The Start Of A New Day

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Using a washcloth to wipe a clearing from the covered mirror, fogged from the shower. Towel clad peering at my reflection. Running fingers over cheek and chin, determining the stubbles had to go.

Letting the tap run, watching the steam rise up from the sink, giving the glass a fresh blanket of haze. Lathering up the gel in to foam. Rinsing the blade a few times before taking the first of many passes. Steel pressed to skin in a fluid motion, leaving behind a one-inch track of smooth skin, spanning my cheek, in a field of snowy white. Repeating the process again and again, letting the edge over lap almost in the same area. Every movement slow, even and determined.

A wave of much cooler air washes over me from the rear. Spying the glazed image of the Goddess as she approaches.

Arms wrapped around me from behind, open palms pressed, lithe fingers outstretched and slightly curled against my bare chest. The feel of a set of lips upon my shoulder and the sleep murmur of “…morning…”

As she scoots in front of me, I back up a bit. She is wearing one of my shirts, only a few buttons done, sleeves rolled up. Her hair pulled back in a ponytail, eyes as beautiful and bright as the moment we first met. Lips, full and sweet, twisted in a wicked smile, perhaps the result of last nights activities.

Sliding the mirror to the left, revealing some of my medicine cabinets’ contents. Aspirin, antiseptic, Q-tips a tin of Band-Aids to name a few. Watching her stand on the balls of her feet, the shirttail rising just enough, letting me catch a glimpse of the delicate curve of her bottom. My heart races, eyes lock on the supple cloth dancing over her, a stirring deep with in. My fire for her roars loudly, yearning to be quenched but not before it is first stoked higher.

After grabbing and loading her toothbrush, resetting the mirror in its’ proper place, she continues her morning ritual. I peer over and around her, trying to finish as well. Extending past under her arm to clean the blade. Heads bobbing, bodies weaving, catching a peek every so often into her parted shirt.

Part of me wonders if she is blocking me on purpose. Checking her expression, finding a twinkle in her eye and an impish grin on her face. Toothbrush still in place, a playful giggle fills the air as she realizes she’s been caught.

Razor and toothbrush find their way to the counter, shortly before the tickling started. One arm wrapped around her waist pulling her close to me, my mouth blowing a surprise zerbert on the side of her neck. A combination of shrieks and laughter came from her as my free hand grabs and tickles. Her body bucks and twists, laughing and giggling, crying out for me to stop. Somehow I do manage to whisper in to her eryaman escort ear.

Calming down , she watches my reflection ,as I start to nibble her ear. Her once tensed body eases back to mine, bending slightly, feeling my towel clad excitement. Open hand slipping into the shirt. Rolling her head to one side as my lips trail down , tiny kisses and bites along the slope of her graceful neck. Gentle hands, cupping and caressing, rolling the nipples tenderly as they harden .

Seeing her eyes flutter just before closing. Moans coming from both of us. Her hands firmly on the counter. My right arm releasing her from my mirthful capture, and reaching for the back of her thigh. Gliding over her half cloth covered curve, the touch of her skin, like satin.

Guiding her knee up, resting flat on the marble, as she arches her bare backside up at me. Running curled fingers up from under her, passing over her folds, her excitement already raging and soaking my digits in what felt like liquid silk.

Her sharp gasp followed by a low guttural moan quickens my own breath as well as my arousal. I could feel my want, my selfish want of her growing, my want to delve deeply in to her fires. Ripping free my towel. She reaches back between her legs over her own sweet sex, tugging tenderly at the edge of her lips. Peeking down the curve of her ass, seeing the pink folds glistening, being spread with index and ring while middle makes a beckoning motion, over and over her sensual softness. The throbbing of my full length aching to join, to feel the blissful union, to make our two bodies one.

Stepping in, the head grazing busy fingers as they play. Pressing the tip over teasingly, sliding it side to side. Eyes meeting in the reflecting glass, reading our own wordless pleas.

Inching, painstakingly slow , to her core, every nerve alive . Her heat traveling through me, my whole body shakes at the initial sensation washing over me. I growl as she lets loose a seductive moan. Everything hitting me at once, so tight, so wet, the friction of her walls now surrounding me and their grip, heavenly. A sudden thrust from my hips, sending me completely home. A wicked look of surprise on her face relays her approval.

Rotating my hips, retracting barely millimeters, every movement, causing shivers through out. Feeling the tips of her fingers, the nails, stroking the softest of my skin hanging so close and below my hardest. I can see in her eyes that she knows how her touch makes me feel. Cupping and coddling . Letting them roll between her fingers, or in the palm of her hand.

As pleasurable as it is, I simply want more. Drawing back , almost to part with her, swiftly returning, feeling the return grip tighten. Again and again, ulus escort each time more amazing than the last. The pace picked up, each thrust harder and harder than the one before. The force of our bodies, slamming in, rattling the counter, hearing the contents of the medicine cabinet shake, even a few topple.

The way she starts to whisper, low at first, “yes” a breath , then my name. Building and building, as I stoke the blaze Her face contorting in a surprised visage at this new degree of zeal I have placed in my lovemaking. With my lips to her ear, through gritted teeth and labored breath, I describe to her what I am doing and will be doing to her.

It was as if I have opened the gates to ecstasy itself, from the tell of her cries. Pounding my saturated loins in to her, hips crashing in, long extended thrusts. Her fingertips pressed lightly to the underside of my shaft, feeling how smooth and slick.

I could feel her body tense as she quickly approached the edge. Her once whispers now shrieks. Leaning up on her one hand and opposite knee for support as she arches on the ball of one foot. My hands on her bosom, clamped tenderly as her body starts to shake and quiver.

Her cries alert me to the upcoming threshold. Drawing back and driving in with the force to lift her up bodily. Our bodies completely joined. In my embrace I can feel her yield finally, to given in and let the pleasure take her. Catapulting into orgasmic bliss. The waves and ripples of the shock traveling with in and through out. My full length, engorged, firmly enwrapped and held by her womanhood . The throbbing drawing oohs and ahhs from us both, through our combined panting.

When the shaking slows and our breath steadies. Gently she lowers her leg down. Tenderly , I ease myself free, to both our disappointment. Turning her now to finally face me. As it has done more times than I can remember, her beauty takes my breath. Without words spoken she can see it in my eyes and her face reddens slightly. Using the back of my fingers to caress her cheek. Leaning in to place her lips to mine, her kiss reminding me how amazing she is. Pressing our bodies to one another again, she discovers that my excitement has yet to subside.

Her eyes dart to mine as if to ask “Didn’t you….?” In truth I was stunned how quickly she did, and I was still hungry for her. Whispering that I hadn’t yet, and that I was going to next put her on the counter to taste and delve in to her essence. Though this drew a satisfying moan from her , it was clear she had plans of her own for the moment.

Turning me around, leaning me back, my bare backside resting on the marble edge. Gingerly taking hold as she sinks to her knees, using my towel eryaman escort to kneel upon

Peering down, watching her looking up, mesmerized at her attentiveness. Kissing softly upon my waist and hips. Loosely gripped hand riding my length, slipping to and fro, still covered in her silkiness. Moving to the inner thigh, traveling to the softness beneath my sex. Lips wrapped around, tugging playfully and suckling .

The texture of her tongue glazing over, lapping and licking hungrily. Remembering how once she said she loved to taste herself from off of me, making me shutter in delight. Her nails raking the sack tenderly, loving my reaction, my wide eyes and sharp gasps. Incredibly I realize that she is only starting.

Moving her lips further , baring her teeth, the ridges gliding and rolling over. As her hands continues to pump as she faces the tip with a wicked grin. My breath so short I’m not even sure if I am breathing. She looks up to meet my stare for a second, a quick wink and she has taken me in. Her mouth like a furnace, her tongue slick with liquid fire coating and covering the head. My fingers already gripping the edge of the sink, tighten, feeling like I might pull the fixture from the wall.

In utter disbelief I bare witness, the bobbing of her head, descending upon me, her ponytail swishing wildly as she works up frenzy. It seems we share the same amount of passion and determination when we want to pleasure the other.

Raising myself up on tip of toe and ball of foot. Releasing the cold marble with one hand to place it aside her head as it passes over me more and more. Her mouth vigorously making love to me. The suction so great to concave her cheeks. Her heavy breath through flared nostrils, her pleading moans vibrating through me to my core. My own excitement and arousal not even allowing me the ability to speak, just deep growls and sharp yelps, only urging her on.

Finally, in the midst of her ferocity I can feel the quake from within begin. She senses my release is almost upon us, but doesn’t let up. Moaning louder, crying for it. The pressure unbearable, she reaches again and gently squeezes in perfect timing as my eruption takes place. My head snapping back in a roar bellowing out as spasm after spasm pumps my own juices uncontrollably. The Goddess keeping pace as she takes me in, devouring me as I have her countless times. Each pull, each stroke, each lap and flick of her tongue.

I reach back to take hold, lest I crumble and fall from the weakness that takes me. My strength gone from me, my head slumped down. Through heavy half closed lids I look upon the vision lovingly laying her lips upon and around me, a soft smile and sparkling eyes meet my gaze.

I knew that look in her eye, the look of satisfaction of satisfying someone else , the look of fulfilling your only desire ,to please the other. She then suggested a shower for the both of us. I could already feel the stirring begin, but that is for another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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