A Bigger Bed

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Thanks again to Todger65 for his editing assistance. I review everything I write multiple times and I always miss a lot of stuff. A good editor is priceless.

I take alcohol addiction very seriously in this, or any story I write.

A Bigger Bed

A couple finds a way to reconnect

I am Jack and am married to beautiful Cynthia. In the five years we have been married she has always been open in the bedroom with me, just not adventurous outside of it. There is an exception. When she has had a few glasses of wine, usually three, she loses her inhibitions and turns into a sexual animal. Nothing is off the table and her inner slut does not just rise, it leaps into the air and screams for attention.

Alcohol affects folks in a variety of ways. Most of those ways are obvious, but in some people, alcohol flips a switch. Their personality changes dramatically. Often the change is not flattering or in the best interests of those around them. I had an uncle that enjoyed a beer or two. The problem was that as soon as the smallest amount of alcohol entered his system, he turned into a family beating thug. Similar horror stories abound.

Cynthia did not get angry, she got horny. Somewhat like my uncle, it took little alcohol to get her going. She was also oblivious to the reaction she was getting from her drunken conversations. What that means is that she did not realize that the words she was saying could be easily misunderstood. I lost count of the number of times I had to save her from her own words. Words that would have resulted in her being in a situation that she would have certainly regretted the next day.

The point is that she was a loving wife, dedicated to me, and would never entertain the idea of fooling around. We did talk about swinging. When she was sober, the entire idea disgusted her. I learned early not bring the subject up because the result would be hours of discussion revolving around her not being enough for me, or that she must be a horrible wife, etc.

I would do my best to reassure her she was all I needed. I would not have asked in the first place, but she had brought the subject up the night before when she was drinking.

Typically, we would go out, have a few drinks, and when she got horny, we would go home and have fun. I have to say the sex was amazing when she lost her inhibitions. It was almost worth the constant vigilance while we were out.

I want to be clear. I did not hover over her because of jealously. I watched over her because I knew that she would hate herself if she let herself be compromised.

Life was good until I got cancer. I did not have chemo or radiation. What I did get was a major surgery that took almost a year to recover from. I slipped into a deep depression. Insult was added to injury when the medications I required made it impossible for me to get an erection.

Two years passed without sex for either of us. Eventually I was weaned off the medications, but the damage was done. We no longer knew how to connect. When we tried it felt like we were forcing our way through it instead of enjoying it. Soon apathy set in.

We loved each other without a doubt. Counseling did not help for several reasons. We are both smart people and cynics. We could see right through a counselor that spewed the same crap they tell everyone. Add to that the fact that Cynthia felt going to counseling was a sign of insufficient internal fortitude. She felt that if a person was tough enough, they could force their way through any issue.

To make matters worse, she had started drinking at home. She would drink, get horny, and try to get me horny. I could not rise to the occasion and would resist her advances because of that. The result would be both of us feeling horrible. Even with the aid of little blue pills, when I got an erection, it would go away before anything could happen.

Masturbating took me hours. I would sit in front of the computer looking for any kind of porn to get me going. Hour after frustrating hour until I had spent the entire night just trying to reach one orgasm. She would see me in the morning, obviously exhausted, and ask if I had managed to make it happen.

I understood her frustration, her loneliness, and her need to fix things. I just did not know what to do. I could not make things the way they used to be. I had hope for the future, but I had no idea how to make that future real.

It is important to understand that we had a wonderful sex life before cancer. Our bodies melded together as if they were meant to touch. It did not matter if we were making love or just have fun fucking, it was always good. Countless times it was much better than good.

Cynthia is a beautiful woman. Long legs, pert b cup tits, nice ass, the list is endless. Her long brown hair hangs well below her shoulders. She gets plenty of stares when we leave the house.

I have been told that I am not bad. I have blue eyes, blond hair, and well-defined muscles. I am better endowed than most. When it works. I have often güvenilir bahis thought that if the two of us made a porn video there would be no lack of viewers.

We were stuck, without an easy answer to our situation, and a cloud of despair hovering over both of us. One thing we knew and held on to. No matter what happens, we love each other. After all that has happened, I still feel the same. I know that she does too. Now, even more than before.

The Bar and Grill

It had been a day, in the sense that at least it was Friday and finally over. I had a ponderous day at work and Cynthia had an insane one. Neither of us wanted to cook. Letting someone else cook for us while we sipped a nice beverage was by far the most attractive decision.

We have a favorite local bar and grill we have been visiting since the day after we got married. We are, in the bar terminology, referred to as Regulars. That can be a bad thing if, by Regular, you mean they get drunk every day in the same place. We are the kind of Regulars a bar likes to have. We tip well, we know the staff, we like the staff, and they like us. We spend time with many of them outside of the bar. Their kids have been to our house.

To a large degree, all the regular folks that came in were good people. On any evening most of the bar will be married couples with a smattering of single people. The married people are almost always regulars. Many of the singles are as well. Some come on certain days of the week only, or at a certain time, etc. It was fun when couples changed their day or time thus running into new couples. It is a kind of shift work. Except the workers did not work every day and the shifts are damn odd.

We were too late for the dinner rush, thank goodness, and too early for the late rush, even better. The center of the place was a “U” shape bar. We always sat at the bar and did not much care where, except if it was behind the draft box or next to the mixing station. This evening we sat near the corner. I was at the round end and Cynthia was to my left. Two seats to my right, at the bottom of the “U”, sat a gentleman that came in when he was in town. He worked projects and would stay in town for a few weeks then return home for a break.

Leslie was tending bar and smiled when she saw us come in. Leslie is amazing. She is a rock star of a bar tender, a wonderful person, and is totally unaware of how fucking hot she is. Cynthia and I both admire her as a person. I try extremely hard not to step on my dick in front of both. I do that by not telling Leslie the things I would like to do to Leslie. Assuming I could.

I talk, a lot. I cannot help it. I like to talk. If a stranger sits at the bar and looks sociable, I will talk to them. I like to make people laugh and I like it when they make me laugh. It is because I am a talker that I must watch what I am saying closely when I am around Leslie.

I will start flirting with her if I am not careful. That could go sidewise in a hurry. Cynthia has not had sex in forever and I am flirting? That would be mean, and I am not mean to Cynthia. I understand that my little brain has its own thoughts, and they could get me in trouble.

I do not intentionally flirt. I think if I tried to flirt, I would fail miserably. What I am is married to a woman I will always love. I am no longer “on the hunt” so, I talk to other women without an agenda. Occasionally a woman will be drawn to a guy like that and they respond in a friendly way.

Some women are drawn to the bad boys who are in some narcissistic battle with the world. Usually only once, then they know better. Others are drawn to guys that have faced what the world has thrown at them and have learned to thrive in it. There is an inner strength in them that bad boy does not usually possess. Some women find that attractive.

Leslie had our wine poured and set our glasses in front of us as we sat down. Leslie is a petite, green eyed, brunette. She keeps her hair in a pixy cut that gives her a schoolgirl look. When you look downward, it becomes readily apparent that she is not a schoolgirl. She is slim but swells wonderfully in just the right places. The body shirt she is wearing is well made. I can tell she is not wearing a bra, but I cannot tell if she is happy to see me. A painted-on pair of dress slacks reveal that her round little butt is very firm. I have often fantasized about her “O” face.

Leslie handed us menus and we said our hellos. She and Cynthia got into some discussion that not only did not require my attention but also would be better off without it.

I turned to John at my right,” Hey John, in town for a while?”

“Yes, three weeks this time.”

We continued with the usual bar conversation. The one you have that seems interesting at the time. Half an hour later there has been so many subject changes you can never really remember what you talked about. I did notice that my wine glass was empty. I thought I would order for Cynthia as well, but she still had nearly türkçe bahis half a glass. I did not realize until later she was already drinking her second glass.

Cynthia pulled the menu over,” What are you going to have?”

“I am not a bit hungry. Why don’t you go ahead and eat? I might get hungry watching you.”

“I’m not hungry either. I guess we can always grab something at home.”

Her voice sounded a little funny, but I was not concerned. The most we ever have is three glasses. Usually she only has two. If she has more than two things get strange. When I ordered my third glass, she ordered her second. Well, I thought it was her second. It turns out she had a bad day and the glass I thought was her half full first, was her half full second. I was halfway through my third glass when she ordered her fourth. She did it while I was talking to John and I did not notice.

When she entered the conversation with John, I knew something was not right. Her voice was slurred, and she had that feisty look on her face she gets when she is horny. Uh oh, time to go home, “Cynthia sweetheart, I think it is time we headed home”

Cynthia was not having any of that, “I am not ready to go home. You can leave if you want.”

I could tell that unless I was willing to argue with her in front of everyone she was not going to leave. It probably did not help that John is a good-looking guy.

About that time Amy walked in the door. She is married but this evening she walked in alone and sat across the bar from Cynthia. She waved hello and I waved back. She stands about five-six and has a wonderful little body, lithe and athletic. Amy is a not only nice, but she is also a very pretty woman. Cynthia was busy talking to John and never noticed Amy’s arrival.

I heard John mention that he had ridden his Harley into town this time around. Cynthia got excited, “I love riding on motorcycles!”

“I would love to give you a ride, but my two buddies are due any second and we are going riding.”

Cynthia smiled, “Take me with you. When we are done riding you can come to our house and use the hot tub.”

I could see Leslie and Amy as their mouths fell open. There was no doubt that they heard every word.

That got my attention, “Whoa honey. Do you hear yourself?”

“What? I want to go for a ride.”

“What would you think if I were to ask one, or both, of these pretty ladies to ride around with me, come home with me, and get in my hot tub?”

I was intrigued to see that neither of them frowned at the idea. Amy was looking down at the bar with a smile on her face. Leslie looked at me, turned red, and turned around. She seemed a bit lost after that.

“I don’t know, and I don’t think it matters. I want to go for a ride.”

“Let me get this straight. You want to leave your husband, get on another man’s motorcycle, and ride of with two of his friends. And, at some time later, invite them all into the hot tub with you?”

“What’s wrong with that?”

I leaned over and whispered, “Honey, you sound like you’re drunk. I do not think what you want to do is a good idea. Why don’t we go home, and I can give John a call tomorrow?”

She stood up and walked around to John, “Fuck you buddy. You do not own me. If I want to ride with John I will.”

I looked at John. I thought that he would step up and do the right thing. I thought wrong.

“Dude, she’s hot. If she wants to ride with us, I am not going to stop her.”

I stood and walked over to him, “She is my wife, not some cheap pickup. She stays here.”

Of course, his two buddies pick that moment to make an entrance. They were big dudes, but not big enough. I would not hesitate to go after them all. The choice was taken out of my hands. The manager came over and sent the bikers out the door. Cynthia went with them.

She is a free adult. I would have to physically restrain her to stop her. Shortly after that I would be arrested, and she would do what she wanted anyway. I let her go, ordered another glass of wine, and sat in shock. I looked up when Amy sat down next to me. Leslie was right in front of me on the other side of the bar.

Leslie looked at me with sympathy, “I don’t understand. I have never seen her like that.”

I looked up at her, “She isn’t like that. Alcohol does that to her. If she remembers tonight at all she will be very ashamed. Odds are, she will not remember any of it.”

Leslie was confused, “She had four glasses and should have a buzz, but she’s way beyond that.”

“After two I need to be getting her home. Once she starts working on the third, she becomes a horny beast. I had no idea she had drank four.”

Amy put her hand on my arm, “What are you going to do?”

“The only thing I can do. Go home and wait for her. When she shows up, if she shows up, I can run her biker friends off. I know one thing that is certain. I owe John a beating.”

Leslie looked at Amy, “Do you have any plans for this evening?”

Amy smiled, “Nothing yet. This is güvenilir bahis siteleri my hall pass night, and I was just getting started.”

Leslie’s eyebrows rose, “You get a hall pass? I did not know that was a real thing!”

Amy laughed, “It is in my house. Hubby knows he cannot take care of all of my needs and has been giving me hall passes since before we were married. I will always go home to him, just not necessarily tonight.”

Leslie looked thoughtful, “Why don’t you and I follow Jack home and hang out with him until she shows up? I think he could use the support and, possibly, witnesses.”

I stirred at that, “You are both beautiful and it would be a privilege to spend time with either of you. I appreciate the gesture, but I think I will just go home alone.”

Leslie sat the glass of wine I had ordered in front of me, “No you don’t buster. I get off in fifteen minutes. By the time you finish that I will be ready to go. We are not taking no for an answer.”

My House

I live close by and a short while later I found myself walking home accompanied by two extremely attractive women. When Leslie and Amy found out I was walking they left their cars in the lot and walked with me. They were watching over me and I admit I enjoyed the attention.

We sat at the kitchen table sipping our drinks. I do not know how many I had before I started talking about Cynthia and me. When I did start talking, I told them everything. I explained the alcohol reaction, my cancer, the aftermath, the whole nine yards.

“A combination of years of me failing her and a bad reaction to alcohol led to this. I do not blame her. I just do not want her to get hurt.”

Amy looked at me seriously, “You don’t have a problem with your wife taking off like that?”

“Of course, I do. I also know when she is under the influence, she has no control. It would have been me she left with if I had not let her down for so long.

“What really bothers me is that tomorrow when she is sober, if she remembers, she will be humiliated and ashamed. This evening will not be a happy memory for either of us. Well, except for your company.

“I cannot thank you both enough for being here. Do you want to see the house?”

They both were curious, so I showed them around. Eventually we made it to the patio and the hot tub. I pulled the cover off and Leslie ran her hand through the warm water, “This feels nice.”

“You are welcome to use it.”

“I would love to but,” she put her hands up, “No bathing suit.”

Amy looked mischievous, “Since when do we need bathing suits?” She began to strip. Leslie hesitated for only a moment before joining her. Soon enough Amy was down to bra and panties. Leslie was not wearing a bra, but that did not make her hesitate to pull her top off.

I stood there like a blithering idiot. They took my breath away and I had no idea what to do next.

“Wow! You are both gorgeous. Well, I will be in the house when you get done.’

Leslie gave me a stern look, “Oh no you don’t mister. You are getting in with us.”

She walked over to me and I was entranced. She looked so sexy. Her breasts brushed against me when she reached up to unbutton my shirt. Amy joined her and they began removing my clothes. They took their time, touching and caressing as they went. By the time Amy was on her knees in front of me removing my pants I was as hard as I have been in years. When the pants came down it was very evident that I was aroused.

Leslie and Amy were staring at my cock pushing against my underwear. Amy spoke in a husky voice, “I thought you said you were having problems with that.”

“You two caused this. I would have to be dead not to get hard with you two looking the way you do. Ignore it please. It will go away.”

“Who said we wanted it to go away? Get in the hot tub mister.”

I got into the hot tub. Leslie sat on one side of me, Amy the other. I was nervous and tongue tied for a while, but soon enough the combination of hot tub and two truly kind and incredibly beautiful women got me to relax.

My hands were resting on their legs as they snuggled against me. I was not trying to get anything started. I was afraid. Afraid of cheating on my absent wife. Afraid of losing my erection if things progressed. Afraid of moving in any direction for fear that it would be the wrong one. They were both so damned sexy it hurt.

Leslie was running her hand up and down the top of my right leg while Amy was rubbing the other. They were unconsciously synchronized in their motions. It was soothing and erotic. My erection did not seem to be in any danger of disappearing.

Amy rubbed a little higher, “Can I ask you something Jack?”


“If you could make love to either one of us, without consequence, who would you choose?”

“I wouldn’t. I would want both of you.”

“What if you had to choose and neither of us would be upset.”

“OK. This is a bad idea and I know I am going to get in trouble. Just remember you asked.

“Amy, you are a wet dream come true.

I looked into Leslie’s eyes, “But Leslie is special to me and has been for a long time. If I could only have one of you, if you made me choose, it would be Leslie.

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