Goddess Ch. 19

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Around two weeks had passed since the breakup. Sydney had been pulled out of bed by Amanda, who’d decided to treat her to a relaxing day out on the water, followed by a night of Fourth of July fireworks. The two women laid out on deck chairs, sunbathing on the deck of Amanda’s yacht. Sydney was wearing a skimpy yellow two-piece, matching her blonde hair. Amanda, similarly was wearing an equally skimpy aquamarine two-piece that matched her recently dyed bantu knots.

Amanda turned onto her side and looked at Sydney with concern.

“You OK?” she asked. “You’ve barely talked since you got here.”

Sydney sighed and turned over to look at her friend.

“Truth is Amanda, I still think about what happened. It hurts like hell and… And I don’t know if it’ll ever stop.” she whimpered. Sydney started to sniffle a bit. Amanda got up and kneeled down to meet Sydney’s gaze.

“Hey, hey,” she said, wiping a small tear off her friend’s face. “Let’s get off that subject huh? C’mon, we got a home theater in the cabin below. I got one of those French flicks you like.”

The two women made their way down a small staircase to a tiny red cabin. There sat a couch and a small flatscreen atop a cabinet containing some DVDs. Sydney opened the cabinet and went through what Amanda had. Couple of popcorn flicks, a few Miyazaki movies and…

“Jacques Demy’s Lady Oscar?!” Sydney exclaimed. “I didn’t know you had this!”

Amanda chuckled.

“Sydney, you know me. How long have I been reading manga?”

“Good point. C’mon, let’s put it on, this is one of the few Demy films I haven’t seen!”

The two women cozied up on the couch, letting the subtle glow of the television wash over them. Midway through the movie, Amanda looked over at Sydney, who was more relaxed than she’d seen her in days. Amanda subtly curled up a bit to Sydney, letting her friend rest her head on her shoulder and enjoying the closeness. The film ran for about two hours, by which point it was mid-afternoon, still too early for the fireworks to start. Amanda looked over, and saw that Sydney was peacefully resting on her shoulder. She continued enjoying the feeling of Sydney’s skin on her own… until her shoulder started getting numb. She shook her friend lightly.

“Sydneyyyy… hey, Syd.”

Sydney shook her head and rubbed her eyes.

“Mmm… Sorry about that. I slept badly last night.”

Amanda giggled.

“Hope you liked the movie. I mean, whatever you were awake for.”

The two got up and stretched a bit.

“C’mon then, I got an idea. You mighta fallen asleep, but we still got an hour before the fireworks. You wanna go swimming?”

“Might as well,” said Sydney “I mean we’re dressed for it.”

The two made their way out to the lower levels of the boat, where they could jump into the water below, then swam just outside the yacht.

“Whew… poker oyna man, I tell ya, the heat was killing me. The water feels great.” said Amanda.

“Well you know what’s a great way to get cooler?” asked Sydney. She splashed her friend from behind.

“Oh! Ha ha, Sydney!” Amanda chortled, splashing back. The two women hurled small waves at each other for the better part of twenty minutes, laughing the whole time.

“Hey, race you to the other end of the boat!” said Amanda, getting a head start.

“Oh no fair!” said Sydney, trailing behind her. The two swam as quickly as possible to the other end of the boat, then darted off to get back. Midway back, Sydney let out a loud yell of pain. Amanda stopped and turned around.

“Sydney? What’s wrong?”

“Cramp! Ow ow ow ow, cramp!” she said. Amanda swam over and put Sydney’s arm over her shoulder.

“C’mere. You’re lucky you got a friend who’s good with her hands!”

Amanda swam back to the boat and helped Sydney get back on board.

“Alright lay down a sec. I can make the pain at least lessen. Point me to where it hurt.s” Amanda said. Sydney gently laid down on her back, and Amanda picked up Sydney’s right foot. She gently rubbed against it. Sydney bit her lower lip a little. She could do without the cramp, but this situation otherwise couldn’t be better. She hadn’t been touched in weeks, let alone massaged. Her back subtly arched. She couldn’t help being just a bit turned on at the fact that a woman with an hourglass body in a two-piece was doing this.

“How’s that feel?” Amanda asked.

“Extraordinary.” Sydney sighed quietly.


“G-Good! I feel a lot better!”

She was nervous about the idea of showing Amanda any kind of sexual affection. She’d only been single for two weeks, and that gave her enough anxiety about the matter, never mind that this was her best friend.

“Try moving it a little.” Amanda said. Sydney moved her foot around just a bit, and as if by magic Amanda had managed to completely get rid of the pain.

“Oh wow! Jeez Amanda, you’ve got magic fingers!”

“Pfft yeah, tell that to my ex.”

“Hey, hey! Weren’t you the one who wanted to avoid that kinda talk? C’mon, how long until the fireworks show starts?”

“Oh! Oh shit, probably in the next couple minutes or so! C’mon let’s get to the deck!”

The two women made their way back up to the deck.

“Hold up,” Amanda said, rushing away briefly, then coming back with a pair of drinks. “You still like amaretto?”

“Do I ever!” said Sydney. Amanda handed her friend a scotch glass with amaretto and cola, while she had a glass of vanilla vodka and club soda. The first firework of the night, a radiant green burst, hit the sky. The two leaned on the railing of the yacht and looked on, letting the awe of the show capture them.

“Y’know,” Amanda canlı poker oyna said. “Wasn’t it a Fourth of July show where you and I first hung out?”

“Yeah. That was a fun night.”

Amanda moved slightly closer, gently placing her hand over Sydney’s.

“And where you and I had that long gaze into each other’s eyes?” Sydney turned her head to Amanda.

“Y-yeah. And I leaned in… just a bit…”

Amanda leaned towards her, keeping her gaze locked with Sydney.

“But… you’re so beautiful. You’re exquisite-” Sydney began.

Amanda placed a finger over her lips, then closed her eyes.

“Do whatever you think feels right.” she said.

Amanda moved her finger, and then Sydney closed the gap between their lips with a soft kiss.

“Would you like another?” Amanda asked playfully.

Sydney closed the gap again, and, a bit nervously, began a tango with Amanda’s tongue. The flavors of cherry and vanilla from their drinks played off one-another. Sydney got lost in the kiss. Everything was just so right in this moment. The taste of vanilla on Amanda’s mouth, the soft embrace of her lips, the fireworks acting as a symphony of passion.

Amanda briefly broke the kiss and whispered into Sydney’s ear: “Could I touch you?”

“Go ahead.”

Amanda’s left hand grabbed Sydney’s ass, while Sydney herself sent her tongue up Amanda’s neck before grabbing another wet kiss.

“P-please tell me you have a bedroom on this thing.” Sydney moaned, moving her lips downward to kiss Amanda’s neck.

“F-follow me” she said. The two tossed their drinks into the water and set the glasses down haphazardly on the deck. Neither of them cared, this was a moment that both of them had wanted for such a long time. Amanda lead Sydney to a bedroom on the upper deck of the yacht. The whole room was a deep red. They both got undressed, and Amanda laid down on the bed, spread her legs, and held her arms out, saying softly, “Come here.”

Sydney crawled into bed, and started sucking on Amanda’s pretty tits, teasing her friend with her tongue. She continued downwards, running her hand down Amanda’s toned stomach. She was so beautiful. Sydney almost wanted to pinch herself, because this couldn’t be real. She continued to move downward, running her lips and tongue up Amanda’s right thigh, as she inserted a finger into her pussy.

“You have no idea how I’ve longed for this.” Sydney said.

“Ohh… Oh God, yes. Yes I do. That feels good, Syd. Gimme more.”

Sydney took her finger out, licked it, then doubled Amanda’s delight, gently moving her digits inside of her new lover. She could see Amanda squirm just a bit, and she felt honored, especially given that she hadn’t been with a girl in forever.

“Ahh! Ahh, God! Eat me out! Please, Sydney, eat me out!” Amanda cried. Sydney took her fingers out, licked them clean, internet casino then started sucking Amanda’s clit. Amanda wrapped her thighs around Sydney’s head in ecstasy, and Sydney responded by running her hands up and down them. She switched her tongue’s attention to Amanda’s pussy more generally, savoring every millimeter of skin she tasted.

“Do you like it, Syd? Do you like how my pussy tastes?” Amanda moaned. Sydney responded by returning her attention to Amanda’s clit. She was perfect. Amanda arched her back and grabbed the bed sheets. She started to moan louder and louder.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck I’m gonna cum. Oh fuck Sydney I’m cumming!.” Sydney kept working her tongue and gripped Amanda’s perfect thighs more tightly. More than anything in the world she wanted this moment. Amanda climaxed, and Sydney diligently cleaned every part of her lover’s pussy. Amanda relaxed her thighs and laid flat again on the bed.

“Kiss me. Please. Please kiss me.” Amanda moaned. Sydney crawled up next to her and did just that. The two ran their hands across each other’s bodies, swapping spit and moaning. Amanda broke the kiss and stared passionately into Sydney’s eyes.

“OK. Now it’s my turn. Wait here a sec.”

She got up and went over to a dresser right beside the bed. She opened the top drawer, and pulled out a strap-on. Sydney bit her lower lip in anticipation. Amanda crawled back into bed, gave Sydney a soft kiss, then proceeded to suck on her petite breasts.

“You’re so pretty, Syd.” she said. Sydney blushed. Hearing someone as ravishing as Amanda say that was almost too much. Amanda positioned herself over Sydney, then gently inserted the strap-on inside her. She slowly moved herself inside, keeping eye contact with Sydney.

“Move faster,” Sydney said. “I know how athletic you are.”

Amanda started thrusting her hips much more rapidly. She put everything she had into it, wanting nothing but the best for Sydney. Sydney reached up and grasped Amanda’s back, gently pulling her in so that they were chest to chest, relishing the feeling of Amanda’s ample chest on her own more petite frame. Amanda continued fucking her, even as Sydney dug into her back and wrapped her legs around her body. She could hear Sydney cuss quietly between moans, and her lover’s ecstasy only made her work harder.

“A-Amanda… I’m… I’m gonna…”

She didn’t even finish the sentence before crying out in sheer joy, tightening her grip as a wave of pure pleasure washed over her whole being. For the next couple of minutes they laid there panting, chest to chest, hand in hand, with Amanda’s head resting on Sydney’s right shoulder. Finally, Amanda rolled on to her back, then to her side.

“I love you.” Sydney said.

“I’ve always loved you,” Amanda said back. “You’re the sweetest, most supportive, most beautiful person I’ve ever known. And I hate that it took me this long to admit it.”

They kissed again.

“Well then…” said Sydney “Why don’t we keep celebrating this moment?”

They spent the rest of the night making extremely passionate love.

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