Babygirl Megan

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Megan was a gorgeous girl, 18 years old, 5’10”, 128lbs, long wavy blonde hair that cascaded all the way down to her firm, little ass, big brown eyes, hourglass waist and perfectly perky breasts. She was the envy of every girl in her high school and the fantasy of every male that drawed a breath within a 50 mile radius.

She was the only child of Evelyn and Rick. So, needless to say, Megan was a very spoiled girl and used to getting anything she wanted. But there was only one thing in this world she wanted, but she knew it would take alot of planning to obtain it.

One day after school, she realized she was closer to obtaining it then she thought. Upon returning home from school, Megan’s mom announced she had to make an emergency trip to Texas. One of her best friend’s from college was having surgery and wanted Evelyn by her side. This was wonderful news to Megan.

‘When will you be leaving Mom?” she asked.

“My plane leaves in 3 hours, her mother answered, so you and Daddy are on your own for dinner and for the next 3 days.”

“That’s cool, said Megan, I think we can handle that”

Evelyn excused herself to go upstairs and pack.

“When Daddy gets home, tell him to come upstairs” yelled her mom from her bedroom.

“Ok Mom!!” she said.

Megan went over to the couch and began doing her homework. Hard as she tried she could not concentrate on algebra and calculus knowing she was going to have the next 3 days completely to herself. Just then, the front door swung open.

“Hi Daddy, she said, Mom’s upstairs”.

“Thanks sweety”, he said, winking at her as he rushed by on his way upstairs.

Megan’s dad was in pretty good shape for 42 years old, very athletic. He ran alot and went to the gym 4 days a week. Her mom was no slouch either, she loved working out and staying in shape, so it’s no wonder Megan had a body to die for.

A few minutes later Rick came back down the steps.

“How was your day at school Meg?” he asked.

“Oh the norm, you know” she answered. how was your day?”

“Pretty good, so what should we do about dinner?” he asked, rubbing his stomach.

“Pizza definitely” Megan piped up, smiling.

“Pizza it is then” he agreed.

“Ok guys, I’m off to the airport” Evelyn said from atop the stairs.

“Do you need a ride?” Rick asked.

“No baby, I’ve got a cab, and it just pulled up so I’ll see you guys in 3 days” she said as she kissed them before exiting.

“Wow, it got quiet” Rick said, laughing.

“Yeah, I need to get my homework done” Megan said.

Later that night Megan and Rick sat watching TV as they ate dinner, the living room lit only by a small lamp in the corner of the room.

“Well that’s it for me” said Megan, pushing her plate away.

As she stood up to go to the kitchen, Rick couldn’t resist watching her. He noticed he had been watching her quite a bit lately, but wasn’t sure why. This was his daughter.

“Daddy, do you want anything from the kitchen?” Megan hollered.

“No baby, I’m fine, thanks” he answered.

“Ok, I’m gonna go take a shower then” she said.

As he listened to her walk up the stairs he began imagining how her body looked in the shower, the water running down her body, her wet, gorgeous hair pressed to her back, her nipples rock hard as little droplets of water cascaded from them to the bathtub below. His cock throbbed unmercifully with these thoughts.

After flipping thru the channels, finding nothing worth his attention on the television, he decided to go to bed. It was late and he wanted to get up early in the morning and go jogging anyway. As he passed Megan’s room, he noticed her door was slightly open. She was bent over, drying her legs. One leg seductively perched up on the bed, sliding the towel over her muscular calf slowly, methodically.

Her long, wet hair flowed over her shoulders, slightly dripping on the floor. Her skin was beautiful, lightly tanned from her hours by the pool, little tiny freckles danced all over her back. She was so beautiful standing there. Rick couldn’t poker oyna believe his daughter had grown into such a gorgeous young woman. He realized his cock was getting hard again and decided he should go lie down.

As he walked away, the floorboard underneath him squeaked, giving away his hiding place.

“Is that you daddy?” Megan asked.

“Yeah baby, it’s me, I’m going to bed now” he answered.

“Umm, ok daddy, good night” she said.

“Good night baby”.

As he lay in bed, thoughts of what he had just seen kept replaying in his mind. His gorgeous, young daughter, fresh from the shower, bent over in front of him. His cock began throbbing. He slid his hand under the cover and began stroking his shaft, it was so hard it almost hurt. Just then, his bedroom door opened slightly.

“Daddy?” asked Megan, in the darkness.

Quickly bringing his hand out, “Yes baby?”

“Can I come in for a minute?” she asked.

“Sure baby, is something wrong?” her father asked.

“No, nothing wrong” she answered.

Megan took a spot on the edge of the bed beside her father. He couldn’t help but notice the small little nightie she was wearing, almost see thru.

“What’s up sweety?” he asked.

“How old were you when you had sex the first time?” she asked, surprising her father.

“Well, I guess around 18, 19” he answered, “Why?”

“Well lately I’ve been getting these urges and I guess I just needed to know if it was normal or not” she explained. “Thanks Daddy”

“You’re very welcome baby, any other questions?” he asked.

“Not right now” she said, smiling.

As she leaned in to kiss her daddy good night he could see right down her nightie, it was very hard to hide his growing erection under the blanket. Just as he thought she was getting up, she leaned down to kiss him again, only this time her lips were not moving quickly from his lips. He couldn’t believe it. His daughter’s tongue was in his mouth. She quickly jumped up.

“I’m sorry daddy, I don’t know what came over me” she said, embarrassed.

“It’s ok baby, I’m not mad” he assured her.

“Come here baby and lay next to me” he said.

“Ok daddy” she said, smiling as she took a place next to her father on the bed.

He layed there stroking her hair, telling her everything was okay. Shorty thereafter, she was asleep. He gently slid his arm from underneath her and rolled over to turn the lamp off. Gently grabbing the blanket and placing it over her beautiful body. A small beam of moonlight shown in the bedroom, just enough to illuminate her body, providing just enough light for Rick to lay there and admire her.

Her breasts were so perky and her small nipples poked thru the flimsy nightie as she lay there with one arm above her head and the other one by her side. She had one leg hiked up and the other one straight down. He could make out the small little white lace panties she was wearing. As he watched her, he again reached under the blanket and began stroking his cock.

Just then, the telephone rang, awaking Megan from her deep sleep.

“Hello?” answered Rick with a startled tone. “No, you have the wrong number”.

He hung up the phone and turned to see Megan facing him, smiling.

“What?” he asked.

“You’ve got a major boner daddy” she said, still smiling.

“Yeah yeah” he said, trying to cover up.

“Don’t be embarrassed daddy, from the looks of it, you’ve got nothing to be embarrassed of” she said.

Rick could feel his face burning with embarrassment. The fact that his daughter had noticed his boner was bad enough, but to comment on it.

“Well maybe you should go to your own bed now baby” he said, still messing with the covers.

“Awww, do I have to?” she asked, sticking her bottom lip out.

“Well no, you don’t have to baby” he answered.

“Good” she said “I don’t want to.”

As he lay back down, trying to fix the covers he felt Megan cuddling closer to him. The warmth of her body was amazing. Rick could feel her tits pressed into his side, and her wonderful smelling canlı poker oyna hair was right there below his nose. Her head rested lightly on his chest as she straddled her leg over his, preparing to go to sleep.

Just as he had calmed down and was near sleep, he felt something inside his boxers. After squinting his eyes and adjusting them a bit more, he realized it was Megan’s hand. She was fondling him in her sleep. He couldn’t believe what was happening. But he didn’t want it to stop either. So he spread his legs a bit more and slid his boxers down below his knees, allowing his cock the freedom it so desperately needed.

He lay there, with his eyes closed, feeling his daughter’s hand massage his shaft, he couldn’t believe how good it felt. He reached over, inside her nightie and pulled one of her breasts out. It was so heavy, and so round, her nipple was pink and hard as his fingers massaged it. Kneading her flesh in his hand while she jerked him off. Once in awhile her fingertips would graze the top of his nutsack, sending surges thru his body.

He decided this wasn’t enough for him. He leaned over and placed his lips on hers, parting her mouth with his tongue. Kissing her, hoping to wake her up. Slowly she awakened, barely opening her eyes, but still leaving her hand on her father’s cock.

“Daddy?” she whispered.

“MMM, yes baby, it’s daddy” he moaned. “Daddy wants you to take your nightie off Megan”

She removed her hand long enough to slip the nightie off over her head, throwing it to the floor. Both of them being wide awake now, Megan helped her father slide his boxers the rest of the way off. Their bodies pressed together in a seductive embrace as they kissed passionately.

Rick rolled his daugher over on top of him, still kissing her. Oh god, her body felt so good pressing naked against his. He could feel her bald mound rubbing against his cock.

“Megan, daddy wants to fuck you baby” he whispered.

As she straddled his hips, she moaned “I want you too daddy”

“Slide your pussy up here to daddy’s mouth baby” he instructed her.

And just like a good daughter, she obeyed her daddy, sliding her beautiful, bald pussy straight to his mouth as he opened the lips, exposing her pink little bud. This drove Megan crazy, her daddy’s hands were so strong and powerful, commanding her petite frame. She straddled his face as she lay on her back, stretched across his chest and stomach.

He slid his hands up under her ass, sliding her pussy closer to his lips as he lapped up her juices, roughly sucking and nibbling her clit. Her small body grinded down on her daddy, forcing him to take her entire pussy into his mouth. She moved her hips side to side as she pulled and tugged her nipples, sending sexual currents thru her body.

Rick knew his daughter wanted this, and even if she didn’t, she had come too far now. There was no way she was going to bed till he fucked her. He roughly slid 2 fingers up her ass as he ate her out. Sucking her pussy lips into his mouth as her juices dripped down on him like a summer’s rain.

“OHHHH GODDDDD DADDY!!!!!!” she screamed, still grinding her pussy into his mouth. “DADDY PLEASE DON’T STOP!!!” she begged.

Her screams of extasy only provoked Rick more as he fingered her ass faster. Cramming his tongue deeper into her young pussy. The tip of his nose raping her clit as she rode his face like a pro.

“OHHHHH GODDDD DADDY, I’M CUMMINGGGGGG!!!!” she cried as her juices spilled out of her, coating her father’s face, dripping down to his chest.

Her young body shook violently on top of her daddy as wave after wave shot thru her.

Finally, she stopped, just lying there, still straddling her father’s face.

“Get up baby” he whispered.

She rolled off his chest, landing on her hands and knees on the bed.

Rick got on his hands and knees behind her, gently grabbing her hips and nibbling on her back.

“Lie down on your stomach” he ordered her.

Once again obeying her father. Rick slid down behind Megan, between her legs. She rose her ass internet casino in the air slightly, helping her daddy. Rick could see his daughter’s cum still dripping from her pussy. Little droplets were around her young hole as he lowered his mouth to her. Roughly he began sucking her pussy from behind, licking and fucking it with his mouth.

His nose just outside her asshole as she pushed her body back, showing Rick she was loving every minute of this. He slid 3 fingers deep into her pussy, stretching her as his tongue made its way to her asshole. Deeper and deeper he rimmed his daughter, fucking her up the ass with his long, sexy tongue.

“Oh god daddy!!!!!”she wailed “Oh god please don’t stop, I love your tongue up my ass!”

Rick couldn’t take this anymore. Without warning he removed his fingers and tongue and told his daughter to get back on her hands and knees. As soon as she did, he plowed his cock into her pussy. Savagely fucking his daughter, pumping her young pussy for all he was worth.

“I’ve wanted inside you for so long baby” he moaned, pumping her deeper.

“MMMMM daddy!!” she moaned “You feel so good inside me”

“Oh fuck yeah baby, you wanna be daddy’s little whore when mommy’s not around, huh?” he growled.

“Please daddy, please make me your whore” she begged. “I’ll do anything, anytime you want daddy”.

“Oh I know you will baby, if you don’t, I’ll just take it” he moaned.

Rick quickly slid his cock out of his daughter, making sure his cock was very well lubricated. It shined as the moon beam hit it. That was all he needed. Violently he stuffed his cock up his daughter’s ass. The force of his penetration knocked her face first into the bed. With her head buried into a pillow he fucked her harder.

“Oh fuck yes babygirl!!!” he yelled “Your mother won’t let me in her ass”

“You can have my ass whenever you want it daddy” she moaned in between heavy breaths.

“Daddy’s gonna cum baby, where do you want it?”

“Up my ass daddy, give it to me now!!” she begged.

One final, forceful thrust into her ass and Rick unloaded his seed deep into his daughter. Squirt after squirt of warm sticky fluid filled her ass. He yelled her name over and over still pumping her.

“Rub your pussy for daddy” he ordered his daughter.

Megan reached down between her legs and began furiously rubbing her clit while her daddy’s cock was still buried up her ass. Slowly he continued pumping her as she rubbed faster and harder.

“MMMM, that’s my babygirl” he growled “Rub that pussy for your daddy.”

“OHHHHHH MYYYYYY GODDDDDDD!!!!!”she yelled, “I’m cummingggggggggg”.

Megan’s cum poured out of her like a waterfall, sliding down her legs and onto the bed. This made Rick hard as a rock again. Quickly he slid his cock from her ass back into her pussy. He could still feel the walls contracting from her orgasm. Tightly they massaged his shaft as he pumped in and out, harder each stroke.

“Daddy’s gonna cum again babygirl, you want that? he asked, pumping her deeper.

“Yes Daddy!! YES!! YES!! YES!!” she purred.

Right before he came, he slid his cock out of her.

“Turn around and suck me off baby” he ordered “I want you to suck your daddy off”

Quickly Megan turned and took her father’s cock into her mouth, deepthroating him immediately.

“Oh fuck yes!!” he yelled, grabbing her head and holding it down.

Faster and more forcefully Rick skull fucked his daughter. Her lips going all the way down to his nutsack. Her tongue massaging every vein in his cock, tightening and releasing her mouth muscles.

“Oh shit!!!” he yelled “Daddy’s cumming!!!!”

He held her head down as he filled her young mouth with his seed. He couldn’t stop cumming. He just kept pumping his ass, skull fucking her. Finally the last of his cum oozed out into her mouth.

“Now swallow it babygirl” he demanded.

Megan looked up at her father, opened her mouth, showing him his cum in a pool on her tongue. She used her tongue to swirl it around a few times before swallowing it with one gulp.

They both collapsed on the bed, exhausted from the sin they had just committed.

“Now what?” Megan asked.

“Now we sleep babygirl, we still have 2 more nights to play till mommy gets home.”

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