Cuckoo Calling Ch. 01: Jimmy

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Big Tits

(Note: All characters in the story involved in sexual relations are 18 years or older).


They say that people enter your lives for a reason… harbingers of ‘change’ in a person. To help them grow! Or teach them a lesson. Either way, people love to believe that all stories have happy connotations. Consider the animal kingdom; our avian friends for instance. The Cuckoo bird’s exhibition of brood parasitism is an established natural phenomenon. But not one which ends well…

What the Cuckoo bird does is, it lays it’s egg into the nest of another…slowly pushing all the original eggs out. Well…let me warn you, the story of Jimmy Wilson is of the similar cuckoldary and not for those expecting a happy ending. No guy, would want a cuckoo’s egg in their life. And this particular cuckoo’s egg was a certain Kyle Denver…

Jimmy’s story chronicles the rollercoaster of a turn in the life of a boy; that from a seemingly perfect one to a dark tale of sex, betrayal, deceit and lust…


Chapter 1: Jimmy

“Watch where you’re going dork!”

Before he knew it, the skinny boy felt a blow to his right shoulder.

The next thing he saw was his backpack lying on the ground, open and it’s contents scattered over the high school courtyard-apart from himself of course.

Jimmy Wilson fell down with a retired finality as though this were something he was used to on a regular basis. Which he was. He didn’t even need to look up to locate the source of the violent push, nor that arrogant, rough voice.

“I’m sorry, Kyle,” He said hastily, picking himself and the books up. His books were strewn halfway across the courtyard, and his glasses lay about a feet away from where his sorry butt lay. Getting up, he brushed himself off and advanced towards his specs. Kyle had got there first, however.

“Looking for these?” He said holding up his spectacles. Kyle was a burly senior. Being a year older than Jimmy (academically) and at least 2 literally, he’d left no stone unturned in making high school life hell for him.

Nobody really liked Kyle in Welmonte High…well, at least none of the ‘weirdos’ did. Losers, to put it bluntly. The ones Kyle and his cool gang loved to bully left and right. Kyle Denver was the quintessential bad boy of high school. Being vice captain in the Over 17 Football team, the jocks loved him.

Besides, the punks and their ‘goth chicks’ adored him, the thespians just wanted to sleep with him, the gamer’s worshipped him and the greasers…well, let’s just say that if the greasers of high school had a religion, Kyle would have been their Lucifer.

Apart from being a jerk, the guy had it all… the popularity, the money and the girls. Jimmy had heard a rumour that he’d dated 7 girls in one semester (and that was just besides the ones he’d actually slept with). Oh, and he was a year older than Jimmy, 19 at the least, owing to him failing twice.

“Give me back my glasses, Kyle,” Jimmy said.

“Or what? What are you gonna do slenderman?” Kyle jeered. Slenderman- yep, that’s what they called him. Jimmy… the scrawny, nerdy kid with braces and who looked as though a breeze would blow him over.

“You gonna tell mom? You gonna cry to your mommy?” Kyle laughed and so did the rest of his gang beside him.

Jimmy swore under his breath and advanced towards Kyle, hand held out.

“Oooh…,” the bully mocked, “Slenderman’s gonna have my balls for lunch!” The rest of the crowd sniggered – whether at the jibe, or at the sight of the scrawny kid walk up to his burly senior, you couldn’t really tell. Kyle walked over to him, and shoved his buff chest in Jimmy’s face, pushing him back.

“What’re you gonna do huh?” He grunted.

“Huh? What dyou think you can do stickman?”

And with another chest-bump he shoved Jimmy back onto the floor.

“Babe… We gotta go, it’s Chem lab today and we can’t afford to miss another one of Langer’s classes,”

Lisa Miller’s sensous figure appeared through the crowd, the bonus veren siteler onlookers parting away (whether to get back to their classes now that the commotion was over, or to get a better view of Kyle’s sexy girlfriend, heaven knew).

Lisa Miller…if ever Welmonte High wanted to pitch their money in for a future Victoria’s Secret model, she’d be up tops. The fact that, like Kyle she’d managed to fail twice didn’t seem to surprise, nor bother the majority in the least. Girls like Lisa Miller had other, ‘biological’ advantages they could put to use in the world.

Lisa didn’t even need to wear those yoga pants so high up her crotch. With an ass like that, a guy couldn’t stand less than 5 inches away without brushing his meat against her beach-balls.

Attention-seeking came as an ‘undesirable bonus’ in her case. Her tight breasts, impossibly immaculate blonde hair so well styled, you’d wanna lick it, and long legs, it’d be an understatement to say that every guy in college hadn’t jerked off at least once every night thinking of her. What can you say about her?

Apart from the fact that she drove a Mustang to college and wiped her ass using 100 dollar bills, nothing much. Almost the entire college knew she was a rich, spoilt brat who literally fed her social life through gold-digging and sex.

But… you guessed it. Guys just can’t stop being douchebags when it came to hotties like her and they all licked milk from her hand like puppies when it came to favours. That is, except for Kyle of course. He’d seduced her front and back and now she enjoyed not just the lavishness of a rich boy but his impressive dick-game too.

Jimmy had heard a rumour that Lisa had been the girl of some hockey-jock who’d passed out a year back. He’d saved up some good shit to throw an anniversary party at his uncle’s farmhouse only to find his girl’s bouncy ass being pounded by Kyle in the swimming pool…

Man, they say he tried drowning himself in the very pool that night while the party raged on around him only to be disgusted to find Kyle’s seminal fluid dissolving in its chlorinated waters. (No wonder half the bikini-clads jumped into it straight away). And… Lisa was Kyle Denver’s trophy girl ever since.

The crowd of onlookers had thinned out, now that Kyle and his gang were walking off, his arm wrapped around Lisa’s hourglass figure; Kyle threw Jimmy a final sly look before catapulting his specs over the hedge with his fingers, the rest of his gang howling with laughter.

Jimmy sighed and slogged away to the bushes, in search of his glasses.

‘Don’t they ever trim these?’ he thought as he got down on his knees, crawling about the shrubbery. Ten minutes in and Jimmy was still down looking for his specs, all the while whispering curses he should have called Kyle.

“Hey,” a sweet voice came from behind; a voice Jimmy’d recognize anywhere.

Melissa Lewis stood behind him, holding up a stack of books which Jimmy realised were his, following his encounter with Kyle.

“Aren’t you gonna get your books?” She asked, smiling.

“Hey, Mel. Thanks,” Jimmy began, getting up.

Melissa stood with Jimmy’s pile of books arranged neatly in one hand, her other hand on her hip standing akimbo.

He began tossing them into his backpack one by one.

“Kyle, huh?” She asked.

He nodded.

“Yeah, I heard,” Melissa said somberly. “Don’t let him get to you, okay?”

“I’m not,” Jimmy muttered. “It’s just gotten boring now.”


Jimmy’s day was otherwise, a rather uneventful one (though if asked he’d rather have an entirely monotonous school life than one where Kyle and his cronies hounded him all day).

He had a long and tedious History class at 3 where they were told (by their rather unimaginative Mr. Darcy) of George Washington’s love for booze and his savvy businessman tactics with which he started alcohol distilleries.

“Eleven thousand gallons of whiskey!” Mr. Darcy croaked, “Imagine that kids…,”

As bedava bahis his unwavering voice droned on and on, Jimmy felt himself zoning out. He often did in the afternoons. Sometimes he’d feel guilty for staying up late, watching internet porn and flipping through lingerie magazines that he’d “borrowed” from Jenny. But then again, it was too good a gift to overlook. (Jennifer was Jimmy’s older sister).

Heaving his backpack on his desk, he lay his head down, trying to block out his History teacher’s reminiscent babbling on how he’d once participated in the Oktoberfest of ’96.

Melissa sat diagonal to Jimmy, sitting up straight and listening with rapt attention.

That wasn’t surprising. Melissa had that rare gift of grasping every word the teachers said, especially during their sleepy afternoon lectures.

Jimmy stared at his best friend and (though he wasn’t planning on telling anybody), his crush. He’d developed a liking for Mel over the last year but never had the courage to tell her. Not that he ever would, given the chance.

He was content with her friendship if it meant they could be close. Mel’s house was only a couple of blocks from Jimmy’s as it had always been. Ever since she’d moved to the States from Trinidad back in 2nd grade, he’d been her first and closest friend. So close that she’d plan her birthday party and even the guest list with him.

Her mother, Cherelle Lewis would invite him over almost every afternoon for her amazingly cooked callaloo.

“It’s quite the delicacy back home,” A smiling Mrs. Lewis would say fondly, placing the mouth-watering dish in front of them.

It was only recently, in the past year or so when Jimmy realised that he was actually starting to look at Mel in a different way… And no, not the “best friend forever” bullshit that was a thing back in middle school.

He was about to finish high school in two years. He didn’t have time for ‘best friends’, he’d scoff with the rest of his greaser friends. Besides, Melissa had been put into a grade below her since she joined elementary, making her 18 – a year older than Jimmy despite being in the same grade.

He’d begun to notice how attractive Melissa looked. Almost like a blossoming daffodil during Spring. (What a romantic analogy, he’d thought, amused). In fact, Jimmy had always found it odd he hadn’t noticed how pretty Melissa was sooner. It was as though she’d retreated into some bizarre cocoon over the vacations as an ordinary pretty girl, only to morph into this steamy, attractive one.

Man, how do girls do that? He’d thought back then.

Her waist-length hair was a shade of deep chestnut brown, so uniform and straight it looked like a shiny veil of brown silk. Jimmy couldn’t help but notice her rear-end, the way it jutted out in a temptingly shapely manner the way she sat at her desk. Her hands placed beneath her chin, she always had this half-amused expression on her face as though she was constantly in the memory of some extremely laughable joke… that and the fact that Mel’s full lips were always in a half pout giving the impression she was always posing.

Not that she’d ever have to, Jimmy thought, his eyes staring at the firm, tight mounds constituting her breasts. But what he really found alluring was her beautiful, umber-brown complexion, which always seemed to shine.

“It’s all in the genes,” She’d say, laughing it off every time her friends mentioned what beautiful skin she had.

He’d admit that in a list of 11th grade’s hottest gals, Mel would definitely make it into the top 7 at least.

“Jim Wilson! ” Mr. Darcy’s voice intruded sternly into his thoughts. “Perhaps you’d like to elaborate on the military tactics used by the Patriot forces in our war for Independence?”


“What d’you reckon? Me trying out for the cheerleaders squad this year?” Susan asked as Mel, Jimmy and her crossed the Acrobatic Association building on their way to the gate.

“Go for it I say!” Melissa said smiling.

Jim couldn’t deneme bonus help but notice her dazzling smile.

“You never know,” she continued, “There’s always room for new talent.”

“Ah, I don’t know… I heard a lotta folks are trying out for the Tigers.”

“You could ask Roan. Yeah I know, she’s a little over the head at times,” Mel added when she saw the look of disgust on Susan’s face.

“The hell am I asking Roan,” She said. “She’s such a bitch! All I’ve ever heard her do is boss people around , that’s all.”

In fact, Jimmy found it hard to not imagine Susan Camper in the cheerleading squad. He felt a little naughty himself thinking so, but there was a reason why the guys in his grade referred to her as the ‘Texas Cow’. Susan’s disproportionately huge bosoms jiggled with every step she took.

Whether she was now just used to the ogling looks of every horny guy who walked passed her, or if she’d smugly acknowledged the alluring view her huge bust provided, she didn’t seem to mind. She had a pretty sizeable ass too though, and ever since she’d curled her copper hair she’d begun to look rather appealing. Besides, Jimmy wasn’t complaining.

“Hey Jim,” She said. “I heard the Tigers are having try-outs for the team next week. Gonna have a go?”

Jimmy gaped at her. Whilst being flattered at actually being considered as someone who’d give a shot at being in the football squad, he almost laughed at the idea. Jimmy was 5’7 and weighed just above 135 pounds – hardly football material.

Unfortunately for him, there was someone else who’d overheard Susan. Kyle was leaning against his gleaming yellow Mustang spinning it’s keys in his hand. He laughed out loud.

“You’ve gotta be joking. Slenderman? For the football team?”

“What’s wrong with that?” Susan asked. She turned to face Kyle and Jimmy was momentarily stunned at her guts. “Personally, I think it’s a great idea.”

“Listen up Miss Candyland, the day I take suggestions from you about who I should and should not take in my team, will be the day I send a pack of ecstasy pills and flowers to Adam Poulter’s mom in return for a blowjob.”

“That’s not a nice thing to say!” Susan said, her voice bordering on shrill now.

“And honestly, I’d say even you would have a better chance than stick insect Wilson over there.” He walked back towards his car as Lisa cat-walked upto him. Placing an arm around her slim waist he looked back.

“But you know what, Wilson. Don’t lose hope. I’ll consider tying you to a pole in case the team decides to get itself a flag.”

And they drove off, Lisa Miller shrieking with laughter leaving the three on the sidewalk, Jimmy’s face red (either with anger or embarrassment).

“Shit, I totally forgot Denver’s vice captain of the squad this year.” Melissa said, watching the Mustang racing away.

“Yeah, I know right… I mean, of all the people they could make vice captain, this jerk.” Susan replied.

“I guess he plays really well.” Mel shrugged. “Don’t take him seriously, Jimmy. He ain’t worth your time.”


Jimmy trudged home with Melissa along the long wide street kicking a can of Dr. Pepper on his way back. She gave him a comforting look.

“Hey… Jim,” She said sympathetically. “Listen, I know it’s that dick Kyle who’s on your mind but honestly, forget about it.”

“Forget? How do I forget?” He answered. “That asshole screws every day of mine at school, Mel. And what you just expect me to take it lying down?”

Melissa scrunched her pretty face into a frown. “Well, you ignored it pretty well till now,” She said “What happened today?”

Jim sighed and stared blankly ahead.

“I’ve had enough!” He burst out suddenly. “I’ve been dealing with this for a year now…”

The two had a rather heated argument till Becker Avenue where Melissa’s house materialised. She was all for forgetting about the incident. Jimmy, on the other hand was berating on about revenge… something Melissa found highly worrisome.

“Leave it, Jimmy!” Her voice carried as she turned into her driveway.

Looking back at Jim, she sighed and said, “It’s just a year. After that, he’ll be gone! Off to college. Just keep your head down for a few months.” And with that, she walked upto her porch.

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