Thanks Giving Again

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Thanks Giving Again
A year later and a lot had happened. After learning to know the Joy’s of a good family relationship with my brother Steven.
Even him still being g a virgin at that time, he taught me so much that I would not have imagined. He was quick in the uptake and together, without knowing it, we gave each other what we needed.
I’m still a lesbian and nothing is going to change that.
I mean I’ve tried it with men. After having the crap fucked out of me by Steven, I just had to try it. Unfortunately no one could compete with my little brother let alone even beat him.
So being somewhat disappointed I went back to women. Theres more feeling involved when sleeping with a woman which is great though still not the same.
I’m still together with my girlfriend Stacey and I love her dearly but concerning the sex, I’m left to my own devices and the hot memories of the intense journey Steven and I shared with each other.
So there I was. On the way to my parents to spend another thanks giving. A few days to forget about everything for a while and just relax. I wasted no time hoping for history to repeat. There was no way that Steven and I would continue on from where we left of. I mean I really thought about it a lot but Steven is after all my brother and we were lucky to get away with it the last time without anyone noticing. Although I’m not quite sure about dad. He seemed to keep an eye on the both of us after that night.
Apart from all the moral issues. Steven told me on the phone that he now, finally, had a girlfriend.
Lucky thing.
So finally, after driving what seemed like the whole day. Actually it was a mere six hour drive. I pulled up the driveway to be welcomed by mum and our dog Max. Mum, once again, had tears in der eyes as she is always so glad to see me again and Max was as always. Jumping around and constantly sniffing everyone’s crotch. I don’t know when or why he started that. He’s a weird Shepherd but very lovable.
Yes, lovable indeed.
We went inside to be met by dad and Steven. Dad was as quiet as usual but grinned at me knowingly. I didn’t know what to make of it but it made me nervous and I think I flushed a bit under his gaze.
Steven took me into his arms and gave me a huge hug. He had grown since last year and had built up in all the right places. He was turning into a hunk.
His holding me in his strong arms caught me somewhat by surprise and he made no appearance of wanting to let me go. I could do nothing about it, I was getting warm all over feeling his strong hands on my lower back and I kould feel his shoulder muscles move under my touch as I ran my hand up and down. When he then whispered into my neck “I missed you sis” I immediately started to get wet.
This was not going to be easy and this was definitely not good.
There was a clearing of a young throat and Steven let me go. After the hot embrace his absence caused a loss that I could not explain.
Steven turned around, caught the hand of a young, slim and very pretty girl. “This is Rebecca” he said going slightly red. “She is my girlfriend and will be staying with us for the week”.
Rebecca looked up at me as I am a good 5 – 7 inches bigger than her and said “just Becky will do, everyone calls me that” and almost astonished added “you’re gorgeous”. Somewhat surprised by this direct comment I could only reply that she was quite the looker herself.
“Well then dears” said my mother out of the then. “Before this gets more touching, let’s go into the kitchen and get a drink”
This having been said we went into the adjoining room. Steven insisted on taking my gear up to my room as mum and Becky went on a head my father ushered me allong lightly pressing my lower back. I could have sworn that his thumb just ran along the naked skin on my back. Just there were my T-Shirt had hitched up revealing a bit of tanned me. Shrugging this of as imagination I went on.
We talked a lot, ate and drank until the early hours of the morning.
At some time Becky noted that she was getting tired and wanted to head of to her room.
Once having left I couldn’t help put asking how come she had her own room and wasn’t staying with Steven.
“Well” my mother said. “As your brother is only 17”. “Nearly 18” said Steven. “Still 17” repeated my mum now bemused. “And Becky’s only 15, they are to have two separate rooms.” She glanced knowingly over at Steven who blushed slightly but uttered no reply. “Also, you two girls will have the bathroom upstairs to yourselves as Steven hast his own Ensuite like your father and I have. There will therefore be no danger of ACCIDENTALLY bumping into one another.” She said accidentally with a typical motherly, matter of fact, tone.
I couldn’t help but laugh at that. “Well now” I said. “We wouldn’t want any BUMPING in the night now would we.”
Steven laughs nervously and my mother just raised an eyebrow. My father slowly got up saying “Well k**s, I’m of myself. It’s been a long day and I want to go to the lake tomorrow. See if the fish are biting”. “Can I come with?” Asked Steven. “It’s been ages since I’ve swung my rod”. I don’t know if I was the only one who caught this double meaning but my father bursa escort just said. “Sure, I’d like that. We haven’t been at the hole together for a while.” This was getting to much. I could hardly contain myself and so holding back my laughter I also got up and after kissing mum, dad and Steven on the cheek fled upstairs where I entered my room giggling like a schoolgirl.
I had just gotten undressed and was deciding which night gown I was going to wear as I noticed the door to my room swinging open. I turned around and saw Steven standing there, unabashedly letting his gaze follow the contours of my naked body. His hot and appreciating gaze made my heart skip a beat and a warm tingling sensation crept to my loins. “Still like what you see” I croaked as my voice seemed to fail a little.
Steven just moistened his lips with his tongue and whispered “my room, in 20 minutes”. He grinned and left, leaving my room door open.
I decided not to wear any night gown and just lay on my covers naked as I was.
The thought of me going into Steven’s room afterward exited me and the warm sensation was staring to spread throughout my entire body. I couldn’t help it. My hand slid down my stomach and came to rest just above my mound. Whilst I started to massage my breast with my right hand, my left went down further with the tips of my fingers scarcely touching my pulsating clit.
At the slight touch I almost came then and there. Forcing myself not to come I breathed harder and faster. Gently feeling the folds of my pussy getting wetter and wetter whilst pinching my rock hard nipples harder I kept myself on the edge of orgasm without going over the brink.
When I could no longer stand it, or hold back I stopped torturing myself and breathed out letting the wave of torment and ecstasy slowly die and fade away.
Looking at the clock on my bedside table I noticed that it had been nearly half an hour since Steven had been here. Excited to the brink I got up and throwing caution to the wind I slipped into a sheer slip, barely covering my soping wet pussy not bothering with the rest, leaving my firm and shapely C cup brests swaying slightly as I approached the door which was slightly ajar.
I wondered about this for a few seconds as I could have sworn it to have been wider open but being eager to see Steven and not able to think straight with my pulsating cunt having already drenched my slip, I ignored the door and went out into the hall toward my brothers room.
As I entered the slightly lit man cave of my brother, I saw him lying on his bed. But naked with a throbbing member in his hand. Slowly gliding hin hand up and down his shaft, he looked at me and said. “You’re late! I thought you had come without me.” That sight, those words, that voice. All I could repeat was “I nearly did and I think I’m about to”
He beckoned me to come over to him and I complied without hesitation. Not being able to take my eyes of his hand, massaging his massive prick I noticed that saliva started to collect in my mouth as if antisapating a delicious meal.
“I have missed that hard COCK” I said without thinking. “And IT hast missed your mouth” replied Steven.
Now standing right next to his bed, looking down on his thick, hard, huge peace of meat I couldn’t withstand it any longer. Bending down and giving Steven a good look of my tits swaying toward him. With nipples so hard, I could have driven a nail in the wall with them I took the head ov his Cock in my mouth.
As Steven drew in a sharp breath between his teeth I was wondering if my mouth had been stretched like this the last time or if he had gotten even bigger. Deciding to see if I could go down all the way again I ran my tongue over the head of his penis a few times allowing the saliva that had been building up to drool out of my mouth and coat his entire length. Being coated with my spit I let my head go down. Down all the way to his base. I could feel his manhood run along the roof of my mouth, hit the back causing me to gag a little then continue a good way down my throat. I swallowed once, then twice then Steven swore, grabbed the back of my head and with a nearly painful groan emptied his load into me. Pulsating all the while so that I could feel his dick swell with every spurt expanding my throat.
I was seeing stars for lack of oxygen as Steven pulled out. Gasping for air I took two large breaths before Steven took hold of the Back of my head again, forcing it down on him. Bobbing my head forcefully up and down I could feel his cock hardening fully again. He lifted my head up letting his prick out of my mouth with an audible plop he asked with an evil voice. “You like that? Do you like me scullfucking you sis?” Gasping for air I replied “Yes ! Scullfuck me with that big, hard, Pri….” the rest went muffled as he slammed my head, once again, down on his dick. He pas pumping my head down on his dick. Raming his staff, up into my throat like a piston. I continued to swallow as with each slam of my head it was all I could do not to vomit.
As I started to see stars explode in front of me again. Feeling him tense as another orgasm built up inside of him he pulled görükle escort bayan me off saying “No! This load is going somewhere else.” Feeling dizzy I started to get up but Steven pulled me down to him. Sliding my almost numb body over his sweaty torso. He pulled me up so we were face to face. Saying “I missed you” He kissed me soft, gently, almost hesitantly on the mouth. The kiss seemed to re awaken me. Making my heart race. Sending gushes of blood though my veins. Collecting strength I pressed my tongue into his mouth. Forcing him to taste my spit. To drink the rest of his own cum that was left in my mouth. He gasped for air as his eyes widened looking at me with those startling eyes. Looking right back at him is asked. “Now where it’s the next load going to go?”
Steven solid his right hand down, between our bodies. Cupping my still, sopping wet and swollen pussy lips in his hand he let first one, the two fingers glide into me. Pusching the scant fabric from my panties aside his fingers made a squelching sound as they disappeared into me. “Well now” he said, a little amused. “Looks like you’re ready for more”. I didn’t say a word. I just got up, turned my back toward him and bend down to slide my panties of. Bending down so low letting him gaze right into my hot and throbbing labia. As I bent, a long, glistening drop of my juice escapet my folds and slowly ran down the back of my leg. Steven growled and said “If you don’t sit that wet pussy down on my dick I’m going to cum just by looking at you”. I didn’t need to be told twice and turned around lifting myself up on the bed, kneeling over him. More pussy juice dripped down on his already slick rod. His prick was glistening with a mixture of his sperm and my saliva. Saturating his dick and his entire balls. Looking directly into his eyes I sat down hard on his rock hard member. He slid in all the way. I could feel him bottom out to the entrance of my womb and am quite sure he entered that as well.
Now I have had quite a few dildos, of different sizes inside of me. I have ever tried to fist fuck myself. But Steven’s dick was….. HUGE !
He was not only long. Spearing me up like a fuckin fish he was thick and wide. Spreading me almost to the tearing point. After the initial surprise of entering me, I started to move with a circular motion. This seemed to screw him even deeper into me so that I had to stop. He had penetrated me so deep that it actually hurt. I leaned forward letting him slide a little out of me. This had the surprising effect that his crotch was now rubbing my clit. I let out a groan and started rubbing myself harder against him. It was driving me wild. Steven’s hands were both om my arse cheeks, aiding me in my forward and backward motion. Pushing my sex even harder down onto the base of this dick. The room started to sway slightly as I was building up to the most intense orgasm of my life. Having held myself back earlier the now pending orgasm was going to be an explosion. I could feel my heart race. My breath was comming in short gasps. There was even a cold sensation as if there had been a breeze in the room. It was getting more and more intense. Even Steven stopped for a second but before I could ask what was wrong he plowed into me again and I felt his hands clasp my butt cheeks hard.
I feld hands reach around and grasp my breasts, kneading them like fleshy cushions. Then it hit me like a hammer.
Steven’s hands were on my arse. Who the fuck was feeling my tits? I tried to spin around. The hands grabbing my breasts gripped harder. I couldn’t move. Steven was holding me down on him and these hands held me like a vice. Big hands, strong hands, man hands.
His voice, a voice that I knew whispered into my ear. Hot and soft.
“I thought I would find you two here”
I realized at once and before I could do or say anything. A second cock had started to enter me. Slowly, inching his way into my already full cunt. My pussy was sure to burst. I thought that any moment I was going to be torn apart. I started to scream and Steven let go of my bum pulled my face down onto his. Kissing me I screamed into his mouth. Him having pulled my body down, forced my but higher, allowing the intruder an even easier access into my sopping wet but tearing pussy. Then he lunged. He pulled back once and with one long, strong stroke. He buried his prick all the way into me. I screamed again into the mouth of Steven as I came. I exploded. I clasped the cocks inside me with my vaginal walls. As the pain was to big it let go and shuddered in another wave. I came again and clasped, let go and came again.
I had just been deeply penetrated by two huge cocks. Underneath by my brother and from behind by my father.
The intensity of my contractions the tightness of my over filled cunt and the feeling of his fathers dick rubbing against his own was probably to much for Steven and he shot his load deep inside of me. His sperm pumped into me and I felt it oozing it’s way out of the far too crowded hole where the Male members of my family had found themselves a place of joy which they could share. My father must have felt the twitching bursa escort bayan of my brother and the slickness of my brothers semen filling my insides as he pumped ever harder and ever deeper into me.
A certain numbness had overcome me. I felt no more pain. I was just full. I felt like a fuck doll. There to be used. There to be filled. There to be fucked at will by my father and his son.
Hands, strong hands, were groping my tits harder. I felt my fathers strokes become ridged and I knew he wasn’t far off himself. Pushing myself onto him I panted
Do it!
Fuck me hard! Pump me full of your hot cum!”
My father was shaking. His entire body was quivering. Through grittet teeth he hissed. “No, I can’t cum in my daughter. I can’t cum in her pussy”
Very close. Next to my ear I heard the soft voice of Steven as he whispered. “Then cum in her arse”
My eyes tore open. I looked at him. Astonished. What had he just said? Had he just told my father to cum, WHERE?
I looked alarmed. I tried to get up. Steven held me down and repeated. “Then don’t cum in her juicy cunt. Cum deep in her arse” I started a muffled “NOOO!” Steven pressed his moth on mine allowing only a muffled “OHHH” to come out. My father only heard what he wanted and pulled his fat, hard cock out of my pussy. He rammed three fingers into me getting them sopping wet with a mixture of my juice and my brothers sperm. Slapping the goop onto my upturned arse he smeered some inside me with first one finger, the two and finally three fingers found their way, knuckle deep into my crack. Then, aligning his slick and still hard prick against the hole in my but he started to edge the huge head of his dick inside me.
The first pain was excruciating. Thinking I was being torn apart I bit my lower lip that it started to bleed.
My dad pulled out again. Letting me regain my composure and then slipped back into me. This time it wasn’t quite as bad but he pulled out again. Once again thrusting his fingers into my drenched pussy, this time four fingers, causing me to gasp in surprise. He pulled them out again in a half fist. Over again slapping the sloppy lubricant on and inside my butt hole. He asked quietly, gently. “You ready?” Ich could only nod my head. One more time he slipped into me. Easier this time. He guided his dick in a little way and pulled back. Waited a few second and pushed back in, a bit further. Having done this a few more times he said “Ok dear, that’s the foreplay. Now I’m in.” Having said that he pushed himself into me in one long, hard stroke. Filling my bowels with is hard and think shaft. The room started to spin again as a slight jolt of pain shot up my spine but was gone the next second. “Y’ ok?” He asked. “Yes” I just said and started to push back on him.
“Oh you are an insatiable fuck aren’t you” he said delighted and starte to pump into me harder. His pounding was getting stronger and his dick was getting even harder and bigger as he started to pant. “I am going to cum so hard into your arse little missy” he said whilst fuckung me like a machine. I could feel Steven’s dick getting harder as it slid, still slick from our juices along my stomach as I was being rocked to and fro from the arse fuckung I was getting from my father. Steven reached below, grabbing his dick and on the next backward motion slid his growing prick back into my cunt. Now having two holes filled the feeling was again intensified to the point of almost pain. My father had seemed to notice the tension and said with a smile in his voice. “Yea, let’s DP this whore” My father had just called me a whore. I was shocked. Then the idea hit me. Turning my head slightly up to him I asked with a smokey voice.
“You want me to be your whore? Do you really want me to be daddy’s little whore?” Slamng back onto him. Embedding my brothers dick deep in my pussy and my fathers swollen prick up to the hilt in my arse. I said “Then fuck daddy’s little whore and pump you juice into my bum hole.”
I felt Steven tense up, heared my father groan and felt another wave building up inside me. Steven fucked me from underneath like he was on speed. My dad rammed into me with long hard strokes. Each time pulling out nearly all the way only to slam back into me, filling me entirely. My breath was comming in short gasps.
Then it happened.
I clenched. My cunt walls, as well as my sphincter gripped like a vice around the two huge and hard rods inside of me. No one could move and I started having convulsions. Twitching and shaking in a wave of pleasure. My father clasped his hand over my mouth to stop me screaming as he shot his massive load so far into my bowels I thought they went through to my stomach. Steven’s sperm shot ant the same time into my cunt. So hard and so much that I was sure the rest was going to come out of my nose and still I was comming.
I was still comming when my dad limping dick had left my arse. Even as I felt Steven get soft inside me i was still jerking and twitching.
My stomach was even spasming minutes later as the three of us lay breathless, together on the bed.
My father was the first to get up. He looked down at my spent nakedness. Grinned and said “Welcome home missy”
Steven turned to me after my father had left the room and and said “Well that was something different”
I smiled, gave him a kiss and on the way out, said. “This is going to be an interesting Thanks giving, AGAIN”

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