Midnight Delights

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Midnight Delights
So here we are again, welcome everyone (I am back for now), so my story for tonight picks up at my on a rainy stormy night, I am just now getting home from another bullshit day at work. Another day another dollar. I am riding my metallic green old fashion 10 speed drop bar vintage Univega road bike that’s bicycle. To clear up any confusion I am a cyclist ( I really am, I’m also a bike commuter around my area you may catch me on my bike). A true cyclist no motor no Bluetooth nothing just my chain, my paddles and my energy a old school bicycle. It helps me maintain what physique I may or may not have. I ride all over for fun and to save up money. A true cyclist knows “burn fat not gas save bread” well its an old saying ( oh no I’m showing my age) I ride my bike thru the lower garage of my building complex. As I ride thru from lower level to level A and B and thru the back hall way to the services elevator to take my bike inside my apartment. I lift the bike up last thing I need is the “Higher up” bitching n whining that my tires mark their expensive marble tile floor. Those pricks always have something to bitch and whine about. I have maybe 3more months and I am free of this place. As I lift the bike over my left shoulder taking out the water bottle sipping whatever water is left from it. There I am in the service elevator which is usually about 4 times bigger then your standard average elevator it is a freight elevator for deliveries, carriers and packages or in our cases luggage’s. I standing there in my black trousers with my black v neck under shirt and a uniform type of polo shirt with my job logo on the left shoulder. I’m wearing my black thick shades my hair slick back half of it on a ponytail. ( I make the ‘man bun’ look even cooler). As I am about to press the button 8 I see this beautiful tall slender beautiful female walking towards the elevator. She has a short dark black hair cut in layers but longer enough to barely brush blew her shoulders shes wearing dark glasses and is dressed in a very tight blue top velvet from the looks of it, with a very short black leather skirt. I must say shes very eye catching. I hold the elevator for her since I see her trying to speed walk in my direction but with some high heels that make her seem even more taller. I do the nice thing and hold it for her thinking that she probably is new to the building and does not know there are lobby elevators or maybe like me she finds it more easier and faster to take the service elevator.
“thank you’ she said as she walks in she has a slight southern accent I can’t pin point it but she has an accent.
OMG what is her perfume it is intoxicating. Not strong but not soft it takes hold of you and captures your senses.
“what number?’ I ask her
“18th please” she said the whole time I feel as if shes glancing at me but never lifting her head up but occasionally looking at me. Or I feel as shes looking at me but I really can’t tell.
“nice bike” she said suddenly as we both awkwardly wait for the elevator to start moving seems to have a minor delay, it happens with the service elevators.
“thank you,’ I say as I smile at her slowly checking her out but trying to keep it respectful. Have to admit for a white girl she has a nice butt, little butt but nice pleasantly plum. I can’t help but notice a beautiful attractive female when I’m so close to her. I mean any female needs to be admire, (ok I admit I’m a perv). Finally, the elevator starts to run moving upward. Shes standing to my left on the other side of the elevator and I’m on the right side with my bike sling over my right shoulder. Holding it with my right hand by the handlebar with my left I’m holding on to my now empty water bottle.
Waiting for the elevator to hit the 8th floor so I can get off before I lose total control of my hormones n jump on this goddess I have standing next to me (is so hard to control myself is a losing battle). Just like that the elevator hits 8th floor as the doors open.
“thank you, have a good weekend’ I say to her as I pop my bike out and step out taking one last glance at her and waving with my left as I push my bike forward.
“you too Hun,” she respond back again a slight accent soft spoken voice. Within few seconds a make it to my room opening the door and rolling the bike in and flipping it upside down and placing it off the left of the doorway. My room is pretty basic pastel white and floor tiles. Black couch on the center with a TV table and night stand over to the side with a full size TV plasm there and my laptop and a few other things off to the side. Pass that is my bedroom which is a little bigger than my living room. I have a big king size bed with silk green covers and pillow. A big wall size window cover with a huge green curtain I hate the sunlight. Working nights for many years has caused me to loathe the daylight. I black out the light in my whole room the darker the better but I have dim lights inside. Off on the right side of my bed is a full size work bench about 200 Lb. of weight a bodybuilders dream. It cost me my whole year savings but I got it with enough weights just for me. I workout on it every chance I get never going over my weight I don’t have a spotter but I do workout on it intensely. All that cardio on my bike I need to make up for it. I don’t want to be skinny bursa escort bayan I want to be built, strong I say flexing and checking myself out in the mirror while getting into the shower n rinse up and getting squeaky clean. As I come out I slip into my red tight undies and red ten top brushing my hair now loose my hair is down to my lower back the sides and back of my head is shaved off but I still have long hair. When I loose my hair no one can tell that my head is even shave off, looks can be misleading.
It’s a Friday night and from the sound of it its storming outside. I walk about my room lighting up some gardenia candles. As I am putting away my clothing and fix a few household things I keep thinking about the lady from the elevator. My God she was beautiful.
A few hours go by and I get a little restless in my room with all the thunder I take a walk outside my apartment and make my way to the main lobby on the 8th floor to pay the vending machine a visit. There’s a chocolate bar with my name on it as I am on my way there guess who I see there? Just guess??? Ill wait…… go on guess…. If you guess my beautiful chick from the elevator YOUR WRONG shes on the 12th floor why would she be on the 8th floor. Instead is horny gramama from unit 812 old 50 something lady that believe she still got a going on and walks around no a see thru baby doll gown. Trust me she does not have a going on, what is seen cant be unseen. I look and quickly take a sharp right going into the elevator. Fuck it ill go to the 12th floor maybe I’m lucky and run into my beautiful lady. As I am lost in thought and trying to recapture my sight from seeing old hornry gramama the door from the elevator pop open and right there before me
“HI” I say like a k** that just got caught doing something wrong
“Hello, Vanessa, correct?” she answers as she walks in and again goes to the left of the elevator
“lower lobby, please” she said pointing at the buttons and I just push the buttons holding $2 in my hand.
‘how did you know my name, MS?” I ask and inquiring her on her name she gently smiles
“MS Fox, you can call me Ms. Fox, and you have your name printed on your uniform blouse I recalled it from this morning’ she explains gently flickering her hands over her hair ( a little hair play) she still has those dark shades on which right now in the mid of the night is odd, shes dressed in an all dark violet like dress that shapely perfectly the curve of her body’s. She has perfectly shaded curves and nice legs. I’m looking at her slightly trying to control my excitement.
“Ms. Fox , well it’s a pleasure to meet you officially’ I say to her as I extend my hand to shakes her, she slightly gives me her hands and gives me a firm squeeze looks at me and smiles at me.
“Don’t you stay on the 8th floor?’ she ask curiously
“I do” I say sharply
“any reason to why are you on the 12th floor?” she ask I am unsure to as if shes nosey or just being carious
I hesitate for a second thinking why was I on the 12th floor
“CHOCOLATES” I suddenly say holding the $2 on my hands yes yes that’s a good answer
She looks at me and smiles as if I just told a good joke
“chocolates?” she repeats this time laughing she has perfect teeth. Her dentist would be very proud of her. That medium red and violet lipstick makes her lip even more fuller.
‘You know they restock the vending machines in every floor every 3 days, in fact I believe they restock them earlier this morning. ‘ she explain
“oh no I did not know that, I think I have k**s on my floor” I quickly respond back.
She chuckles a bit as if she knows I’m lying my ass off but is believable, I think (note to self learn to lie more better).
‘thought maybe you had a special someone on the 12th floor’ she explains slowly
“special someone?’ I repeat ‘who would I have special on the 12th floor’ I reply
‘oh I don’t know a girlfriend maybe “ she said
“oh no I’m single’ I respond back
‘oh you are, are?” she repeats while asking I immediately I respond “yes I am’ another sharp answer.
The elevator finally lowers to the last lobby and the door once again delay in opening but just enough time for her to reply with
‘maybe one of these nights ill join you for some midnight chocolates’
“oh please do’ I sharply respond but my mind in the gutter at this time
“I mean anytime for chocolates’ I say catching myself and adjusting my tone of voice as the door opens
She laughs I think she caught my undertone.
“oh in that case I will join you’ she responds walking out the door and walking out as the door quickly closes but I still got a chance to check that ass of her mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm YES.
I press the button to the 8th floor and I make my way to back to my room totally forgetting or neglecting my sweet tooth. I enter my room and drop myself on my bed and in less time then I thought I fell asleep.

For most of the day I was asleep into mid noon close to 5pm or so that I woke up and went over to the mailbox to check my mail nothing but bills. I spend the rest of the days like that doing the laundry getting a few errands that I needed to do and I was able to do most of it but by the time I finally got home it was later in the evening almost pushing 9pm. I went straight into my shower took a nice long hot shower I come out and put on my sleeping pj classic green pj pants and t shirt. I prep up my escort bursa bed and fall asleep in no time.
“knock knock’ (whose there? Someone throw me a knock knock joke)
What?? Is someone knocking on my door?? It wakes me up from my sleep what the hell….
“midnight’ the fuck is ‘midnight’ I ask to myself as I look thru the peep hole but I don’t see anyone there so I turn away ‘fucking great knocking on the wrong door’ I say to myself just as I am about to turn back use the bathroom and just when I’m done and about to finally get back on my bed suddenly
“knock knock ‘ again.
“what the fuck’ I get up and go to the door and open it abruptly ‘
“who the hell…… as I swing the door open is
“Ms. Fox? shes dressed in a long long silver like dress a slit down her left leg showing just enough legs and her perfect made tits barely hanging in the dress. Her hair still perfectly done in her trade mark layers and
“OMG no shades, she has the most beautiful deepest blue eyes I have ever seen!’
Baby blue’ I suddenly say as she leans on the doorway holding what looks like some chocolates
‘baby blue’ she repeats
‘your eyes, they are baby blue I was wondering what eye color you had’ I say looking directly at her eyes
‘oh you wonder about me she said’ slow leaning forward as I step off to the side and wave her to come in. I didn’t know how to answer that question.
‘I always see you with the glasses I never got to see your eye color’ I explain or trying to.
‘nice apartment she said as she looks around taking a stand right in front of my couch’
God she looks divine in that dress, I am so lucky I am not a dude right now cuz I would have the biggest boner I don’t think I be able to stand.
‘chocolates’ she suddenly said extending her hands handing me a box
“Belgium fine chocolates 100% Belgium and Swiss Chocolates the best in the world’ the box read
‘oh wow, these’ I say as she interrupts
‘are very very good’ licking her lips
‘expensive’ I finish looking at her completely totally confused.
‘You are so cute’ she said suddenly standing directly in front of me dropping the chocolates on the couch and she caressed my face with her nails which are painted in a silver and light blue color that match her dress. Using her nail from her left hand she traces my lips while holding me with her right over my shoulders and pressing her nails to the back of my neck. I have no idea what’s going on here but I don’t mind.
She leans forward her lips barely brushing upon mines as she lingers, which drove me crazy since I really wanted to kiss her. I rub my lips as I slowly bring my hands to her hips holding her gently. She draws back as if she hesitant but I don’t give her an options as I soon lean forward and I go in for that kiss. I Want that kiss! Before I knew it her lips meeting my our tongue are dancing as our bodies press against each other felt like a million years pass in a split second. I lost track of time space and place.
She pushes back suddenly breaking away
‘VANESSA! I am so sorry, I should have never’ she tries to break away as she step back and around me trying to leave out the door, but I find my grip on her left right elbow and pull her back to me.
Ms. Fox, no please, is ok,’ as I take her over to me and we kiss again even more passionately then the first time. I feel her heart racing as my heart begins to match her our bodies heating up from the passion escaping from the kiss we are locked in once again. In the midst of it all unknow to either one of us we find our way to my room to where we are inches away from my bed( in the heat of the kiss I guided her slowly making my way to my room never breaking from that kiss, I was not going to let her go she got me all worked up now).
We both lean over as we both fall back on my bed, me on top of her. As I begin to kiss her down her neck and start rubbing her body with my left hand caressing her.
“OMG Vanessa??’ I….. I ‘ she tries to speak as if shes struggling to tell me something
‘ssshhhh, is ok I be gentle’ I say to her whispering softly in her ear gently kissing her ears and slightly licking her down her neck
‘But Vanessa, you need” she try’s to speak again but is sub come by me kissing her and slowly my hand going up the side of her body undoing her dress as with my left hand I caressing her tits.
“I need to tell you’ she barely able to say the sentences together taking deep breath in between each word. Is a bit confusing part of her wants to give into me but there’s a part of her that is almost resisting.
As I roll her dress up I feel a nice long thick hard dick in fully extended!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHAT????? I say pull away for a moment letting my mind catch up to what I was seeing in front of me lying on bed
Shes there lying back her hands suddenly dropping off the side of me her dress half on the other half off and exposed is a very long thick about 9inches dick that is fully extended.
‘that is not a strap on’ I say immediately catching my breath for a second as I take a moment to look at her really look at her. I know what I am seeing but my eyes are betraying me. Like I said looks can be misleading.
She looks down slightly filled with embarrassment or shame as she covers herself up trying to hide how excited she really was. She the one walking around her with a massive size boner Good Lord!
“I’m sorry, I try to tell you, I just bursa escort “ I am sorry’ Is just that when I saw you at the elevator the way you looked at me, I noticed you was checking me out and I was drawn to that, you gave me an attention I have not received and I loan to have ‘My apologies, ill leave I don’t want any trouble,” she said slowly gathering herself and trying to put her dress back on in some kind of way. Now she barely make eye contact with me
‘Ms. Fox,” I I’ she barely lets me finish as shes just about to step to the door when I suddenly step behind her pressing my hand on the door keeping it close.
“I still want you!’ That doesn’t change anything’ I say as I slightly kiss the back of her neck letting her hair caress my face. Pressing my body up against her and re undoing her dress letting it fall down to her heels, as she lets it fall down slowly turning around to face me there she stands in front of me this beautiful sensual female with a very nice and beautiful 9inch dick full length. She looks so dedicated and yet very intimating at the same time. She once again caresses my face and my hair
‘it don’t?” she ask as she leans to kiss me, I just nod as I make my way back to the bed.
On the bed kneel between her legs she leans towards me taking of my pj’s as I lean over her kissing her sucking on her nipples and my hands rubbing down her stomach taking her nice dick on my right hand as I begin to stroke it and with my left hand I hold her ball gently squeezing them as I stroke her dick.
Her body begins to shake and tremble with every one of my strokes. I keep a firm squeeze on her balls while stroking her dick slow at first from the base all the way up to the head. I stroke it more n more n more n more as my hand motion begins to get fast n fast n faster to the point I feel her dick long gating in my hand the with each stroking motion. I look at her watching her we make eye contact a few times as I stroke her more n more n more her whole body trembling and shaking all over. I see her a few times pinching her nipples and squeezing them her eyes locked on me. I lean forward and down slowly licking her dick slowing down the stroking as I begin to stroke it with my tongue wrapping my tongue around her dick soon taking it in my mouth and sucking it all the way to the bottom and pressing my lips hard on it as I suck it all the way up and tease the head with my tongue sucking it as I make out with it. Shes moaning a few times I feel her nails run thru my hair playing my hair and moving it out of the way. I guess she likes the view of me sucking on her dick, a few times she give her hips a slight thrust as I feel her dick stroking in out of my mouth as I go up and down the whole time sucking on it. Rolling my tongue over it. After one last hard suck I come all the way to the top give it one last kiss on the tip of the head as I caress it with my tongue. I lean up towards her and she kisses me without hesitation. I lean up and forward and reach under my pillow for a nice long 10 inches strap on (sorry ladies I will always be bigger) I strap it on inside me and slowly make my way down her ass. As she pop her legs directly over me in a perfect V shape crisscrossing over my shoulder. Shes given me perfect access to her tight ass that I slightly roll the head of the strap on and I push it inside her slowly she moans pressing her nails behind my neck.
“OH V” she exhales deeply and shortly after I thrust the strap on inside her and the whole 10inches goes inside her she adjust her legs over me as I begin to thrust the strap on in and out in and out and in and out of her slowly kissing her and nibbling on her neck and rolling my tongue over her ears.
I hear her breathing in n out explosively catching her breath as my massive strap on is burying inside her. I thrust in violently inside her she spreads her legs even wader letting me do whatever I wanted to her.
This full on blasting thrusting went on into we both are covered in sweat and dripping as I begin to catch up with my breath. Suddenly she filps me over getting on top of me and takes a seat on my strap never letting it out and pushing it in even more getting a perfect fit inside her. She started to ride me griding her hip on mines riding me like a good oh cowgirl. Her whole body moving more and more and more her tits bouncing all over the place as I hold them squeezing them while guiding her. My left hand holds her tit while with my right hand scroll down to her dick that is stiff and hard and flapping back and fourth in the air as her ass takes my strap on fully and rides it. While shes moving and grinding I wrap my hand over her dick and hold it there letting her own motion stroke the dick in n out of my hand that is firmed wrapped around her dick. My left hand sqeezeing her nipples and shes riding and riding and riding my strap begiing to bounces to the point I am beginning to feel the push back from how violently shes riding up on me. This motion keeps going on into suddenly she explodes all over my stomach and tits her hot burning cum bathing me. She suddenly push back one final time shooting another load covering the rest of my tits with her cum. She leans down and licks it off dragging her tongue all over me as she ease off me and I just lying there like OMG this was HOT! My strap on looks like a rubbery toy that deflated from over used. She finishes licking off the rest of all her cream cum off me just before she licks the last of it she looks at me and smiles.
You got your chocolates and I
I got my midnight delights!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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