Coffee Night

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I was hanging out late at the local coffee shop, reading and drinking a regular coffee. John the owner was working the night shift. He said goodbye to the another customer who left as the last person other than John there.

“Let me freshen up that cup” John said as he grabbed my cup and took it to fill it up. He brought it back full along with one for himself and sat in the chair next to me.

I closed my book and looked over at him. “Business going well?”

“Yes it is.” John said. “It’s a good location and there’s a steady group that comes in so that I meet expenses and make enough to keep things going.”

“I like it here,” I told him. “You’ve got a nice atmosphere.”

“It was fun setting it up.” He said. John sipped his coffee. “I’ve noticed that you’re by yourself lately.”

“Yeah, last relationship ended. Kind of in between things right now.” I answered. “How about yourself?”

“Same here.” He replied. “It can be nice to have space by yourself for a while.” John lives in the apartment above the shop. “Although when one gets horny it can be trying.”

“I know what you mean there, John.”

John glanced around. “You’re an open minded chap, right? You know I’m gay?

“Yes.” I answered.

“You ever fool around with guys?”

“You mean like sex?”


“Well,” I paused. John was good looking, nice broad shoulders, brown hair, good hands. For a guy he wasn’t too bad. I decided to play along. “Yes, I have a couple of times.”

“Enjoy it?”

“Oh yeah.”

“What would you think if I offered you a chance to play with me?” He was smiling very nice. I think I saw his pants bulge just a bit. I know my cock had shown interest.

“Yes, John. I think I would enjoy that.” I replied.

“Well, amsterdam shemale let me close this place up and we can go upstairs.”

John quickly closed things up with my help. A couple of times we brushed our bodies together, he fondled my ass and smiled. I let his hand linger. He turned out the lights and locked the place and we headed upstairs.

John embraced me when we got into his apartment. “I’ve always found you attractive.” I let him move in for a kiss, his lips were soft and I parted mine so that his tongue found mine. His hands roved my back. I could feel his hard cock bulging in his pants.

“Umm nice” John said as broke the kiss. “Follow me.” John walked to his living room where he had a nice sized couch. He turned on a few low lights and started stripping. I followed and removed my clothing, leaving them piled on a chair. John’s cock was nice, it was above average looking to be about 8″ long and nicely thick.

“Very nice tool.” I said as I moved closer and wrapped a hand around the shaft. “Very nice.”

John reached for mine. “I will say the same.” John moved a hand and fondled my balls. “Nice balls too.” He reached around and fondled an ass cheek with his other hand. “I like the way your ass feels, too.”

John moved his mouth in for another kiss. His tongue probed mine and we wrapped our arms around each other.

John broke the kiss. “What would you like to do? I know what I’d like to do with you.”

“I’m flexible,” I responded. “What would you like to do?”

“I’d love to suck you off and then, if you wouldn’t mind, fuck that nice ass of yours.”

My cock got even harder at that. “Umm that sounds very nice. I haven’t been fucked in a long time. Your cock would feel nice there.”

“I’ll make it rotterdam shemale good for you.” John answered. He led me to the couch and had me sit back. He got between my legs and moved his head close to my erect cock. He brushed the tip with his tongue, it brought an involuntary moan of delight from my throat. Then he took the head into his mouth and swirled his tongue around the edge of my cock head. I was having trouble not letting my self cum. I wanted to prolong this enjoyment.

John moved his mouth lower down my cock shaft and started sliding it over my cock. I decided to lean back and enjoy the ride. He treated the bottom ridge of shaft to his tongue. He was also running his hands over my legs and inner thighs, with fingers stopping up near my ass. John then began sucking long and hard on my cock, sliding his mouth over the head and shaft. I was soon moaning loud.

John took his mouth off my cock for a moment and licked down the shaft to the balls. “Don’t worry about cumming, just let it go when it’s there.” He gently tongued both of my balls and then returned his mouth to my cock, re-establishing the same rhythm.

I was in bliss, I hadn’t had a blow job this good in a long time. I leaned back into the couch and enjoyed John’s masterful work on my cock. Soon he brought me to the brink and I let go with a load roar and a blast of cum deep into his throat. John didn’t lose a drop. He grinned up at me after he had drained my now semi-hard tool.

“You needed that, guy.”

I smiled. John moved up closer and hugged and kissed some more. I could feel his hard cock pressing into me. John motioned for me to slide down and began fingering my asshole. He was tender and probing. He slipped a finger in and began sliding it in and out. It felt blog shemale good. It had been a long time since I’d been fucked and I had almost forgotten how good it could be. John lubed up a second finger and worked it in getting my hole nice and slick.

John’s fingers felt good sliding in and out of my ass. “Ready?” he asked.

I nodded.

John moved his now lubed and hard cock to my sphincter. He ran the cock head up and down between my ass cheeks. It felt good. He moved the head to the hole entrance and pushed. I watched and felt as the head slowly went in. John had prepped me good, there wasn’t any pain. He inched his shaft in, filling my ass with his thick hard cock. This was going to be good. My ass needed a good fucking. I lifted my legs up to his shoulders and felt his balls and pubic hairs on my ass cheeks. It was great to be penetrated by a hard cock again.

“Damn that feels good,” John said.

“Same here.” I replied.

John slowly pulled back and began slow gentle thrusts. The sensations starting coming back to me. His cock was filling me as he pumped it in and out. After a bit he sped his thrusts up. Our breathing began to get more ragged. We were both moaning.

“You’ve got on fine hole there!” John moaned.

“You’re cock is just delightful. Fuck me good!” I moaned back.

John picked up the pace and began banging me good. A warmth was spreading through my body from my ass, my happy ass hole spreading the joy. John was soon moaning loud and I could see he was ready to cum. He fucked me harder and then took one last deep thrust and groaned loud as his cock spurted cum deep in my ass.

I let John leave his cock in my ass as long as wanted. It was a good fuck. John hugged me deep.

“Thanks guy.” John said. “Nice ass.”

“Good fuck.” I answered.

We talked for a bit. John invited me to stay the rest of the night. My cock shot up as my response. He fucked me three more times that night. We now get together once a week or so for some good man sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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