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I always like to browse the casual encounters section of craigslist. I know that the ratio is about 1,000 men to every woman online looking for casual sex. But its fun to read the ads of the few slutty women that are on there. Woman post for a casual encounter number of reasons, revenge sex because they caught their husband or boyfriend cheating, some wanted to put out because they want some weed, some woman want to try 2 or more guys at time, and some just haven’t been laid in a long time.

I found an ad a few months ago that really caught my eye. This woman had been trying to get pregnant with her husband for the last few years with no luck. She posted her husband had a very low sperm count and that she was tired of waiting. She wanted to discretely meet up with any and all men that had the same physical attributes of her husband. She made it clear in her ad that she did not want any type of relationship after the meeting and that the father would never have anything to do with the c***d.

Interested by the ad and the slim possibility of some easy sex I emailed her my picture so that she could judge if I was a physical pendik escort match. I was surprised when she replied back just a couple minutes later. She wanted to know if I could meet in 20 minutes because her husband was going to get off work soon. I replied with a yes dam that was fast and asked her for directions to her house. She replied with directions to a gas station and wanted to know how soon I would be there. The station was just around the corner, so I told her that I could be there in 5 minutes and would leave as soon as she confirmed. Her final email said “OK meet me in the woman bathroom out back in 5 minutes, I’ll leave it unlocked.”

I immediately got in my car and started driving to the gas station. On the way there I realized that I ad no idea what she was going to look like. I figured if she was too ugly, it would be easy to just walk away.

I got to the gas station, parked in front of the woman’s bathroom and went for the door. To my disappointment, it was locked.

I knocked on the door. No reply. Damnit, it must have just been some asshole online playing games. I just stated to turn back for my car when I heard orhanlı escort a woman’s voice behind me say “OK lets go, we’ve gotta hurry.”

I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was more attractive then what I had hoped for. She was by no means a supermodel, but she was definitely fuckable. She was about 5’9″ around 160 pounds with blond hair wearing a short skirt and a tank top.

She used the key that she had just got from the clerk and unlocked the door, she pulled me inside quickly, (improbably out of fear that someone she knew may see her) and locked the door.

She pulled down her panties and sat up on the sink and pulled up her skirt and spread her legs to reveal her nicely shaven pussy. “hurry up,” she said, I want to get home before my husband does.

I walked up to her, unzipped and let my pants and jeans fall to my ankles. She grabbed my cock and guided it to her pussy and hand her other hand around my hack and pulled me towards her, taking all my cock inside her. Her pussy was very wet and my cock went in with ease. It almost felt like I may be getting some of the sloppy seconds from an earlier customer. She now laid aydınlı escort back against the restroom mirror and wrapped her legs around me.

I started fucking her at a steady pace. She kept looking at her phone and said, “you’ve got to hurry, i need to go soon. Fuck me harder.”

I started fucking as hard and fast as I could, pulling my cock back until it almost came out and slamming it back inside her each time. “Oh yeah,” She screamed “Harder, Harder.” All of a sudden she was enjoying it as much as I was. I felt her body start to shake and she said “OH my god I’m actually going to cum.” She let out a moan and I could feel her pussy squeeze down on me as she came. Her orgasm was enough to put me over the top and caused me to ram my cock deep in her one last time as I unloaded a nice supply of sperm into her pussy.

As soon I I was done she said “I’ve got to go now. But your the first guy I met here that made me cum. Check your email in a couple days, If I’m not pregnant by then, I will definitely have you back for more.”

Lucky for me as she emailed me for an entire month with my cock giving her orgasms every time until she learned she was pregnant and I though that was it. I continued to fuck her until two weeks before she gave birth to my k**. Now it’s got to over for sure.

Nope just got an email from her doctor gave her the all clear to resume sex and said she’s horny as hell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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