Computer Setup

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Part 1

As I walked in the computer shop, off the hot August, street, I could see I was the only one in the place. There wasn’t even anyone to wait on me. So I looked around at the different computers set up as I made my way to the back of the shop. I seen a small hallway at the back of the room where it seemed that there was a door half open with a light on. So I went on back to see if anybody was there that might wait on me.

When I got to the door I started to say is anyone here. When I looked around the corner of the doorway I heard a moan and what I seen took me by complete surprise. I saw a guy sitting in a chair in front of a computer screen. He was almost completely naked except for a pair of cut off jeans open and pulled down. He had is cock out and was stroking it at a fast pace. He was a young well built guy with broad shoulders and a very tanned and muscular body. He was watching a porno clip on the screen of two guys sucking each others cocks in a 69 position. I must have froze there for at least 10 seconds watching him jerk on his big cock, that had to be at least 8 inches long and 2 inches thick or more.

When I came to my senses I quickly stepped back and turned around and started for the front door of the shop. Just as I was about half way to the door it opened and in stepped a guy looking like he was in a hurry. The door closed hard behind him and he looked at me and said, hi is there anybody here? As I started to answer, the guy from the room in back stepped out and said can I help you guys as he looked at the clock with a puzzled look on his face. I told the other guy I was in no hurry to go ahead. He said I’m looking for some of those expense photo type floppies. The fellow said well I have them but we close at 5. I looked at the clock and seen it was about 20 minutes after 5 O’clock. He said I must have forgotten to lock the door. Then he said as long as you’re here I will sell them to you that’s what I’m in business for. So the guy got his floppies and out the door he went.

I looked at the fellow I had just a few minutes earlier watched stroking his big cock and said, I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were closed and said I will come back another time. He said with a smile, that’s ok I need to do some business anyway, as he stepped to the door and locked it. What can I help you with?

I told him I need a computer, since my wife took mine in the divorce. I was interested in one that was fast to download things, with a lot of memory. He told me he had one that was on sale that sounded like just what I was looking for. He pointed at one and told me to sit down and give it a try. So I sat down at it and tried it out. He stood very close behind me with his face close to mine so he could see the screen too while he showed me several of it’s features. He was so close to me I couldn’t help noticing the wonderful smell of this guy’s strong muscular body. Of course there was no mistaking the smell of the hot sex he had been having with himself a few minutes earlier. It was driving me crazy and I could feel my own cock begin to get hard. I turned to look at him and ask him how much the computer sold for. When I looked at his face he was staring at the growing bulge in my own cut off jeans. He stood up straight and that put his huge cock only a couple of inches away from my face.

He put his hand on my shoulder and said I can let you have this machine for a song. We negotiated the price and I said I would take it. I told him I didn’t know much about setting up a computer and that I had no idea how to use all the new programs on this one. He said that’s no problem. If I wanted him to, he would bring the computer over and set it up and show me how to use the new programs for no charge. I said that would be great and we set a poker oyna time for the next day that we both agreed on for him to set it up at my place.

Now I have never had sex with a man, but I have to admit this guy really had me hot. I guess the fact that I just hadn’t had any pussy since, my now ex-wife divorced me. I was not ready to date again and the only sex I have had since then was with my hand. It seemed to be enough to keep me from going crazy till I was ready for dating again. Now I suddenly had a wild exciting feeling about seeing this hot stud with the huge cock stroking it like he could have cum any second.

That night as I lay on my bed to try to get some sleep, I stroked my own cock. I fantasized about watching him jerk his cock and wondered what it would be like to suck it for him and give him the pleasure I’m sure he would like to have. I had one of the biggest and best orgasms I could remember since I was married.

Part 2

The next day at the appointed time a car pull up to my house and out stepped Nick the guy from the computer shop. I went out to help him carry in the computer. It was another hot day and Nick only had on a pair of gym shorts that had short loose fitting legs that no doubt gave his huge cock and balls breathing room. The funny thing about that was I had chose to wear the same type of gym shorts myself with no underwear. He said, hi Matt as he got some boxes out of the car. I told him I was glad he could make it and it was nice to see him.

We took the boxes into the house and put them on the floor beside the computer desk. I told him to sit down and I would hand him the pieces while he set it up. He got everything where it was handy and said now where do we plug it in. I told him it was under the desk and I would get it from the other side. This desk was open all the way underneath where you sit at it. As I got on my hands and knees under the desk from the other side, I had a perfect view of Nick’s legs and was only inches away from them. As I fumbled for the plug in I looked up at Nick’s legs and package between them. I noticed he wasn’t wearing underwear either. My heart began to pound when I seen him spread his legs apart wide and reach between them and adjust his cock and balls. This adjustment let his beautiful huge half hard cock run down the left leg of his shorts to where the head of it stuck out of them at least an inch or so. At this moment I came to realize that this had the potential to be more than just setting up my new computer. I finished the plugging in and returned to the front of the desk and stood close to Nick where I could see the screen too.

He scooted the chair back from under the desk where he knew I would have a good view of his growing cock sticking out of the leg of his shorts. My own shorts were beginning to be filled with my growing cock. My cock isn’t as long as Nick’s but it’s not bad. It is about 6-1/2 inches long and about as thick as his. He was setting there telling me about the computer and every once in a while he would make it obvious that he was staring at my now almost completely hard cock. At this point my heart was pounding so hard I thought he might hear it. Both our cocks were beginning to throb and grow more all the time. I looked into his eyes and said Nick I’m just not sure what all the new programs are all about, and would he show me what to do next. He gave me a look that was as hot as our cocks and said set down here and I will show you what to do. I traded him places and he stood at my side and a little behind me and put his face next to mine and said softly now this program is easy, but this is hard. At that point he stood up and I turned to look at him and my eyes never got the chance to look up because they froze at the sight of his shorts pull down canlı poker oyna and his now fully hard 8 inch throbbing hot cock bobbing within tongues reach of my mouth.

He put his hand behind my head and pulled it to where the head rubbed against my lips and said suck my cock.

The prompting wasn’t necessary. I couldn’t have kept from sucking his big beautiful cock if I wanted to. I wet my lips and encircled the swollen head of his cock. He moaned as he pulled my head and slid as much of his throbbing cock in my mouth as I could take. My greedy mouth and tongue worked overtime on his cock as he pushed and pulled it in and out of my mouth and throat. I reached up with my right hand and wrapped it around the base of his erect member and started to pump on it in time with my sucking and tonguing. My cock was straining to be free. So with the other hand I pushed my shorts down and started stroking it. Nick threw his head back and was humping my mouth and hand with a steady pace that was bringing him closer to orgasm with each thrust. I could feel the precum from my own swollen cock running down over its head and onto my hand as I jerked on it. The taste of Nick’s cock and the precum that was leaking from it into my mouth was driving me crazy and I could feel the cum starting to work its way up the shaft of my cock. I could tell by the way Nick’s cock was swelling and throbbing that he was close to filling my mouth with a hot sticky load of his man cum and at that point that was just what I had planned to make him do.

When he moaned loudly and stepped back pulling his engorged member from my sucking mouth and said no not yet. I was on fire and couldn’t believe that he done that. To my surprise he fell to the floor on his knees in front of me and grabbed my cock and went down on it with his hot lips and tongue. Sucking on it like there was no tomorrow. He was an expert cock sucker and within as little as a couple of minutes had me ready to blow my load into his hot sucking mouth. I moaned loudly and he knew what he had to do to carry out his plan. He lifted his head and took my now ready to explode cock from his mouth. He looked into my eyes wildly and said, stand up and bend over and hold on to the chair. I couldn’t believe what he was saying and what he had in mind next, but I couldn’t resist this beautiful hunk of man that was taking me places I had never been before and had me begging for more.

We stood up and I bent over the chair and grabbed hold of the seat of it. My ass was in the air as Nick stepped behind me squatted down and I could feel his hot, wet, stiff tongue begin to lick and probe at my virgin asshole. After a good ass licking and tongue fucking I felt a stiff slick finger start to push its way into my ass. I was surprised it felt good with Nick pulling on my cock and balls with the other hand. When he thought I was about ready to cum again he stopped this action and stood up behind me and leaned over my back with his hot hard cock probing at my tight little hole and said in my ear, are you ready to get your sweet little ass fucked. At that point I was worried that his big cock would rip me open and I said oh Nick your cock is to big it won’t go in. he replied, oh it will go in alright. With that I seen him reach down and get a tube of anal ease lube from one of the empty computer boxes on the floor. This told me he must have been turned on by me yesterday and that he was hoping our meeting today would lead to just this point.

I felt him squeeze a glob of it onto my virgin hole and start to work two fingers in and out. To my surprise they felt good and they were sliding in and out with ease. He pulled them out and he covered his hot throbbing cock completely with the stuff and dropped the tube on the floor. I felt one of his hands internet casino on my hip and could see underneath me the other was guiding his huge ass reamer to its destination. The head of his cock pressed against my asshole and he leaned over my back and started to push. I grabbed the chair with all the grip I had as I felt his hard silky cock head start spreading my hole open. Nick and I both at this point were sweating like crazy. As he leaned into it and gave a sudden push I felt the huge head of his cock pop inside my stretched hole. Groans and moans from both of us filled the room. It was in and he had every intention of fucking my virgin ass till he was done with it. I heard Ahhhhhhhhh dam Matt you got a tight little ass, as he started to push the length of his throbbing cock up to his oversized balls. When he had it completely in he said softly in my ear, hang on you sweet fucker I’m going to dump a load of man cum up your ass and your cumming with me. With those words echoing in my ear I looked down between my legs and seen my cock was as hard as a rock throbbing and bouncing all over, with precum dripping out the head onto the floor.

Nick pulled his cock back and it slid out till just the head remained in my overstuffed ass. With that his ass training was over. He stood up and grabbed hold of my hips with both hands and started to hump my ass with the age old rhythm that was bringing us both to the brink of a mind blowing orgasm. After a couple of dozen strokes in and out of my ass he couldn’t hold back anymore. He started slamming his cock in and out with our mutual pleasure in mind. The next thing I heard from him was Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m Cumminnnnnnnn in your sweet little ass you tight assed bitch. That was all it took my cock began to throb and pump. I looked underneath me and seen my pisshole open up and when Nick slammed his ass reamer home I felt a blast of his hot cum coat the inside of my man chute as my throbbing cock pumped the first blast of my hot sticky cum all over my chest and face. He screamed cum you sweet bitch Ahhhhhhhhhhh and continued to pump gob after gob of his huge load in my ass. My cock pumped and pumped squirt after squirt of my hot cum all over me and the chair and floor.

Nick’s pace began to slow as his cock was drained of its last drop of cum. As my ass continued sucking and squeezing on his now softening cock. My cock was beginning to droop a little as my balls had emptied themselves all over the place. Our breathing was labored as Nick let his half hard cock slip from my reamed out, cum filled ass. We both collapsed on the floor as the cum dripped out of my taken ass. My chest and face was covered with my own cum.

Nick looked at me and said, dam you’re a good piece of ass. With that Nick got up and got a towel out of one of the boxes and cleaned his now soft cock off and threw it to me and quickly put his shorts back on. He looked at the clock and said dam I’m late. I told my girlfriend I would be at her house to pick her up a half hour ago. He looked at me still lying on the floor and said I got to go, if you have any trouble with the new computer just give me a call. With that out the door he went, jumped into his car and sped away leaving me lying on the floor dazed, sticky, and confused.

Three days went by and I couldn’t get this guy off my mind. I wanted to see if he was interested in getting together again, but I just didn’t know how to approach him about it. That evening the phone rang and it was Nick. He asked me how I was getting along with the new computer. Taking this as a chance to see him again I said I could use some help with the new programs. He said that’s no problem. If I wanted, he could come over right now. I said that would be great and I would be waiting. He asked if it would be ok if he brought his girlfriend with him? He said I have told her all about you and your new computer. Her name is Cindi and she is a computer tech and says she would like to show both of us a couple of new things.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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