Wrong Tent Ch. 04

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“What did you think of that, babe?” Olivia asked her husband through the naughtiest of grins as she crawled over to him.

James had just watched his wife suck the cock of a man that she had only met that day right in front of him while he pretended to be passed out.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life!” He exclaimed.

“It was so much fun with you watching me be a dirty little slut!” She confessed as she kissed him hotly, the taste of Tony still fresh in her mouth.

She straddled his hips and his reached down to tease her pussy with his cock, rubbing the head up and down her slit.

“Uh oh. That can’t be good.” She announced.

“What is it now?” James grumbled, disappointed at yet another interruption.

“It’s Tony. I thought he would go straight to his tent and pass out but he just walked past it. He’s going back to the fire pit.”

“So? What’s the big deal?”

James tried to slide into Olivia but she adjusted her position to get a better view of what was going on outside, denying him access.

“What if he tells everyone what I just did?” She asked worriedly.

“I don’t think it really matters right now. Come on baby it’s been all day and night! I need to fuck you so bad!”

The volume of the fire pit chatter reduced to near silence as the group listened to whatever Tony was saying, looking over to the tents and back at him.

“He’s totally telling them. Oh shit and now Dan’s walking over here!”

“What do we do?” Olivia asked in a slight panic.

“You know what he’s probably going to want. I’m sure Tony told them that I’m out cold. How about I pretend to be passed out and watch again?” James suggested, shrugging his shoulders.

“Oooh, fun!” Olivia whispered excitedly as she pulled her sleeping over her body.

James quickly removed the small electric camp lantern from his pack and turned it on to it’s dimmest setting, casting the perfect amount of light inside and hung it from a loop on the wall.

James heard Dan’s footsteps approaching and his heart pounded in his chest like a drum. He found a position to best fein unconsciousness yet provide a clear view of what he wasn’t sure he wanted to happen.

Dan made his way to the door left hanging open by Tony and peered into the tent and whispered Olivia’s name.

“Hey, Dan. What’s up, sugar?” She responded sweetly.

“I heard this is where all the fun was happening.”

“You heard right. Looking for round two already? Come on in.”

He crawled through the door and Olivia peeled the sleeping bag away from her and got up on her knees to meet him. He placed his hands on her waist and for the first time ever James watched her kiss another man. They made out passionately until Dan broke away and looked over at James laying silently as if unconscious.

“Don’t worry about him, baby.” Olivia assured as she went back in for a kiss as she ran her hands over Dan’s hard body. “He wouldn’t be a problem even if he was awake.”

He kissed her back as his hands wandered downward to grope her ass. Reaching down she found the hardening member under the thin material of his black trunks and ran her hand slowly over it’s length.

Ever so slowly sliding his hand down to his groin James found his throbbing hard on. It ached for attention under the sleeping bag and he silently stroked it, careful not to reveal the fact that he was awake and watching his wife enjoy her young stud.

Dan unzipped his sweater and removed it from Olivia, exposing her breasts to the open air as it fell to the floor. She was now completely naked now and he crouched down to greedily take her nipple in his mouth, loudly sucking and smacking as James looked on in amazement. Olivia wrapped her arms around him and held his head in close and sighed softly as his mouth explored her body. James was surprised at their level of intimacy together and also surprised at the fact that not only was he ok with it, he enjoyed it immensely.

Olivia slid her thumbs into the waist band of Dan’s shorts and slowly pushed them down. James held his breath as Dan’s shave stubble covered pubic area was revealed followed by the abnormally thick base of his cock. Olivia glanced back wickedly at James as she continued to push down on Dan’s shorts, slowly exposing inch after inch of his alarmingly large member. The further down the shorts slid the more inadequate and uncomfortable James felt yet he was still secretly hard and oozing pre cum under the sleeping bag.

Once Olivia finally pushed the shorts down past the end of Dan’s impressive length and over the head it sprung upward sharply, slapping Olivia’s breast with an audible smack. She giggled and looked down to admire the massive, uncut cock aiming up at her and took it’s girth in her small hand, gently rolling the foreskin back and forth. Just as James seemed to be adjusting to the conflicting feelings of angst and jealousy within him Dan slipped out of his shirt, revealing his strong, muscular body. Olivia sat back and marvelled at his physique, running istanbul travesti her hands across his chest and down his bulging arms. James kept reminding himself and repeating in his mind that he could stop this at any time.

Dan reached up and placed his hand around the back of Olivia’s neck and pulled her head downward. Her left hand landed on the floor to support herself and her right grasped the base of Dan’s cock as her mouth opened wide. She peeled his skin back and exposed his fat head before she stretched her lips around it and moaned softly onto his cock flesh. He closed his eyes and laid his head back as he began to gently slide in and out of her mouth. James was crushed and somehow simultaneously aroused when he noticed that she was barely able to take half of him in and that the length remaining outside of her gripping hand was easily longer than James at his best.

James’s heard the fire outside crack loudly and his attention was suddenly diverted to the group at the pit. He realized that they had gone nearly silent and were probably listening for the sounds of Dan getting lucky with his wife.

Dan lifted her up to him and kissed her passionately before roughly spinning her around and shoving her onto all fours facing James. He pushed down firmly on her shoulders, dropping her down to her elbows and arching her back, ass high in the air. With his left hand gripping the supple flesh of her ass he held the base of his cock with his right like a baseball bat and swung it down onto her cheek with a deep thud.

“I just can’t get enough of this tight little pussy.” He groaned.

Dan lined himself up with Olivia’s slippery entrance as James searched the expression on her face for the moment when she felt him enter her. Her eyes suddenly opened wide as if shocked as Dan pulled her back and slowly inched forward, squeezing himself inside. He sunk half way in, paused momentarily and then slowly pulled almost all of the way out. Olivia turned her head, looked back at him and pulled on the back of his leg, expressing her desire for more. After another momentary pause Dan mercilessly thrust his full length into her, his large hanging balls swinging heavily into her clit. A strange yelping sound came out of Olivia that James had never heard before and she whipped her head back, eyes closed and mouth silently hanging wide open.

Olivia reached back and tried to push on Dan’s hips to prevent him from penetrating so deeply but he took her by the wrists and held her arms behind her back. He began pumping in and out of her as she released a long, guttural moan after burying her face into into a scrunched up ball of sleeping bag.

“You like that, little slut?” Dan hissed at Olivia.

“Your husband won’t punish you for being a filthy little whore but I will!”

He pulled forcefully back on her arms and slammed his hips into her ass. She raised her head back up and moaned loudly with every thrust. She was vocally different than she was when her and James made love. The soft moans that she usually made were now more like panicked screams as this young stud ravaged her insides and hit places that James would never touch.

Suddenly James can here whispers, murmurings and footsteps approaching the tent. It was the group from the fire pit, drawn by the sound of Dan pounding Olivia.

“Kind of like a mating call among wild animals.” James thought to himself.

Dan wrapped his arm around Olivia’s neck and lifted her up towards him so that her back was pressed against his chest as he continued to fuck her. He bit and nibbled at her neck before growling a simple order into her ear.

“I want you to suck your husband’s cock. Now.”

“Oh yes, Dan. Whatever you want.”

The syllables of Olivia’s panted response were separated by short pauses every time Dan slammed into her from behind relentlessly. He released her neck, shoved her down to the floor and slapped her hard on the ass. As she crawled over to James, Dan followed behind her on his knees, not missing a beat with driving his cock in and out of her.

Olivia pulled the sleeping bag away from James’s waist, exposing his fully hard cock and took it into her hot, wet mouth. He gasped at the sensation and held her head as he immediately began to grind his hips into her face, trying his best to pretend he had just been asleep.

Olivia’s mouth was forced up and down on James as she was pummeled from behind and he finally felt like he had a chance at release as the pressure of orgasm and what he was sure would be a massive ejaculation swelled inside of him. Just as he thought he would blast a full day’s worth of sexual frustration down his wife’s throat Dan picked up the pace and Olivia raised her head up and looked back at him, moaning out and spouting incomprehensible gibberish as she received what James thought might be the fuck of her life.

After what seemed like several orgasms for Olivia Dan’s breathing transitioned to short, sharp panting before he growled out and held her tightly against him, injecting his hot travesti istanbul seed deep inside of her body. She fell limp against James’s in a state of satisfaction and content, her face resting in his lap as her hot breath rushed across his neglected cock.

Dan caught his breath and pulled his softening member out of Olivia. There were several tapping sounds as droplets of Dan’s load dripped out of Olivia and onto the thin plastic sheet floor of the tent. Once he had located his shorts, shirt and sweater and got dressed Olivia moved over to him at the door for a long good night kiss. James was puzzled at how turned on he felt watching the two of them in their gentle intimacy as he tried to make out their soft whispers to each other.

Outside James noticed several pairs of feet and legs pass in an out of the light from his small lantern through the door.

As soon as Dan left the tent James crawled over to her and immediately began kissing her and running his hands over her body, aching with burning desire to reclaim his wife.

“Finally I get to have you!” He exclaimed. “This has gone on for long enough!”

Suddenly, Olivia was roughly peeled away from their kiss as a pair of hands grabbed her by the waist and pulled her lower body out of the tent into the darkness.

Surprised and confused, Olivia yelled out.

“Hey! Who is that! What are you…”

She looked wide eyed and puzzled at James as the unknown man outside slid into her from behind. Her body instantly started jerking against James as the guy proceeded to fuck her.

“Oh my god!” James whispered sharply in disbelief. “Is he…”

“Yes, baby. He’s fucking me out there.”

James scrambled to move around Olivia to push whoever was behind her away but before he could she held him tightly and looked deep into his eyes.

“Wait baby! Don’t stop him. Let him finish.”

James was speechless. His anger quickly returned to lust as Olivia laid her head on his shoulder, sighed and began to moan. He was surprised to discover that he was still rock hard when Olivia took him in her soft hand.

Outside James could hear snickering and whispers of encouragement among the group outside as the mystery man pounded Olivia’s pussy, sending ripples across her ass flesh with every impact of his hips.

Olivia’s moaning began to intensify as she approached another orgasm but before she could peak the man behind her grunted loudly and pulled Olivia into him tightly.

“Oh baby he’s cumming inside of me.” She whimpered into James’s ear. “I can feel it.”

Suppressed cheering and a few high fives were heard from outside.

Before James could respond to Olivia’s confession her body began to jerk against his again.

“Another one.” She moaned. “There’s another one fucking me now!”

James gasped at the thrill of holding his wife lovingly in his arms while this unseen group of men took turns on his moaning wife like a pack of animals. He eventually thought to raise himself up on his knees and peek out of the mesh window at the top of the tent. Outside were six men surrounding Olivia. It was too dark to make out who was who but he could see that several were stripping down and others had their trunks around their ankles, stroking their cocks in anticipation of having their turn with her.

James directed his attention back to Olivia as she started to breathe heavily and yelled back to the man inside of her.

“Harder! Fuck me harder! I’m gonna cum!”

There is a painful twist deep in James’s gut when he realized that he’d lost count of how many orgasms she had experienced while he was yet to have one.

The guy pounded himself into Olivia harder and faster as James reached down to stimulate her cum soaked clit but quickly pulled his hand away when he felt the man’s balls bump his fingers.

“What are you doing?” Olivia gasped frantically.”Don’t stop! Keep playing with my clit, baby!”

James reached back down and relocated her slippery pearl and fingered her as the guy’s dripping wet ballsack swung into his fingers.

Olivia squeezed James tightly and cried out in orgasm. Her spasming pussy clamped down tightly on the cock drilling her and caused the guy to cum as well. His jackhammer rhythm broke into awkward, sporadic movements as he flooded her insides with his hot load which ran down her inner thigh after he pulled out.

Almost instantly another man slid easily into her and began pumping his cock into her cum glazed mess of a pussy. He fucked her with very quick, short strokes and seemed ready to blow his load in what had to be less than five minutes. Before he could orgasm Olivia rocked forward, disengaged from him and turned around, hungrily taking his cum coated member in her mouth. She slurped and sucked loudly as two other men inched their way into position to join. She did her best to divide her attention between the three of them, jerking two of them in her hands while sucking another. It wasn’t long before the men couldn’t wait their turn and began pushing themselves into her mouth istanbul travestileri two at a time.

James was delighted to finally have access to Olivia’s lower half and couldn’t believe what a mess his naughty wife was. The skin of her inner thighs glistened with wetness all the way down to her knees. Within every crease and fold of skin ran thick, white beads of cum. Initially he thought to wipe her down with a towel but suddenly had another idea as he was struck with a powerful desire triggered by the smell of Olivia’s lovers wafting up into his face. There was no one in the tent with them, no one to watch him do what he couldn’t resist in that moment. Olivia had forced him to do it earlier so he was sure she would be into it. He crouched down behind her and began licking her ass and running his hands up and down her sides.

A muffled, surprised whimper came out of Olivia when she felt James’s tongue swirling around her asshole followed by a long moan of approval. He looked up over her ass to enjoy the view of three men taking quick turns fucking her throat and also to ensure that he was out of sight. Deciding to take the plunge he moved his attention from Olivia’s ass down to her pussy and leaned back to admire it’s well used state before placing his open mouth over her pretty mound. With his tongue he explored the flavours and textures of her folds, scooping dollops of the thick cream into his mouth as Olivia gyrated her hips backward against James’s face.

Unable to resist the temptation to penetrate his wife and add to the number of loads she had already taken James knelt behind her and began pressing his cock head against her freshly cleaned slit. She reached behind to shoo him away from her entrance and sat back with two handfuls of cock, pulling her young lovers into the tent.

“Come on in here, boys. It’s getting chilly out there.”

The two young men crawled through the door, fully naked and ravenous for Olivia’s body. The first one in, Paul, embraced her head on, kissing her passionately and fondling her breasts. The second, Chris, knelt behind her, holding her waist and kissing up and down her neck. She cooed and sighed as she bathed in their lustful attention, still holding and gently stroking them.

James laid on his side resting his head on his hand and carefully jerked his cock as he watched these two men devour his wife. Olivia suddenly turned around and pushed Chris on his back, straddled his hips and impaled herself on him. Paul quickly maneuvered himself over to Olivia’s right side and offered his hard cock to her mouth which she eagerly opened wide for him to enter. Placing his hand on the back of her head he pushed it in and instantly began fucking her throat.

Outside the horny men waited eagerly for their chance to use Olivia and occasionally crouch down and peer from the darkness into the dimly lit tent to watch her ass bouncing on Chris’s lap. Finally Greg, fully naked and fully hard, decided to crawl in and make his way up to Olivia’s left side as James scooted back against the wall of the tent to allow more room for him to take his position. James’s view of Olivia’s top half was now obscured by Greg but he could see that she was alternating back and forth between him and Paul, jerking one while ambitiously working the other in her skilled mouth.

The entire time James watched he edged his cock, dangerously riding the line just short of ejaculation. He was still playing Olivia’s game which restricted him from cumming but also knew what the recovery period after orgasm would bring. Sharply reduced desire and interest in anything sex. He just wasn’t sure how he would react with lust removed from the mix of jealousy, frustration and angst that rushed through him.

Beneath Olivia Chris wrapped his arms tightly around her body and feverishly thrusted his cock upward into her, his wildly swinging balls smacking wetly into her ass. His raspy breathing became louder and more intense than everyone’s panting and moaning as he approached orgasm. James watched intently as Chris climaxed, gasping and groaning and releasing his load, flooding Olivia with his seed as she slowly rode him through his orgasm. Chris arched his back off of the floor and his shaft twitched and pulsated as it pumped Olivia’s pussy full of cum.

Seeing that Chris had just finished in Olivia, Greg left her mouth and relocated to kneel behind her. He kneaded and caressed her ass flesh before tapping his cock on her cheek. She looked back smiling and lifted herself off of Chris. His cock flopped down onto his belly and a large, pearly wad of cum dumped out of her gaping pussy and fell across his balls. Immediately Greg inserted himself into Olivia and pumped his cock in and out of her.

Paul had Olivia by the hair and continued to fuck her throat. His thin cock was clearly longer than James’s and he would occasionally push his full length down deep enough to cause her to gag, something that never happened when she deep throated her husband. Paul would pull his full length out, allow her body to lurch and then mercilessly plunge it back into her wide open mouth. James felt like he would have been concerned with Paul’s treatment of his wife if she wasn’t moaning and so enthusiastically playing with his balls the whole time.

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