Heena Starts University

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The car pulled away from the kerb with the woman in the passenger seat waving to the girl in the first floor window. Heena felt a feeling of loneliness unlike any she had experienced in her nineteen years. This was it, her parent’s had left her here in the rented house, her university life commenced. During all of the years of her education it had built towards the goal of going to university in order to gain a degree. A new city, new home, new life and new friends awaited her.

Looking round the room it seemed so bare yet she could not face unpacking at this point. She knew one of her housemates, Susan, as they had attended the same secondary school but the other two girls were from two different parts of the country. Normally this may have been difficult but they shared the fact that each of them was a first year student and were all experiencing the common feelings associated with it. In one respect Heena had an advantage over her new friends as, given her families Asian background, she had on a number of occasions been treated as an outsider. However, this fact meant that her family life was particularly close and as a result her strong bond with her family and close friends made her separation from them seem even harder.

She left her room and walked down the stairs to the kitchen. Filling the kettle she looked out into the rear garden and smiled as the warm September sun poured in through the window warming her dark skin. After she switched the kettle on she took a cup and prepared the coffee when Susan came into the room.

“Good timing Susan.” She said without looking up. “Fancy a coffee?” Then when there was no reply she looked up. Susan was stood beside her with red tear filled eyes. Heena opened her arms and walked over to embrace her friend. “Come on now, you will make me start. It all seems so real and frightening now doesn’t it? Remember all of the years and plans we have had about this but then it seemed so very far away didn’t it?”

Susan looked into Heena’s dark brown eyes. She stifled her crying, smiling weakly, and squeezed Heena. “I am being silly aren’t I?” Heena shook her head and smiled, “It’s just I have never lived away from home before. All we have ever wanted to do is be treated as grown ups and yet now it seem so scary.”

“We all feel the same. Look at it this way, just think of all the students who have been in our boat before, they must have felt like us, yet they all stuck it out and survived. Some of them even had one or two good times!” With that the two girls started to laugh. They took their coffees and sat down to watch the TV curled up next to one another on the sofa.


The first full week of term ended with the housemates all coming to terms with university life as well as now living closely with each other. On the Friday night Susan was preparing to hit the town and had convinced one of the girls, Mary, to accompany her. Heena had had a long day of lectures and work so had decided that she would prefer a quiet night in. She was not to be alone, as Jodie, the girl from Scotland, had also opted to stay in. With the house to themselves they had initially sat watching TV in the living room.

Flicking between the channels with the remote control Jodie let out a laboured sigh. “Sodding typical. Control of the box and nothing worth watching.”

Heena looked across at her, “Maybe we could put a CD on, open a bottle of wine, and unwind?” She suggested in an attempt to be sociable.

“Sure.” Agreed Jodie. Then she delved under the coffee table to retrieve a battered box containing Trivial Pursuit. “We could play this, see how smart we really are.” With that Heena went into the kitchen. Uncorking the wine she placed two large glasses on a tray with the bottle then returned to the lounge. Jodie had prepared the game and was sitting on the floor by the board.

Heena poured them each a generous glass of white wine. Handing the glass to Jodie she then joined her friend sitting on the carpet. They started playing the game with neither of them really doing to well on their questions.

“What’s with the questions?” Heena asked checking the box. “These aren’t the subjects we have in our set at home.”

“No, this seems to be an older set with the questions based between the end of the war and the mid to late 1980’s. Anyway we are the same age so I don’t think anyone has an advantage, do you?” With that Heena grinned and shook her head.

As the game went on the wine was more successful than the game. With nearly the entire bottle consumed no wedges, or chesses as Jodie called them, had been obtained. “I have an idea.” Jodie announced as she emptied the remnants of the bottle into their glasses. “A little more vino to loosen our poor Grey cells and an incentive!” She said as she went to the kitchen.

She returned with another freshly opened bottle. “Drink up girl.” She told Heena who realised Jodie was more acquainted with ‘the grape’ than she was. However, poker oyna she was happy and downed the wine. “Okay,” announced Jodie as she poured, “Let’s sort out the incentive shall we? My ex and I used to play strip games to make the games competitive. Sorry have I shocked you?”

Heena was aware that she had blushed. She did not want to appear naïve or a prude so replied, “No, you took me by surprise but I am game.”

“Great, when you get a cheese, I have to lose a garment and vice versa. You cool with that?” Heena just nodded. As the die was rolled Heena felt herself begin to concentrate and take the game very seriously. Then suddenly Jodie was on the square to win a pink wedge.

“Stage & Screen.” Heena announced drawing a card from the box. Reading the question she relaxed, as it was, in her opinion, very difficult. “Which 1946 film, directed by Frank Capra, saw George Bailey saved by an angel called Clarence?”

Jodie let out an excited squeal. “Prepare to lose an item girl, that’s ‘It’s a wonderful life’, come on.” Heena’s mouth fell open.

“How the hell did you know that?”

Jodie laughed. “Have you never seen it? It’s a great, if not the greatest, Christmas film of all time. Come on what are you losing?”

Heena smiled and removed sandal from her left foot. Looking down she flexed and twisted her foot spreading her toes. “Stay calm now Jodie.” She laughed. Almost immediately she had chance to strike back landing on the orange wedge spot. Sadly though it was music she was unable to name the Beatle’s album featured the track ‘Back in the U.S.S.R’. When Jodie gave the answer Heena said she had never heard of the song or indeed or the White Album.

The next opportunity fell to Jodie who was lucky with a literature question. “In which year did George Orwell write 1984?” Jodie knew the answer was 1948. This, she said, was thanks to her dad who had told her as a young girl that Orwell had simply swapped the last two digits of the year to arrive at the title and setting for the novel.

Jodie laughed. “Guess it was lucky he didn’t write it in 1944.” In their slightly drunken state both girls giggled over this witticism. Heena simply removed the remaining sandal.

Resuming the game Heena then had a chance gain a bit of revenge with a question on broadcasting. “Okay Heena. What was broadcast on TV for the first time on Christmas Day 1957?”

“I will have to guess…mmm the Queen’s speech?”

“Correct! My turn to lose something.” Jodie put her hands behind her neck and simply undid her silver necklace. She grinned as Heena’s face fell. “Well you’ve more items on than me. You seem to be wearing a bra!”

As Heena’s eyes fell she found herself looking at Jodie’s chest. Jodie’s top was a flimsy, patterned and laced together at the front. This showed off her bronze cleavage between her ample bosoms. Heena thought she could make out the brown circles of Jodie’s nipples. Her breasts jiggled as she shook the die in her hand then caught Heena’s attention as the cubes bounced across the board.

The game continued and neither girls got an answer right before Jodie landed on a cheese winning place. “Yes, another chance to get a cheese. This time the yellow, what subject is that?”

“Nightly news, think it’s sort of general history I think. Here goes, ‘What war-torn country was divided by the 38th parallel in 1948?” She inwardly cursed as Jodie correctly said Korea. Now Heena had a decision to make, whichever garment she removed now would expose part of her underwear to Jodie, her hands gripped the base of her black t-shirt. She lifted her arms pulling the material over her head. She sat in her bra in front of Jodie, who she had known only for a few weeks, yet she felt remarkably more at ease than she would have imagined she could. Jodie leaned towards her. Her hand moved to the strap of Heena’s bra, her fingers sliding up and down the white fabric.

“The white material really compliments the colour of your skin.” Jodie said complementing Henna. As her finger’s moved down her hand cupped her left breast, she looked at Jodie, who was staring at Heena’s chest. Jodie seemed spellbound, moistening her lips before her apparent trance broke. She saw Heena looking back at her open mouthed. “I am really sorry. I didn’t mean to cause any offence.” She said as her hand fell from Heena’s bust.

“No offence…. I was just a bit taken aback. Thank you for the compliment.” Heena was strangely comfortable with this and almost wished that Jodie would continue with her caress.

“I have to clarify something I said earlier Heena. My ex who I played the stripping games with…well…it was a she not a he…as you probably thought.”

Heena smiled. “I did think you meant a boyfriend but it doesn’t matter.” Heena’s hand sought out Jodie’s hand and raised it to her chest allowing it to fall to her skin and thus touch her again. Jodie rubbed the white material until Heena’s nipple was hard and erect, canlı poker oyna she rubbed the bump in the cotton, while her other hand rose to cup the other breast.

“I have never had the pleasure of an Asian girl Heena. Your skin is so soft.” Her hand had now snaked into the cup and was actually rubbing Heena’s pert bust.

Heena at this point interjected. “I have never done anything like this before.” Jodie face fell, as she believed Heena was about to call a halt on things. “I would love to try on three conditions though.” Jodie immediately smiled as relief moved through her. “Firstly, please can we take our time? Nice and slow as I am more likely to carry on if we take it slowly than if I am rushed. Secondly, not here. Lets go to your room. Lastly, can we keep this between ourselves, I hope you don’t mind?”

“No problem. If at any point you want to stop tell me.” With that she leant forward and lightly kissed Heena on the lips. They quickly picked up their discarded clothes before paying lip service to clearing the game away and tidying the room before Jodie took Heena’s hand and led her up the stairs.


Jodie opened the door allowing Heena to enter her room. She motioned for Heena to sit on the bed. “Please make yourself comfortable. May I strip for you?” Looking up Heena nodded as she sat on the bed propping her upper body up on the headboard.

Standing in front of the bed Jodie undid the button on the short denim skirt that she was wearing. Very slowly she eased the zip down whilst looking into Heena’s dark brown eyes. Heena could sense that her pussy was moistening but she sat absolutely motionless as she watched Jodie slowly undress. Heena had not seen a naked woman in the flesh with the exception of her sister, which had been a long time ago, yet now it was seeing the naked woman was in a totally different context.

As Jodie moved her hips from side to side she lowered the denim until she was able to simply step out of the skirt as it lay at her feet. Slowly she spun on the spot so the Heena could look at her black g-string. Heena was impressed by Jodie’s firm rounded buttocks, which had a nice all over tan. As she faced Heena Jodie walked towards her. She climbed onto the bed and lay next to Heena. “Sorry, I am neglecting you.” With that her hands softly cupped the side of Heena’s face. Leaning forward Jodie softly kissed her lips. Gently she extended her tongue so that it ran along the top of Heena’s lower lip. As Heena let a little gasp escape Jodie slide her tongue forward and entered Heena’s mouth allowing their tongues to touch.

Heena responded by pushing her tongue forward into Jodie’s warm inviting mouth. Their tongues entwined and caressed as Jodie once again began to caress and massage Heena’s breasts. Heena responded in kind beginning to grope at Jodie’s firm breasts. Breaking from their kiss Jodie lay back on the bed and taking Heena’s hands she placed them on the lacy straps at the front of her top. Taking the lead Heena gently but firmly tugged at the laces. The ample breasts already had the top straining on the ties so that Heena needed to make little effort in order to undo Jodie’s top.

Even though the material had been lightly transparent Heena was not really prepared for how full and firm Jodie’s titties were compared to her own small but pert 34A bosoms. Jodie’s breasts spilt from the top with her hard nipples sliding to the sides where Jodie lay back and her large natural bust slightly parted and rested. “You are so big!” Heena said. “I must seem so small.” She said very concerned and self-conscious as she compared their respective chests.

Jodie grinned, “Not at all, your boobs are lovely. Having these is not always a bonus, I mean lots of guys talk to them rather than me!”

Heena was rubbing at the Jodie’s bust and her fingers began to roll a nipple between her them. “Mmmmm they feel so firm.”

“Can I see you now?” Jodie asked as she lifted herself up and Heena nodded. Her hands snaked to the back of Heena’s bra and freed the clasp. Lifting the straps she removed the top. She looked at Heena topless and drew in a breath as she marvelled at Heena’s perky nipples. Given her smaller cup size Heena’s nipples seemed to cover a large area of her breast. Jodie leaned forward and covered a nipple with her mouth. Flicking her tongue backwards and forward rapidly she heard Heena gasp in her ear, as the nipple stiffened in Jodie’s mouth, turning Heena on. At this point she shifted her weight pulling away from Jodie’s attentions. Heena fumbled at her skirt. In her haste she dragged both her skirt and knickers down exposing her nakedness to Jodie.

She laid Jodie back and kissed her stomach making her way to Jodie’s pendulous breasts. As she began to maul at them she could feel Jodie raise her hand and stroke Heena’s thighs while Heena suckled on Jodie’s right nipple. She could not believe how big Jodie was as all of her family shared small breasts. Occasionally internet casino in magazines she had seen bigger girls but to handle a large, yet firm, pair of boobs was so very different. While she carried on sucking, Jodie’s hand reached the top of Heena’s thigh, it did not stop, as Heena opened her legs Jodie’s finger began to caress her labia. Moistening her digits at Heena’s opening she then began to flick her fingertips over Heena’s outer lips before moving on to her clitoris and hood.

“Lay back Heena, I have to taste you.”

Heena lay back on the bed, her hands resting on the insides of her thighs, as she gently pulled her legs more open, spreading her open pussy. Jodie knelt at the end of her bed. She slowly approached Heena allowing the anticipation to build for both of them. Lowering her head she began to gently lick the insides of her lover’s thigh, teasing and promising so much more, as she went higher and higher. The feeling was building as Heena braced herself for more of Jodie’s licking and caresses. Then before she knew it Jodie had begun to lap at Heena. The first couple of strokes were so gentle and very light that Heena thought that she had imagined it. Then there could be no mistake as Jodie applied more pressure and longer strokes as she began to give Heena proper oral attention.

As Heena looked down she saw the top of Jodie’s dark hair bobbing up and down. Then their eyes met as Jodie’s blue eyes locked with her dark hazel eyes. Heena rolled her head back savouring the feelings and closing her eyes as she felt Jodie lapping at her with increased vigour. Heena’s two previous lovers had gone down on her but none had been half as good as Jodie. It was apparent that Jodie must have known what she liked and was transferring this to give Heena such heavenly pleasure. Feeling the telltale signs of her impending orgasm Heena felt a warm build up of pleasure move across her groin area up into her stomach. Jodie heard Heena begin to pant softly as she came and inserted her finger into Heena’s tight pussy, curling her digit upward and applying pressure on her g-spot, as Heena came. Her vaginal walls spasmed as she came crushing Jodie’s finger.

Moving from Heena’s pussy Jodie kissed her stomach, running the tips of her fingers through Heena’s short black curly pubic hair, then she ran her tongue up to her navel. Looking down she admired the silver piercing with diamond stud shining above her pubic area. Heena took Jodie’s hands pulling her up so that they could kiss softly. Heena could taste her vaginal juices on her lover’s tongue. As they kissed she let her hand fall to Jodie’s stomach then as her hand moved south she felt the tip of her clitoral hood. Her eyes opened, as she was shocked her fingers had not encountered any hair.

“Have you never shaven?” Jodie asked noting Heena’s apparent surprise at feeling her completely bare pubic mound. Heena shook her head before lowering herself until she was face to face with Jodie’s glistening pink flesh. Her fingers tentatively moved forward touching the soft, wet pink folds of flesh. Moving a finger down she moistened the tip before slowly and deliberately drawing it up against Jodie’s outer pussy lips. Reaching the top her finger pushed up into the clitoral hood so that she could tease Jodie’s most sensitive point. Lowering her head she extended her tongue and ran it against the soft flesh. She could taste the bitter taste of Jodie’s juice on her taste buds. She then returned the favour just extended to her by licking and lapping hungrily at Jodie’s bare pussy.

“Christ Heena you are a natural. You shitting me that you have never done this before?” Jodie asked as she looked down. Catching Jodie’s eye Heena shook her head from side to side denying she had eaten pussy before yet teasing Jodie’s genitals with her extended tongue. Looking up Heena saw that Jodie’s cleavage was flushing a deep red. Then she felt Jodie push down on her head squashing her face into her soaking fanny.

“Ohhh fuck I’m cumming, keep licking me. Yes that’s it. Ahhhhhh!” Jodie screamed as she had a massive orgasm. Gently she eased Heena from her throbbing clit. They embraced drawing the duvet over their naked bodies. Lying in each other’s arms they kissed softly at each other’s face sharing intimate touches, as they were almost motionless in the bed.

“How ever could I thank you!” Jodie asked. Then before Heena could reply she felt Jodie’s fingers touch her pussy. Placing a finger from her other hand on Heena’s mouth she indicated that they should be silent. They kissed intimately and deeply as Jodie rubbed gently at Heena’s clitoris. With no word said Heena gently probed the recovering Jodie. As the pair of them mutually masturbated one another they slowly brought each other to yet another orgasm.

“Thank you Jodie.”

Jodie smiled at her stroking her dark hair from her hazel eyes. “Did you like your first female lover? I have to admit that you took to this remarkably well.”

“It felt incredibly natural.” They kissed. “Better get ourselves sorted out as the girls will be back soon. I want to have some more private moments with you before we tell them, that is if you want me again.”

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