How to Train Your Mother

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.

*** This is a continuation of my Fall From Grace – A Mother’s Story series. After successfully breaking the resistance of my selfish, self centered, cruel mother, it is now time to train her to be the mother I want her to be. I figured since I have the chance to train her into whatever I want, why stop at just “loving and supportive”, when I can take her all the way to “always available mommy slut”? I hope you enjoy her journey ***

Lesson 1: Creating the desire to learn.

When I first lost it and blew up at my mother, I never imagined I would find myself here. I am sitting in my comfy chair in the living room, and my mother is sitting on her legs, at my feet, with her head in my lap, and just suckling on my cock. She is not sucking it. Instead, I am having her just keep it in her mouth and suck on it gently, like it is a pacifier. I am LOVING the feel of her mouth on my cock, and it is taking ALL of my self control to not grab her head and face fuck her. I am intentionally keeping her from escalating this to a full blown blow job. I want it to be more of a loving act, than a sexual act, if that makes sense. I want to train her to relate comfort and love, with having my cock in her mouth.

The way she is resting her face on my thigh, it looks like she could actually fall asleep right now, while suckling my semi-hard cock. Her eyes are closed and she has a look of bliss on her face. It is hard to believe that this is the same woman, who showed up at my door, so full of hate and resentment for me. I guess it was good for me that she showed up destitute and desperate also.

This is a volatile mix, especially when it is mixed liberally with years of unfulfilled sexual frustration. I never would have imagined it of my mother, that she would have suffered such a lack of real sexual experience. She is very attractive, has a fucking amazing body with big tits, a nice full round ass, a slim waist, and thick long black hair. She always reminded me of a shorter, curvier Morticia Adams, from the Adams Family. However, unlike the TV character, my mother grew up a wealthy, self entitled, royal bitch. I guess it doesn’t matter how hot you are, if you are a total cunt to men, you end up not experiencing a lot of loving relationships. The result is a sexually frustrated woman, who is down on her luck and is completely ripe for manipulation.

I didn’t consciously decide I was going to break my bitch of a mother down, and train her to be my perfect slut. It just kind of emerged during a cosmic melt down, in which years of suffering at my mother’s emotional abuse, exploded like a lust volcano. If she hadn’t responded with such a strong sexual reaction, this story would have taken a whole different turn. However, when I found that I had fallen into a hole in the ground and discovered I was surrounded by gold, I did not question my good luck. I immediately made a plan to refine this gold and enjoy all of the pleasure I would get from it.

When I realized how quickly she fell from her lofty perch and accepted how far she had fallen, I continued to drive her farther down. I forced her to rock bottom, so that she would always know that it was me, her Son, who had the power to bring her back up. I knew I had her, when I heard her loudly masturbating in the dressing room at the Victoria’s Secret, at the mall. Up until that point, she was doing things I made her do, but when she was so excited and of her own free will masturbated so publicly, I knew she was ready for training.

The first thing I did was reward her for being such a good girl for me. We were so desperate to fuck we couldn’t even wait to leave the mall. Luckily, I knew about the family bathroom down a service corridor. After we came explosively, we rushed home and I gave her another treat, to reinforce to her, that good girls get treats. My treat was giving her an amazing orgasm while making love to her pussy with my mouth. I am good eating pussy, but I wouldn’t normally call it an a amazing treat, but due to my mothers terrible treatment of everyone throughout her life, she apparently had never had anyone give her really good head before.

How lucky am I, that I was the first eryaman escort person to ever make her cum with my mouth? She was acting like I invented cunnilingus, and I performed some kind of magic with my tongue and fingers. This will come in VERY handy as I train her. You can’t put a price on a reward that a slut feels a desperate need for. And I can NOT get this big fucking smile off my face, knowing that I, her son, was the first and only man to ever give her this pleasure.

It was with this feeling of pleasure and debt to me, that I told her to come sit at my feet and take my cock in her mouth. She did it without a second thought. What a difference a few days can make. Before she came groveling at my door, she had only given two blow jobs in her entire life. When I had her broken down, I asked her and she told me that she had only done it twice, to my father, when she was still trying to snare him into marrying her. She told me that it was disgusting and she hated it. So, to have her willingly take my cock, in her mouth was a HUGE win. Knowing that I hadn’t washed it since it was in her pussy not long before, that made it soooo much better.

As I am stroking her hair and her cheek lovingly, I ask her, “So, how does your pussy taste on my cock? Can you taste your cum mixed with mine, from our fuck in the bathroom at the mall? I thought you told me sucking a cock was disgusting and you hate it. You seem to really enjoy what you are doing right now. I know that I really enjoyed tasting my cum inside your cunt when I was licking you just now.” I intentionally reminded her of her earlier opinion and used the word “cunt” because I knew it was a word she hated. I also tied these thoughts together with the pleasure I gave her from eating her.

I can see many thoughts playing out on her face. I can tell she is coming to grips with so many conflicting emotions. I even see her stop suckling on my cock, and sort of evaluate how my cock feels in her mouth. She looks like she is concentrating on the taste of my cummy cock, as if evaluating the quality of a fine wine. I see her shrug her shoulders, as if thinking, “I guess I was wrong,” but she doesn’t say a word in response. She just goes back to suckling my cock and swirling it around her mouth with her tongue. This is feeling FUCKING amazing, and it takes a lot of will power to pull my cock form her mouth, but I do. It pulls from her mouth with a wet slurping sound.

She looks up at me with a desperate look of longing in her eyes. Her mouth is unconsciously opening and closing like a baby bird wanting to be fed. I can see that she is thinking, “Why did you take that away??? I need THAT.”

I answer her unasked question, “I took my cock away from you, because you didn’t answer my questions. You have to earn that when I ask you something, I expect an answer. When I tell you something, I expect you to do it. Do You understand?”

“Yyyyes, I guess I do,” she answers quietly and shyly.

“Yes WHAT?” I ask her, more demanding this time.

“Yes, Sir… I am so sorry… I forgot,” she corrects herself.

“Good girl. Now answer my questions. I could tell that you were thinking about them, especially how my cock felt and tasted in your mouth.”

“I am not sure how to answer really… Sir. When I think about it, I still think it is disgusting… especially to have a dirty cock in my mouth… But it is hard to explain, the taste of my pussy and your cum on your cock, some how tastes… right. I don’t know how to explain it… It was like when I first tasted Scotch. It was terrible and burned my mouth and throat, but now when I drink it, I get a warm comforting feeling. That is kind of how this feels. If I think about the taste, it isn’t pleasant, but when I just let myself experience it, I feel that same warm and comforting feeling. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I was more at peace, than just now, laying on your lap, with your cock in my mouth.”

I am very pleased with her answer and I tell her so, “That is very good mom. I like that answer and I really like that I can give you that feeling of comfort and love. I will always make you feel like that, if you are a good girl and always do as I ask. Is that eryaman escort bayan what You want mom?”

“Yes, please, YES..,” she answers, as she begins to cry, she is so overwhelmed with the emotion of the moment.

I reach out my arms to her and I tell her, “Come to me.” She falls into my arms. I wrap my arms around her tight, as I sit her on my lap. We start to kiss. It is the passionate kiss of lovers. As I enjoy her lips on mine and her tongue exploring my mouth, I reach a hand between her legs and trace her wet and swollen pussy lips with my finger. I push inside her and feel her GASP and moan into my mouth. She is running her fingers through my hair and pulling my mouth harder to hers. I swirl and run my finger around inside her pussy. I feel it opening like a flower for me. I feel her start to roll her hips forward, trying to drive my finger deeper into her. I press my thumb on her sensitive, exposed clit, and I feel her whole body shudder, as she loudly moans into my mouth.

I pull my mouth from hers and lean forward to whisper in her ear, “What do you want mom?”

“I want… I NEED your cock inside me Sir,” she answers me. I love the desperate need that I can hear in her voice.

“Turn towards me and straddle me. Take your time and put my cock inside you with your hands,” I tell her. Up until this time, we have fucked three times and each was either me taking her because I wanted her or it was in the heat of overwhelming passion. I wanted this time to be slow and deliberate and with her in full control of her decisions. I wanted to make sure she could never deny that she did it because she wanted to fuck her son.

I love watching her in this moment. As she moves to face me and line herself up with my now, VERY big and VERY Hard cock, I enjoy seeing the look of seriousness, like she wants to make sure everything is just right. I love the feel of her small hands around my thick cock. I can feel the heat of her wet pussy as she holds herself over my cock.

I hold her hips, keeping her from dropping on my cock. I tell her, “Look me in the eyes. Know it is ME, that you are about to fuck. Know that is is MY cock that you want inside you. Look me in the eyes and tell me this now. Then slowly put my cock inside you.”

I see an unfamiliar look in her eyes. It is a desperate need to be loved. She tells me, “It is YOU I want to fuck… It is YOUR cock that I want and need inside me… Please take me… Please love me…” Then she starts crying and finishes, “I am so sorry for everything… I have been such a terrible human being… I am shit… I know that I am not worth it, but PLEASE give me a chance… PLEASE love me…”

I am shocked by this outpouring of emotion and honest reflection on her past abuses. Without thinking, I let go of my grip holding her up, and she DROPS right onto my cock. She GASPS as I fill her WAY faster than either of us was ready for, and she looks deep into my eyes. I wrap my arms around her and I start crying also as I tell her, “I love you too, mom… Of course I forgive you… Of course I will give you a chance…”

I am not sure how long we stayed like that, my cock fully buried inside her, looking into each others eyes, holding each other, like we never wanted to let go. It was one of those perfect moments, that you want to last forever. It felt like we had melted together and become one person. Never before and never since, have I felt so perfectly joined with another person.

With my cock still buried in her, I begin to trace my fingers over her face. “My GOD she is beautiful,” I think to myself. It is like the first time I ever truly saw her. I trace my fingers down her graceful neck… to her shoulders… I trace down and around the swell of her big, full breasts… I trace my finger around her hard nipple… I immediately feel her CLENCH around my cock as she GASPS out loud. “My GOD, I love that I can make her feel like that,” I think.

She responds by rocking back and forth slowly, but insistently. She grabs the back of my head and pulls my mouth back to hers. I feel her hand on my chest… I feel her PINCH my nipple. It is my turn to GASP into her mouth. She chuckles and pinches again, as she escort eryaman grinds more insistently on my cock.

I break our kiss. I lick and suck and nibble my way down her neck… I find her long hard nipple and suck it into my mouth. She moans and I feel her grab my head and press it HARD against her full breast. I suck and nibble and BITE her nipple, as I buck my hips, and drive my cock harder into her. I continue to suck and bite her nipple as I fuck up into her over and over. I grind my pelvic bone on her clit as I am deep inside her. I feel her whole body convulse over and over as she cums and SCREAMS out, “GODDDDDD yessssssssss.”

This drives me over the edge and I cum explosively into her. I SCREAM into her full tits, “FUCKKKKKKK.” And then I fall back against the back of the chair, pulling her back with me. She is still impaled on my cock and so overstimulated that she feels like she is vibrating on my cock. When she stops moving, she just lays there limply on top of me, my cock still semi hard inside her. I can tell that she has never been fucked like that before. And if I am completely honest, I am not sure I have either.

I lift her face gently with my hand, so I can look her in the eyes and I ask her, “Who fucks you better than anyone?”

“You do… I never… ever… I mean NEVER felt anything like that before. I mean what WAS that????” she asks me.

I answer her, “That was you giving yourself completely to me. That was you telling yourself, I need this, I need to be with Him, I need to be His. That was you telling me that I own you now, and you can’t imagine life without being MINE.”

I then lift her up and she wraps her legs around my waist. Keeping my cock still inside her, I carry her across the room to the bed. I lay her down under me, as I lay down. I feel my cock getting harder again. She feels it also and gives me a smile. I tell her, “And THIS is me telling you, that I accept your commitment to me, and that I will keep you and protect you and love you completely.” To emphasize my words, I push deep inside her and hold my cock there. I ask her, “Do you feel that? Do you feel how completely we are connected right now? There is no end of me and beginning of you. We are one. Do you feel it mom?”

“Yes, yes I do. It is amazing.” she says, and then she is silent.

I ask her, “What is it? What was the thought that distracted you?”

“You are going to think this is crazy or sick or something,” she tells me.

I assure her, “Mom, I have my cock deep inside my mother after cumming inside her for, what is it, the fourth time now?”

She playfully slaps me on the chest and confesses, “Well, when you said that about us being one, and I felt how we were connected through my pussy… well, I thought of when you were growing inside me… and we really were one… Is that sick?”

I laugh and bump my cock deep in her again, as I tell her, “If it is sick, I hope I have a terminal case. And speaking of growing inside you… I think I am still growing…”

“You better NOT young man… You already have mommy ready to burst at the seems.

I laugh out loud and tell her, “Well, if you really do want to be mine and you want to commit to me, you will need a LOT of training, mom.”

“Training? What kind of training do I need?” she asks me.

“Well, to start with, you give some pretty bad blow jobs… I mean, I know you are new at it, but my GOD mom… What are you trying to do, chew on a gristly steak?

“You BASTARD,” She yells at me, as she playfully starts beating me on the chest.

We both collapse, exhausted from laughing. I realize my cock has been hard inside her the whole time. I love feeling her so tight around my cock as we laugh and enjoy each other’s company for the first time as mother and son. I smile at her and say, “Don’t worry mom, when I am done with you, you will suck cock like a porn star. Does mommy want to be her little boys cock sucking, porn star?”

“GOD yes,” she says with a husky voice, clearly overcome with sudden desire.

“Well, no time like the present to start your training,” I tell her, as I roll off of her and my cock POPS out with a sloppy slurping sound. “Come on you lazy slut… This cock won’t suck it self,” I tell her as I point to my big cock, slimey and wet with her cum.

She looks at my cock and says, “Gristly steak, HUH? I’ll show you gristly steak.” Then she dives down on my cock.

*** This ends Lesson 1. I am already working on Lesson 2. I hope you like and as always, I welcome your thoughts and ideas. Thanks for reading. ***

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