My Vacation with Gabika #8

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My Vacation with Gabika #8
Chapter 8.

The final day ends in a grand orgy.

I was determined to let Gabika and Marika perform i****tual sex in front of my eyes. To tell you the truth, I have never witnessed an i****t act performed up close, except in movies. Gabika’s digital titillation of her sister’s anus was the closest thing to real i****t I have ever participated in. I knew that the next day was the last and that Gabika would very soon disappear from my life to make way for the subsequent vacation thrill and I intended to make the most out of this wonderfully exhilarating sexual escapade. For me this was the first time I have been exposed to sex with senior citizens and sex with less attractive females, such as Anne-Marie and Bohunka. But, funny, I find them now as alluring as super females such as Eva. And Esmeralda? Yes, in a few years she’s going to be hot, but until then her pussy it too dry and too tight. And her reactions? Mediocre, as if to please you. How is that compared to the tears and sobs and skin tearing and back curving and toe curling of Gabika and Marika?

Anyhow, it was now 6:30 in the morning, the sun was already drying and roasting everything around, the birds were singing, the grass was growing, and I was poking in Marika’s eager punciko in the spooning position, while conjuring images of her devilish sister sucking hard on her clit. I didn’t have much time. We barely slept at all that night. It has been an on and off affair of sucking, fucking and soliciting the stubborn sisters to lick each other’s cunts.

“Gabika has such a nice ass, don’t you think?” I kept fucking while jabbing Marika with more and more of the i****t suggestivity. “Look how it protrudes upwards, even while she sleeps. She is so beautiful!”

“Yes, I love Gabika.”

“Put your finger in her ass while she sleeps. Did you ever do that?” Marika giggled, but did insert that digit. Gabika mumbled something in Hungarian which sounded like “Cut it out, let me sleep…” but after a couple of minutes she regained her hornyness and with a lazy yawn turned towards us. The dirty finger popped out.

“You too… don’t you ever stop? I want to sleep.” But she didn’t.

“Suck on her breast, Gabika, while I fuck her.”

“No, I’m not a lesbian.”

“Then finger her butt.”

“I can’t reach.” But I turned Marika around, lay on my back and let her horsey ride me. Her ass was now easily within reach. Gabika, kneeling next to us, started poking her sister’s bung from behind.

“Don’t you want to kiss her? Look how beautiful Marika is. You want to kiss her mouth, don’t you? You really do.”

“No, I’m not a lesbian.”

“Then do it for me because it turns me on.”

“No. How would you like to kiss your brother or sister on the mouth?” She hugged Marika and clumsily kissed her mouth, but it was very, very unconvincing. I realized that I have to deal here with two distinct issues: 1. The lesbian problem 2. The i****t aspect. It was simply too much and I had too little time. But, I got an idea. Getting up I said, “Keep practicing, I’ll be back. Or better still, go and take a piss, wash your popshee and brush you teeth. You’ve got 3 minutes.” The giggling senior citizen sisters raced to the bathroom, chasing and pushing each other. I went to the next room. Anne-Marie lay in Bohunka’s arms on the mattress on the floor. Obviously, they have been fucking all night long.

“I need to borrow Bohunka for an hour, Anne-Marie, move your fat leg.” Slapping Bohunka’s giant asscheek I tried to wake her. She looked at me with a smile, not understanding. I made the gesture for her to brush her teeth and follow me. She went to bathroom, sat on the toilet and relieved herself, while I stood next to her watching with interest how her blubber jiggled around. Then I pulled her hand and moved her to the faucet, sprinkling water and washing her cunt and ass while she brushed her teeth. Then we went to Marika and Gabika.

Assuming the previous spooning position, I inserted my cock in Marika’s awaiting snatch and signalled Bohunka, who didn’t understand but followed my gestures. I ordered her to lie facing Marika and suck on her titties. Bohunka, of course, loved every minute of it! “You see, she is not your sister. Now you can enjoy the sex part with another woman.” I didn’t need to tell Bohunka much; after just a minute she spontaneously descended to Marika’s gray haired muff. With some effort I raised her heavy thigh to facilitate easy access.

Bohunka was good. Very good.

Marika photo-finished with a convincing shout, waking up everybody that was still sleeping.

“You see, even when you are not a lesbian, you can enjoy lesbian sex.”

“Would you let a guy suck your cock?” Asked Gabika. She had a point. I don’t know if I would, but I’m a pretty good liar.

“I think I would. I never did, but it sounds like fun.”

“Would you finger his ass? Would you kiss his balls? Would you fuck him in the mouth? Would you lick his anus?”

“WOH, wait a minute. I don’t know! I really don’t. But…. ümraniye escort bayan If you had asked me, and told me that it turned you on, I’d make a show for you. Look how good Bohunka has made Marika feel.” A long conversation followed wasting more time. I was getting desperate. Luckily, Anne-Marie came to the rescue. Suddenly she appeared in the room, like a guardian angel. She had nothing on except her ridiculous granny panties which covered everything up to her bulging belly.

“I am not a lesbian, either. But listening to you fuck all night, I had to make sex with Bohunka. And it was very satisfying! Bohunka and I make each other horny, then we make each other cum. It’s major fun. Who is this,” She pointed to Marika. “Gabika’s sister?”

“Yes. Her name is Marika. Isn’t she beautiful? She lives here just around the corner, in Debrecen.”

“How do you do!” They all made introductions and Marika got up to wipe her soaking cunt. Anne-Marie engaged immediately in a lively talk with Marika, while I grabbed Gabika and glued her to the mattress. She was ready and I was fucking. I gestured Bohunka to join us and then started pleading.

“Please, please, Gabika, I really need to see you make love to a woman. Look at Bohunka’s cunt. Isn’t it pretty? Young and fresh. Imagine, three days ago she was still a virgin. Put your hand on her cunt. Tickle her clit. Do it for me, please… Gabika… I love you, really.” They got closer and closer and now were nearly hugging. Our faces nearly touches. Since it was impossible to ignore Bohunka’s harelip, I gestured her to change orientation. She did, and now I was fucking Gabika while we both stared at Bohunka’s wide open cunt, instead of her mouth.

“Do you really love me?” Gabika blushed.

“I really do. I mean it! Please… It turns me on so! I’ll let you pick the earrings and the rings. I really love you, Gabika, just like you really love me.” Gabika now comfortably rested her head on Bohunka’s heavy thigh, staring at her fatty cunt gaping at us. Bohunka, wiggled her way closer and closer and her hands held Gabika’s red curls, pulling her mouth towards the cunt. I increased my sawing tempo, while my right hand found Gabika’s anal orifice and my left hand further stretched the fat cheeks of Bohunka’s popshee apart.

“Kiss it, kiss it, as if it was my mouth. My cock, my ass. Kiss it. Lick it with your tongue, yes, yes! push it in, lick harder. Lick it, Gabika, make this lezbo slut cum. Lick, lick, lick.”

I was no so turned on! Thrusting savagely and finger fucking Gabika, I watched how she performed her first ever cunnilingus, on one of the most beautiful cunts I have ever laid my eyes on. “Lick her, Gabika! Put your finger in her hole and push it in. Be careful, Gabika, her asshole is very tender. It might be painful to finger it. Yes, do it very gently, not to roughly, gently, gently. And not to deep. Do you remember how you asked me not to put it deeply in the ass? Kiss! Kiss! You are making me so hot!” And Gabika was also very hot, indeed, so hot, that the familiar and now beloved contractions soon followed. And then….

“Get off, get off, Joost!!! I don’t want you to finish in my punciko!”

Jesus Christ, man, not again.

But anyhow, it was time to leave, because today there awaited us many concerts, medals and prize ceremonies. I was certain my group was going to get at least the third prize. The judges and participants were crazy about our folk music stuff and Dutch pop. And I cunningly figured out also which of the honorable judges appreciated bribes. Well, anyhow, we got the second prize. I was conducting very aggressively, thinking of the wonderful cunts and sexy assholes and drooling mouths awaiting my pecker, and my enthusiasm swept the singers too. At 1500 hours we all joined the group photo and then one by one some people returned to the hotel for an early dinner, while others left. The European Folk Choir Music Festival was over. Too bad the Swedish choir took the first prize. They must have donated a bigger contribution to the arranging committee, or their blond chicks had bigger boobs than our blond chicks.

Anyhow, I invited everybody to a late lunch, early dinner in a local restaurant and after only 2 hours everybody had had enough to eat and drink so we all headed back to the hotel. I got the other bed thrown out and Bohunka’s and Anne-Marie’s mattresses in instead. Now we had enough room for everybody to be comfortably screwing each other.

We were all pretty damn drunk and very, very horny. I don’t remember how, but we ended up fucking in front of every body. I was kneeling behind Gabika, slowly fucking her superb punciko in the doggy fashion, while Bohunka, Anne-Marie, Exmeralda and marika were all in the last phases of total undress and either lying or sitting on the 4×4 mattress floor. With lesbian i****t still inflaming my desires, I gestured Marika to join us, hoping that she would finally consent to doing something sexy to her sister’s smoking holes, ataşehir escort besides mere fingers up her posterior. Anyhow, my thumb was perfectly capable of gracefully invading this aromatic hole. Marika slowly stroked and caressed Gabika’s back, side and an occasional breast but I wanted more. I knew that once Gabika orgasmed the likelihood that she would let me remain in her nether paradise is diminished. I called Anne-Marie and Bohunka to help. My idea was, that seeing this fat couple make love next to us would encourage Gabika and Marika to be more adventurous. The fat couple lay beside us and with an erotic embrace started kissing and groping each other’s blubber parts.

“You see?” I suggested. “My dream is to see you and Marika like that, making love, like true lesbians. Oh gosh, it makes my cock so unbelievably hard just to think of this!”

“And my dream is to see you groping your brother’s ass and kissing his belly button.” Joked Gabika. This was not going to work. I decided on another approach.

“Let’s play musical chairs,” I said. Whoever wins gets a diamond ring. With a real diamond.

“Yes, what about our rings and earrings you promised us yesterday?”

“We’ll get them in Debrecen or Budapest, like I promised. There is no jeweller at this forsaken village. You’ll get to choose.” Bohunka and Anne-Marie were of course more tuned to the idea, since they were not supposed to get any jewelry. “Golden ring, with a diamond? How big?”

“OK, ladies, golden ring with a modest diamond. Winner gets all.”

“I’m in,” said Esmeralda. “Me too!” said Anne-Marie. Bohunka also wanted to play after Gabika translated the challenge to her. So we set three chairs in the middle. Cunningly, I put Gabika and Marika on opposite sides, so that eventually they would have to do each other. I explained the rules:

The one sitting on the chair has to be pleasured by the one walking in circles. So, when the music stops, the walking party has to kneel before the sitting party and give him/her an orgasm. The pair that cums last, or fails to get an orgasm, is disqualified and will not take part in the next round.

“No! That way there will be two winners.”

“Yes. Two winners, two rings.” I was hoping of course, that Gabika and Marika would win.

“No,” objected Anne-Marie. “It is not fair. Who is going to operate the music? The one operating the laptop can see what’s happening and influence the outcome.”

“OK! Gabika will run the laptop and everyone who is sitting will have a blindfold on. I will pick the women on the chairs, according to their ability to cum quickly. Gabika, Bohunka and Esmeralda, take a seat and tie the blindfolds.” I put the laptop with iTunes on Gabika’s lap and all she had to do is hit the mouse button.

“What should we use for blindfolds?” I used some towels to tie their eyes.

“Remember, you can’t see who is sucking you, or using a vibrator on you, or fingering you.”

“They are going to fake. Any woman can fake. I can fake, and I would – for a diamond ring.” Said Gabika.

“Don’t fake. We will make a lottery between the participants. OK?”

“OK, lottery it is. Let’s play.” Gabika, Bohunka sat on the chairs, backs to each other, in a triangle, while Anne-Marie, Marika and myself walked around waiting for Trijntje Oosterhout to stop singing.

The music stopped. Anne-Marie kneeled before Gabika and dived at her pussy, or should I say, punciko? She, Gabika, had recognized the fat woman by the sensation of her thorny short hair. Marika fingered and applied the staff massager to Bohunka and I used the pocket rocket on Esmeralda. It was awkward to get to the pussy while seated in the chair, so I raised her left thigh on my shoulder and ate her muff while stuffing the unorganic vibrating rod in her young, aromatic snatch. Bohunka came first followed directly by Gabika. Both of them had only had minor orgasms, and my thirst for i****t had yet to be satisfied! I and Esmeralda now left the game, the blindfolds returned and Gabika sat with her back to Bohunka. It was a battle for the fastest orgasm now, and I prayed that Marika would get Gabika. The music resumed and stopped after just several seconds. Obviously, Gabika attempted to avoid having her sister finger or eat her to orgasm. However, Marika and Anne-Marie were exactly in between the chairs, at opposite directions. Anne-Marie charged at Bohunka and immediately started chewing the young Czech’s beefy cunt lips, while the slower to react Marika was left with her own sister.


Not quite knowing how to start, but afraid to be losing the game, Marika kneeled between her younger sister’s spread thighs and got to work! I removed the laptop and crouched next to them to see the happening from a closer viewpoint. Esmeralda followed suit, giggling and giving Marika advice on how to proceed. Marika knew there was no chance that she would win this game but she decided to be a sport and take it on. Leaning on the chair and aided by me, I raised gabika’s fine bostancı escort thigh and held it up, she kissed the patch of red gray pubic hairs and to my utter surprise started licking and munching Gabika’s excited clit! Gabika must have had a pretty damn good idea of who is sucking her cunt, after all, we did not block her ears. I was so unbelievably excited. Gabika’s hands held Marika’s head guiding it in place, so I couldn’t really observe any concrete action, but I sure as hell could imagine! Gabika was totally lost in the experience. Now I knew that this won’t take very long, no, not long at all. The sounds and smells of convulsing orgiastic female flesh hung heavy in the air, as Bohunka also raced to her unavoidable orgasmic culmination under Anne-Marie’s talented tonguing.

“Finger her popshee, do it…” I encouraged the licking Marika. I didn’t have to sound too convincing to get her to do what she’s been doing all her life. “Finger her good, then lick her popshee! She loves it.” Not being able to lick Marika’s derriere, since she was kneeling on the floor by the chair, I wet my finger and rubbed her ancient asshole. With the other hand I started stimulating Marika’s G-spot, wanting to fetch her climax at the moment supreme. Esmeralda was sucking gently on Gabika’s heavy breasts, occasionally kissing her mouth and tonguing her wrinkled neck. “Lick her asshole, lick it!” I commanded, but of course without Gabika’s co-operation none of this was practical, since Gabika was sitting on her asshole. She, Gabika, however, heard me and stood up, reclining her left foot on the chair and rotating so as to make way to her sister’s tongue. Rapid love talk and blabbering in Hungarian followed, whereby Marika spread the ass cheeks of her younger sister and started licking the popshee-hole. “Yoy! Yoy! Yoy!” shouted Gabika in ecstasy. Rubbing her own cunt furiously, she was evindently experiencing a major orgasm. Now, for the first time in my life, I was actually observing the contractions in her punciko, since it was right there, stuck in my face and not obliterated by any thrusting prick. My hands were busy stimulating Marika’s gentle genitals, but my eyes were stuck in Gabika’s pulsating pussy. “Ogh, Ogh!” followed the climaxing sighs of the fat Bohunka, whose recently deflowered flower convulsed with true genuine Czech orgasm.

Gabika crashed on the floor and dragged herself to the mattress, breathlessly.

“Fuck me… Fuck me now! I need you, please…” She begged and I left Marika without bringing her to her climax, in order to stick my dick in Gabika’s punciko. I pulled her legs up to my shoulders and fucked her hard. Half way into the fuck, I turned her around so I could play with her asshole while fucking. Marika was now beside me, reaching to her sister’s asshole.

“Wow, these old gals are really kinky! I’d like to be that kinky when I’m their age!”

“They like anal stimulation. That’s very kinky!”

“I want to watch how you fuck her ass.” Said Esmeralda.

“Me too! I want to see this too.” Said Anne-Marie.

“Whose ass, Marika’s or Gabika’s?” I asked.

“What?? Do they both like it?” Asked Anne-Marie. “I want to like it too, to please Pedro, but I don’t really like anal.”

“Me neither,” said Esmeralda. “But I’ve done it with some of my boyfriends. I don’t like it, but don’t mind doing it, to please them. My sister doesn’t like it either.” I pulled my penis from its cosy and damp hiding place and introduced it to the place that was occupied by Marika’s thumb.

“Wait, Joost, not like that… I don’t want accident!” And within a fraction of a minute she was up, took Marika’s hand and disappeared in the bathroom.

“Why did the kinky sisters go? They take a leak together?”

“No,” I explained the principles of the enema to the puzzled girl. “Gabika doesn’t like her hole porked if it is not clean.” I winked.

“Oy, I see… But I still don’t understand what’s all the excitement about anal sex. It hurts. Doesn’t it hurt you, Gabika?” She shouted to the closed bathroom door.

“YES!” Gabika shouted back. “BUT I STILL LOVE IT!”

“You’ll understand, if you let Joost lick you down there once. You might even change your mind. It doesn’t hurt when the tongue does it. The tongue is soft.” Esmeralda started dancing and rotating her ass seductively in front of my face. What could I do? This young nymph wanted her ass adored, and her ass was adorable. It was one of the prettiest asses I have ever laid my bawdy eyes on. I gave it a smack and then forcefully pulled super light wench to me and started to lick.

“It tickles. It tickles a lot! But it’s kind of nice. I like the long swabs more than the nervous jabs. But it’s more pleasant when you lick the cunt, of course. I still don’t get what the fuss is all about. It’s not particularly sexy.”

Either that, or you, Esmeralda, are not particularly sexy, I thought. And then, at the same time, Gabika and Marika emerged from the bathroom and the room bell rang. Twice. Who could that be? It was 10 PM. The naked Esmeralda jumped to the door and opened it wide.

Outside stood Tamas and Eva!

And we were all naked. And my cock lay inside Anne-Marie’s cunt. And the equally naked Gabika and Marika stood right in front of them. Embarrassing!

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