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Cheryl was the shy, quiet type, or so she seemed… She didn’t have many friends. She also had a secret. Something that nobody knew. She was bisexual.

Suzie, on the other hand, was the most popular girl in school. She had the looks and brains that any guy would drool over. Cheryl secretly fantasized about Suzie. Every night, when she was just about to go to sleep. her hands would travel up and down her body and she would imagine Suzie’s soft, delicate digits doing this. Just the thought of Suzie so close to her would almost bring her to orgasm. Little did she know, her fantasy would soon become reality…

It was a Saturday morning and Cheryl was all alone and bored out of her mind. Her family would be gone until late that night. She walked over to her computer and got online. She smiled as her favorite erotica site popped up.

“Just what I need,” she said as she found a hot, steamy story to read. She had just read the first paragraph when there came a knock on the door. “Perfect.” She muttered as she walked to the door. She moved her light brown hair out of her face and opened the door. Her jaw dropped. There, standing right in front of her, was Suzie.

As many times as she had fantasized about this moment, she never dreamed that it would come true. But here she was, all dolled up in her cute little catholic schoolgirl uniform.

“Hi Cheryl!” squeaked Suzie.

“Um…h-hi Suzie,” Cheryl stammered.

“Well, aren’t you going to invite me in?”

“Oh…yeah…come on in,” she finally blurted out. She was too busy checking out Suzie’s fantastic body to realize she was nearly drooling.

Suzie walked inside and sat on the couch. Cheryl was right behind her, checking out her hot ass, which poker oyna slightly peeked out because her skirt was so high. Cheryl looked up and saw that Suzie’s nipples her like small pebbles in her shirt. She could feel herself getting wet.

“So…uh…Suzie, what brings you to my neck of the woods today?”

Suzie sharpened her gaze on Cheryl.

” Let’s cut to the chase. I have seen you staring at me in study hall. You look like the type of woman who knows what she wants. I like that.” Suzie opened her legs a little so that Cheryl could see that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Cheryl had seen pussy, but none as beautiful as the one in front of her.

‘Oh my god…’Cheryl thought, ‘Is this really happening? ‘If only she knew what was going to happen next…

After a few seconds of silence, Suzie spoke up. “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”, Suzie licked her lips and parted her legs a little more, teasing Cheryl. Cheryl know she had been found out, so she figured there was no reason to play dumb. She walked over to the couch and sat next to Suzie. “You’re right. I have been watching you. You make me so horny I can barley contain myself.”

“Now that’s the Cheryl I get hot for.” She growled and moved her face close to Cheryl’s. Cheryl pounced on top of Suzie, kissing her passionately. Her tongue exploring every inch of Suzie’s mouth. When the kiss was broken, Cheryl sat up with a smile.

“Oh Cheryl, I have been waiting for that for the longest time!”

Cheryl had a surprised look on her face.

“You aren’t the only one with fantasies baby.” Suzie grinned and put a hand on Cheryl’s shoulder. Her other hand unbuttoned the top button on her shirt. She unbuttoned each button until there canlı poker oyna were none left. She opened the shirt, exposing Cheryl’s supple breasts and rock hard nipples. Suzie took the shirt off completely and took Cheryl’s hand in her own. She then placed it on her shirt. Cheryl then lifted Suzie’s shirt from her body, exposing the most beautiful breasts she had ever seen.

“They are all for you”, Suzie said as if reading Cheryl’s mind. “Now, what are we going to do about those?” Suzie said and pointed to Cheryl’s jeans. She helped Cheryl out of them and her moistened cotton undies. She then slipped out of her own skirt. They stood admiring for what seemed like hours when Cheryl said, “Close your eyes.”

Suzie closed her eyes and took Cheryls hand, anticipating what was to come. Cheryl led Suzie to her room. “Sit on the bed and keep your eyes closed. I will be right back.” And with that, Cheryl ran off to the kitchen.

When she came back, she found Suzie laying on her back, pleasuring herself and moaning softly. “Well well well, someone couldn’t wait now could they?” She said with a grin. “Get on your stomach. We’re going to play a little game.”

“Oh, I like games!” Giggled Suzie.

“It’s called don’t make a sound. The rules are simple. I’m going to test you. Whatever I do, don’t make a sound. Ready?”

“Oh yeah!”

“Good.” Cheryl smiles and climbed on top of Suzie. She picked up an ice cube and trailed it down her spine. Suzie gasped. “Not a sound!” Cheryl warned.

Suzie kept quiet. Cheryl put the ice between her teeth and traced it down her ass crack. Suzie squirmed with pleasure but remained silent. “You’re good Suzie. I didn’t think you would last this long.” She smiled. “Turn over!” internet casino Cheryl commanded. Suzie obeyed. Cheryl took the ice and trailed it down between Suzie’s breasts and down to her belly button. Then she touched the ice to each of her nipples. “Oh my god!” Suzie couldn’t contain herself any longer. Cheryl smiled with pleasure.

“You lose” She said triumphantly.

“MMM…That was fun” Suzie moaned.

“Oh no no no Suzie, we aren’t done yet! There’s still the little matter of your punishment!” snickered Cheryl

Cheryl went to her dresser and got four silk handkerchiefs. She walked back to Suzie and took her hand. She wrapped one of the handkerchiefs around Suzie’s arm and the bedpost. She did this to each one of her appendages until she was tied, spread eagle on the bed. Cheryl smiled at her work. Then she got on the bed in the space between Suzie’s legs. She was now face to face with the pussy that she had been craving for years. She couldn’t believe it. This perfect pink, tight little wonder was hers for the taking. She leaned up and planted little kisses on Suzie’s neck and kissed each light brown nipple. Suzie cried out in pleasure. “Please…don’t tease me like this!” Suzie pleaded. Cheryl parted Suzie’s moist, pink lips. She flicked her tongue over Suzie’s swollen clit.

“Mmmm oh God!” Cried Suzie. She was going crazy. Cheryl, without warning, plunged her tongue into her warm cavern. She thrust her tongue in and out, like a miniature cock. Suzie’s hips bucked up to meet each thrust. Then, Cheryl found the special place deep inside of Suzie and flicked her tongue wildly. Suzie arched her back as a huge orgasm shook her body, splashing cum onto Cheryl’s face. She eagerly lapped it up and kissed Suzie passionately, much like their first kiss. She let Suzie taste her own cum and untied her.

“Cheryl, that was everything I dreamed it to be…wow…I can definitely see myself over here next weekend to return the favor.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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