It’s Too Cliché…Right? Ch. 09

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Warmth from the afternoon sun enveloped my being, rays of heat and light dancing across my skin. Even behind my sunglasses and closed eyes, sunlight strained to blind me as I leaned into the lounge chair, facing the, no doubt, bright blue sky.

In nothing but my board shorts, I welcomed the heat, though, enjoying the week of higher than usual temperatures in the middle of February. With temperatures hitting the low 80s, a pool party just seemed to make sense. And people still think global warming isn’t real?

In the background, the music of ‘Handclap’ by Fitz and the Tantrums blasted through bluetooth speakers, interspersed with giggling and laughter from the others as they played in the pool. First was the soft chuckle of Jake, then the loud happy scream of Sam followed quickly by a splash.

Before I could even open my eyes, strong hands pushed at my legs, parting them before my feet touched the warm stone tiles of the poolside. I popped an eye open and raised an eyebrow, seeing Evan moving to take the place of my recently departed legs. Leaning back into me, I smiled, draping my arms across his chest as he nestled himself to me.

Evan had become a lot more comfortable with showing me affection in the company of my friends. After all, we had been ‘secretly’ dating for more than three months so that was probably a given. Come to think of it, I can’t even really call the gang just my friends anymore either because Evan had definitely already warmed up to them to be classified as such anyway. I mean, he was the one who suggested a pool party anyway, at his house no less.

Sure, the gang had known about where he lived for a while now, but he had never once invited them over. When he had asked me if I thought a pool party was a good idea earlier in the week, I was shocked.

“You’re inviting them to your house?” I had asked, eyes wide as I waited for his answer.

“Well, the weather’s been good so I just thought…” he said, trailing off, his cheeks turning the lightest bit pink as if it was embarrassing that he had asked.

“I think it’s a great idea,” I quickly reassured to which he had given me a shy smile.

It wasn’t so much that I didn’t think that Evan wanted our friends to be at his house, but I kind of found out that his home was his safe space. A place where he could be comfortable, to not wonder about his insecurities. I only saw him that way when he was home, only ever shedding his walls around me when we’re completely alone. So, in a way, his invitation to the gang was just another of his walls coming down.

That’s not to say that he didn’t have his reservations, though. As far as the rest of the world knew, Evan and I were just really good friends. When Evan started having lunch with us, gossip naturally took off as the rumor mill started up. At first, most students were just surprised that the mysterious Evan Trevorrow was finally hanging out with other human beings, but expecting teenagers not to gossip is just plain stupid.

The initial rumor was that he was simply hanging with us because of some school assignment, which wasn’t really that far off, to be honest, but then things started getting a little…far-fetched. I mean, people actually thought that Evan was just trying to become popular which was kind of ludicrous seeing that Evan never seemed to care about stuff like that. I guess, in a way, it just kind of reinforced the idea that nobody in school really knew Evan.

But the, should I say, funniest rumor was that Evan and Jake were hooking up just because someone saw Jake and Evan talking at the pool that one time. I had to roll my eyes at that because of how close and yet how far they were. Of course, the gossip died down once it became clear that Evan was staying and he ceased being news.

“What are you thinking about?” Evan asked, his voice knocking me from my thoughts as he ran his fingers up and down my arm that was laid across his chest.

“Nothing,” I replied, tilting my head down to see him looking up at me. I gave him an innocent smile when he waited for me to give him an actual answer, but I wasn’t about to tell him how I was contemplating my life with him. Now, that is embarrassing.

When it became clear that I wasn’t going to tell him, he rolled his eyes and turned back to the front, leaning into me again. I chuckled, leaning down and placing a soft kiss on his hair. I was glad that neither his dad nor Carla were home or Evan wouldn’t have been as affectionate as he was being. He hadn’t told his family about us and I wished he did because I’m pretty sure that Eric would have been cool with it. But alas, that wasn’t my decision to make. I tried to stay clear of the whole coming out topic because Evan got slightly pissed every time I brought it up, so I just let it be.

Looking down at my somewhat secret boyfriend, I noticed that he was dressed in nothing but a pair of board shorts, much like my own, his tanned muscles bulging in all the right places. To be honest, I had been kind of hoping that he would be wearing his tight speedos, my mind deneme bonusu veren siteler going to dirty places ever since he suggested a pool party. Then again, I would much rather not have him flaunt what was obviously only meant for my eyes. Wait…was that over protective or, heaven forbid, jealous?

“You finished with your work?” I asked, knocking myself out of my own thoughts. The party’s been in full swing for over an hour and Evan had just joined us, claiming that he had some homework for an AP class that he needed to get done before even thinking about enjoying himself.

“Yep, just finished it,” he replied.

“Why do it today, though? I assumed that when you suggested this thing, you’d be free for the day,” I asked. I wasn’t complaining, don’t get me wrong, because if he had work he had to prioritize that, but I’m just curious.

“Well, I actually thought I would be done with it a few days ago, but I procrastinated. Thermodynamics isn’t exactly a riveting topic” he said, blushing slightly.

“Wait,” Tim called out from a few chairs down the pool. “You’re finished with the chemistry thing?” I raised my eyebrow at my brother’s eavesdropping but seeing that we weren’t exactly trying to keep quiet, I forgave him.

I felt Evan nod his head, his hair tickling the skin of my abdomen. “You’re not?”

“It’s only due by the end of next week, right?” Tim asked, pulling down his sunglasses slightly to look at Evan over the tinted lenses.

“Um…Monday actually,” Evan muttered. At his words, Tim’s eyes doubled in size and he sat up straight, pulling his sunglasses off like that dude in Jurassic Park when he first saw that dinosaur.

“Holy shit, you’re kidding, right?” he shouted, panic clear in his features. Evan simply shook his head, but I could see a hint of sympathy for my little brother in his eyes. I, on the other hand, was kind of reveling in my brother’s misfortune. “Oh crap, I still have so much to do!”

“Wait, wait, hold up,” I said, causing Tim to stop his little panic attack. “The two smartest kids in school waited until the last minute to finish a school related assignment?”

“Well, I don’t know about your brother, but I tried working on it many times this last week. I just…didn’t have the motivation. Besides, Tim’s like way smarter than me so I’m sure he can manage.”

Tim scoffed. “Dude, you got like a mark less than me for chemistry the last semester. I’m not that much smarter than you.”

“Oh right, but remind me again how old you are? Because I’m 18 and last I checked, you’re what? 14? 15?” Evan replied matter-of-factly. I smirked, liking the snarky Evan that came out every time he and Tim go on about each other’s smartness. The funny thing was that neither of them wanted to take credit for being the smarter one. At first, I thought it would have been some kind of contest, but it definitely didn’t go as I had expected.

“I…just…” Tim stammered.

“Just let it go, lil’ bro. You can’t recover from that one,” I laughed.

Evan laughed too but recovered quickly. “If you wanna borrow my laptop to work, I’d be happy to lend it to you,” he said.

“Oh, my god, yes! You’re a lifesaver,” Tim squealed, almost bouncing in his seat. Evan chuckled, getting up and shaking his head as he returned to the house to retrieve the electronic device.

I took Evan’s departure to see how the rest of the gang was spending this fine afternoon. After his scare, Tim immediately returned to his phone, probably checking to see what he needed for the work or whatever, I don’t really question him. Further down the poolside was Mitch in a pair of white shorts, sprawled out on the lounge chair with sunglasses sitting on the bridge of his nose, on the table next to him sat a bottle of tanning oil and a jug of lemonade that Evan had brought out earlier. With his mouth hanging slightly ajar, I figured that Mitch had fallen asleep.

Turning to the pool, I saw the other four laughing and splashing up a storm in the cool and clear water. With Melissa on Jake’s shoulders and Sam on Brian’s, it didn’t take a genius to realize that they were playing a game of chicken fight. With the way that Melissa was struggling to stay up, I figured that Sam and Brian were winning this round.

“What’s the score?” I shouted over to them.

“We’re leading two to one,” Melissa shouted back. I don’t know if it was my question that distracted her or not, but as soon as the words left her mouth, Melissa took a plunge into the water after a shove from Sam.

“Not anymore, you’re not,” Sam taunted.

“No fair,” Melissa cried, emerging from the water. “Brad distracted me.”

“He didn’t actually ask you to reply, now did he? I could have answered too but chose not to,” Sam shot back. I gave Melissa a look that simply said that she had a point.

“Technicalities,” she waved off, splashing water at the opposing couple.

“Hey, don’t take it out on me,” Brian said, returning a wave of water. He apparently didn’t know his strength because the subsequent tsunami caused water to not only spray Melissa but also splash out the pool and onto an unsuspecting sleeping Mitch.

As cool water touched his hot skin, he shot awake, mouth open as he gasped from the shock of the rude awakening. He took a moment to survey his surroundings, only to see Melissa doubling over with laughter. The rest of us were more covert with our chuckling, which made Mitch immediately assume that his sister had been the culprit.

“Mel, I will kill you,” he snarled, narrowing his eyes at her over his sunglasses.

“Sorry, dude, that was my fault,” Brian admitted, giving him a sheepish smile.

“Besides, you needed to wake up before you turned into the Polish flag,” I added.

“What?” Mitch asked, a look of confusion on his face as he looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“You know, half red and half white?” I explained. At my words, Mitch looked down at his body, noticing that his skin was already starting to burn.

“Whatever,” he muttered before turning over in his lounge chair to even out his tan.

Just then, Evan came back out to the backyard, a laptop nestled in one arm and a platter of finger foods in the other. “I’ve got snacks,” he called as he handed Tim the laptop.

“Yay, food!” Sam screamed, quickly climbing off Brian and out of the pool.

Leading the way, the rest followed her as they made their way over to the food. I looked over Evan’s shoulder to see cocktail sausages, chicken nuggets, and tater tots piled onto the serving tray. In the middle stood a bowl of onion dip with chips surrounding it.

I picked up a few nuggets before returning to my seat. Tim was already hard at work, totally ignoring the food as he crammed to finish his stuff as soon as possible. Mitch too didn’t really bother, still lying on his stomach. My guess was he fell back asleep.

With a glass of lemonade in his hand, Evan returned to the space between my legs. “When did you make those?” I asked, indicating the food.

“I didn’t. Carla did,” he replied, taking a sip of his beverage. “She offered when she found out I was having you guys over today. She prepared it earlier today before she left.”

“Isn’t it her day off, though?” I asked, remembering that Evan had mentioned it the other day.

“It is, but she insisted. I did tell you before that you don’t say no to that woman,” he laughed.

“Well, you never allowed me to ever deny her so I don’t see how I would have known otherwise,” I replied.

“I guess,” he replied. Not having anything to reply to that, I took to running circles on his bare chest, a habit I realized I had picked up over the past few months.

“Please stop that,” he said, his voice almost straining. I smirked, looking down at him.

“Why, you don’t like that?” I asked, continuing with my fingers on his skin.

“I’d much rather not pop a hard on with everyone here,” he said, turning to stare up at me, and I had to laugh.

In the three months that we’ve been together, sex has not been lacking. I’ve been a frequent visitor to the Trevorrow residences and we do get down to it when we’re alone. I was proud to say that Evan, although pretty good in bed to begin with, had been getting progressively better with each passing week. He was no longer as nervous as he once was and I can’t help but feel I played a bit of a role in that. I can’t even begin to tell you the things this boy did to me in bed.

“I guess the same can’t be said for you,” he said, a smirk playing on his lips.

“What?” I asked, popping out of my thoughts.

“I can feel something poking me in my back,” he whispered, wiggling a little, making me realize the semi-plump member in between our bodies. I guess thinking about sex may have gotten me more than a little excited.

“Sorry, my mind was…preoccupied,” I replied, growing a shade of pink.

“Maybe I’ll help you deal with it later,” he flirted, and I swear I had to suppress the aroused moan that wanted to escape my lips, my dick giving a little bounce in excitement.

“Stop being a cock tease,” I snarled, giving him a narrowed look. I guess in an effort to increase my discomfort, Evan got up, moving away from me. My eyes darted down and saw the slight tent in my shorts, to which I immediately brought a leg up to mask my growing erection. “God, I hate you.” He winked at me like the sadistic bastard he was and walked over to refill his glass of lemonade, leaving me with a growing awkward boner.

I closed my eyes trying to think about anything that would help ebb away this erection. I remembered that people say imagining an old person naked helps them the quickest so I started with that. Turns out that wasn’t such a good idea because all that did was lead to a very disturbing image of my middle school math teacher. I swear, I would need therapy just to recover from that psychological trauma. Worse still, my erection hadn’t gone away. If a mental image like that hadn’t deflated my cock, I seriously doubted that anything would have.

My mind still focused on keeping my erection as discreet as possible, I didn’t notice Evan returning until he had pulled me up roughly, standing me up. Knowing about my little predicament down south, he had strategically placed himself between me and the group of people stuffing their faces with food.

“I can help you with that,” he whispered into my ear which only made my dick even harder.

“Oh?” I replied, thinking that Evan was going to invite me inside to take care of my little problem. “What did you have in mind?” He shot me an evil smirk and in that instant, I knew that what I had thought he meant and what he had actually meant were so far from each other they might as well have been on different planets.

Next thing I knew, I was being pushed backward. My feet lost contact with the tiled floor as I fell, my arms flailing as I tried grasping air for support. Even though this all happened within the span of a second or so, I was surprised as to the amount my brain could comprehend in that very instant. For a fraction of a second, my eyes met Evan’s which were shining with mischief and I felt the slightest pang of betrayal, but knowing that I couldn’t do anything about my imminent encounter with the cold pool water, I resigned myself to fate.

The first touch of cool liquid on my skin shocked my system, feeling the heat leave my skin as the water engulfed me. The next sensation wasn’t quite as welcoming as water shot up my nose and mouth, the taste of chlorine assaulting my senses. Twisting around, I kicked my legs and flailed my arms, all in an effort to correct my lateral orientation, finally feeling the hard surface of the pool floor underneath my toes. With a final push, I emerged from the water, clearing my nose of the liquid that slightly burned my nasal cavity,

A splash to my right made me wince away before turning to see Evan surfacing just a few feet from me. Again, his smirk was on his lips and I had to shoot him a glare. “That was an asshole thing to do,” I said, splashing water at him.

“It worked, didn’t it? I don’t see a tent anymore,” he said, eyes darting down for just a moment. Following his gaze, I realized that my erection was, like he said, gone. I guess that’s one way to get rid of a boner.

“Still, I was hoping for something a little less wet and a little more…” I trailed off, unsure of what I actually wanted to say.

“Wet, although a different kind of wetness,” he completed, wiggling his eyebrows for added effect.

“You are such a pervert,” I laughed.

“But you like that,” he said, coming over to me till we were only inches apart.

“That I do.” With a satisfied smirk, Evan closed the distance between us, connecting his lips to mine. The heat of his lips and body was a stark contrast to the pool water surrounding me. Even though it was a relatively family friendly kiss, it still managed to stir feelings of affection within my chest. Months of kissing Evan and my heart still fluttered every time our lips touched. Almost immediately, I felt my dick getting excited once again.

“Whoo, hot boy-on-boy action!” Sam shouted, causing us to break away from the kiss. A part of me was appreciative, knowing that I really didn’t need to pop a boner again, but another part of me just wanted to say, fuck it, and continue kissing my boyfriend.

Evan didn’t say anything about Sam’s comment, but he did blush a little and looked down, hiding his face. Before I could even shoot out a snarky comment to Sam, I heard the intro to Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ start in the background. I rolled my eyes and counted down in my head.


“Ahh, my jam!” Sam screamed.

“Too much screaming,” I heard Mitch mutter, his tone still sleepy from being awoken once again by another one of his so-called friends. Sam ignored him, though, standing up and dancing to the beat of the song, a cocktail sausage still between her fingers.

I shook my head, turning back to Evan who had a look of confusion on his face. “Just go with it,” I told him. “It’s best to just let her be whenever Queen is involved.”

When the beat picked up, that’s when I saw Brian shrug and get up too, dancing over to his girlfriend as they jumped and gyrated to the music. I chuckled as I watched this unfold, seeing Melissa and Jake look to each other before seemingly coming to the same decision, getting up and flailing arms around.

“They’re insane,” Evan chuckled, leaning into my side as we watched our eccentric group of friends having the time of their lives, dancing like nobody was watching. “Well, if you can’t beat them, join them.”

Before I could even process what Evan meant by that, he began singing, the lyrics flowing from his mouth in perfect sync with Freddie Mercury’s. I smiled, just listening to his voice as he belted the notes out. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my boyfriend could sing.

“Yeah, man. Sing it!” Brian shouted, taking my attention away from Evan. When the gang first heard Evan belt out, they too were stunned by how good he was. I found out over the months we’ve been together that Evan liked to break out into song, especially when someone says something that even remotely resembles a song lyric.

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