Don’t Look Back Ch. 15

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Lee rolled Marshall so they were face to face. Marshall’s breath quickened at the sight of Lee’s hard body poised above him. Although Lee presented a tough façade to the world, Marshall could read him like a book. His own personal, private edition.

He could read the emotions that flashed through Lee’s eyes, mirrors to his soul, and he loved them all. But most of all, he loved how Lee loved him.

A slow, lazy smile spread across Lee’s face. Marshall’s heart lurched at the sight. Lee reached between them, his fingers circling Marshall’s length, pressing his palm against Marshall’s flesh. “Don’t come until I tell you,” he warned.

“Understood.” Marshall shivered at Lee’s touch. He’d promise anything if it meant he got to have Lee inside him, reconnecting at their most basic level. There was a fire inside of him that perpetually burned for Lee, a flame that could never be quenched.

“Think maybe we should go up to San Antone soon. There’s a few things I’d like to get.”

Marshall knew Lee had more than computer parts on his mind. They’d been looking at various toys online. Lee wanted to try the wireless remote butt plug on Marshall. According to the website they read, it vibrated.

“Sounds like a good idea,” Marshall agreed. He tried not to let his excitement show, but he knew Lee felt it anyway.

“I can plug you while you work, keep your hot ass on simmer all day, and watch you squirm until you beg me to take you.” His hand poker oyna pumped Marshall’s cock. Marshall thrust into his tight grip eagerly.

Just thinking about that plug threatened to send Marshall over. He had to get a grip on himself or he’d come. “I like that idea,” he moaned.

Lee reached behind Marshall. “Raise up,” he directed. Marshall lifted his hips, and Lee slid a pillow beneath them. The pillow wasn’t the softest, but it wasn’t exactly hard either, and the added elevation allowed Lee better access to Marshall’s hole. It also meant he could bury himself deeper inside of Marshall.

Marshall was certainly all for that.

“Then you better work extra hard, next couple of weeks. And watch that smart mouth.”

Marshall knew better. He knew Lee encouraged his sass. He also knew Lee was proud of him, and the work he did for their company. He just liked to give Marshall a hard time. And Marshall loved that he did.

“Maybe I should use that smart mouth on you,” Marshall retorted.

Lee grinned. “Not tonight you won’t.” He leaned down, slanting his mouth over Marshall’s, effectively ending that particular discussion. For now.

Their tongues tangled in silent communion, in a mutual give and take, exploration of familiar territory. Marshall’s need for Lee was only growing greater and hotter. He had to focus hard to keep from exploding into Lee’s hand.

Lee drew back and slid two fingers inside Marshall’s mouth. He sucked at canlı poker oyna them eagerly. At last, things were moving forward, and he was closer to getting what he wanted.

When Lee felt the digits were wet enough, he removed them, releasing his hold on Marshall’s weeping cock to grab his legs, raising them to his shoulders. A familiar giddiness coiled inside Marshall’s stomach, the kind you get when you’re sitting on a roller coaster, about to take the big plunge.

Lee eased his wet fingers inside of Marshall, stretching his tight muscles. He would never enter Marshall without prepping him first, and he’d never do it dry, either. He reached inside of Marshall and pressed on his prostate. Marshall released an involuntary yip, arching his back.

“Like that, boy?”

“Sir, yes, Sir,” Marshall moaned. He started to reach for his cock, without thinking, but his hand was swatted away.

“Did I say you could?”

“No, Sir, you did not.”

“Then remember that.” Lee pulled his fingers out of Marshall’s ass with a wet pop. Marshall knew his actions wouldn’t cost him what he wanted most—Lee wanted it as badly as he did.

He felt the head of Lee’s cock nudge his opening, and he resisted the urge to reach for it and guide it inside of him. Then Lee plunged into him in one strong move, filling Marshall completely. He gasped at the feeling of fullness that suffused him, the completeness of their union.

Neither moved, simply enjoying internet casino the moment. Then Lee lowered Marshall’s legs to the level of his waist, and Marshall locked his ankles behind Lee’s back, pressing against the dip just above Lee’s ass. He leaned up a little and Lee leaned down, and their mouths met in the middle in a passionate kiss.

Lips joined, Lee began to move, quickly establishing a steady rhythm. The bedsprings creaked beneath them, in sync with Lee’s movements, echoed by similar creaks from nearby rooms—the symphony of Partners, the music from the bar an audible backdrop to the private activities.

Marshall moved his hips to meet Lee’s thrusts, urging Lee to fuck him harder, his moans becoming lost inside Lee’s mouth. Just when he thought he’d have to risk taking himself in hand, Lee took hold of Marshall’s cock and pumped. Lee released Marshall’s lips long enough to whisper hoarsely, “Come now, boy.” And Marshall did, his orgasm the crescendo to their love song.

Lee continued to thrust as Marshall’s cock released in hard spurts between them, covering Lee’s hand, and spattering both their chests. Marshall squeezed his muscles harder, and felt Lee’s response. A few more pushes and Lee released, filling Marshall with wet warmth.

They lay together afterward, after wiping off as best they could. Just for a moment before heading back to their friends.

Marshall stared up into Lee’s gorgeous eyes, unable to speak, filled with love for this beautiful man he could not live without.

As if sensing his mood, Lee murmured softly, “No matter where you are, I’ll be there. I love you, Marshall.”

“Love you too, Lee.”

Life was perfect.

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