Anal Epic Ch. 09

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“Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.”


“Hi white people!”

Mom and I quickly stood up, but remained motionless. Mom’s nipples hardened as a trio of black t-girls circled us. They couldn’t keep their eyes off our white asses and we couldn’t take our eyes off them.

The trio was visually striking. They were tall and very feminine looking. However, we would soon learn that they could fuck like men.

As they began slowly stripping, we observed that:

Keyarra sported long, straight hair and had a complexion only slightly darker than most white women. Although a little plump, she had a sexy body. Her feminine curves, big tits, and round ass would make any man hard. Under her black mini-skirt, she had a very large package like Tembi. Keyarra’s body was also hairless like the other two.

Tembi’s skin was a deep chocolate color and her hair was a kinky mass of velvet black. Tembi had an enchanting smile. She had luscious lips and her teeth were as white as Wonder Bread. She also had ample breasts.

Yazmeen was long and lean. She had long, reddish-blonde hair, and a high-cheek boned face. She gave us a playful smile as she slid her dress off her shoulders and slowly dropped it to the floor. She kept her red fishnet stockings and red high heels, accentuated her shapely legs and her oversized cock.

When someone said, “Let’s do them girls!” they instantly moved in. They began stroking, kissing, and feeling us up, until my head was spinning. The perfume, the physical beauty, the nakedness, the semi-darkness, the public theatre, my Mom – all contributed to my sensory overload.

I was at loss about what to do. I just stood there soaking it all in, until I heard Mom moan. I looked over to see Mom bent over. Long, black fingers had invaded her orifices. She quieted quickly, when a long black cock entered her mouth.

“Make it hard…so I can give your boy toy a good butt-fuckin’. Don’t worry little girl, you’ll both need Depends tomorrow…you should buy the variety pack… HA! HA!”

I was not upright for long. Someone pulled on my arm, until I was kneeling, and then pushed my shoulders forward, until I was prone on my belly.

As I turned my head around, Keyarra sat on my ass, squirted some lube into my crack, squeezed my ass cheeks together, and then began slowly fucking her erection between them. The sensuality was unbelievably relaxing.

“Okay Honey…my big cock is ready for some deep plowing…yo white ass ready?”

I nodded. I assumed my butt hole was loosened and ready to go, but as Keyarra’s butt-stretcher began to open my ass up…it was much bigger than I had realized.

In a little discomfort, I looked up at Mom. Tembi’s cock had stretched her dainty mouth into an obscene ‘O’. Gag tears were running down her cheeks and long strings of spittle and precum were hanging from her lips.

I was quickly distracted when Keyarra rose up into a push-up and began drilling my ass. After just a few strokes, I was reduced to grunting like a pig. I couldn’t hear anything else, see anything, let alone think, until Keyarra moaned and began ejaculating her warm semen into my colon.

When Keyarra pulled her cock out of my soaked, sucking asshole, she asked, “Who else wants some tight, but well-lubed white booty?”

As I slowly turned my head to see who was next, I saw Mom dutifully open her mouth as Keyarra approached her with her glistening, cum-dripping, black cock. Keyarra appeared to meanly push her slimy cock all the way down Mom’s throat.

Mom’s face contorted grotesquely. Her eyes were bugged out, her nostrils were flared, and her mouth was obscenely stretched wide around a cock that had just filled my ass with cum.

I attempted to get up, but Tembi reached down and gave me a little push back. She then grabbed Mom’s arm and gently pulled her to kneeling position over me, despite Keyarra’s playful indignation.

“You’re a lucky boy toy,” Tembi said. “You’re going to have the pleasure of seeing me butt-fuck your little girlfriend… You’re going to have the best seat in the house.”

Mom knew the drill. She assumed the position. She raised her ass to be sodomized.

My head was held in place by Mom’s smooth thighs. I could easily see her gaped pussy and twitching asshole directly above me.

I was also able to get a really good look at Tembi’s genitalia. Her cock was thickly veined and her smooth, charcoal-colored nut sack hung low, weighed down by two large egg-sized testicles.

“So nice of you Yaz…to lube her up for me,” Tembi chortled as her purple, bulbous cockhead slowly expanded Mom’s anus, until her cockhead popped into Mom’s asshole.

When I heard Mom groan deeply, I looked down my body, through Mom’s thighs. Her mouth was frozen open. Hopefully, in a rictus of sheer delight.

“Fuck that poker oyna white girl’s ass, Tembi…she wants her ass fucked…just like her boy toy…”

Encouraged, Tembi began guiding his long, black shaft, inch by inch through Mom’s bulging anus. Sure, I had seen all kinds of pictures of beer cans, wine bottles, etc., stuck up women’s asses and knew what it felt like, too, but Mom’s anal impalement was amazing to see so close up.

At the halfway mark, I saw Mom’s anus remarkably strain to open wider and then the head of Tembi’s huge tool, suddenly, popped out. Keyarra and Yazmeen clapped and hooted as trapped air escaped from Mom’s gaping, anal cavern.

After Tembi had admired the hole her cock had created, she shifted her body. She got up on one knee, planted her foot, leaned over me, and grabbed Mom’s hips, again. The Tembi butt-fucking show was about to begin in earnest.

Tembi began rocking her thick cock backward and forward a few times in Mom’s ass, gaining momentum, before relentlessly twisting and thrusting her cock into Mom’s rectum. Tembi exhibited her full array of butt-fucking skills – for several minutes and even talked smack.

“You like that, don’t you? Gettin’ butt fucked. Like bein’ ass raped…don’t cha’. You’re our bitch, now! Our butt-fuckin’ ho bitch! Does that make your pussy wet? You’re both our bitches! Big, black cock whores! Now open yo mouth, girl!”

I felt one of the t-girls straddle my legs and, although I couldn’t see, I could tell by Tembi’s arm movements that he had grabbed the back of Mom’s hair and had begun using it like a handle, pumping her head back and forth. With good reason, I assumed that Mom was getting face-fucked by another huge, sperm launcher.

After a couple of minutes, Tembi’s balls, nearing orgasm, began to rise. However, Tembi slowed her thrusts. I would soon discover – and feel why.

Mom must have been close to cumming, too. Her body was rocking back and forth harder and her fingernails had begun to dig into my thighs. I could also hear her pre-orgasmic cries, even though the fat cock in her mouth muffled them.

“I’m about to fill her ass up,” Tembi gasped as her body stiffened. “Aaahhh! Watch! I’m gonna cum in both of ’em… Oh, shit! I’m… Aaahhh! Aaahhh! Aaahhh!”

Tembi quickly and roughly pulled her spurting cock out of Mom’s rectum, causing to Mom to yelp and push out a great glob of cum. I quickly closed my eyes as the sperm splattered on my face.

Before I could react further, Tembi scooped my legs up, and plunged her glistening, throbbing cock straight into my unsuspecting asshole. My hips bucked liked crazy and I yelped, too, as Tembi penetrated me, completing her orgasm!

“Next,” Tembi wheezed as she pulled her cock of me. After a pause Tembi said, “Here, clean your asses off my cock. Clean it good…be gentle, too.”

As Mom sucked cock, again, my bleary eyes fastened on Yazmeen’s massive rod. It was probably over ten-inches long and it looked menacingly hard.

Seeing me staring, Yazmeen said, “Just relax and enjoy. I’m just gonna fuck your girl’s ass, until she cums screaming…that’s all… Now watch! I’m gonna go right up your bitch’s ass…in one push.”

Yazmeen then crouched over Mom’s ravaged ass and grabbed her hips. However, much to my relief, she gently lowered her thick meat right into Mom’s dilated asshole.

“Fuck…she’s still fuckin’ tight!” Yazmeen exclaimed.

When Yazmeen’s cock had disappeared into Mom’s ass, he said, “Look bitch! I got all ten inches up your girl’s ass! Jealous?”

I am sure it wasn’t everyday Yazmeen could slide her big, black cock into a beautiful, white woman’s hiney and immediately begin fucking it with deep, long strokes. No, I wasn’t necessarily jealous. I could have Mom’s upturned ass whenever I wanted.

“Just keep watchin’. As a matter of fact…help me fuck her ass.”

Yazmeen pulled out of Mom a couple of inches, and told me to grab her shaft and move it in a circular motion. I reached up with both hands, took hold of her wet, meaty shaft, and began to stir it Mom’s ass.

“Damn, she’s got good muscle control,” Yazmeen chortled.

With the big cockhead purposefully rubbing Mom’s g-spot, her sexual pleasure became excruciatingly euphoric. She even cooed when Yazmeen would occasionally break the cycle by pushing all ten-inches up her.

It did not take Mom to feel her first anal spasm. I could see it radiate out of her rectum and into her abdomen. It made her flat belly flutter.

As Mom’s cycle of spasms intensified, I could see her anus straining to expel Yazmeen’s monster-sized cock. However, the harder Mom pushed, the deeper her ass sucked it in.

“Aaahhh! Aaahhh! Cum in me…please cum in me… Aaahhh!”

When Yazmeen felt Mom’s bowels open up, she hollered, “She’s cumming girls! Watch!”

As Mom continued to writhe in pleasure, she burbled, “Ooohhh Baby, can you feel it? I want you to feel her spurting into me…”

I quickly put the palm of my left hand up against Mom’s canlı poker oyna stomach, just in time to feel her guts indent and ripple as Yazmeen’s engorged, cockhead forced its way through her rectum and into her colon. On cue, Yazmeen’s cock wrenched and began detonating multiple ounces of semen into Mom’s undulating bowels.

“Ooohhh…Baby! That was so hot,” Mom purred after her orgasms subsided.

Amazed, Yazmeen blurted out, “Damn! I ain’t ever had a fuck like this!”

When Yazmeen finally pulled, and none too gently, his cock out of Mom’s gaping asshole, Keyarra grabbed Mom’s hips and lowered her sticky rump onto my face. Mom’s quivering, sperm-ringed asshole now was pressed against my mouth.

Tembi spread Mom’ ass cheeks apart just I began to wonder how I was supposed to breathe. Gratefully, I quickly inhaled just as a warm stream of cum began to flow out of Mom’s ass.

“Push,” one of the t-girls said. “Feed your boy.” “Finger your pussy,” another said.

Mom obediently leaned back, her ass almost smothering me, again, arched her back, and began rubbing her clit. Almost immediately, Mom hollered out and started bucking wildly.

In self-defense, I reached my arms out, clamped my hands around Mom’s waist to prevent her bucking ass from crushing my face. As I pushed her ass up, more warm cum began pouring out, flooding my mouth and face.

I began swallowing the tangy, salty sperm as fast as I could. I must have swallowed about four of five times before the flow of sperm slowed to a trickle.

Suddenly, an ungodly moan came deep out of Mom. I saw her anus try to tighten, but the force in her bowels was too powerful.

Moments later, Mom’s ass began expelling loud, squishy, wet farts. Her next groan was one of unbelievable embarrassment. She grabbed her heaving stomach and rolled off me as raucous laughter emanated from the t-girls.

Attempting to be cool like it happened to me every day, I calmly dabbed at some of the cum on my splattered face with my finger. Pretending to be curious, I looked at it and then tasted it.

Before my red-faced Mom could move another muscle, we heard, “Spread your legs, little momma! Time to be bred.”

Keyarra then kneeled down, lifted Mom’s legs, and pushed them back to her chest. Her reward was one of the hardest cocks she had ever felt plunging all the way up her pussy.

Mom grunted like a stuck pig after each womb wrenching thrust. Of course, Tembi picked on that and began mocking Mom.

“Your black baby will be worth the pain, little, white momma. When his big black head comes out of your pussy – you’ll wish it was one of our cocks fucking you!”

As if Tembi’s mocking was not enough, he began to try to humiliate Mom further by spanking her face with his semi-hard, black cock. However, I am not sure Mom heard any of Tembi’s smug rap or even noticed the spanks on her reddening cheeks. Mom was gritting her teeth and appeared to be concentrating on her upcoming orgasm.

Tembi did get Mom’s full attention, though, when she jammed her black finger into Mom’s twitching asshole. A loud, primal grunt of pleasure erupted deep within Mom as her body stiffened. Contractions noticeably rippled from her belly to her pussy.

Broken water mains had nothing on my squealing Mom. Her powerful ejaculations soaked everything in the line of fire.

Keyarra was not fazed. She had been there and done that. She continued to pound the full length of her cock into Mom as her pussy tried to clamp around his cock.

Tired of watching Keyarra, Yazmeen and Keyarra decided to spit roast me. I assumed the position next to Mom.

As one semi-hard cock was pushed into my slack anus and the other went into my mouth. Before long, both cocks were hard and feverishly fucking my tender orifices.

When Tembi withdrew her cock and stuck in Mom’s hot mouth for a change pace, I felt my rectum open up completely. Yazmeen felt it, too and began forcefully reaming my bucking, naked body.

Perhaps overcome with passion, Yazmeen leaned her head forward and stuck her tongue into my mouth. Normally, I do not do tongues, but for whatever reason, I sucked it down my throat as if it were a cock. Yazmeen groaned in ecstasy and her cock noticeably swelled.

“You feel that?” Yazmeen asked. Not waiting for me to respond, she pushed her cock even deeper up my ass and then held still. I closed my eyes as she looked down into my face. I nodded as I watched the stars.

When Tembi reached over and started masturbating me, Yazmeen stopped fucking me to watch, but left me impaled. In no time, I was flailing like a stuck pig on her cock as another earth shattering orgasm swept over me.

“Oh yeah. Just ride yo momma,” Yazmeen exclaimed.

Excitedly Yazmeen grabbed my hips and began working her hips up and down like a bouncing diving board. Her cock was so deep in me that I wanted to holler, but I couldn’t — cum was spraying out of my cock.

“Yes! I’m cumming, too!” Keyarra gasped

Seconds later, Keyarra internet casino was furiously fucking huge loads of warm cum into Mom’s stretched out pussy. Apparently, Mom felt him spurting and came, too.

My orgasm was complete I didn’t even feel Yazmeen relieved herself in my ass. Only when she pulled out of me, did I feel her warm cum vacate my hot hole.

“Oh yes,” Tembi said when Yazmeen’s cock cleared my ass. “It’s time for your other momma to fuck your butt, lil’ darlin’!”

Tembi walked over to where I was laying, easily rolled my limp body back over, knelt over my butt, spread my reddened ass cheeks wide, and then easily slid her hard cock past my slack sphincter rings. The slow descent of her cock made it seem very, very long.

To my surprise, she did not bottom out. I guess my bowels were still wide open.

At first, Tembi started slowly pumping her cock in and out of me, but then quickly picked up speed, until she was slamming every inch into me. There was no way my exhausted anal muscles could squeeze or even grasp her rock hard cock. I just laid there, on my belly, as she fucked all of Yazmeen’s cum out of me.

When Tembi proclaimed, “Shit! White boy is gonna make me cum!” she placed both of her big paws on the arch of my back and pushed down hard. I groaned as her fat cock dramatically expanded, right before it began firing salvos of cum into me.

“One for the road,” Yazmeen said and as he presented his gooey cock to Mom. He then grabbed her ears and began skull-fucking her. His cock looked so much wider than Mom’s petite mouth.

“Look at her throat,” Keyarra snickered. “Look at the indentation!”

After a couple of minutes, Yazmeen pulled out of Mom’s mouth and began rifling his saliva-coated cock with his hand. Still horny, Keyarra began jacking, too.

Apparently, Yazmeen needed a little extra stimulation to cum, again. He asked Mom to stick her finger up as his ass.

“Me, too,” Keyarra chimed in.

I smiled broadly as Mom reached under their butts and inserted each of her forefingers. I knew first hand that Mom was very familiar with men’s prostates and that her talented fingers could coax an orgasm out of dead man.

I wasn’t wrong. Both their cocks stiffened about a minute later and after another minute, Yazmeen asked Keyarra if she was ready. When Keyarra grunted, Mom wisely closed her eyes.

“Time…to shoot baby doll…all over your face! We’re going to paint your pretty face white girl! Fuck! Here it cums! Aaahhh! Aaahhh!”

The two t-girls hosed Mom’s face. By the time they were through, her eyes were blanked with semen and sperm bubbles were oozing out of her tiny nostrils.

When the t-girls left a couple of minutes later, I crawled over to Mom, affectionately put my arm around her, and then began gently licking all the sperm off her face. I tried to emulate what a pussy cat would do with a full plate of cream.

At some point, Mom said, “I came hard watching you take those horse cocks…”

“When you came that one time…on that guy…girl…”

“I know…I was so hot…I…I came all over her. I couldn’t help it.”

“Sorry…but that was…was funny!”

“What do you want do?”

I shrugged my shoulders as Mom and I stood up, stretched, and began searching for our clothes. However, when I saw Mom bend over to pick up her bib, her ass cheeks seductively parted. I immediately knew what I wanted to do.

I walked up behind Mom and gently let my hardening cock contact her anus. Mom didn’t even bother to turn around. She obediently bent at the waist, spread her legs, and as she reached back to spread her cheeks, she chortled, “I won’t be able to shit for a week.”

“Mom…can we do it missionary…anal?”

Sure, I realized that the missionary position wasn’t the best position for anal, but I wanted to see Mom’s face and feel her breasts and hard nipples against my chest. I wanted to feel her chest blush…when she came.

After Mom positioned herself on her back, I mounted her, reached down, and as I aimed my erection at her asshole, Mom wrapped her sexy legs around my waist. When I looked down at her, she said, “That’s right. I want you deep.”

Mom’s wide-eyed sincerity weakened me. I suddenly gushed, “I guess this is role reversal. I’ve just been fucked like a woman, by women, and in front of a woman…and now…I am fucking a real woman. I really needed this…thank you…”

A couple of minutes later, the distinct plop, plop, plop sound of my hips slamming against Mom’s smooth thighs echoed loudly in the room.

It did not take long for either of us to cum. As my cum began spilling into Mom’s juicy rectum, her belly began its orgasmic dance, for the umpteenth time. I held her close as she came and passionately kissed her. Mom returned my kisses with great fervor.

A few days later, I overheard Mom on her cell. She was talking quietly so I listened to some of the conversation.

“…He got behind me and started swallowing down the semen leaking from my asshole. I couldn’t believe that he would want to eat me out with all that jazz seeping out of from my…ass… Yes! No! He didn’t hesitate. I just pushed my butt into his face and he started slurping up the cum. Yes! Inside me! It was fantastic!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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