it Eric? Twenty five, a hundred and eighty pounds…an even six foot…not bad looking, either,” the stranger said, rattling off a list. “Swimmer, soccer player, ladies man…with a brain to go with that body…” He kept speaking before Eric could stop him. “By now I’m sure you’ve put together that the man you found last night wasn’t an ordinary patient. I’m also sure that someone with your intelligence has figured out that you’ve been exposed to something unusual. That arousal? The inability to climax? That’s just the start. In a few hours you’ll look like your friend from last night, and unless you want to end up the same way he did, you’ll do as your told. The chemicals brewing in your system can be…volatile…if not treated in time.”

Eric’s hand shook as he gripped his phone. “Is this a joke? Did Dom put you up to this? What’d he do, slip a viagra into my coffee last night?”

The man on the other end’s tone never wavered. “You have something very expensive inside you that belongs to us, and make no mistake, we intend to collect on that one way or the other. Do you want to end up like poor Andrew? He chose to ignore our warnings and, well, you saw how that ended up for him. He looked a lot like you when he started, you know. Lean, trim, with that baby face you saw last night…”

“If you’re telling the truth, what’s to stop me from just going to the police or the hospital?”

“Nothing. You’re free to go to whoever you choose, but trust me when I say they can’t help you,” the man chuckled. “We’ve already collected what’s left of Andrew. Mentally, I mean. Physically he’s still the prime specimen you saw, but when left untreated the compound can wreak havoc on a person’s faculties.”

Eric couldn’t believe what he was hearing. If the stranger on the other end was telling the truth, the hairy brute of a man he’d discovered the night before had once been built like himself. It wasn’t possible, yet looking down at his still-aching cock and feeling the increasing itchiness spreading across his smooth skin, the stunned man couldn’t fully deny it.

“Look…what do you want? If you know so much about me you know I’m fuckin’ broke. You’ve officially got the wrong guy if you’re after money,” Eric spat.

“Oh, it’s not about the money. Not from you, at least.” The stranger’s tone was as casual and friendly as ever. “You want to help people, right? That’s why you do what you do? Think of this as your contribution to the field of medicine.”

“Whether I want to contribute or not? Is that how it worked for Andrew?”

“He actually was a volunteer. We try and limit this kind of collateral damage as much as possible, but sometimes when the changes start a patient…panics. Which reminds me, unless you want to pull anyone else in with you I’d avoid pointing that aching cock of yours at people. When it starts to erupt, well, you know how that goes,” the stranger laughed. “Please, make it easy for everyone and meet us at the address I’m sending to you. It’ll save us all so much trouble,” he said before hanging up.

Eric stared down at his phone, trying to ignore the sight of his rigid pole looming in the background. His head was spinning. The dark patch of hair at the base of his throbbing member looked thicker, and there was a noticeable trail running up towards his belly button. Eric had always had a sparse dusting when it came to body hair, sprouting in the usual places on his arms and legs but leaving most of his torso bare. Now that appeared to be changing.

“Fuck…fuck!” he growled, scratching at his toned chest and feeling the prickly hairs starting to push out from beneath the surface. He desperately wanted to believe that this was all an elaborate joke, but Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan the evidence said otherwise. His body felt strange and sore, and now that he stopped jerking off long enough to get a good look at himself, he could see that it was already growing. The pecs that had been modest and toned that morning were starting to inflate, cresting out from his torso. “Oh…oh god…” he gasped, flexing a pair of biceps that were noticeably thicker. He could see all the changes clearly now; his lumpy abs and broadened shoulders, the ass that was looking less perky and more heavy, and the fur that was starting to spread like weeds. Silky, chocolate curls had sprouted from his shoulders and were peppering his chest, creeping up his neck to join with the scrubby stubble to form a connected carpet from the wavy locks on top of his boy-next-door face.

Eric groaned when the address came through, accompanied by a picture of a naked and still hard Andrew. The furry hulk had a glazed, dull expression, and the implications were clear; they could get Eric wherever he went. The panicking young man knew this could still all be an elaborate ruse; they could have taken that picture of Andrew before the man ran away, and he could have always been built like that, with a brain like that.

But that didn’t explain what Eric was seeing with his own eyes and frantically pawing at with his own hands. In the minutes he’d been standing and gawking the hair that had simply been a suggestion grew into a wiry coating, leaving his once-smooth torso officially hairy for the first time in his life. It was jarring. Eric had never given much thought to his position on body hair, but seeing the curly forest flowing over his shoulders and down his back, the newly hirsute man didn’t know if he felt freakish or masculine.

The shock propelled him into action. He hurried to his room, wincing when he pulled on a t-shirt and watched it stretch to capacity across his widening torso. The clinging fabric only emphasized how much he’d already grown, a fact that was driven home when he tried to pull on a pair of jeans. He’d squeezed into a pair of tented boxer briefs, and the plastered-on denim made it, barely, up his meatier thighs, but the real problem came when he tried to stuff his painfully hard rod inside. There was no room for the girthy beast no matter how hard he tried, and the more he wrestled with it the more he started to see a growing damp spot on the front of his straining underwear.

Remembering Andrew’s tattered shorts and underwear Eric settled for grabbing his baggiest pair of gym shorts, hoping the fabric would stretch to contain him if he continued to grow. He slung his gym bag over a broader shoulder on his way out the door, positioning it in front of his tent as best he could. It didn’t completely conceal the obvious bulge, but he hoped it would do the job until he made it to his car.

It was a race against time. The address was all the way across town, and already the growing dampness had spread from his underwear to the front of his shorts. Eric cursed every redlight and stop sign, watching as his thighs spread towards each other and his ever-tightening shirt began to ride up his hairy muscle gut. The growth was slow and steady, a crawling inevitability instead of a violent explosion. He felt as if he’d been hooked up to an air pump as he watched his arms expand ever so gradually while he clutched the wheel, the dark brown hair growing more and more dense with each passing mile.

The one thing that didn’t seem to be changing was his fear-stricken, boy-next-door face. Every time his eyes darted to the rearview mirror Eric expected to see a stranger staring back, not the same bright blue eyes,small nose, and soft, full lips above his pointed jaw. He should have been relieved, but the idea of his unaltered face sitting on a hairy, brutish body was less than comforting.

By the time Eric reached the seemingly abandoned warehouse he felt like he was ready to explode. His body was sore and bloated as it stretched his clothes near to bursting and his throbbing beast of an inflated cock had completely soaked through his shorts. The unwieldy new organ actually sprang out from the top of his shorts when he lurched his heavy new frame out of the car, the oozing bulbous head looking like a fist against his furry, solid gut. His shirt was no help in providing cover as it had ridden up well past his widened stomach, the sleeves actually splitting around his fur-tufted biceps. With each lumbering step Eric was convinced the useless clothes would shred off his expanded frame, and he was too far gone to know whether or not he’d care.

“That didn’t take long.”

Eric recognized the thin, well-dressed man’s voice immediately, just as he recognized the towering, naked hulk standing behind him. It was Andrew, the man from the night before, looking just as dazed as he had in the picture Eric had received. Like his own frustrated organ, Eric could see a steady stream trickling out of the naked man’s rigid club. “Pl…please…here I am, alright? Just give me the antidote or whatever,” Eric begged, his stomach fluttering at the sight of the Escort Avrupa Yakası hairy wall of muscle. His head was spinning, though whether from his uncontrollable lust or something much worse he couldn’t tell.

“It’s not that simple, I’m afraid.” The man adjusted his suit jacket and shrugged, fixing Eric with a sympathetic look. His face was just as sharp and impossible to read as his voice. “The stabilizing agent requires regular dosing to keep the serum under control, and even if it didn’t that still leaves us with the problem of you being in the possession of something that belongs to us.” The man turned and scooped a glistening fingerful of the ample fluid leaking out of Andrew, eliciting a quiet groan from the addled hulk “Liquid gold,” he said proudly “Miraculous steroid? Potent aphrodisiac? Control agent? This is all of those things and more, thanks to the chemicals incubating in those impressive bodies of yours. Whatever a person wants, we can make happen. For the right price, of course.”

Eric’s meaty slab of a chest was heaving, his heart racing. “I don’t understand…what do you want me to do?”

“Come work for us. Put that new body of yours to good use doing what it wants to do while we reap the benefits.”

Eric turned crimson when his overwhelmed brain managed to piece together what he was being offered. “Wait…you want me tooooOOOHHHHH!” He was cut when his cock suddenly erupted, howling to the ceiling while his expanding torso was soaked by the impossible release. Like the night before it splattered against his face, filling his mouth with the same astringent, chemical taste. He sprayed for what felt like minutes, his cock every bit as hard when he was, for the moment, spent.

“I should warn you, each of those are going to take a little more out of you,” the man said, tapping his short-cropped hair as he spoke. “Look, either way you’re coming with us. The question is whether or not you make this a win-win or wind up like Andrew here.”

“I don’t…this is too much…” Eric gasped, absently reaching up with a meaty fist and tearing his damp shirt free like it was paper. The dizzy, drunken sensation was getting worse by the second. He didn’t know what the man had in store for him if he agreed, but he knew it would be worse if he didn’t. There was a loud rip as his shorts started to split up the side, his forearm of a cock pushing free and forcing the waist of the shorts down. He could feel another release building. “Fine! I’ll do it! Just give me the…the…” he hesitated, the word escaping him, “…the thing!”

The man smiled, the last thing Eric remembered before the world went black.


“OOOHHHhhhh…ohhhh…oh fuck…oh fuck…” Eric whimpered, his voice swallowed by the mattress he pressed his face into. His thick pecs and round, meaty cheeks bounced with each blissful thrust of the man’s cock as he squirmed back against him, loving how it felt when the older stud tugged on the curly forest carpeting his back.

It was almost hard for Eric to believe that just a few months ago he’d been a lean, wiry EMT living an average, nondescript existence. Now he was a hairy, brawny hulk who men paid more money than he would have seen in his entire life to take him for a ride. The wealthy clientele certainly enjoyed making the baby-faced brute scream, but the copious liquid oozing almost constantly out of his impossibly large cock was the real reason they came. They used it to keep themselves fit and gorgeous, like the middle aged adonis who didn’t look a day over twenty five currently fucking his brains out. They could have purchased it directly from the Agent for less, but most seemed to enjoy drinking straight from the tap, as it were.

Eric didn’t mind. The serum hadn’t ravaged his mind the way it had the man who’d started him down this path, but it more than left its mark. His inflated pole wasn’t constantly hard and oozing the way Andrew’s was, but it had become difficult for Eric to think of anything other than fucking for more than a few minutes at a time. His insatiable need to get off had grown to keep pace with his massive new body, and if he went more than a few hours he’d be hard and leaking.

He’d moved in to the Company’s highrise shortly after the changes stopped. He wasn’t a prisoner, but he quickly discovered how difficult it was to function with his limited attention span and constant hunger. The one time he’d tried to hang out with his old friends, coming up with an excuse about steroids and working out, he’d had to bolt after he nearly blew in his pants at the thought of them all taking him for a ride. He’d actually grabbed Dom’s dick through his pants, his own cock leaking as he felt the other man become hard against his palm. It was a disaster. He’d barely made it back with enough time to strap the collector on before he popped. The guys like himself were free to get off as much as they wanted, as long as they didn’t let any of the precious fluid go to waste. If the Agents found out they were, it was a quick trip to the milking pens as punishment. Eric had only seen it once, but that was enough. The sight of the muscle bound studs strapped into chairs while a vibrator constantly worked their thick cheeks to keep the streams flowing had been terrifying. The first few times Eric had been fucked with the collection bag strapped to his uselessly huge cock and ever-churning balls he’d been mortified, but it beat the alternative. Now he barely noticed.

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