Female Treachery: Snakes in Skirts

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We be getting all kinds of freaky in the hood! Most folks don’t know about our shit and that’s the way we want to keep it. The hood is full of freaks. Men and women who do all kinds of things. Men and women who are the world’s most prominent sexual dynamos and freaks. They get down in ways normal folks cannot fathom. The truth is that a lot of people from the hood are leading double lives. Yeah, it’s like that. This is one of those stories, folks. The truth about freaks from the hood. It’s about to get all misty in here, folks. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

We’ve got Leila, a big Black woman who likes white bitches. This six-foot-three, plain-faced, large-breasted, wide-hipped and big-bottomed Black lesbian is known as the Black Dyke, the Butch of Dorchester. Her chick of the month is Kim, a red-haired, lily-white chick from Dorchester. Leila paid her bitch a visit. Kim has to do the duties of a hood bitch. She’s got to keep her man’s house clean, even though her man is really a woman who acts like a man. Leila is the Butch of Dorchester. She gets all the pussy she wants, and then some. She’s a hard-drinking, hard-fighting, pussy-chasing dyke. And you know what? She’s damn proud of it!

Leila decided to have some fun with her favorite bitch. First, she made Kim get naked. The slim white chick did as she was told. Leila admired her sleek body, perky breasts, lithe figure, curvy butt and neatly shaved pussy. The Black Dyke has slept with women from all over Boston. She loves to completely dominate the women she takes to bed. Leila watches Kim as the white chick does a sexy little dance. Leila smokes a cigar, and remembers some nice times she had with different women. Just thinking about all the women she’s seduced, fucked and dumped over the years is enough to make her hot.

A while ago, Leila was doing a stint at the women’s prison in Framingham, Massachusetts. She got arrested for beating up Sheri, the woman she was living with at the time. Leila is usually a calm person but she doesn’t like listening to her loquacious girlfriend whine and complain all day. She doesn’t like all the drama. So when she gets mad, she gets up and tells Sheri to shut up. Sheri is a plump, blonde chick with big breasts and a huge ass. She loves to eat pussy and works as a waitress in the city. Those are her redeeming qualities. However, she never keeps her mouth shut. So Leila sometimes smacks her around. When the cops got involved, they hauled the big Black woman away. Apparently, same-sex domestic abuse was not unknown to police officers. They knew that gay males sometimes abused the men they lived with. It stood to reason that some lesbians abused the women they lived with too. Leila was sentenced to ninety days in the slammer for beating Sheri up and putting her in a hospital. Life just wasn’t fair for everybody’s favorite Black lesbian.

While in jail, Leila found herself in a place filled with women. There were Black women, white women, Latin women and Asian women. So many pretty women with tender pussies ripe for the picking. Easy pickings for an experienced Black lesbian like Leila. Unfortunately, another butch dyke had claimed dominion of the harem of pretty straight and bisexual women of the women’s prison. The dyke in question was a towering, muscular poker oyna blonde female bodybuilder and former amateur wrestler named Rhonda. Leila recognized Rhonda. The blonde dyke was famous for being a rather brutal contestant at amateur wrestling matches. There were videos circulating on the web featuring her taking on other women. Rhonda was known to a cruel, cigar-smoking dyke with sadistic tendencies. All the chicks inside the women’s prison system bowed down to her. She was the top and ruled them all.

Well, Rhonda ran the show until Leila arrived. Leila was a woman with a dominant personality. She wouldn’t take crap from anybody. She had her eye on a pretty Black chick named Rachelle. Unfortunately, Rachelle belonged to Rhonda. Everybody knew that Rhonda took Rachelle to her cell every night and ate her pussy. Stories of their steamy hookups were infamous around the women’s prison. Even the corrections officers knew about them. One of the corrections officers told the other guards stories about times when he watched Rhonda and Rachelle do their thing. Rhonda would wear a big strap on dildo and fuck Rachelle with it. Yeah, everybody knew about their steamy lesbian encounters.

Leila wanted Rachelle for herself. So she came up with a plan to get rid of Rhonda. In the yard, she challenged Rhonda to a duel. The blonde dyke accepted. Everybody gathered to watch. Even the corrections officers watched. Everybody loves a catfight, especially when it involves a lesbian or two. So, the fight was on. Rhonda came straight for Leila. Leila waited. A lifelong brawler, Leila knew about boxing and wrestling. You didn’t survive on the streets without knowing how to fight. So, Leila waited. She fought Rhonda with a savagery that furies would envy. Rhonda was taller and larger than Leila, but the Black Dyke was the more experienced brawler. Leila beat Rhonda within an inch of her life, and made her admit defeat in front of the other women prisoners. Everybody was stunned. Leila had won. She defeated Rhonda. Leila was now the top, the woman who ran the women’s prison and had power over all the chicks who lived there.

Leila celebrated her victory by spending the night with Rachelle. Rachelle knew something about politics. She was treacherous and went only where her best interests lay, no matter whom she had to stab in the back. Her loyalty was to herself. Since coming to the women’s prison, Rachelle had allied herself with Rhonda since Rhonda was the biggest and meanest woman in the system. Now, Rhonda was defeated. Rachelle’s loyalty went to Leila, the new leader. Like all women, Rachelle was treacherous and manipulative by nature. Completely without conscience. In many ways, all women are borderline sociopaths by nature. That’s the truth about them and Rachelle personified that truth. Eagerly, she went to Leila’s bed.

Leila had seldom beheld a woman as beautiful as Rachelle. The gal was only five feet two inches tall but her short Black hair, caramel skin and golden brown eyes made her look unearthly beautiful and almost ethereal. Leila wanted a taste of her goods, and Rachelle was more than willing to share. Leila kissed Rachelle, and began undressing her. Rachelle smiled and began kissing Leila, all over. Her hands and agile tongue roamed over canlı poker oyna Leila’s flesh. Rachelle looked into Leila’s eyes as she took her. Leila gasped as Rachelle’s hand went between her legs. She hesitated. Normally, she didn’t let women do this to her. Pleasure her. She was the butch one, she liked to be in charge. Rachelle looked at her adoringly, and begged her to let go. Leila did something which surprised even herself. She nodded her consent. Smiling, Rachelle slid her fingers into Leila’s pussy, and took the big Black woman to Cloud Nine.

Rachelle slowly slid her small fist into Leila’s pussy. Leila moaned as Rachelle began to pleasure her. Rachelle laughed. Nothing she liked better to do than to bring a big and strong woman down to her knees. Sex could be used as a weapon, against both men and women. Rachelle knew this early on. What kind of bisexual female sociopath would she be if she didn’t use her sexuality as a weapon to get what she wanted from both men and women? Not a very good one, that’s for damn sure. So, she eagerly fisted Leila, making the woman scream and cry out her name while begging for more. Yeah, sex was a powerful weapon indeed. She continued what she was doing until Leila finally came. A short while later, Leila was fast asleep, with Rachelle in her arms.

Inside the women’s prison, life went on. The other women adjusted to the fact that Leila, the Black Dyke from Dorchester now ran the show. You see, inside a women’s prison, there are lines and definitions as well as divisions. Generally, the Black women ran the show, with the Hispanic women as second and the white women third and last. That’s how the scales of power worked. Black women were the meanest and toughest scrappers inside the female prison system. Their only rivals were Hispanic women, when it came to sheer brutality, cunning and treachery.

White women, especially the pretty ones, were the least aggressive and often the most manipulative and vicious. If you can’t fight, manipulate, that’s their motto. Prison authorities often gave special treatment to white female inmates. For the most part, the Black lesbians ran the show. When they ruled, the women prisoners weren’t divided into categories of straight and gay but in categories of who fucked and who gets fucked. Guess who always got fucked? The white female inmates were often everybody’s favorite prey, although they were the protected class of the corrections officers. Rhonda had been an anomaly. A white lesbian who dominated a female prison where most of the inmates were Black women. She had even gone as far as taking a Black woman to be her lover. Now, she was vanquished. Once more, a Black lesbian ran the women’s prison.

Leila had fun behind bars. Rachelle was a major part of that fun. Leila also had flings with Sophia, a pretty Hispanic woman who got sentenced to ten years for killing her ex-girlfriend by running her over with a truck. Yeah, times could be fun. Rhonda had been taken to the prison hospital after Leila gave her the beating of the decade. Now, she was back into the main population. At first, she walked with her head down, kowtowing to Leila as Supreme Bitch of the System and gave her a wide berth. Unbeknownst to Leila and the Black lesbians was the fact that Rhonda had internet casino forged a secret alliance with the women’s prison new female warden and some of the corrections officers. She was conspiring to cause an uprising, during which Leila and many of the Black lesbians would be killed. It was a sweet plan as far as lesbian revenge fantasies went.

Leila and Rachelle were sleeping in their bed when suddenly, it began. A fight in the middle of the night. A Black female inmate brawling with a white chick. The brawl escalated, and the guards came with batons. They started beating the inmates. The inmates fought back, especially the Black women. Leading the white women and a handful of Hispanic broads was Rhonda, armed with a baseball bat. She was coming straight for Leila. Having never backed down from a fight with a chick in her entire life, Leila wasn’t about to start. She got up to fight Rhonda. Rachelle carefully stayed out of the way, waiting to see who would come out on top.

The melee was on! The women prisoners fought the guards, and each other! Everybody was fighting everybody. A chubby Black woman hurled a white woman against the bars of a cell and began slamming her with a chair. A large white woman grabbed a skinny Black woman in a tight grip and wrestled her to the ground. Everybody seemed to pause, however, when Rhonda and Leila began circling each other. This seemed to be the most anticipated rematch in the history of interracial lesbian catfights. A fight no one present would soon forget!

Rhonda looked hatefully at Leila, the woman who had ruined her life. Howling with fury, she hefted her baseball bat and swung at Leila. The Black woman had been expecting this. She produced a knife which she had kept hidden, and slashed at the last possible second. Suddenly, Rhonda froze. Her large hands went for her throat, which was covered with a crimson liquid. Her own blood. Rhonda looked at the blood on her hands, then at Leila. She opened her mouth to speak, but only blood came out. With a sickening gurgle, she fell. Everyone turned to look at Leila, who stood victorious over the other woman’s body. Laughing demonically, Leila raised her fist in the air. A cry echoed from the women as they savagely saluted their leader, the undisputed queen of the prison.

The guards eventually restored order. Rhonda’s body was buried. Leila served the remainder of her sentence, plus an additional few years. She had been convicted of manslaughter in the death of Rhonda and sentenced to another fifteen years. As for Rachelle, she died three months after the last battle of Rhonda versus Leila. Apparently, Rhonda’s new girlfriend Helen didn’t take kindly to Rachelle’s treachery. Helen, a middle-aged Irishwoman already serving a life sentence for murdering her husband’s mistress had nothing to lose by killing Rachelle. She was however transferred to a women’s prison in Texas where she was executed, ten years later.

As for Leila, she returned to society after serving only five years for Rhonda’s murder. She left the women’s prison system behind and returned back to the hood, where the honeys were pretty and had a sweetness she would not soon forget. A stint in a women’s prison hasn’t changed Leila’s fondness for desperate, lonely women and crazed honeys. That’s why she was hooking up with Kim right now. The two of them romped in Sapphic passion for hours. The next morning, however, Leila was found dead. A knife in her back. Kim was nowhere to be found. Isn’t life sweet?

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