No Masturbation For A Week Or More (Challenge #2)

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No Masturbation For A Week Or More (Challenge #2)
In 2002 and 2003 when I was 23-24 years old, I decided to do a series of interesting masturbation challenges and I made detailed notes of the results. Here are the notes from one of those challenges:

NOTE: Even though this story is about abstaining from masturbation, it includes a super hot description of my first session after 30 days! 😉

Challenge #2 – No Masturbation For A Week Or More.
DATES: August 18, 2002 – September 17, 2002 LENGTH: 30 Days, 7 Hours, 35 Minutes

Challenge: To not masturbate to orgasm/ejaculation for seven consecutive days or more.

Expected Difficulty: Difficult (Simple, Moderate, Difficult, Challenging)

Actual Difficulty: Moderate

Requirements / Restrictions:
– May not stroke my penis with my hands.
– May not bring myself anywhere close to orgasm/ejaculation.
– May not do anything that would be considered masturbation.

– May get an erection as often as I want.
– May think erotic thoughts, look at erotic pictures, etc.
– May casually rub erection up against bedding, etc. VERY briefly (minimum tolerance).

Date started: Sun. Aug. 18, 2002 6:09am (finish time of last masturbation session after challenge #1).

Minimum date to finish: Sun. Aug. 25, 2002 6:09am

Final date of masturbation: Tues. Sept. 17, 2002 12:30pm – 74 mins – Awesome


The first thing to note with this challenge is that I not only went for 7 consecutive days without masturbating, but I another 23 days after that! A total of 30 consecutive days without masturbating! I was incredibly surprised that I was able to do that for that long. I anticipated that after the 10th day or so that I wouldn’t be able to “take it anymore” and that I would HAVE to masturbate. I tried for 2 weeks and the difficulty was still about the same, so I said to myself, why not try for 3 weeks? and then once 3 weeks I thought I might as well make it an even month (30 days). I noted that on the 6th and 22nd days and a few days after each of not masturbating I became hornier than usual and it became more difficult during those days to not masturbate, but still manageable. I noticed that I was hornier when I first woke up each day and I would often have an erection from the time I woke up all the way until I had finished urinating. I read that testosterone levels are highest when you first wake up from .

I noticed (and kind of expected) that I would be thinking sexy thoughts more often and getting more erections more often than usual. During the whole first week of abstaining I noticed a lift in my regular mood. I was generally happier and experienced real joy (which is rare). For instance when I would look out the car window at a field from the passenger seat while driving by, I would see the beauty of it more than usual and just generally feel happy about life. I am not sure if this abstinence contributed to, or was the cause of this elevated general mood or not. It’s interesting to note though. I believe it had at least something to do with it.

During my abstinence I found my thoughts dwelling quite a bit on masturbation and it was during this time that I also created this log recording my masturbation challenges. It was a turn-on even to write about challenge #1 and prepare a section for this challenge. I bought a finger-sized vibrator (The Fuzuoko) that I wanted to get even before any of these masturbation challenges. I purchased it at a sex store along with a cock-ring and a couple of condoms. I wanted a cock-ring because I remember what it felt like when I used my ex-boyfriend’s cock-ring and it was nice, and a good alternative to rubber bands. I got the condoms in preparation for the “humping the bed, lying on my stomach” masturbation challenge that I thought of for the future. A day or so later, I also purchased a whole box of condoms. The day after I purchased some K-Y personal lubricant (for future use to add spice to sessions) and a couple of small half-a-cup Tupperware cylinder containers (for the semen collecting masturbation challenge I might do in the kurtköy escort bayan future). I tried the Fuzuoko finger-sized vibrator on my hands, arms, feet and just briefly on my penis one morning and I can tell this toy will be fun and add some spice to future masturbation sessions.

Into the third week I also thought of shaving some of my pubic hair. I shaved with my old electric shaver mustache trimmer, but then thought of using my regular electric shaver instead with it’s mustache trimmer and it worked much better. I shaved my scrotum, the base of my penis shaft and I trimmed some of the hair in the pubic area. I didn’t shave right at the skin level, I shaved as close as possible pretty much without touching the cutters to my skin. I really liked the feeling of being shaved like that, especially my scrotum. I remember it felt good from before too. On day 27, I trimmed the hair again to keep it as smooth as possible for my upcoming masturbation session on completion of this challenge. I read articles on the web about shaving pubic hair and most of them don’t recommend electric shavers, and to watch out for pimples and in-grown hairs. That had me worried a bit, but because I didn’t shave right to skin level, everything worked out fine.

I noticed that I visited JackinWorld on the internet often, trying to read as much as possible about masturbation and each time I did, it turned me on quite a bit. I spent more time on that site in the last 30 days than any time before. I also read many masturbation stories on Nifty in the gay masturbation area (Nifty is a gay/bi only short-story archive).

I had read that after about 2-3 weeks of abstaining from masturbation that guys will often have a wet dream. I thought that would be a cool thing to experience. I was a bit worried that my black bed sheets might get stained. I started wearing my underwear at night while I (because I usually naked) so that if I had a wet dream, the stains on the sheets might not be so bad. Unfortunately I never had a wet dream during this challenge, nor have I ever had one in my life to the best of my knowledge. I also started wearing my tighter (newer) pairs of underwear as opposed to my older loose pairs. I think the tightness of it was more arousing.

I also read about “Kegel” exercises where you contract your pubococcygeal (PC) muscle which is the muscle you would use if you wanted to stop urinating in mid-stream. They say that doing these exercises (which are easy and you can do them anywhere, anytime. While walking, driving a car, etc.) can help intensify your orgasms and possibly make you shoot farther when you ejaculate. I started by doing 20 kegels in the 2nd week, and holding it for 5-10 seconds each and I found it to be somewhat demanding. Eventually I was doing 100 kegels each morning in bed when I woke up, not holding them, but just doing them quickly and holding the 100th one in for 10-30 seconds. I found that by doing it more often, I could hold the muscle contracted for longer periods. Contraction of this muscle also makes your penis “jerk” a bit when erect, and when not erect, I noticed my scrotum would “jerk” a bit.

I also noticed myself scouting out possible locations for an outdoor masturbation session. I even took a long walk around my area and found a small forested-type area, but I concluded that it was too close to houses and main streets.

I noticed that on a few days, I would have a dull ache in my scrotum area, it wasn’t anything major or unmanageable, but I wondered if it was my abstinence causing it (like having “blue balls” – vasoconstriction, where goes to the scrotum during arousal but if you don’t ejaculate, the stays there and becomes uncomfortable even giving your scrotum a purple/bluish colour). It could have even been the strain from the amount of kegel exercises I was doing. Maybe a combination of both.

I had to wait until at least 6:09am on Tues. Sept. 17th in order for 30 days to pass for me to finally masturbate again. Since I am at 6am, I planned the night before that I would masturbate when I woke up the next day in my parent’s bed (they were away on a trip at the time). kartal escort bayan I wanted to make sure that this session was memorable and that it would be as long as possible. I knew that my penis would probably be sensitive to stimulation and that I might ejaculate easily, so I wanted to keep that in mind and go easy to prolong the session. I could have done it in my own bedroom, but I wanted to do it in my parent’s bed because it was bigger and softer, because I could see myself in their mirror when I was lying down and because of the way the daylight comes in the room.

I woke up at 11am though my alarm was set for 1pm. I couldn’t get back to because I was excited that I would be finally masturbating today. I put on some track pants on over my black underwear and put on an old dark blue/black t-shirt. I got 7 tissues ready (as opposed to the regular 5) as I anticipated lots of semen. I was lying on the bed fantasizing, sometimes with a semi-erection, other times with a full erection. I wasn’t stimulating my genital region, I just had my hands resting on my chest feeling my chest rise and fall with my breathing. I noticed my breath would shutter at times, as I was very aroused. I also was lying in various positions on the bed, sometimes with my legs bent over the side, sometimes I would fall on the bed backwards or forwards.

I found a piece of old cloth pajama belt lying on the floor, it was just big enough for what I wanted it for, to tie a knot in it so that I could get both of my hands inside the hole. I wanted to pretend that someone had tied my hands up behind my back and then pushed me down face first onto the bed, falling from an upright position while I was on my knees on the bed. This was very arousing and I had never done it before. I could feel my heart faster and I could hear it echoing in my ears. Since I had the house to myself, I figured I might as well make some vocalizations, as it’s not something I get to do usually. As my fantasy progressed and I could feel and see my raging erection under my track pants, I started moaning and gasping and saying “No don’t, please stop” in a very desperate, begging and almost kind of way while I squirmed. I put the knotted pajama belt around my hands again in front and put my tied-together hands up above my head and pretended that they were tied there to the bed above my head. After doing that for a bit, I removed the knotted pajama belt and I slid my shirt up and felt my chest while still begging and squirming.

Then I removed my shirt completely and intensified my begging/borderline and squirming. I put the knotted pajama belt back on my hands each time I removed an article of clothing and put my hands back up above my head. I slid my track pants down a bit and then took them off. My erection was intense. I continued my vocalizations. Then I slowly removed my underwear finally exposing my erection. I got on my knees and was upright on the bed and I tied my hands behind my back again with the knotted pajama belt and then fell forward face-first onto the pillow, my erection thrusting into the sheets and to the side. I felt I was almost going to ejaculate just from that jolt of stimulation and arousal. I flipped myself over still gasping, begging and squirming and then I started to settle down as though I was giving in. I untied my hands from above my head. I started rubbing my balls, tugging on them a little, rolling them around, feeling the smooth scrotal skin, and even a bit of the stubble.

I wrapped my right hand around my shaft a few times and just held it there. It felt good to be doing this again after 30 days of abstinence. There were a few times when I really felt like my semen was just begging to be released and so I slowed down and stopped touching for a moment or two. Throughout this session I looked up at the large mirror on my parents dresser. I could see the bottom of my feet when I lifted them up and I could see my erection. This added to the experience quite a bit. Then after continued stimulation of my balls and touching of my shaft, I figured it was time, so I gripped my penis with my left middle and index finger kaynarca escort bayan at the back of my penis and my thumb on the front and stroked. It didn’t take more than a few seconds and I started orgasming with my semen shooting out of my penis further than I have ever seen it shoot out of me in my life! It shot up with ease into the air a couple of feet! About 5 large and long shots of medium thickness consistency. A couple shots landed on my chest, and one on my upper left arm and a bit on the bed, and quite a bit around my pubic area. The orgasm wasn’t really the most intense, but the amount of semen and how far it shot truly was! It kinda reminded me of my ex-boyfriend’s cum shots and how and semen-plentiful they were. I wondered if the kegel exercises I was doing in the days prior had been a factor in how far I shot, or if it was purely the amount of semen/arousal I was feeling at the time. I think it was both. I was wondering if the 7 tissues would be enough to clean it all up, but they were and I finally managed to finish cleaning up. A truly memorable masturbation session. One for the history books.

I noticed that my mood was different after this session, more like it was before this challenge. Its difficult to put a finger on it to describe it, but I felt a little more negatively-minded, sluggish, etc. But it could have been because I woke up earlier than expected and was tired.

I also noticed that the dull ache in my scrotum area was gone, and it was then that I discovered that I had that ache throughout the 30 days (or at least the last 20) but had gotten used to it, so I assumed it wasn’t there anymore. Only after this session did realize it was probably there most of the time during this challenge.


I proved that I can abstain from masturbating for not only a week, but for a month! I felt that I could have even continued abstaining if I desired. I figured 30 days more than met the criteria for this challenge and it was a record setter, as the most I had ever voluntarily (or otherwise) abstained in the past was 10 days when I was 16 or so. There wasn’t a time in my memory since I discovered masturbation when I was 12 when I went without masturbating for more than 10 days. Though I’m sure that 10 days of abstinence at age 16 is probably somewhat equivalent to 30 days at my current age (23), due to the difference in the amount of masturbation experience, hormones and sex drive. I also cut this challenge off at 30 days because I wanted to move on to another masturbation challenge. It was a lot easier to do than I thought it would be. It showed me that I don’t really HAVE to masturbate or be dependent upon it, that I can live without it for a long period of time and that I can be happy and just as productive (if not a little more sex minded than usual). This is very important information for the future as it tells me how I react to abstinence, so if I ever get into a severe situation when life isn’t going my way and I’m depressed or become injured and in a hospital with a body cast, etc. that I can go without masturbating just fine.

I found that in general, I think more sexy thoughts throughout each day and that I think about masturbation a lot more than usual. I also read more masturbation stories and information on the web than usual. I also tended to get semi and full erections more often. I focused on buying masturbation toys and preparing a lot for future masturbation sessions, thinking more erotic than usual.

The most important conclusion however is the realization that masturbation is not something that I have to be a slave to, I can be in more control over my urges than I realize. That there are benefits to abstaining; different moods, usually improved, and a sense of self-discipline which feels very good as well, also the time/energy not spent masturbating is used for other things. Before I went to each night, I found it wasn’t so difficult after all to say “No, I’m not going to masturbate tonight”.

Would you do it again? Recommendations:

Yes, I would do this challenge again. I may experiment with it again in the future, different lengths of abstinence, time between sessions, etc.

There’s not a lot I can recommend to improve this challenge or my masturbation techniques as a result of it.

Challenge Status: COMPLETED, EXCEEDED CHALLENGE REQUIREMENTS ++ (Abstained for 30 days instead of 7 days).

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