An Unusual Family Ch. 07

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Alex Grey

I reckon I’ve been a little remiss in posting my story series: An Unusual Family. Normally posting a series, I re-cap the story, briefly, at the start of each chapter for the benefit of those who haven’t read previous chapters. Or at least post an advisory that one perhaps might want to read previous chapters. Or, as can be done, with a little work, try to make each chapter stand on its own.

However, I haven’t been doing that at all.

Firstly, I reckon most readers are smart enough when clicking on, say, chapter 7 of a story, to realize they might benefit from reading other chapters. I assume that if they find anything to like in any particular chapter they will probably seek out previous chapters on their own. Literotica does not make this particularly difficult.

Secondly, for the most part, any feedback I’ve been receiving has mostly been from the same people so I already know that they’ve already read the previous chapters.

I’ve had complaints either way over the years just proving the old adage that you can’t please everyone.

I hope some of you will enjoy chapter 7.


When Lisa and Mary-Jane returned to the kitchen with their company for the pool party, all it took was one look at Amanda Scott and Julie Ross, the two 18-year-olds Lisa and MJ had chosen for the leads in the play they had written for the drama club and Bobbie and Jackie knew they were in for a hot day. The both felt their pussies throb and moisten. And these two sexy-looking teens weren’t even in their bathing suits yet! The mothers had already decreed that there would be no sex today between their daughters and their friends. But could even the older ladies restrain themselves, confronted with these two, yummy, sexy girls? Bobbie and Jackie looked at each other, smiled and rolled their eyes. It was gonna be tough!

“Well, aren’t you’re two both just beautiful,” Bobbie said, taking a deep breath and giving each a short hug, after being introduced. “I can’t wait to see you in your bathing suits. You’re both gonna look so sexy. Girls, take these pretty ones upstairs and let them get changed. Then hit the pool and your moms will be out shortly.”

Turning to Julie and Amanda she asked, “How did you get here, ladies?”

Amanda, a gorgeous red-head with an impressive chest, narrow waist, rounded ass and long, shapely legs smiled and said, “My mom dropped us off. My car is in the shop and Julie doesn’t drive. Silly girl has never gotten her license.” She chuckled. “I think she’s too dumb to pass the test!”

Julie Ross, a lot shorter and smaller titted, than her statuesque friend, but every bit as sexy, gave her a playful slap in the arm. Her coal black hair flew around as she shook her head and said, “I love you too, Amanda.”

Once the girls went upstairs, Bobbie turned to Jackie, “Holy cow, Jacks! Did you see that? Those two are just gorgeous. And did you notice, babe, both of them eying us up? I think Lisa and MJ are right. Those two have definite lesbian tendencies but I can sense a shyness there and nervousness like we sorta expected. I wouldn’t mind a session with either one or both of them but, as we discussed, I think we all need to cool it today. Let the girls just see us all interacting naturally. We won’t blow their minds with a big pool orgy or anything. Right? If everything works out today, that can come later. I talked to Lisa and you warned MJ right?

“Yes, dear, but what about Ally? She’ll be here soon.”

“Goodness, yes! I forgot about Ally! She’s a cop that should probably arrest herself just for what she’s thinking sometimes. But, we can trust her, sweetie. Ally would never do anything we didn’t want her to do. But still, those two sex-pots in bikinis? Ally’s hot twat will go nuts. I think when she gets here, I hope you don’t mind, love, you stay with the girls in case they need anything and I’m going to take Ally upstairs and take the edge off for her. Poor dear is going to have a wet bathing suit all day and I don’t mean from being in the pool. We might have to help her out with, like, a session every hour.”

A few minutes later, speaking of the devil girl, Ally arrived for the party and the women exchanged lovely ‘hello’ kisses. Not wasting any time, Bobbie took Ally by the hand and gently led her towards the stairs. Telling her she needed to talk to her, hoping she could get Ally in her bed before the girls were finished changing.

Of course, she followed willingly, no questions asked. Ally Michaels was feeling awful, after passing out, drunk on wine the night before, but she knew full well that these were the golden stairs to paradise.

And today, for the first time, she was climbing them with Bobbie by herself! Her cunt was twanging and leaking. She wasn’t sure why it was happening, Bobbie taking her upstairs without Jackie, but she was absolutely certain it wasn’t just for talking. Ally grinned. This promised to be a very special romp!

As Jackie continued with preparations amsterdam shemale of food and drink, she heard the girls running down the back stairs and heard the splashes as they all jumped in the pool. She put her fresh-made burger patties and her freshly-cut condiments in the fridge. Using the little cart that seemed to get so much use in this house, she put on it the fresh picture of icy lemonade she’d just made, an ice-bucket containing an interesting looking bottle of wine and lots of glasses. She pushed it to the living room and through the glass doors to the patio beside the pool. The girls were swimming and splashing. Four sexy 18-year-olds, in bikinis, splashing in the pool, two definite lesbians and two possibles, had Jackie’s hot cunt on high alert. She stretched out in a chaise lounge and poured herself a small sip of wine, preparing to enjoy the wonderful, for a horny lesbian, girl-candy show that was going on in the pool.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Bobbie and Ally were locked in a furious 69. Having not been over for a few days, Ally had arrived this morning, hung-over, really not feeling well at all, but, still, hot and panting for it. Whenever she parked her car at this address, Ally was never sure who she was gonna fuck with, but she didn’t care. She could always be absolutely certain that she was gonna fuck someone. Or everyone! And the women were all so good in the sack that it really made very little difference.

Bobbie, after the lovely masturbation of her daughter, had gotten no relief herself so she was really appreciating Ally’s hot, soft tongue slurping up and down her throbbing, juicing slit.

Upon reaching the bedroom, it had taken them only a few seconds to dispose of their clothes and crush their sexy, naked bodies together, kissing. A few seconds after that they were down, rolling around on the bed. And a very short few seconds after that, their heads were buried between each others thighs!

Sometimes, in pensive moments, Bobbie took time to ponder who actually she loved going down on her the best. The pure love involved probably made that Jackie, but, for sure, Ally Michaels’ unabashed enthusiasm made her no slouch at sucking away at her pussy. Right at this instant, for example, Bobbie squealed, her body shook with thrills and she unleashed a gush of sweet girlie-cum into Ally’s sucking mouth! In turn, Ally was jacking out hot pussy-cream for Bobbie to lick up and enjoy and she clutched MJ’s mom’s hot ass and licked and kissed and thrilled her, unmercifully, sensually prolonging her first delightful cum of the day.

Both being so horny, these first cums came quickly and would certainly not be enough for this horny pair. So the licking and sucking continued. Once they had given each other several wonderful cums – was it several cums or one big one? With no appreciable time lapse between, it was hard to tell! – Bobbie and Ally lay in the cozy bed and warmly cuddled. Bobbie knew full well about Ally and her taste for younger girls. She told her about the two young girly treats that were in the house this day and repeated her desire that there be no coming on to, much less actual sex, with the girl’s classmates.

“A little flirting is OK.” she decreed. “A little innuendo. Between us older women, sure, let the girls see touches and feels, hugs and some kisses and other displays of affection, especially verbal ones. These girls are nervous and unsure and undecided. I think they are attracted to other women but aren’t sure whether they are lesbians or not. We don’t know how much their mothers have told them. I don’t want some irate mother calling me, accusing me of trying to corrupt or even rape her daughter. So we’re all just gonna ‘cool it’ for today. Aren’t we, Ally, dear?”

As she asked that question, Bobbie didn’t wait for an answer. She knew all she had to do was express her wishes and everyone would honor them. She never felt the need to belabor her point. Besides, she was busy!

Presently, she had four fingers in Ally’s twat, two fingers up her bum, wiggling them around and she had to move fast to get her face down in time to lick up the geyser that erupted from Ally’s hot pussy. She certainly wouldn’t have wanted to miss that! Hell, the shower in her bathroom hardly sprayed as good.

After Ally finished shuddering through another cum, she kissed the mouth that had been so recently on her cunt and tasted her own sweetness.

“You know, I understand, Roberta and, of course, I’ll behave. But don’t blame me if I have to steal Lisa or Mary-Jane away once in a while, for some relief.”

Bobbie hugged Ally tight. “Of course, sexy! I just mentioned exactly that to Jackie, before you arrived. That we might find you and one of our daughters missing from time to time today. Just don’t take both of them. That wouldn’t be very sociable when the girls have company. And, when you do, have a quick cum and that’s it. No marathon sessions that I know you like!

“Actually, now that I’m thinking rotterdam shemale of it, that can be part of what we have planned for today. Having these new girls see other women kissing, before you disappear into the house will be great. You know sexy kisses, but not too long, maybe a little feeling up. Just don’t go too far. We’re playing this day all by ear and we just want the new girls to get comfortable seeing two women together, being affectionate and loving. Let them use their imagination from there. I just don’t want anyone actually going down on anyone or anything in front of them. I think I wanna even have a talk with these girls moms and see where they’re at about their girls having sex period and lesbian sex in particular. I personally broke in Lisa and Mary-Jane and Jackie joined us the next day and I’ve always been glad of that. Compared to Lisa and Mary-Jane being lured into bed by anyone else. Maybe these girls moms feel the same way.”

Ally grinned at Bobbie, “Why didn’t you enlist me to investigate these moms?” she asked, just before diving her face back into Bobbie’s muff. From then on, her voice was a little muffled – no pun intended – but Bobbie heard her, “You could have counted on me. I would have gotten to the bottom of their sexual opinions!”

Bobbie giggled and stroked Ally’s short, but stylish, red hair, pulling her head tighter to her.

“Well, if they have any lesbian or ‘bi’ leanings at all,” she chuckled, then moaned as Ally’s hot tongue found her juicy clit, “I’m sure you would have gotten to the ‘bottom’ of things, all right.” She chuckled again, “But right now, big detective Ally, if you’ve conducted your investigation of me well enough, you know, by now, what I want! So let’s get at it! What’cha waiting for, doll?”

In truth, hot and horny detective Michaels was not making her wait at all. Bobbie began to squeal as Ally continued questioning her suspect. Using her own patented investigative technique! Maybe exquisite, sweet torture to her blazing hot pussy would make this woman spill the beans!

After she gave Bobbie another juicy thrill-ride, they cuddled together again. Bobbie seemed nice and mellow, as well she should, Ally thought, after her latest big cum, so she steeled all her nerves.

“Bobbie,” she said, “There’s something I have to tell you. Please don’t get angry.”

Very curious, Bobbie gave Ally a kiss and told her to go ahead.

Ally told her all about how her partner, Jake, was still convinced that she had something to do with Pete’s accident. She told her about the man that had been arrested, on other charges, and that her partner had discovered the link between him and Bobbie and the man’s wife. Plus the phone calls between Bobbie’s cell and his house.

Ally wasn’t altogether certain she should be telling Bobbie this, in fact, she was pretty sure Jake would be in a rage if he found out about it. But it was eating her up and she had to tell Bobbie, her idol, her lover, her friend, and ask the question or she felt she would explode.

She was starting to realize the wisdom of the advice given at the police academy about never becoming involved with a suspect. And the police department’s usual policy or removing any cop already emotionally involved with a case from the investigation of said case. She knew that if Jake Hopkins had reported her involvement with Roberta Montgomery she would have been told either to stay away from the woman or remove herself from the investigation. Actually though, she reflected, except for briefly briefing her on the suspect’s arrest, her partner had not included her in any interrogations or follow-up investigations. So, really, except for the barest bones, her partner was already not including her on this one.

Hearing this news, Bobbie didn’t get angry. Although, while she didn’t say it, inside she was annoyed. Not at Ally. At that man.

She told Ally, once the naked policewoman told her the man’s name, that she, indeed, had had an affair with the man’s wife and, yes, had made some calls although she couldn’t possibly remember, off the top of her head, if they were on the exact days Jake Hopkins said they were. She said she had only talked to the man’s wife about pleasant memories of their affair. She did not offer any explanation of why she made the calls in the first place.

Right or wrong for having told Bobbie about anything in the first place, Ally felt better for having done it. She wanted to believe the naked woman holding her in her arms, but, she asked herself, could she, really? Ally just didn’t know. She knew she was way too close for comfort and that she could never separate her feelings for Bobbie from any kind of objective thought. She reminded herself, sternly, that being a dynamite fuck did not mean you couldn’t be a liar or worse. She also knew she’d never tell her partner about any of this.

So, the women left it at that, and a while later, after another couple of quickie cums, Ally, after a quick blog shemale shower, fortified with some aspirin in her tummy, was looking dazzling, in a white bikini. Bobbie had chosen a fiery orange one, and the pair were a treat for everyone’s eyes when they came wandering, arm-in-arm, out to the pool. Their bikinis were just as skimpy as the younger girls and their big tits were swinging freely. When Jackie saw them coming she rose and did a dive into the pool. Ally and Bobbie dived in behind her. They surfaced, met, and all kissed briefly. Swimming a length, then back, they drifted over to where the teens were goofing around in the shallow end of the pool, gossiping and laughing. Bobbie thought Ally’s eyes were going to pop out of their sockets.

“Hi gang,” she said, “This is our friend, Ally. She’s a policewoman. Is everyone having fun?”

Julie and Amanda made their way to meet Ally and the horny police detective was in her glory as she received a couple of wonderful hugs from the incredibly gorgeous girls. Bobbie was glad and, truth be told, even more so was Ally, that Bobbie had just fucked her almost senseless, moments before. Or her raging hot cunt and ceaseless libido might have caused her just to break down and start trying to kiss to these beauties. Girls this yummy were just made to be kissed, and more, after all, weren’t they?

There was some chatting as all the older women told the girls how lovely they all looked in their skimpy suits. How wonderful their titties looked. Once they had the girls were all giggling and blushing from all the attention and compliments, Jackie and Bobbie left the younger women and went to sit by the pool and have a glass of wine.

As they lounged and sipped wine, they watched the four 18-year-olds and Ally still mingling around in the pool. Talking and laughing and splashing. Bobbie noticed that Julie and Amanda were staring more and more over their way. Anytime they were sure the two new girls were watching, they would lean over and share a kiss. Not a long, drawn-out sexy kiss, just an affectionate loving-type kiss. It wasn’t much longer before the whole gang was gathered around the older women, having a glass of lemonade.

Except Ally. She took a glass of wine, carefully had a sip, almost puked, held it in and took another sip, shaking her head and making a face.

Jackie smiled at Bobbie and winked, “Rough night, Ally-girl?” she asked. And she continued, “Oh, aren’t we bad girls, Bobbie-dear? We didn’t put on any sunscreen. Or offer any to our guests!”

She reached down and picked up the three bottles she’d placed under her lounge chair earlier. One she tossed to Ally. Another she handed to Amanda.

“Ally, you put this on Lisa and MJ,” she said. “And Amanda, dear, why don’t you do your friend, Julie? Then you can trade and she can do you, sweetie.” Turning to her wife, she said, “Here, I’ll do you, love.”

Ally was in 7th heaven rubbing, with trembling hands, the sun-screen all over her two young lovers, Lisa and MJ. She really would rather have been doing the new girls but she understood the perfect logic in keeping her hot, horny hands off these two cuties! Julie and Amanda weren’t using their bottle of sun-screen as of yet. They were too busy staring as Jackie creamed up Bobbie, who made sure to make low moaning sounds as she enjoyed the cool lotion being slowly and sensually rubbed all over her back and shoulders. Then Jackie moved to her front and their gazes became even more riveted.

Jackie filled her hands with the creamy lotion and placed them, palms down on the upper slopes of Bobbie’s big tits. The lotion came out between her fingers as she squeezed gently. There was not much covering Bobbie’s beauties so she had not much to impede her as she massaged all around the soft flesh. She squirted more cream between Bobbie’s bulges and as it ran down between them she gently eased the tiny fabric of the bikini top aside, exposing her large, brown nipples and cuddled a titty in each hand bringing them together, trapping most of the sun-screen, but leaving a little to dribble slowly down Bobbie’s flat tummy. Then she slowly rubbed her wife’s big tits together. She carefully kept the chuckle she felt inside her, as she watched Julie and Amanda’s eyes almost pop from their sockets!

When Bobbie’s titties were glistening in the sun, she gently placed them back into the bikini cups. Jackie moved both hands on Bobbie’s tummy now and began running her palms in circular motions, covering her belly. She caused giggling from the girls when she inserted the tip of a finger in her belly-button and twirled it all around. With her hands still covered in cream, she ran her hands right down Bobbie’s long, lovely legs and rubbed around her sexy feet, making sure they were left shining in the sun.

Julie and Amanda were mesmerized by this performance. Not to mention Ally, still performing the same ritual for Lisa and MJ and going out of her mind with a throbbing, drooling cunt, watching Jackie cream up Bobbie. When Jackie had finally coated her wife, head to toe, she handed the bottle over and told her, “your turn now, love. Do me, please, dear.” She smiled, “Julie and Amanda, dears, you haven’t used any sun-screen yet.”

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