The Restaurant Ch. 01

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My friends and I went to get drinks at a local Mexican restaurant that is know for their margaritas. It was the end of a busy time of the year for us, so we needed to let loose. We found a table out of the way from the rest of the crowd, so that we could relax and enjoy our drinks. We were just trying to unwind.

As we walked in though, I noticed a beautiful lady sitting at a table with another woman and two men. I thought she was rather attractive, yet noticed she was talking to one of the guys at her table and I just enjoyed her beauty as I walked by.

As we sat at our table waiting for our margaritas, I looked up at the table that we walked by on the way in and I noticed the beautiful women looking our direction. as we made eye contact, her eyes turned away quickly. She was in the middle of a conversation with the rest of the others at her table.

My friends and I got our margaritas and discussed the events of the past year and how the future would be better. As we finished off our margaritas, we switched over to beers. As I was taking a drink from my beer, I noticed another women walking in. She was wearing a red tank that was a little loose, but defined her chest rather well. Her skirt defined her ass and her legs were firm. I was imagining what it would be like to have her legs wrapped around me as I looked up and made contact. She smiled at me, but I quickly looked away. She busted me as I checked her out.

We continued to order a couple of more rounds. As we sat there talking, I would occasionally glance over at the woman witting at the table. We would make eye contact and we would quickly look away. Then I noticed the guy she was talking with, left the restaurant.

I had drank enough where I needed to use the bathroom. As I went to the bathroom, I had to walk by the table where the beautiful woman was sitting. As I walked by, she turned to me and gave me a smile. I blushed a little as I was caught staring at her. I continued to the bathroom.

As I came out, she was walking down the narrow hallway toward me. She looked at me as I scanned her amazing body. Again, I was busted, but as we were Travesti about to pass each other, a guy rushing to the bathroom from behind her bumped her into me and we felt our bodies connect. I could feel her firm breasts against me, which gave me an immediate erection. I am sure she felt me get hard. As we made contact we looked into each other eyes and we both paused. Then, uncharacteristically of me, I put my hands on her sides to get by her, but when I did that, I brought her closer to me. That is when she brought her lips to mine and gave me a soft gentle kiss. As our lips parted, I realized someone was trying to get by us to use the restroom. We broke our connection and let him by. As we were being separated, she said, “pardon me, my name is Kristen.” I was in too much shock to respond. She went back to her table and I went back to mine.

Over the next twenty minutes, we kept staring at each other. Then I decided to use the bathroom again, hoping she would follow. As I was about to head into the men’s room, the women in red from the bar was coming down the hallway. Her body was amazing and her clothes accented every curve. Her blonde hair flowed, but she didn’t have that ditzy look. As we were about to pass each other, I said “hello” and she responded with a “hello”.

She stopped walking as we said hello. I looked at her as I was about to walk by, but then I felt her had reach out to stop me. I looked back at her and she asked what my plans were for the evening. I told her that I was with some friends and would probably be heading home in about an hour. She said we should stay a little longer and we could have a drink together. I said maybe, but I need to get back to my friends. Before I could finish, she moved her lips towards mine and gave me a sensuous kiss. As we locked lips, she took her left hand and squeezed my butt and pulled it towards her. Then I felt her tongue part my lips. We continued to slide our tongues in and out of our mouths before another lady needed to get by. I headed to the bathroom and she went back to the bar.

As I walked out of the bar, Kristen was walking towards me. Antalya Travesti She attacked me with her lips. We kissed for right there in the hallway where I was kissing another women about a minute ago. I couldn’t believe what was happening. As we were kissing, I felt her hand start to move under my shirt. She started to gently dig her nails into my back. As she did that, my cock became hard and I grabbed her ass to pull it toward me. Then she reached down with her right hand to massaged my cock through my pants. I couldn’t stand it much longer. I wanted her there and now.

We parted as more people came through the narrow hallway and needed to get by. I asked her if she would join me when her friends left and she said maybe. She didn’t want to leave her friends. As she walked away, the lady from the bar came down the hall.

I was starting to walk towards her, when she stopped me and said four words than got me hard immediately. “I want you NOW!”

I kissed her and she reached down to grab my already hard cock. I reached under her tank to cup her left breast. They were as firm as they looked. As we continued to kiss, some more people came through the hallway and we had to stop.

Then, she grabbed my hand and led me down the hall towards the bathrooms. As we reached the women’s room, she looked back at me and she signaled me to wait. She opened the door and looked around then grabbed my hand and directed me into the last stall in the bathroom.

She followed me in and locked it. She immediately unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down. As she did this, I was rubbing her breasts through her top. After my pants were down, she reached inside my boxers and started stroking my cock. I grabbed the bottom of her tank and pulled it over her head to expose here black lace bra. I reached behind her and unlatched her bra. Her firm breasts pointed right at me. I started to lick her nipples before she moved her head towards my throbbing cock.

She placed her tongue on the tip of my throbbing cock, then I felt her hand cup my balls gently. I could feel my load build inside me. She slid her tongue Bursa Travesti around my head a few times, then I felt her lips slide over the head of my cock. She slowly took my cock into her mouth. Only about halfway at first, but the she took in my whole cock. As she did this, she squeezed my balls. I about lost it at this point. She picked up the pace and milked my balls at the same time. As I was about to cum, she released my balls and took her mouth off my cock. She looked up at me and said “I want you inside me right now, I want to feel you shoot your load in my pussy!”

I about shot it right when she said that. She pushed me down on the toilet and pulled up her skirt. She didn’t have any panties on. She climbed on top of me and started to kiss me with her soft lips. I started to caress her breasts when I felt her hand guide my cock towards her pussy.

She slowly rubbed my cock against her pussy lips. I couldn’t take it, the feeling was driving me nuts. Then she slowly started to rub my cock slowly against her pussy lips. I could feel my cum rising inside me. Then she lowered herself onto my cock. The slow penetration almost sent me over the edge. She completely filled her pussy with my cock and paused. She started to rise and lower herself slowly, taking in the pleasure. Her pussy was tight and getting me harder every time she went up and down. The pace picked up and I knew it wouldn’t last much longer. I could feel myself about to cum when she grabbed my balls with her left hand. Right as she squeezed my balls, I could feel her orgasm. Her pussy gripped my cock as she milked my balls with her hand. That sent me over, as I came inside of her. My cum splashed against were love canal and that set off another orgasm from her. My cock went through several convulsions and I shot load after load of cum into her pussy. She slowed down and fell into my arms.

We just held each other for a minute before we gathered ourselves. She lowered herself off of me and I could feel her juices and my cum slide down my cock. Then She looked up at me and said “Looks like I need to clean up our mess.”

She took my semi-erect cock into her mouth and cleaned up our mess. We got dressed and she introduced herself as Melissa. She played lookout as I snuck out of the bathroom.

What do you know, I ran into Kristen as I was walking down the hallway…

To be continued…

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