Educating a Teaser

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It was the mid 1970’s and I had just finished my graduate studies. Summer had finally arrived and I was spending my time as a part time adjunct professor and applying for fulltime work for the fall. My meager earnings allowed me to maintain a tiny apartment in a small building on the end of a nice neighborhood with small homes.

My 2nd floor apartment overlooked the home of Susan and Barry. She was a nurse and Barry worked as a construction manager. They were both in their early 40’s and appeared to have a nice marriage.

I met them formally when I was walking home from the university and noticed Barry looking at some furniture in his truck. I walked up the driveway and asked if he needed help unloading the furniture.

He looked at me (in my shirt and tie) and told me that he didn’t want me to get dirty. I told him not to worry about it and proceeded to help him unload the furniture. It seems that he had a side business of renovating and refinishing furniture.

As we finished Susan came home from work and I introduced myself while I pointed to my corner apartment that was quite visible from their yard. Susan thanked me profusely for helping Barry but then frowned as she saw the streak of dirt on my khakis and dress shirt.

As I told her not to worry she insisted that she be allowed to launder the clothes. She told me to go home, change clothes, bring back the dirty ones and join them for some burgers that Barry would grill out in the backyard.

Barry looked at me, smiled and said “Don’t argue with her.” So, I headed to my apartment to change and I was secretly very happy because I had had my eye on Barry for some time.

Barry was a handsome, well built man. I knew that he had a weight bench in his garage but I also assumed that he had developed a lot of his muscles on the job in his construction business. He had deep blue eyes that sometimes felt like they were penetrating me and a face that always looked like it needed a shave.

He also had an infectious smile and I loved how his jeans and t-shirts fit his muscular body. Barry was the man of my fantasies. I knew that I was gay but it remained my secret. I had had plenty of crushes in my 24 years but was still very much a virgin.

My only interactions with Barry had been, up to that point, one sided. Barry was a closet smoker (much to the annoyance of Susan) and every night, around 9:45, he came out and stood by the elm tree in the front yard to smoke his cigarette.

Once I noticed the regularity of this pattern I began my own pattern of disrobing for bed in front of the window that faced Barry’s front yard. I always kept one light on and undressed down to my briefs (never completely naked because then the show is truly over).

After the 2nd night I noticed that Barry had adjusted his position in front of the tree so that he was facing my apartment. So, for many nights, I kept up my show but with variations.

Sometimes I wore a small towel about my waist while other times I walked in front of the window and even danced a bit in just my briefs but never naked. When I finally tuned out the light I would stand back a bit and watch the cigarette go out.

Many times Barry would sit by the tree for a few more minutes. Perhaps he was hoping that the light would go back on. At least that is what I hoped was going through his mind.

A few weeks after our initial encounter Susan once again invited me for dinner. During the dinner she asked me for a favor. Her elderly aunt, who lived 5-6 hours to the south had an antique buffet that she wanted to give to them and Barry wanted to restore it.

It was a big item and she wondered if I might be able to go with Barry to help him get it onto the truck. I heartily agreed. Barry thanked me and said that, since we both worked during the week, we would go on a Saturday morning.

As Susan brought the dishes back into the house from the patio I flexed my bicep in front of Barry and told him that while I wasn’t a muscle man I was strong enough to help him.

He smiled at me, reached over and patted me on the back. My body tingled at his touch especially when his hand gravitated a bit down my back. He then felt my bicep and, with his beautiful smile, said “You’re hired”!

The drive to southern Kentucky was extraordinary. Although the day was hot, I was enjoying having Barry all to güvenilir bahis myself. We had lively conversations about a host of topics.

About an hour before our arrival Barry pulled off the main road and started down some county highways. He told me that I should just concentrate on the scenery. He was right. It was absolutely beautiful. Rolling hills and beautiful green fields. I had told him that I had never visited that part of the country and he wanted me to see the beauty.

We finally arrived at the aunt’s home and after a few pleasantries we got the cherry buffet loaded onto the truck. What we had not realized was that she had also prepared a nice late lunch for us so we stayed, feasted and listened to many stories about “the old days”. Finally, after numerous hugs and good-byes, Barry was able to convince her that we truly needed to leave.

We drove about 45 minutes and Barry pulled into a small town. He parked the truck in front of a small store and told me to stay put and keep an eye on it. He went to a nearby phone booth (anybody remember those?) and made a call.

A few minutes later he returned to the truck and told me that he had called Susan to inform her that, because of the delay at her aunt’s home, it was getting too late to make the drive back so we were going to get a room for the night. I heard those words and was immediately both excited and a little nervous.

We drove another few miles and came to a small motel. Barry went into the office and then returned to park the truck in front of the last corner room. We went into the room which was spartan but very clean. There was only one bed but also a sofa.

Barry come in with a small gym bag and went immediately into the bathroom. When he emerged he had changed out of his clothes and into a pair of gym shorts and a very tight tank top.

He told me that he had arranged with the owner to use the washing machine behind the office. Barry then instructed me to take off my clothes so that they could be washed. I was confused by his demand told him that was impossible as I did not pack any other clothing.

He looked at me with a long stare and finally said: “Well, I am not driving back tomorrow with you in those sweaty, smelly clothes. I going to wash them, dry them and bring them back.”

I started to protest but he pointed to the bathroom and said “Everything off…underwear too.” I went into the bathroom and undressed. I stood there naked for a minute unsure how to proceed. Finally I grabbed what the motel called a “bath towel” and wrapped it around my waist. I came out and handed my soiled clothes to Barry.

He looked at them and said: “Phew”. He then held up my white Hanes briefs and, with a bit of a wicked smile, said: “OK, Hanes boy. Relax. I will be back in a few minutes.”

Barry returned about 10 minutes later and I was surprised to see that he carried with him a bowl of ice, a bag of pretzels and a bottle of whiskey. He told me that he bought them from the office manager. Picking up 2 of the plastic cups on the dresser he filled them with ice and poured in some whiskey.

He handed me one of the cups and then went over to the old radio sitting on the dresser. Turning it on, he found a station that he liked. Next he pulled off his tank top and tossed it onto the small desk. Picking up his whiskey he held the cup up and said “Cheers.”

I was doing everything I could to not stare at his well developed and hairy chest so I smiled at him, turned a bit and then swallowed down the whiskey. I wasn’t used to hard liquor like that and it burned going down.

Barry set his glass down and as he pointed at the radio said: “This is one great song” and started to move his lower body in a kind of dance. I was mesmerized by the movements of his hips as he swayed to the music. Realizing I was staring I suddenly mumbled ” You’re a good dancer.”

He stopped dancing, lowered the volume on the radio and walked over to where I was. He looked directly at me and then poured some more whiskey into my glass. “And you, from what I’ve seen, are a good dancer too.” He patted me on the butt and continues: “You really know how to gyrate those hips.”

I blushed and, looking away, told him he would have no way of knowing my dance moves as he had never seen me dance before. For a moment he was silent but then he set his drink down and walked türkçe bahis over to where I was.

He now stood directly in front of me with his face inches from mine. A small smile came over his lips as he said: “Let’s talk about that.” He then detailed the nights he had watched me in my window and had witnessed me dancing there.

I began to protest but he interrupted me and asked: “It was all for my benefit wasn’t it?” I felt my face get hot and I didn’t know if it was his words or the whiskey. Not knowing what to say I swallowed down the booze.

Barry continued: “I’ll make this easy for you. I think that you knew exactly what you were doing in that window. You enjoyed putting on those shows for me but you also like to lead me on and tease me. Well, here we are in this motel room. It’s very private here so why don’t you do a routine for me now but without that towel.”

As he spoke he pointed to the small towel around my waist. My body froze and I had no response. “Or”, he continued “would you like me to remove that towel for you?” I undid the towel and, for a moment, held it in front of me like a high school kid in the locker room trying desperately to protect his modesty. He smiled, held out his hand and I handed him the towel.

There I stood. I was naked right there in front of my handsome neighbor. He scanned me with his eyes top to bottom before finally commenting: “I was right! I thought I had detected a sizeable bulge in your jeans today. That’s a big piece of meat you have there.”

He turned up the volume a little on the radio and told me to dance a bit, as I had done in the window. Not knowing what else I could do, I submitted to his request. I felt silly standing there moving my hips and feet to the music. For some reason it did not feel as natural as it had in my apartment room.

Barry watched me with an intense gaze but his eyes seemed riveted to my penis. The music ended and a new song came on but with a much slower tempo. Barry approached me and said: “Can I have this dance”?

Before I could respond he put his arms around me and drew me into his hard body. With his arms around my waist we began to sway to the music. I was intoxicated by the scent of his masculine body and his furry chest felt amazing against my body.

I could feel myself becoming aroused and, no matter how I tried to calm myself, it seemed that my dick had a mind of its own. Barry’s face was close to mine and he smiled as he pulled me in tighter.

“This is nice.” he whispered in my ear as his right hand came down my lower back and rested on my bare butt. Afer another minute he paused, stepped back and stared at my now rigid cock. He held it in his hand and said: “I guess you are enjoying our dance.”

I tried to say “yes” but nothing came out of my mouth except for a squeaking sound. He laughed and then in one smooth motion he removed the gym shorts he was wearing. He held up his semi erect penis with his hand and said: “No match for the size and girth of yours but it still functions very well.”

He walked back to where I was, drew me into his arms again and continued swaying to the music. His unshaven face brushed up against mine and then he kissed me full on the lips. He held me so tightly that I was worried I might ejaculate right there. I was so very nervous but also so very turned on.

He kissed me again and said: “You have been such a big tease in that bedroom window but tonight I am going to give you the opportunity to act out in real time.”

He brought me over to the bed and laid me down on it. Hovering over me he lowered his body onto mine and kissed me some more. I moaned loudly and I think he sensed that he did not want to over stimulate me (at least not yet) because he raised himself up and sat on the edge of the bed. He looked at me and said: “OK, now I am going to be the tease. All you have to do is follow my instructions.”

He told me to stand up. As I did so he grabbed both of the pillows and put them one on top of the other. He told me to lay down on the bed on my stomach with my hips on top of the pillows. I did as he told me.

As I positioned myself Barry went to his gym bag, grabbed something and returned to the bed. I turned to look at him and saw him uncapping a tube of KY lubricant. I started to turn over so I could talk to him but a sharp smack on my butt by his hand told güvenilir bahis siteleri me to stay put.

Barry now stood at the foot of the bed; his big hands on my thighs. As his hands moved up my legs they soon rested on my cheeks. “You have a beautiful ass” he said as he massaged my butt.

Then he paused and used his strong hands to spread my cheeks wide. I could feel his breath on my backdoor and heard him whisper “Beautiful. Now, I’m going to finally give you what you have been advertising for up in your window.”

He knelt down behind me on the bed and opened the KY. I was too scared to move but managed to say :”Wha..Wha…What are you gonna do?” He laughed and said: “What do you think?”

As he spoke I felt his index finger, now covered with KY, rub up on my rear entrance. While he worked on my tender virgin pucker he said: “Legs wide apart.” I did as he instructed.

Then I felt something pressing on my anus and I knew it wasn’t a finger. “Deep breath” he instructed as the head of his erection disappeared into me. I cried out and he paused.

He chuckled and said: “Look, I’m not nearly as big as you but I have had a lot of experience with both the ladies and the guys. Follow my instructions and you’ll do fine.”

With his left hand on my hip he used his right hand to guide his rock hard dick into my dark tunnel. I gasped again but did my best to relax my muscles. He paused for a moment but then he grunted and said: ” Very good! I’m all the way in. Try and not move for a minute”.

Closing my eyes I breathed deeply in and out allowing my body to adjust to the invader. As I did so, Barry massaged my shoulders and told me to keep taking deep breaths. He adjusted the pillows that my hips rested on so that I was raised up a bit more. “It’s all about the proper angle” he said as he repositioned me on the pillows.

Slowly Barry raised my hips a bit. I could feel his big testicles pressed against my bare ass. He held onto my hips and I felt him withdraw…just a bit. Then he gave a small thrust. His testicles slapped against my butt.

As he began to develop a bit of a rhythm his left hand patted my bare butt cheek and said: “You really do have a nice firm ass. Just the kind I like to bang.” I raised myself up onto my hands and knees keeping my legs spread wide. Barry kept his grip on my hips as he worked on me.

Now, what had been somewhat painful, was turning to intense pleasure. With his right hand Barry reached between my legs and grasped my rigid erection. “Such a big, big boy” he commented as he kept up his thrusts.

My moaning intensified with each thrust. But suddenly Barry paused and very slowly withdrew his engorged manhood. He grabbed me with both of his large hands and flipped me onto my back, raising my legs up onto his shoulders.

“OK, Mr. Tease,” he said “I want to watch your face as I complete my work.” He applied some more KY to his stiff dick and then his big hands raised my hips up a bit. I felt his erection tapping on my back door as he smiled at me.

Then he entered me slowly but steadily. Soon he had penetrated me to the hilt. Barry leaned forward and kissed me…gently at first but then deeply and passionately. I reached up and drew him in as his rhythm increased.

But I was at my limit. My body shook and, like an anticipated explosion, my load came rocketing out in a long hot stream hitting me on the face and Barry on his chest.

That was all Barry needed to bring his thrusts to completion. His eyes opened wide and he shouted: OHhhh…this is it” he yelled as his body convulsed and he shot his hot, creamy load deep into me. Panting, he lowered his body onto mine and I could feel both of our hearts racing but slowly calming down.

After a few minutes, Barry got off the bed and went into the small bathroom. As I lay there with my eyes closed I heard the shower come on. He came back to the bed and carefully pulled me to my feet. As he embraced me and kissed me he said: “OK, now let’s get cleaned up before bed.”

As we washed each other in the shower I offered to sleep on the sofa so he could enjoy the entire bed for himself. He patted me on the butt and said: “No way. Tonight we’ll keep each other warm in that bed.”

While we got settled into the bed, Barry brought up the sheet to cover us and, holding me close to him, asked: “So, what did you learn tonight about being a tease?”

I pressed my naked body against his and told him that I had learned that being a tease could pay off in dividends with the right guy. Barry laughed heartily and then kissed me goodnight.

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