Aura , Zashe Ch. 1

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“Mm. Your brother’s home.”

“Yeah, probably.”

I threw my keys onto the table and peeked into the living room. My twin sister was sitting with her friend Ngonidzashe on the couch. Aura was nearly lying on her side, her knees folded and nearly falling off the edge of the couch. ‘Zashe had her heels on the edge, on the opposite side form Aura’s. I said hello and went into the kitchen to make some tea. I listened to them talk as if I couldn’t hear them.

“You know, your brother’s hot.” She spoke in soft tones, but I could still hear.

“Oh shush now.”

“What, I can’t tell you your brother looks good?”

“No… I know he is. That’s why you can’t talk about it.”

“Oh, wow. I understand. Did you ever…do anything?”

“No, not…recently, I mean, not since we were kids.”

I made my way—loudly—back toward the room they were in. ‘Zashe had a big grin on her face, and Aura, she just looked up at me, and then away. As her face fell, a smile crossed her lips.

“What’d you two do today?”

Zashe answered. “Oh, nothing, nothing at all. We got stoned on this couch at around 9:30 this morning, and we haven’t moved since.” Her skin was the color of bitter chocolate. The two of them were fucking gorgeous—thin, with big eyes…both had smallish breasts, and neither of them wore bras, or even clothes that hid them. I could see the shoulder strap on ‘Zashe’s sun dress slip from her shoulder as she shifted, and Aura’s loose red satin top fell away just above her left nipple.

“Are you stoned now?”

“No…What’d you do today?”

“I went downtown and took pictures. Shit, my water’s boiling.” I turned out and went back to the kitchen, my ears perked.

It’s true, my sister and I haven’t done anything sexually since we were small, but I never forgot her—I’ve never been able to. How many nights I wished I could kiss her, how many days did I jerk off, thinking of her face, or her body. Every time we touched, I felt it was charged with sexual energy.

“Have you ever seen him naked?”

“Of course I have. We live together.”

“Well how does he look?”

Silence. That made me nervous.

“C’mon, tell me. How’s he built?”

“Good, he’s built…great.”

“Have you seen his cock?”


“And how is it? Is it big?”

“I don’t know… Maybe you should find out for yerself, if yr so damn interested.”

I couldn’t hear any response.

I put the tea into the pot and poured the water in slowly. I smiled to myself. I wouldn’t turn ‘Zashe away. I decided I would sit with them.

“You mind if I sit with you?”

Aura looked up, an uncomfortable smile still on her face, and then looked back down. Zashe scooched over and made room on the couch. She patted the cushion between them. I set the teapot on the coffee table and sat down. ‘Zashe’s warm, dark shoulder pressed against mine. I felt electricity run through me as Aura’s arm brushed mine.

As we made conversation, ‘Zashe kept touching me. When she accented a statement, or laughed at a joke I’d made, she patted my leg—higher on my thigh than was…polite. My cock started reaching down my pant leg, I guess to be touched by her. Aura played with her ponytail and—I noticed—didn’t touch my leg.

At one moment, ‘Zashe’s hand stayed on my thigh, just around the middle. I felt my cock growing anew, until the head was lightly touching the meat of her palm. I sat there wondering if she felt it, if she knew. If she did, she hid it well…if she didn’t, she did a good job of pretending she did and hid it well. Suddenly she began to stand, and as she did, her hand slipped up just a little bit, and brushed along most of the length of my cock, but before I realized what had happened, she was out the door and in the kitchen. I pulled the fabric of my pants away from my cock and turned to Aura.

“How you doing?”

“I’m fine. I had fun today.” Her eyes were pointed away, toward my knee, I allowed myself the luxury of peeking down her shirt. Her breasts were so perfect.

I heard the toilet flush and I rearranged my gaze. I looked up just as Ngonidzashe eased through the door. I regarded her.

“That’s a nice dress. It looks good on you.”

“Yeah, you like it? Thanks. ‘S comfortable as hell.” She leaned in the doorway for a moment, playing with the hem of her sundress.

“Yeah, the color, the cut, I like it a lot.”

She grinned a huge grin and said, “Thanks.” Her grin slipped to a smirk in a moment so quick, and then she flipped the hem up, so fast, but I caught it. She lifted it to about her belly button, showing us her bare pubic hair, which was cleanly shaven to a trim rectangle. The next second she was on the couch again, sitting next to me, her warm dark shoulder touching mine.

We talked for some time, until the moon was high and the sun a distant memory. Wine had appeared, which we drank, and then we were drunk. Conversation got sloppy, and I swear ‘Zashe got ribald, but I may have been simply drunk, and simply imagining—or hoping. Her hand did rest that night on my leg, and my cock did nudge poker oyna it with spurts of growth, but the music became louder as the darkness cloaked our sight, the sounds may have distorted her senses.

In any case, slowly we tired. Aura, whose quiet ways often overtook her, slipped further and further from the conversation, whence ‘Zashe and I also quieted. Aura’s head laid on my shoulder as she slowly fell asleep. In a quiet moment, after a joke, ‘Zashe turned to me, her eyes bright but her breathing slow, and kissed me. I turned my face and kissed her back, with the same softness. Her lips were so tender, so free. She leaned further toward me and I felt her hand rise on my thigh. She felt my cock with a start—for it was quite hard by then—and then massaged it softly. My right hand was immobilized, as Aura’s head rested on that shoulder, so with my left I reached for ‘Zashe’s thigh. I reached up to her groin, with a little discomfort, and slid my hand over the mound between her legs, whose facts and figures I closed my eyes and remembered, from that glorious moment when she had flipped up her dress.

When she felt this, she eased herself around and over me, careful not to disturb Aura, whose quiet breath played against my collar. ‘Zashe reached down the front of my pants and pulled my cock upright and then pressed her body against me. Her tongue found its way deep into my mouth, and her crotch rubbed intently against my swollen cock. My hand found her sides, and unconsciously raised her dress. I groped and grabbed at her flesh, her breasts, her sides, her thighs. She broke her kiss away and regarded me. She looked at Aura and something came across her face, which I didn’t recognize. I felt again Aura’s breath.

‘Zashe eased off of my and got down on her knees before me. Her hands felt my cock, and then undid my pants, and pulled them off. She smiled broadly at me and then slowly, she kissed me, then slowly her mouth opened, and I found myself in her mouth, and then deeper—Somewhere inside me, where I was still thinking about things, I was amazed that she was able to take me entirely into her mouth. Her throat tightened and loosened as her tongue reached out to lick at the base of my cock. And then, as suddenly as it had begun, it stopped. She rose again and put her lips to mine, and then started rubbing her bare crotch against my cock. I would feel how wet she was. With the end of each stroke, she risked impaling herself on me. Smacking sounds filled the air as the music died, and then, as it began again, she buried my cock in her cunt.

Her vagina was incredible. It was tight, but very wet—I could feel every vein in my cock rubbing her insides. I remember wondering—strangely—if Aura was really asleep. Her breath seemed to move in sequence with our slow thrusts. I held Zashe’s breasts as she pumped me, her hands on the sides of my chest.

She turned her face from the ceiling to mine, a thin smile on her face. A low moan slipped from her, as she glanced over at my sister…the moan became a closed-mouth squeal, and she nearly melted atop me, her face pressed into my neck. Her lips sucked at me there, until I felt a firm breath escape her. Her body began to move again, dragging herself along my thick cock…slowly at first, then faster and faster, until my entire body tensed. “I’m gonna—”

She replied by continuing, though her voice said, “Do it.” A thick shot of come escaped me, the orgasm shooting up my spine like it never had before.

As I came to, my whole body was tense. I felt Aura’s head against my shoulder, her breath easing in and out. I slowly relaxed, and, thankfully, she did not stir. Zashe looked at me, as exhausted as I was. She looked over at Aura and strange smile spread across her face.

I woke the next morning late, and slowly. The sun shone in my bedroom window. I laid there quietly, listening to the sounds of the morning. Aura was up, in the kitchen, quietly rummaging around for breakfast. I vaguely remembered hearing ‘Zashe leave earlier, and now, with the silence emerging from the kitchen, I suspected she had.

The teakettle whistled and some bustling happened. I kept my eyes closed at smiled at the ease of the morning. It had been a year since Aura and I had gotten this apartment together. Our parents were at that time eight months gone

I wasn’t sure, but I thought I heard Aura coming into my room. I slowly opened my eyes.

She was indeed there, in her bathrobe. As she saw my eyes open, she said, “Oh, you are awake. I just wanted to borrow a record.”

“Which one?”

“That Appendix Out 7″ with the song about maps.”

“Ein Grauerstar sumthhinerother. Put it on here, if you want. That’s a great song to wake up to.”

She did so. The soft turning and vibrations of the song filled the morning air. She smiled and flopped down on my bed, saying, “You know what time it is?”



I believed it, but was surprised to find myself feeling rested. I said nothing.

“I love being awake this early.” She was grinning. She laid her body out on my bed, her chin on my canlı poker oyna chest, one arm along it. I felt my dick, which was not erect, but nonetheless in one of its larger states: it was nervously close to her side. I didn’t allow it to make me uncomfortable.

We listened in silence to the short song. She turned her head to the side, her ear pressed to my heart. As the song closed itself, she rose and put on a full length album by the same band. When she returned her body to mine, she laid on her side, her left arm propping her head, her right leg slightly over mine. Her right hand drifted over my chest. The album played on. A few songs into it, my penis quite present to me, rising and falling with the nuances of her breath, she spoke.

“Part of me is actually looking forward to winter…but I guess it’s because it’s only September.” As she spoke, of this singularly wintry music, her excitement shifted her body—most specifically—noticeably—her right leg rose to press on my cock. Perhaps her silence, and her next remark were unconnected to this…possibly not. She looked at her leg and said, “Do you remember when we were kids? All the stuff we used to do?”

“Of course I do. I remember everything. Or, a lot.”

“Sometimes I think you forgot.” Her hand was no longer casually resting on my chest; now it had purpose, I realized, as she wrapped her fingers along my side. “You were the first guy I ever loved.”

“You too, sis.”

“No, I mean that.”

“Me too.”


“Really.” Possibly as confirmation of this, I felt my penis hardening. Possibly she felt this, and knew it. But something, something distant to me, made her pull away. She bolted up and left the room. Over her shoulder she told me she was going to take a shower.

I got up and put a bathrobe on. I made some coffee, and ate some cereal. As the coffee steeped in the press, there was a knock on the door. I closed my robe, tightly, double-knotted it, and opened the door. It was Zashe.

“Hey, come on in.”

“Thanks…Where’s Aura?”

“She’s in the shower.”

“Would you mind getting her? Just tell her I’m here?”

“Um, you…she’d probably be more comfortable if you did.”

“No, I don’t think so. Tell her. I’ll wait in the living room.”

So I went to the door and knocked. What with the noise of the shower, however, I could not understand her response. I opened the door and said her name again.

“I can’t hear you. Come in.”

I went in.

The room was foggy, but the shower curtain was still very transparent. I tried to pretend I was looking away while I watched her wash. Her long, thin limbs were covered in lather; her hair was half-wet; her crotch was neatly trimmed and the hair dark brown. “Zashe’s here. She wanted me to come in here and tell you that.”

“That fucking freak. She’s such a mixer!”


“Nothing. Tell her…nevermind. I’ll be out in a minute. Do you—”



“Do you mind if I went pee? I didn’t want to bother you before, but now that I’m—”

“Sure, no, go ahead.”

I pulled out my dick, which was engorged somewhat by how much I needed to pee. Something—well, I know exactly what it was—made me show it to her, or, make it visible to her, in its impressive state. I can’t know whether she looked, but I like to imagine she did. As I finished, she asked me, “Would you…would you mind washing my back?”


She turned her back to me, hiding from me what I had just been looking at. She handed the soap back to me. I soaped up my hands and softly scrubbed her shoulders, her back, and, with some timidity, the top of her ass. I continued on, however, when she was thoroughly clean, massaging her shoulders and then the rest of her back.

“Oh, that feels great. You have such good hands.” I finished, and handed the soap to her. She turned slightly to take it, and I could see the side of one high, dark nipple.


I tried to think of something else to say, or do, but, there was nothing. So I left and sat with Zashe for a little while, chatting, every now and then noticing looks on her faces…but we did not speak of the night before. When Aura came out, she went with Zashe into her room. I remained where I was for a moment, then followed and peeking through the crack in the door. Aura was still wearing the towel, and Zashe was standing beside her, speaking softly, as the two of them looked at themselves in the mirror. Zashe lifted her sundress over her head and threw it on the bed, leaving her nude. Her deep brown skin shone dimly in the morning light. She turned slightly toward Aura and tugged playfully at her towel, until it fell to the floor. My dick was rock hard. Zashe reached over and put her hand on Aura’s stomach, and stroked upwards, to fondle her breasts. Aura turned toward her and took Zashe’s hips in her hands. Their faces leaned toward one another’s and they both smiled. Their lips touched. Aura’s hands found Zashe’s breasts, and Zashe’s were creeping down to Aura’s crotch. Suddenly their mouths were wide open and their internet casino tongues were poking one another’s cheeks out.

Zashe pushed her against the wall, and fell to her knees. Aura started moaning—and loudly—as Zashe’s tongue slipped up and down Aura’s slit. Her hands groped Zashe’s shoulders and head, as well as her own body…curling around her breasts and cupping her ass. She came quickly and loudly, then quickly again, loudly again.

She pulled Zashe’s face up to her own and kissed her softly, hugging her hips close. Then she pushed her back down, and onto the floor. Aura crawled over her, kissing her face, then her neck and breasts, then her stomach, and then she buried her face in Zashe’s crotch. Zashe’s face lurched up, facing the door—and the crack in the door, but her eyes were shut tightly. She writhed on the floor, her hands on her breasts, squeezing, pulsing. She opened her eyes and looked up at the door. Then she saw my eye.

I didn’t move, I knew Zashe wouldn’t say anything…or, not yet. But her eyes didn’t leave mine, even as she came, which she did almost as loudly as Aura, her eyes were locked even harder on my single, visible eye.

After they had a few more orgasms, my penis shatteringly hard and poking out through the leg of my boxers, Zashe sat up, pulled Aura’s face to hers, and they kissed. I noticed Zashe turned their faces so I could see this fully. I was thankful.

Aura curled up next to Zashe on the floor, and the two began to rest, speaking softly again. I watched this for a little while, then left them alone.

I went to the bathroom, dropping my boxers in the hallway, feeling hot in this moment of exhibitionism. My hard dick bobbed and swayed as I moved toward the shower and turned it on. I faced the door with silly bravery and walked fully toward it, and shut it slowly. I hopped in the shower.

It took extreme presence of mind to keep my hands off my cock, but I knew that if I working things right, I could have sex with Zashe again, and I wanted to make sure I was fresh for that. I imagined her body, her incredible breasts and her dark stomach and groin, permitting myself a couple of moments of jerking off.

As I finished, my penis pointed downward finally, I thought I heard the door open. I knew it could only be Zashe, so I bravely refrained from hiding myself. I heard footsteps approach, so I was not surprised when the shower door opened suddenly…but I was surprised to see both of them there.

They were both wearing towels, and had large glasses of water in their hands…their mouths were full, and suddenly, they were spitting mouthfuls of water on me, laughing. I jumped back, but did not turn. They stood, giggling, glancing from each other to me, and my body… After a few moments of silence, Zashe reached out and touched my groin with her index finger. She let it run down my pubic hair, and then along my cock. She dropped her towel and stepped past me into the shower. She pressed her body against my back and wrapped her arms around my stomach. Her chin rested playfully on my shoulder.

Aura glanced down at my cock and bit her lip, her smile fading. A worried look crossed her face. “I’d better leave you two alone…” She suddenly looked at Zashe, over my shoulder. I felt Zashe’s face jerk a little, expressing something. Aura just chewed on her lip some, and left.

“Did that embarrass you?” There was a smile in her voice. But she didn’t give me a chance to answer…her hands slid wetly down my stomach, over my pubic hair, and along my lengthening cock. I remember the feeling of her breasts, pressed flat against my back, her heavy breath in my ear. Her fingers glided gently up and down my cock.

“It’s ok. That’s why I did it.” She pulled away and turned me toward her. I took her sides in my hands and pulled her close. She grabbed my cock with both hands and jerked me slowly.

“You’ve got a great cock. I’ve seen a lot of them in my day, black, white, pink, beige, brown, tan, but I’ve only seen one as beautiful as yours.” She squatted down and stared directly at my cock. Her wide lips opened before my head. Her long tongue licked—never before had I felt such softness.

“Whose was that?” I asked.

“My brother’s.” With that she took my entire cock into her mouth. Her tongue caressed and followed my cock along the root, her hands groping my balls, thighs, and stomach.

Just as I was about to come, she pulled back and jerked my cock slowly with her hand. “I can’t let you come alone, cutey.” She stood up. I was still so close that I grabbed her, hard, and pulled her in, kissing her deeply, my cock humping her firm, black stomach. “God, Adrian, I love the way you touch me. Fuck me. Fuck me now, from behind.”

I turned her around. I pushed her shoulder forward while pulling back on her hips. She buckled quickly, willingly, reaching an arm out to press against the wall of the shower. I dropped to my knees and licked her lips in wide, sloppy swipes, dipping my tongue into her cunt, and up, dipping into her asshole as well. When neither of us could stand it any longer, I got up and slid my cock down her ass crack until it met her sweet, soft lips. I eased myself in, just to the head, and held there, my hands slowly reaching around her hips, until I had her sharp hipbones in my hands…

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