Becoming a Patient of Doctor Lisa Ch. 02

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I reluctantly opened my eyes and for a few seconds wasn’t sure where I was. I yawned as my memory reminded me, just as the door opened.

“Good morning sleepy head.”

“Mornin’ sis.”

“Morning who?”

“Oh…sorry…mornin’ Doctor Lisa.”

Lisa smiled as she walked toward me carrying a mug of steaming coffee. It wasn’t the mug that held my attention. She was wearing the same silk gown that she had worn the previous night, only this time her erect nipples were pushing against the flimsy material. I was sure she noticed where I was looking. I sat up and took the mug of coffee.

“How are you feeling today sweetie?”

“I’m not sure yet, I just woke up.”

“Well today we start your treatment. Think of today as the first day of the rest of your life.”

Lisa crawled onto the bed, giving me a great view of her cleavage. Her breasts swung like two gorgeous, full, ripe melons. She settled against me and kissed me tenderly on the cheek.

“How’s the coffee?”

“Just what the doctor ordered…or should I say made?”

Lisa laughed as she reached over and lightly stroked my bare chest. Her breasts were clearly on view and I felt a twitch between my legs.

“Finish your coffee and take a shower…I’ll see you downstairs for breakfast.”

As Lisa left I admired her long shapely legs and rear. Looking beneath the duvet I looked at my swelling cock. It hadn’t been that way for quite a while. I pushed the perverted thoughts from my groggy head and downed my coffee. Walking naked into the en suite bathroom I enjoyed my erection as I turned on the hot water and took my shower. It wasn’t long before I was dressed and ambling down to the kitchen, the amazing odour of grilled bacon filling my nostrils. I stood silently in the doorway. Lisa, dressed in black cargo pants and a grey t-shirt, stood at the stove.

“WOW! That smells great.”

Lisa turned away from the stove toward me “I assume you mean the bacon and not me?”

I walked over to Lisa and leant into her, my nose about an inch from her neck and inhaled gently “Well you smell incredible.”

Lisa put her arms around my waist. Looking into my eyes she gently kissed me on the lips. “Thanks. Now lay the table.”

I stood back from her, noticing she was bra-less. Her nipples outlined through her top. I smiled. I turned away and as instructed laid the table while Lisa and I made small talk. Pretty soon breakfast was ready and we sat down to eat.

“So about your treatment, I have a friend coming over later who has agreed to help.”

“Oh? Which friend is this? How is she going to help?”

“Her name is Julia. She is an aroma and massage therapist.”

“Sounds interesting.”

“And effective I hope. Aroma therapy and massage will help you to relax. Talking therapy along with exercise and a good diet will also help you through this. It is very important to have a mix of therapies. Giving you 4 Prozac a day and telling you to get on with it is not the answer.”

“I agree.”

“So after breakfast we will have a chat about things. Later on Julia will come over. I hope you don’t mind that I told her a little about you. She is discreet and more than capable of helping you.”

“No I don’t mind.”

“Oh and she is cute and single.”

“Sounds promising.”

Lisa smiled and we continued quietly eating until we were both finished.

“Can you clear the dishes away then come up to my study please Mark? I’ll be waiting to start your treatment.”

“OK Doctor Lisa.”

Lisa turned and left the room. As I cleared away the breakfast things I felt slightly apprehensive. A few minutes later I was finished and made my way to Lisa’s study. As I entered the room Lisa was sat on a chair with a notepad and pen. She was dressed in a white doctor’s coat. She rose from the chair. The semi translucent material made it easy for me to see the white lace bra and matching panties underneath. A stethoscope hung around her neck, accentuating her ample cleavage. The dark-rimmed glasses and pink lipstick completed her attire. My heart rate accelerated like a Top Fuel Dragster off the line.

“Hi Mark. Please take a seat.” Lisa indicated a black leather reclining chair. She sat down crossing her legs, the split of the coat opening up to mid thigh.

I sat and, as I made myself comfortable, Lisa reached over and pushed a button on the side of the chair which made it recline to a near horizontal position.

I looked at her, feeling slightly nervous. Lisa smiled reassuringly at me and took my right hand, placing it on her leg. The tips of my fingers touched her bare thigh, over the edge of the material of the coat.

“It’s important to maintain physical contact. I don’t want you to feel as if you’re talking to just a voice in the room.”


“Now close your eyes, relax and take slow deep breaths.”

I did as asked but was very conscious of my erection. Lisa wore glasses but she wasn’t blind. I heard the scratch of pen on paper.

“Now Mark I want you to think back to when you first noticed the depression. How güvenilir bahis long ago was that?”

“About a year ago.”

“Can you think of anything significant that happened around that time?”

“No not really.”

“Nothing at all, maybe in the months prior to the beginning of your depression?”

“Well I did split up with a girlfriend a few months before. I also lost my job but it was a crappy job anyway so I wasn’t too bothered.”

“Anything else?”

“It was around the time that you moved out of the flat we shared and in with Richard.” I felt myself becoming slightly agitated and my heart rate increased.

More pen on paper scratching


I became aware of Lisa leaning toward me as she slipped the cold metal of the stethoscope beneath the top of my t-shirt. I gasped as it touched my chest.

“Sorry. I just want to monitor your heart rate.”

I was desperate to rearrange my erection but knew that to do so would have made it even more obvious. “Have you been having a sexual relationship recently?”

This question took me completely by surprise. I sighed.

“No I haven’t. Sex hasn’t been on my mind at all lately.”

I wanted to add “Until very recently” but felt that too difficult to explain, if asked to do so.

“That’s quite normal for a depressed person.”

I felt Lisa stroke my right hand and it slipped involuntarily higher up her thigh. The skin felt warm and smooth. The gentle questioning continued for what seemed like hours but was probably only 45 minutes or so.

“I think that’s enough for now. Julia will be here in 30 minutes so we have time for a cup of tea. I’ll see you in the kitchen in a few minutes.”

I opened my eyes but the room was empty. I rose and quickly rearranged my erection before going down to the kitchen where I filled the kettle and switched it on. Lisa walked in, wearing a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt, this time with a bra. She put her arms around me and gave me a gentle hug, kissing me on the cheek. Her voluminous breasts pressing against my chest.

“Earl Grey OK?”

“Fine, thanks.” I smiled.

“Feeling any better?”

“A little. I think talking to you about things will help a lot.”


The tea made, Lisa and I sipped and chatted. She outlined her book idea and told me that she had received interest from a publisher friend.

“I just need to start writing. I’ve got a lot of notes and ideas,” Lisa remarked.

“I’m gonna need to start looking for a job soon.”

“I’ve been thinking about that, sweetheart.”

“Any bright ideas?” I asked.

Lisa beamed. “Actually I have the perfect solution.”

“Do enlighten me dear Lisa.”

“Well this place needs decorating…and the garden is a real mess. I’ve always wanted to grow my own fruit and vegetables.”

“But I need to earn money.”

“Well I’ll pay you; I don’t expect you to do it for nothing.”

“Letting me stay here is payment enough.”

Lisa took my hand. “Honey I’m not going to charge my own brother to stay in my home. Besides, the exercise part of your treatment is the decorating and gardening.”

“Well that’s fine but I can’t expect you to pay, treat and accommodate me.”

Lisa laughed. “Darling I have enough in the bank, plus the book advance, so don’t worry about money OK?”

“Fine, if you say so.”

Another captivating smile, along with a squeeze of my hand. “I do say so.”

The ring of the door bell interrupted our discussion.

“That must be Julia.” Lisa rose and went to the door.

I sipped more tea. I heard the click-clack of high heels along the hallway. With my back to the door I rose as Lisa and Julia entered the kitchen.

“Julia this is my brother Mark, Mark this is my best friend Julia.”

I was speechless. 5 seconds later I managed to make a sound from my mouth. “Um… hi Julia, it’s great to meet you.”

“You too Mark.”

This woman was a Goddess. If Lisa had been holding a stethoscope to my chest she would have been alarmed at my physiological response. Julia was over six feet tall. Granted she was wearing heels but even so, I looked up to her as we shook hands. Her eyes were a deep Jade green and her long blonde tresses and broad smile almost caused my knees to buckle. Her tight leather pants emphasised all of her generous curves. The white see-through blouse allowed me to see her large breasts that were enveloped with a white half-cup bra.

Julia turned to Lisa. “So this is the cute guy I get to run my hands over for an hour eh?”

Lisa giggled. “Yep, this is the one.”

“Well aren’t I the lucky girl.”

“Yes you are, Julia, very lucky.” Lisa giggled.

I gulped. My mouth suddenly dried. “Um…would you like some tea?”

“Thanks Mark, I’d love an Earl Grey.”

I turned to make the tea. My heart rate slowed slightly. I felt nervous. I had gone from a virtual recluse to being in the presence of two gorgeous women within a couple of days. My sister must know she caused me to have an enormous erection and I was now trying türkçe bahis to hide the same from her friend Julia.

“So Mark have you ever had a complete body massage?” Julia emphasised the word complete.

“Um…well…I’ve had a massage before, sure.”

Lisa giggled. “Sweetie Julia will give you a massage you’ll never forget. From your scalp to your toes…and all points in between.”

I passed Julia a mug of tea and sat down. She sat next to me with Lisa opposite. “Have you started on the book yet?” Julia enquired.

I felt a hand on my leg. Looking down I saw Julia’s painted finger nails gently grazing along my inner thigh.

“Not yet but I’m hoping to this weekend.”

Julia and Lisa chatted as I sat and listened in. The hand constantly massaged my thigh.

Julia turned to me. “Are you ready for your treatment?”

I smiled. “I think so.”

“Good. I’ll go upstairs and get prepared. Give me 20 minutes then come up.”

“OK.” I replied.

“Use the spare room at the back OK honey.” Lisa informed Julia.

“OK sweetheart.”

Julia picked up her bag from the hallway and made her way upstairs to the spare room at the back of the house, where she laid out her oils and other accoutrements.

“You’ll be in good hands with Julia” Lisa informed me.

“I can see that, Lisa. She is very attractive. I’m amazed she is single.”

“She and I have been friends for a few years now. I think her previous boyfriends got jealous easily.”

“Jealous of what?”

“She is bisexual. I think men feel threatened that she likes to spend time with women. It’s an ego thing, I believe.”

Just then we heard Julia’s voice from the top of the stairs calling me.

“Enjoy it, sweetheart.” Lisa giggled.

I laughed. “I’ll try my best.”

As I walked up the stairs I realised that I hadn’t actually seen inside the spare room at the back, so didn’t know what to expect. I opened the door and was quite surprised. The smell of incense filled the room and the décor was exactly how one would imagine a professional massage room to be equipped. In the middle was a massage table and next to it a smaller table with small bottles of essential oils and white towels. In the far corner stood a screen, to undress behind and in the opposite corner a Jacuzzi and a sink, which Julia stood at. Her back to me, she turned and smiled. She wore the same type of doctors’ coat that Lisa had worn earlier and the effect was pretty much the same. Her long blonde hair was tied up. She looked exquisite.

“I’m just washing and warming my hands darling. Why don’t you go behind the screen and undress? Then get onto the table, laying on your back.”

“OK.” Was all I could manage.

Behind the screen I undressed and admittedly felt a little nervous. I took the towel that hung over the screen and wrapped it around my waist, doing my best to hide my increasing erection. I walked toward the massage table and climbed onto it. My head and shoulders were supported by a foam piece that rose up slightly. I got comfortable and waited.

Julia’s soothing voice informed me “First I’m going to give you an Indian Head Massage.”

I was aware of Julia sitting down on a chair and felt her hands on my scalp.

“Just relax and breathe nice and deeply, darling.”

I closed my eyes and did as requested. I felt the nervousness slip gradually away as the incense pervaded my nostrils, giving a calming effect. Julia’s hands massaged my scalp. It was an odd sensation but not unpleasant by any means. Her hands moved gradually from my scalp to my temples. My cock twitched and strained against the towel. It seemed as if each time my cock twitched, Julia would apply just a little more pressure, for a second or two. Her expert hands moved across to my cheeks and down to my jaw, then onto my neck and throat. The oils on her fingers making them glide softly yet with purpose.

“How does it feel, Mark?”

I opened my eyes and found myself looking into the deep pools of Jade that were Julia’s eyes. She had a smile that caused my heart to flutter.

“It feels incredible. I’ve never felt anything like it, so relaxing.”

“That’s the idea, honey.”

“I didn’t know Lisa had a fully equipped massage room in her house.”

“I give Lisa a massage a couple of times a week usually. Next time I come to treat you we will use the Jacuzzi for an aromatherapy treatment. I didn’t quite have time today.”

“Sounds wonderful.”

“OK darling, now I’m going to massage you from your toes up to your neck, so turn over for me please.”

I did as Julia asked as she stood.

“Let’s lose the towel now shall we?” Julia deftly reached under my stomach, undid the lose knot and pulled the towel away. I wasn’t sure how I felt laying naked, albeit face down, in front of a woman I’d only met less than an hour before. I’d just have to go with the flow, I surmised.

I felt Julia’s hands on my left foot. Stroking and kneading the sole then manipulating the bones of my toes.

“Lisa said that you’re going to be staying here for a while?”

“That’s güvenilir bahis siteleri the plan I guess.”

“I’m think that will be best for you. What with her expert help and my amazing treatments you’ll be feeling great in a short while, I’m sure.”

“I hope so. It’s been a struggle these past few months.”

Lisa moved onto my right foot and soon she was working her magic on my calf muscles and gradually on up my legs. She gently pushed my thighs apart. My cock twitched again and I knew that she would be able to see my balls. Her hands worked higher. I felt her finger nails graze softly against my testicles. I groaned. Julia giggled.

“I’m sorry darling.”

I was glad she couldn’t see my face, the embarrassment clear for her to see.

“No need to be embarrassed, sweetheart.”

Her hands glided over my buttocks, kneading deeply and firmly into the muscle tissue. That felt good. Really damn good.

Julia applied more oil to her hands and moved onto my lower back with long pressing strokes up to my shoulders, either side of my spine. She then moved her attention onto my shoulders and gradually worked her way down my left arm, then onto my right.

“I’m almost done, honey. I just need you to turn over for me now.”

“Um…I’m not sure…”

Julia lowered her head and whispered softly into my ear. “Just relax and go with the flow, honey.”

I opened my eyes and slowly turned over, feeling my face redden. Julia was looking reassuringly into my eyes. Her hands moved to my thighs, just at the point where they joined my torso. She looked directly at my cock, which twitched, right on cue. Julia giggled “You certainly have nothing to be embarrassed about, darling.”

Her hands moved into the groin of each leg. She applied a surprising amount of pressure.

“Cutting off the blood flow to your legs for a second or two helps the circulation” she informed me.

I watched her intently, becoming quite at ease with my nudity and her proximity. She seemed to be enjoying her work.

“Darling, I never provide any kind of sexual service….”

“I wasn’t expecting you to, Julia.”

“…But from what Lisa told me, I think you need a release.”

My face turned red again.

Julia leaned over toward my face, smiling. “Can you trust me, darling?”

“Of course,” I replied. My cock twitched again as I had a perfect view of Julia’s cleavage.

“Close your eyes for me babe.”

With my eyes closed I felt her hand cup my balls and her soft full lips were on mine. The kiss lasted only for 3 or 4 seconds. With her left hand she stroked my cheek. Her right hand began to stroke my cock, the nails grazing slowly along its’ full length.

“That’s it darling, just relax and let go. Don’t try to hold it in.”

I felt her lips kissing my cheek as she continued to whisper words of encouragement. Her hand wrapped gently around my throbbing cock, the oils making it glide effortlessly.

She kissed me a little more fervently and I instinctively opened my mouth. Her tongue pushed gently in and her hand moved more quickly.

“That’s a good boy…just let it happen.”

I groaned. Julia plied my face with tender kisses, moving back to my mouth. She sucked on my lower lip. Her hand moved even faster, squeezing gently.

“Oh God” I moaned. I opened my eyes to see Julia looking at me. She had undone another button of her coat and I revelled in the glorious view of her breasts, which she seemed to want me to look at.

“Come on baby, let it all out for me.”

I groaned a final time…a long primeval sound as my cock erupted. Julia’s hand moved slower and she leant over to kiss me again. She moaned into my mouth as her tongue pushed against mine. I felt spurt after spurt of cum exit my throbbing cock. The release felt incredible. I smiled and laughed involuntarily. Julia smiled and her hand movement slowed. She tenderly kissed me again. Both of us breathing heavily.

Julia held onto my cock. It didn’t soften at all. “Did that feel good?”

Through laboured breaths I nodded and smiled. “Amazing.”


Julia leant over and kissed me tenderly once more as she winked. “Just what the doctor ordered.”

I lay there as Julia picked up a towel and looking down at my chest and stomach remarked “I think you really needed that.”

I looked down at my cum-stained torso as Julia wiped away the milky substance. My breathing returned to an almost normal rate.

“I feel so incredibly relaxed” I told her.

“Then my work has been a success” Julia smiled.

“Thank you so much Julia that was amazing and unexpected.”

“Unexpected pleasures are usually the best aren’t they?”

“That’s true” I replied.

“I think you should get a shower and I’ll go down to the kitchen and see you there”


I grabbed my clothes and wrapped a towel around me. Turning toward Julia as I left the room I kissed her on the cheek. She smiled and gave me a friendly swat on my buttocks.

I stood in the shower feeling amazingly calm and relaxed. Washing myself quickly I was soon dressed and headed down to join Lisa and Julia in the kitchen. As I entered they stopped talking and looked at me, both smiling.

Julia stood up. “I need to get going. I’ll see you both soon.”

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