Back to the Future Ch. 02

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The next morning I awoke early despite my rather late night. I thought back to what had happened the night before and had to pinch myself to be sure it was not a dream. No it wasn’t I really had watched my mom fuck herself with a dildo. I heard my dad outside in the front yard talking to our neighbour Mr Johnson.

I climbed out of bed and ran my fingers threw my hair. I pulled my shorts up a bit and grabbed my t-shirt from the floor.

I walked over to my door and opened it; I could hear the television was on downstairs so I headed down. I went into the kitchen where mom was standing making breakfast. She had her back to me and I just stood silently for a short moment admiring her figure. She was wearing a pair of denim shorts that showed off her shapely and well tanned legs. I remembered how good they had looked last night while spread high and wide on her bed. She had on a white t-shirt that as usual clung to her. She turned around and I quickly averted my eyes from her ass and looked her in the face.

“Good Morning handsome,” she said “Fancy Some Breakfast?”

Of course what I really wanted to say was,

“Yes Mom, I want your pussy and those big tits for my breakfast,”

but I simply replied, “Yes Please.”

“Did you sleep well?” she asked.

“Yeah Fine thanks,” I replied.

I could hardly say, “No Mom I stayed up late spying you fucking yourself!”

I kept catching sneaky glances at her bulging tits whenever I could as I ate breakfast. The t-shirt clung to her, framing her perfect breasts that looked desperate to escape from under the shirt.

My dad walked into the kitchen and said, “Morning”

He sat down at the table and ate his breakfast. For a man that had discovered the secret of time-travel, had become a celebrity all over the world and was now making a fortune from his invention, my dad said very little and never had much conversation with me or my mom. I had often asked him if I could go on a trip in his time machine but he had so far always refused, “Time travel is not for messing about with” he would always tell me. He wanted to use it to discover scientific facts about the dinosaurs and the ice age. He wanted to discover ancient worlds and civilisations but only for “Scientific research and to develop human understanding,” he would say.

After dad left to go to his laboratory, I went back up to my room. I turned on the TV and lay back on my bed. A few minutes later there was a knock on my bedroom door. Mom opened it and stepped in,

“I am just going for a shower,” she said.

She stood there with a towel wrapped around her. She held it closed just above her chest and it reached down to just above her knee. Her hair hung down over her shoulder on one side and she looked as hot as hell. I had often seen mom wrapped in towels before and after showers and always dreamed what an amazing body was underneath, last night I had been treated to a full display.

I said, trying not to smile at the thought, “Ok.”

She smiled at me and walked back out of the room. I heard her close the bathroom door and I could poker oyna hear the sound of water as she set the shower running. In my mind I could see her dropping the towel to the floor and stepping naked into the shower. I imagined the water hitting her body, running down her huge tits and over her flat stomach. I could envision her standing under the hot water as her body gets wet and steamy.

I felt my cock harden in my shorts and I decided I needed to get out for a while. So I took off my shorts and stood there with my big cock, hard and long in front of me. I walked over to my wardrobe and my cock swayed from side to side in front. I had always had a large cock and when it was fully hard it was about 9 inches long but it was also pretty thick. I had a large bulbous head and big balls too. I kept my cock and balls shaved so it looked even bigger without any hair around.

I took a pair of jeans from the wardrobe and pulled them on. I tucked my hard cock inside and waited for it to go down. When it did I opened my door and walked out. I could still hear the water running in the shower. I knew it was not worth trying to catch a glimpse of mom in there because the door was in the wrong place and the keyhole only looked towards a wall. So I headed downstairs and out of the door.

I headed down the street towards the mall. I could not get the amazing images of my mom from the night before out of my head.

For such a long time I had imagined my mom naked, to be able to see her amazing tits and her fantastic ass, but last night I had not only seen all of that but I had actually watched her fucking herself with a huge dildo.

The memory of that huge red rubber cock fucking her juicy pussy filled my mind. Everywhere I looked I could just see that pussy being stretched wide by that dildo. Her massive tits swinging underneath her when she got on her knees and fucked herself hard.

I could feel my hard cock getting so stiff inside my jeans. I had cum buckets last night while watching my mom but I could feel my big balls were heavy with spunk.


Later that day when I got back home, I locked my bedroom door and jacked my big hard cock off. I closed my eyes and replayed the images of mom in my mind. I imagined her coming into my room and seeing my big thick cock needed attention and taking care of it for me. I thought about her jacking me off and letting me cum all over her magnificent tits. When I came I shot huge ropes of thick cum and actually fired the first shot so hard I hit the wall.

After a while thoughts of fucking my mom were consuming my every thought. Every time I saw her I just wanted to grab her and rip her clothes off. I knew my mom would never have sex with me though. She loved me and was obviously neglected sexually but she would never fuck her own son.

But then something happened that gave me an incredible idea. I was sitting watching TV with mom while dad was at his lab. It had been three days since I had watched my mom through the keyhole. I had tried to spy her in her bedroom every night since but each night she canlı poker oyna had just gone to bed and fallen asleep.

We sat on the sofa watching an old re-run of Friends. Mom was wearing tight blue jeans and a button up shirt that bulged at the front with her big tits straining on the buttons of the shirt. Her hair hung across her shoulders and her face looked perfect. Mom never wore much make-up and she didn’t need it.

I was just sitting next to mom not paying much attention to the TV when she suddenly asked me,

“Baby, have you not found a girlfriend yet?”

Mom was always interested in my love life and was always asking if I had met anyone or if there was anyone I liked.

“No,” I replied, “None of the girls around here seem to like me.”

“Well,” mom said, “They don’t know what they are missing; you are a very handsome and nice young man!”

“Thanks Mom,” I said,

“What about that blonde girl down the street, she looks nice?” mom replied with a strange smirk.

“Yeah I said hello to her once but she just ignored me, I don’t know Mom, I guess I am just not attractive enough to them.”

“WHAT,” Mom said in an irritated voice, “How can they not think you are attractive, you are very sexy.”

My mom had always told me I was handsome but she had never called me ‘very sexy’ before.

“In fact,” she said, “You are not only very sexy, you are actually very hot.”

I did not know how to respond to that, after the events of the last few days finding out that my mom thought I was very sexy and hot made me instantly hard. I stared at her as she smiled at me, her deep blue eyes looked right into mine and I knew she meant what she had just said,

“Wow mom, thanks, but I don’t think you really mean it?” I said after a pause that lasted too long.

“Yes I do,” she said with a smile, “If I was your age and not your mom I would go out with you for sure.”

I sat staring into her eyes as she told me this. My cock was getting rock hard in my jeans and I was getting worried she might look down and see the huge bulge that my cock was making.

“I know I’m your mom, but even I can appreciate how hot you are, you have a very cute face and a very nice body,” she said, eying me up and down.

I could feel my cock throbbing as my mom confessed that she had been checking me out and found me hot. She was always very open and relaxed when talking to me but she had never said anything like this before.

“Well thanks mom, I think you are very hot too.”

I kind of felt myself blush as I said it, but when I did, mom let out a huge smile and said,

“Oh baby, you are so sweet.”

She reached out and threw her arms around me. She moved closer towards me and I could feel her big tits crush against me. I tried to wiggle my butt backwards so that she would not accidentally feel my hard cock press into her.

“I love you Jamie,” she said in a very sensitive voice into my ear.

“I love you too mom,” I replied.

I felt her hug tighten and I squeezed my arms tighter around her.

She then said, “You internet casino know what baby? If I had met you when I was young and you weren’t my son, I would never have married your father.”

I moved away from the hug and looked wide eyed at my mom.

“Wow mom, are you serious?”

“Absolutely Baby,” she replied.

“I love your dad but he was never as good looking as you. You would have melted my heart as a teenager!”

Suddenly I was thinking back to the other night and watching my mom fucking herself. I imagined her as a teenager and what it must have been like to have seen her then. Mom was still drop dead gorgeous but she must have been a total babe when she was my age. I had never managed to work out how my dad had snagged her in the first place. He was a pretty average looking guy and had always been more interested in his work than anything else. I had heard stories that they first met at high school. From what I knew about it mom was the hot cheerleader and dad was the geeky guy in the class. She said he was nice and sweet and not like the other jock guys who always tried it on with her.

Just then the phone rang and mom got up from the sofa and went to answer it. I sat on the couch trying to take in what mom had just said. I looked over to where she was standing. She had her back to me while she talked on the phone. Her tight curvy figure looked so hot, oh how I wished I could have not been her son and known her was she was my age.

Then it hit me like a thunderbolt. Dad’s time machine, in a laboratory just two miles away, sat a car, a car that my dad had made that could travel through time. That car could be fired up and in seconds be at any time in history that I wanted to go.

I had only seen the time machine twice, once when dad first built it and again when he unveiled it to the world.

I had never been allowed in it and I had no idea how it worked, but it could travel through time and that meant only one thing to me, I could go back in time and actually fuck my mom.

I sat on the sofa staring at my mom, my heart began to race and my breath quicken as I imagined the possibilities. Could I really use the time machine to go back to when my mom was a teenager, could I really meet her when she was my age and maybe have sex with her. She had just told me how much I would have melted her heart as a teenager. Maybe just maybe she would have sex with me, her own son, in a time before she even had a son.

But then reality hit me. How could I possibly get back in time? I had never been in dad’s time machine, I had no idea how it worked and what I would have to do to be able to steal it. I knew dad would never let me use the car, so how would I get hold of it and make it work.

I said goodnight to mom and headed for bed. I lay awake for hours trying to figure out how I could steal the time machine and travel back in time. Then I remembered the book my dad had written. He had never published the book because he was worried that someone might try and steal the time machine and use it for the wrong reasons. He may not have published the book but he did have the manuscript for it. I knew I had to get hold of that book and try to steal the time machine. All I could think about now was getting back in time and meeting my teenage mom.

to be continued ……….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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