Dirty Secrets Ch. 01

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Pluto noticed how the rocks shimmered in the sunlight, thanks to the coating of fresh water spray coming from the falls. Narragansett Falls was one of the most popular tourist destinations in the U.S., and attracted nearly one million people every year! Pluto was very lucky to live only 20 minutes away. Pluto sighed, catching his reflection in the water. Call him narcissistic all you want, but Pluto was proud of his body. He’d been lifting weights for 12 years now, and it showed.

His muscled arms were big, yet not too big, as they gave nice outlines in his T-shirt. His bleached blonde hair complimented his warm brown eyes nicely, and his smooth Hispanic skin was the cherry on top.

“Snap out of it Pluto,” his friend Charlie snapped, but she was smirking so Pluto knew she thought it was funny.

“But I’m just so prettttttty,” he pouted, drawing the word out. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, he felt a hard thwack on his head, and turned around to see his friend Jim and his girlfriend Trish laughing.

“You deserved it too,” Jim remarked as they continued their hike up the poker oyna falls. As they reached the top Charlie pulled out a camera and started snapping pictures, but Pluto was too caught up in the beauty of the falls to notice. He loved nature, and the warmth of the sun felt so good on his skin. After picnicking on a grassy patch at the top, they made their way down. But Pluto felt something a bit strange. Where just seconds before the air had been warm and the sky sunlit, the air was now cold and the mellow wind picked up into a fast paced rush of air. He squinted up into the sky in time to see the sun be absorbed in dark clouds. As the squad made their way down, their teeth started to chatter.

“Will the jeep be able to take the rain?” Charlie asked, glancing over at the beat up, rusted red jeep.

“Why did we decide to take Jamie’s car…” Pluto moaned.

“… It doesn’t even have a hood!” That realization caused them all to wince at the thought.

“He’s gonna be so mad when we get back,” Trisha added in. Jamie was their other roommate, but hated hiking, and was always complaining canlı poker oyna about the outdoors. Just then, Pluto spotted someone that stood out to him. They were halfway to the jeep, and had passed hundreds of people rushing back to their cars from the rain, but this guy was different. He wasn’t sure how or why, but he just stood out.

He wasn’t rushing to the parking lot, rather standing still. Pluto slowed his scramble to a casual walk as he came closer to the man. He was sturdy and tall, maybe just a little bit less muscled than himself. His hair was a carrot orange, but looked natural all the same. He had what looked to be light hazel eyes, and soft freckles. His skin was very pale. As Pluto passed he made eye contact, but the man seemed to be looking right through him. His lips stayed in the same solemn position, and his facial expressions did not change. Pity, would have been a good fuck, Pluto thought.

“Hey, I’m gonna hang back a minute,” Pluto shouted to his friends.

They nodded, but made, “be quick” gestures with their hands. As he approached the guy the internet casino howling of the wind got louder. The guy appeared to be around his age, which was 22, but his face looked as if he had seen many horror, with dark circles under his eyes, and pained lines and creases scattered around his face.

“Hey,” Pluto said awkwardly to the man. When the man didn’t respond he tried again.

“Um, hi” he repeated himself a little louder this time.

After a short pause the man, who appeared to be concentrating on something responded with a short answer.

“Go away.”

Surprised at his bluntness, Pluto held his hands up as if to show his innocence.

“Cool man.” Pluto managed to get out, before he turned and slowly retreated to the old car, where his friends were waiting for him shaking their heads and gesturing towards their watches. Something about the man’s tone had a sense of commanding in it, as if not to be disobeyed.

“Strike out again?” Charlie smirked, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh piss off.” Came the response. Charlie cackled, but lauded off the subject, as the rest of the car ride they discussed where they wanted to go for drinks to celebrate Trisha’s 21st birthday, which was today. They eventually deceived n Tortonhow’d, a family friendly restaurant that made a mean chardonnay.

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