Summer Holidays – Friend’s Mom

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Author Warning.

1.This is a work of fiction…so any names and places used in the story has no real relation or what so ever.

2.This is a work of sexual elements and mostly safe sex is advisable.

3.This is a work for adults and people who cared and interested in subject matter of younger man relationship with older women…therefore if anyone felt violated please do not go any further. Underage is advisable not to continue if do anything happened is not a responsible or causalities of the story and the author.

(Please refer at your legal states rules)


It was chilling morning.

The double decker bus passed another bump. It vibration was strong enough to wake me up. I lowered my small blanket and turned my head. My friend, Sharil was still sleeping soundly.

I looked at my watch, it was almost 6am.

The sky was still dark as the bus slowly exited the highway. It passed the highway toll and drove along the trunk road to Kemasik, Terengganu. Along the way, the bus passed small village houses, petrol station, mosques as well as orchards.

It has been a long drive from Kuala Lumpur, till the bus finally stopped at the station.

Everyone was eager to leave the bus. Sharil tapped my shoulder indicated that we have reached. He is my classmate in college since first year. We studied engineering together and this is our second summer holidays. He has invited me to stay in his hometown.

Sharil pointed to the taxi stand near the bus station. There were a few red white proton saga taxis parked near the stand. We walked in the chilled morning weather toward the stand.

A man in his fifties walked toward Sharil. He negotiated with him and finally he nodded his head.

We stuffed our luggages into the car trunk before enter the car. The man started the car and slowly drove away from the bus station.


The coaster road has beautiful scenery. From distance, I could see the long stretch of sandy beaches. Waves and waves were hitting on the shore line. On the side of the road, the lushful coconut trees were everywhere. It was indeed a magnificent view of the east coast.

The taxi slowly turned into a junction and entered a small village. After a few more turns, it stopped in front of kampung (village) house.

“We have arrived..” Sharil remarked.

I looked at the traditional kampung house. It was partially made of wood and bricks. The main part of the house was silted and on the right side was another fully bricked building which I believed to be an extension of the old house. The extension building has a modern design like the house in KL.

The light brown and white bricked house has a large yard and stretch to the back of the beach. On the front, there was a wooden platform under the large angsana tree. The yard was fenced with small green plants.

We walked on the small road toward the main entrance of the house.

“Assalamualaikum…” Sharil shouted softly.

“Oh… walaikumsalam..” someone replied from inside the house.

We walked closer till we reached the stairs to the main door. Shortly the door opened and a lady in her late forties stood there.

She was wearing a pink hijab and light batik motif baju kurung (traditional malay dress). She put a smile on her chubby face with her red makeup lips. She was very pretty.

“Mom… I am back..” Sharil said.

“Good… I thought you might reach later in the morning…” she said.

I smiled at the lady. She was about the same height with Sharil, 5ft 5″ tall. She looked young but slightly on the plump side with small tummy. I was suddenly focused on her large breasts. They were tightly wrapped under her dress which outlined her laced bra.

“Mom… he is my chinese friend I told you about..” Sharil said.

“Nice to meet you Mak cik (auntie in malay)..” I greeted.

We shook hands.

“Hi.. Min right..”

“Yes.. Mak cik..” I answered.

“Come in… let me get you two some breakfast…” she invited me up the house.

The main living area was small, yet it was nicely decorated with traditional Malay style. Yet the leather sofa set was new with nice Persian carpet. The both side of the living were rooms.

Further back was the dining lounge. The area was ground level, so we have to climb the stairs down.

The dining lounge was more modern design with bricked structure. However, it still has aluminum zinc roof where it will still make noises when rain fall. It was newly renovated with the kitchen at the back. There were windows over looked the beach behind with a door to access the back yard.

The brick structure has two toilet bathrooms. It has a corridor lead to another small living area.

“Sit…” Sharil mom began to open up the dishes cover.

There were fried chickens, chili paste, coconut rice, hard boiled eggs, anchovies as well as cucumbers on the dining table. We began to eat as she prepared some rose syrup water for us.

“Mmmm…nice..” I sounded.

“Yes… mom made great nasi lemak..” Sharil said.

Then we were interrupted bonus veren siteler by an elder man in his late fifties. He was only wearing a short as he sat down with us.

“Hi pa…” Sharil greeted his father.

“Pak cik (uncle)” I followed later.

“Morning… just arrived. Good, eat something…” he said.

He has a fat figure and a big eater as well. Soon three of us almost finished the food on the table. Sharil headed into the bathroom to get ready for work. According to him, he worked in the Petronas refinery nearby.

Shortly after Sharil father left for work, Sharil took me to new small living area. It was an entire new part of the house. The living area has a large led tv with modern sofa set. There were two bedrooms in the area.

One was Sharil bedroom and the other was a guest bedroom which assigned for my stay.


After lunch, Sharil took me around his village, the beach and an afternoon tea at his favorite mamak (local cafe store).

By evening, we returned home. Sharil was busy chatting with his mom in the kitchen. Mak Cik has changed her clothes to more casual style but her hijab still remained.

I could see her red bra and panty under her white long loose thin dress she was wearing now. It was an amazing view. I have never seemed a woman in this condition my entire life. With my raging hormone, my cock began to hard. Luckily, I was wear boxer and jeans which was difficult for anyone to notice it.

We were helping his mom to prepare dinner. I was trying hard not to glimpse at her bosom but I couldn’t help it. Once awhile, she caught me looking.

I quickly turned away or trying to avoid myself. All she did was smiled.

“Boy… your friend is cute..” she remarked.

We all laughed.

Soon, the place was filled while the sound of prayer from a distance mosque. Sharil retreated to his room for prayer before dinner. I took the opportunity to take a shower as well.

Dinner was long as we ate together with his parents. Mak Cik had cooked lot of dishes and we were forced to fill our stomachs full. We chatted a little while before we retreated to our room.

The night was warm

The sound waves hitting ashore filled the area… occasionally interrupted by the sounds of crickets. The breeze was warm as I slowly dozed to sleep in single bed.


I woke up during middle night.

It time was 12am. I have slept for an hour and perhaps it was not my bed. I couldn’t get use to it.

The house was dark as I walked out to the bathroom. The temperature began to drop and it was chilling.

I passed the corridor to the dining area. Then I heard noises from someone talking from the main living area. I slowly tipped toed to the main house.

It was dark except some dimmed light coming from the master bedroom.

“Ahaaa… ah ah ah…” it was a moan.

“Yesss… push deeperr..”


I walked closer.

“Bang (husband in malay)…. aaah ah ah… hold on… more bang more..” Mak cik screamed.

“Sssshh… later the boys heard us…” Pak cik whispered.

“Come on… bang, I need your cock… so long I didn’t comeeee..” she whispered.

“Yah… I giving it to you now..ahaaaaa” he screamed.

“Noooo… you come so fast…aaahh..” she moaned.

“Sorry… maybe I am tired lately..” he mentioned.

“It is okay bang..” she whispered.

“Maybe we do it again after I come back..” he said.

There was a moment of silent and I could hear someone was moving out of the bed. It was sound of squeaking.

I quickly returned back to the bathroom. I began to piss and then the light from another bathroom was turned on. Then, there was a sound of Mak Cik coughing. I began to panic as my piss was long. I was eagerly to end my pissing but I couldn’t help. In my mind, I was thinking if she noticed me it will be an awkward situation.

Slowly, my urine subsided. I cleaned up myself and quietly open the door. As I came out of the bathroom, Mak Cik was standing at the kitchen counter drinking water.

The light from the bathroom shone upon her. I immediately felt embarrassed but my cock reacted otherwise.

She was in a grey satin chemise with laces on the top. Her nipples were faintly poking on the smooth material. Yet her breasts were big to outline the top of her chemise. They were round and firm. I looked at her for a long time before she called me out.

“Min… are you okay..?” she asked.

“Oh… it is hot weather..” I simply said something.

“Yes… that is why I get some water..” she answered.

I was still staring at her smooth bosom. She smiled as she used her hand to flip her shoulder length hair. It was then I realized that Mak cik was not in her hijab.

“I better get some rest..” I replied.

Mak cik smiled and greeted me back.

“Good night”


The roosters were crowing in the early morning.

I woke up but still twisting my body on the bed. Then there another crowing and mosque began to pray from distance. I left the room and bedava bahis walked into the dining area.

Mak cik was already up.

“Morning Mak cik..” I greeted her.

“Morning… I am running late..” she said.

“You want me to help…?” I asked.

She smiled “Such a good boy.. Sharil never offer to help. But it is okay, go and wash up.”

I entered the bathroom that she just came out from. She was still in her satin chemise as she headed back to her room.

I slowly wash up and took a light shower. The water was cold but luckily they have installed water heater in all of the bathrooms. As I about finished up, I stepped on a small piece of cloth on the floor.

It was Mak Cik panty. The grey satin panty was a set with her chemise. It still has the intriguing aroma of womanhood. I examined it and there was a patch of wet juice on the center of her panty.

I took it out as I walked out of the bathroom. We bumped into each other again.

“Oh…” she looked at me with a smiled.

“Mak cik…” I showed her the panty on my hand.

“Oh… mine. I am so sorry..” she picked it from me.

“It is still wet…” I mentioned.

She was embarrassed while holding a basket of clothes. I looked at the basket.

“You need help…?”

“Well… can you put them in the washing machine? I need to make breakfast… thanks..” she said.

I nodded and took the basket from her. The washing machine was located just near the bathroom so I slowly put piece by piece of the laundry into it. There was her chemise in the laundry. I took it and sniffed it.

Mak Cik stood in the kitchen turned and looked at me. Then she turned to avoid eyes contact.

By then, I took her red bra and examined it. She again turned and caught me. She didn’t said a word but continue preparing breakfast.

Once I was done and the washing machine began it washing cycle, I walked toward her.

“Having fun.. I see..” she remarked.

“I am sorry…” I answered.

I stood next to her in the kitchen. She was cutting vegetables. I stared at her with full admiration.

“It is okay… since you help me to pick my panty and do launch for me. Don’t get any ideas, I know young man like you has lot of hormone and stamina..” she said.

“I think Mak cik also… if not the panty is so wet..” I cheekily remarked.

“Ssss…. stop it..” she said.

I looked at her again; she was dressed with plain green baju kurung with a grey hijab.

“Don’t look…”

Before I could comment, we were interrupted by Sharil.

“Morning…” he said.

I turned and sat at the dining table. He blinked his eyes and sat next to me.

Mak Cik was busy cooking till all the dishes were served on the table.

Then she looked at Sharil

“Boy… you know dad is going to your grandpa house tomorrow, he want you to come along…” she said.

“How long we will stay there..?” Sharil asked.

“Maybe two nights…” she said.

Sharil looked at me.

“It will be difficult for Min… since the place is packed with my cousins as well..” he said.

I was confused.

“Well… it is okay, bro. I can manage here…” I answered.

“It is not nice..”

“But your grandpa want to see you..” she said.

Pak cik walked into the dining area and interrupted the conversation.

“Just two nights… your mom will be here, so you don’t have to worry about no one cook for your friend..”

“Dude… I have no problem..” I said.

He nodded.

“By the way, you two better get ready if you want to visit the refinery…” he said.


It was the highlight of my visit.

A tour at the Petronas refinery was educational. We enjoyed the half day tour with Sharil dad till we returned home. We took a rest and lunch.

In the afternoon, Sharil joined his primary school friends at the beach for swimming. We had great time at the seaside before returning home in the late evening.

Dinner was short tonight. Sharil was very tired and retreated to his room early. I chatted with Pak cik for awhile before he headed to sleep as well.

The house became quiet again.

I looked outside the dark beach that slight shone from the light outside back of the house. Mak cik was busy cleaning up the kitchen.

“Go and get some rest…” she said.

“I am not tired yet… maybe later,” I replied.

“Since tomorrow Sharil is not around, can you accompany me to the market..?” she asked.

“Sure no problem..” I answered.

She moved around the kitchen before headed back to the main house. Soon she came back with her clothes and towel. I was hoping that she will wear something revealing.

I continued back with my phone.

“Aaaaahhh…” she came out shortly.

Mak cik hair was wet and she was in her loose white pajamas dress. It was a disappointment for me. Yet, she came over and sat on a chair next to me.

“What are you playing?” she asked.

“Oh… facebook…” I answered.

“Kid nowadays.. have so many things on their phone. I only know how to make calls..” deneme bonus she said.

She continued to dry her hair with her towel while watching me scrolling my facebook. Suddenly, an idea came to my mind. I clicked on the facebook I joined.

“Woooo…” she sounded.

The group was mostly older women in sexy lingerie. I scrolled on each latest post and Mak Cik was so focus on my phone.

“I didn’t know, such age can wear like these…” she said.

“They looked sexy…” I answered.

She looked at me and gave me a disapproval expression.

“I like these also…” I began to click on my favorite writer page in facebook, YJ Wong.

His erotic stories were all about older women and younger man. I scrolled his stories previews and posts. Mak Cik was showing even more interest on these posts.

“Wow… so naughty…” she commented.

We looked at the posts for awhile before I took the courage and lean forward. I kissed her mouth.

She immediately back off. I was expecting she would scold me or warm me. But instead, she stood up.

“It is late… get some sleep…” she headed back to her room.

I was left alone.


The sun was shining in the room.

I woke up late and rushed to the bathroom. I quickly wash up and had my breakfast. Just as I came out of the bathroom, the washing machine was beeping.

The laundry was done. I looked around and didn’t see Mak cik around. So I helped her to hang her laundry at the back yard. I was hoping to find some sexy lingerie in the laundry but it was again disappointing. There were all plain bras and panties.

“Hey… morning…” Mak cik greeted me.

“Morning, Mak cik. Where is Sharil…?” I asked.

“They left early to Kuala Terengganu. You don’t have to help…” she said.

“It is okay… I almost finish..” I said.

“Okay… I will ready the breakfast, you can eat with me..” she said.

The morning sea breeze was calming. I loved staying near the seaside. It was great. The coconut trees were swaying on the sandy beach. Occasionally one or two coconuts dropped on the ground.

I had done with the laundry so I walked into the dining area. I sat done next to her.

“Nothing interesting in the laundry…” I remarked.

“Then what do you expect…?” Mak Cik asked.

“Something sexy…” I answered.

“I don’t have many sexy collections… only two sets we bought from Bangkok trip..” she said.

“Now… Mak cik can buy online…” I answered.

“Maybe later… now eat, we need to go to the market..” she said.

I nodded and finished the food at the table.


The wet market in Terengganu was same like anywhere in the country. There were fresh vegetables, chickens, spices and more varieties of seafood selling in the market. We spent an hour there before headed back. I took some rest while Mak Cik cooked lunch for both of us.

In the afternoon, Mak cik asked me to accompany her to the mosque. I was hoping some excitement but anyway I do wanted to visit a mosque.

The mosque was big with traditional Arabic and Persian design. There were few domes with crescent moon decorated on top.

They were having a kenduri (food gathering/party) in the mosque. The ladies were busy preparing and cooking food outside the building. I was forbidden to enter any buildings on the mosque area. I could only help Mak cik and her friends at the yard designated for cooking.

As I busy helping, the ladies were laughing and chatting.

“He is very handsome…” one of the ladies whispered.

“Sss… he is my son friend..” Mak cik answered.

“I was wondering, you got peeped his tool. Young and endowed..” another commented.

“That is forbidden. If his husband knew about it, she will be punished… and she will go to hell..” a taller lady answered.

“Yes… I remembered Yati who had affair with the grocery boy. The husband caught her and divorced her. No one will want her anymore..” the youngest among them added.

“Haiyah… men can married four but we cannot have fun. And all of you complained about our husband didn’t find is attractive anymore…” the first one defended.

“Tell me, Hamsiah. You didn’t even peep on him…”

“Sssss….” Mak cik gestured.

“Come on… who knows if you try and he will be back to KL. At least you have fun…”

“Enough… we will end up being in hell..” the taller lady said.

The ladies continued to steal glances at me for two hours before everything was ready. We ate some of the food prepared and the rest were served into the mosque for the men.

It was 8pm, Mak cik and I walked back to the house. The kenduri has run smoothly while the ladies returned back to their home.

The road was shone by the yellow street lamp.

“Don’t mind the ladies..” Mak cik said.

“Is it true, they said I am very handsome..?” I asked.


“What do you think…?” I asked.

“I think you are cute..” she said.

We continued to walk home.


The night was warm; I was relaxing on the dining area. I waiting for Mak Cik to head for shower, but somehow she was busy cleaning up the kitchen.

“Need any help..?” I asked.

“It is okay…” she replied.

I couldn’t wait anymore so I stood next to her. She just smiled and continued her work.

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