Dream Lover

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It was just the usual dull bus journey to work for Kieron, who had recently begun work after leaving school. However, things livened up after about two miles. A quite superb looking West Indian got on the bus. He was tall — about 6′ 3″ – , slim, in his twenties, and with the physique of an Olympic rower. He was also very handsome, with a pleasant face and close cropped hair. There didn’t seem to be an inch of him wasted. It was the middle of a particularly hot summer and he was dressed only in singlet and shorts, which showed off his body to its best advantage.

The man sat in one of the front seats. Just two seats behind, Kieron was transfixed by him. Even though Kieron was attracted to handsome men, it was very rare that a man grabbed his attention like this. He stared admiringly at his finely muscled thighs and long legs, clearly the result of athletic activity, and felt weak inside. He got off a few stops before Kieron’s, and strode away confidently down the road. Kieron’s eyes didn’t leave him until he was out of sight.

That night Kieron couldn’t get the vision of this bronzed Adonis out of his head. He masturbated while thinking of the West Indian taking him firmly in his arms and making love to him. It was the same over the next few days. The man got on the bus at exactly the same stop and again Kieron couldn’t help himself from looking at him, although he tried to do so discreetly. Kieron not only fantasised about him continually during the day; Kieron’s dreams were haunted by him, always in a lurid, sexual way. He would wake up every morning damp between the legs from several nocturnal emissions.

Kieron resolved that he would have to at least talk to him, otherwise he would go crazy. Kieron walked the two miles or so to the stop where the man got on every morning. He was there as usual, looking as attractive as ever. He found a pretext for talking to him, although he was by nature timid and not one to talk to strangers.

“Excuse me. Has the number 48 been yet?” asked Kieron.

“No, that’s the one I’m waiting for,” was the reply. “It should be along in about five minutes.” The voice was polite, well enunciated and very correct, reflecting an educated upbringing.

“That’s good. Lovely weather isn’t it?” In the absence of anything else to talk about, Kieron resorted to the time-honoured English tradition of commenting on the weather.

“Well, to be honest, this is usual where I come from” was the reply. Good, Kieron thought. At least he had got a conversation going.

“And where is that?” enquired Kieron.

“I’m from Trinidad. I’ve only been here three weeks. I’ve just started work as a physical education instructor at the Colosseum. Do you know it?”

The Colosseum was a newly built sports and leisure complex at the edge of town. “Of course,” said Kieron. Do you like your new job?”

“I love it,” replied the man. “But I’m not looking forward to your winters. I hear they’re pretty cold in the north of England.” Already Kieron found him not only physically attractive but also charming, even at this very prosaic level of conversation. They continued in a similar vein for the next few minutes until the bus came. Kieron felt bold enough to sit next to him on the bus.

“Oh, by the way I’m Kieron.”

“I’m Jerome. Jerome Rhodes.” They shook hands.

“Welcome to England, Jerome.” Already Kieron sensed that a little warmth had developed between them. He was probably the only one so far that had spoken to Jerome in a friendly way since he had arrived in the country. They chatted pleasantly as the journey continued. Kieron said “see you” as Jerome got off. Kieron had every intention to. Jerome raised his hand and smiled as he left for work.

Kieron did the same thing every day for the next three weeks. He would walk the two miles to Jerome’s stop, talk to him and sit next to him on the bus. Kieron’s masturbatory fantasies became more intense and vivid. They got on very well, but their conversation never really progressed beyond the everyday level. Kieron knew he would have to force things a little but didn’t really know how to. He also had a bit of an inferiority complex with regard to Jerome. Did he really believe that a hunk like Jerome, even if he liked boys, would be interested in a 5′ 7″, 130 pound, skinny wimp like him?

Kieron hatched a little plan, which was slightly clichéd and rather desperate, but it was all he could think of. He would leave Jerome with a polite little note. This was how it was worded:

Dear Jerome,

I hope you will not be offended by this note. During the three weeks I’ve known you I’ve grown to like you very much. I am gay and, if you are so inclined, I would like to go out with you. Whether to the cinema, to a concert or just for a drink, I’ll leave the choice up to you. If you are not interested, then I apologise and again trust that you are not upset by this. My telephone number is at the bottom of this note. Please ring.

Best Regards,


Kieron took his courage in his hands and handed Jerome the note as he was getting off the bus poker oyna one morning. Jerome gave him a puzzled look but accepted it. On getting home that evening, Kieron spent an agonised two hours wondering if Jerome would call and, if he did, whether he would be the target of an outraged stream of invective. After all, a man with Jerome’s looks would in all probability be a magnet for women.

The telephone rang. Kieron’s heart skipped a beat. He picked up the receiver. Jerome’s dulcet tones came down the line. “I’m just ringing to say I read your note and I’m not the least bit offended. In fact, it was very sweet, if a bit old-fashioned.” He laughed. “I should like to take you out, if want to.”

Kieron thought he had fallen into a coma and been transported into Dreamland. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing! He simply couldn’t find the words to express his feelings, so Jerome broke in again to end the awkward silence. “Would you like to go to the concert tomorrow evening at the Colosseum?”

“Yes, great.” Kieron’s power of speech had temporarily deserted him and he found he could only utter monosyllables.

“Right, let’s meet outside the main entrance at eight. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Great, fine,” was all Kieron could manage as he put the phone down, stunned by the success of his note.

Kieron spent most of the next day — Saturday — worrying about how he might appear to Jerome. His old inferiority complex kicked in with a vengeance and, by the time seven o’ clock came around, he was very tense and nervous. He caught the bus into town, constantly readjusting his clothes and hair. It had been a good eighteen months since he had been involved in any relationship and that had gone only so far as mutual masturbation. Could things now be looking up for him?

As promised, Jerome was there waiting outside the main entrance, with his usual beaming smile. Jerome put his hand on Kieron’s shoulder — a perhaps insignificant gesture but one that made Kieron feel miles better. They took their seats near the back and waited for the concert to begin. It was the Moody Blues, one of the innumerable comeback bands now on the circuit, but Kieron really wasn’t bothered who it was performing. He just felt good being with Jerome on a real date.

But Jerome was obviously into this band. He hung on every note, every word. As the band launched into “I’m Just A Singer In A Rock ‘n’ Roll Band” Kieron felt Jerome’s hand go around his shoulder in the darkness. To reciprocate, Kieron placed his hand in Jerome’s and squeezed it. Kieron shut his eyes and basked in the satisfaction of being with a man with whom he felt truly comfortable.

The concert passed pleasantly enough. The pair walked back to the bus station, boarded the bus, and discussed the concert. Kieron tried desperately to avoid betraying his feelings in public but he found himself being drawn ever closer to Jerome. But he was worried about appearing too forward. Jerome seemed too nice to appreciate people throwing themselves at him. They got off the bus and walked towards Jerome’s house. They were in an area of very dim lighting, so Jerome took Kieron by the hand for a little of the way, which made Kieron feel good.

“May I kiss you?” asked Jerome in a gentlemanly way just before going inside his house.

“Of course,” laughed Kieron, again unable to believe this was reality. Jerome held Kieron by the waist and gave him the sweetest kiss on the lips, although it was very brief. Kieron was still standing mouth agape when Jerome bade him goodnight and promised him they would see one another again. Kieron walked home feeling over six feet tall. Never had he felt such joy.

Over the next six weeks or so they went out together regularly but they never went beyond kissing and holding hands when they could do so discreetly. Kieron’s libido was going into orbit. He yearned to lie in the same bed as Jerome and masturbated several times a night. But Jerome continued to behave very correctly on their outings. It would take a little bit of manoeuvring on Kieron’s part to change things.

After a visit to the cinema, they walked as usual toward Jerome’s house when Kieron appeared to turn his ankle on a kerbstone. He yelled and limped. Jerome was distressed to see him apparently in pain. “Are you alright, Kieron?” he asked concernedly.

“I’ve just twisted my ankle, I think,” replied Kieron. “I’ll be alright.” But the manner in which Kieron walked convinced Jerome that he was in no fit state to walk home.

“I think you’d better spend the night at my place,” said Jerome. “You can’t carry on like that.” Kieron could hardly have hoped for better words. To crown it all, Jerome put his strong right arm around his shoulders and helped him to limp the last one hundred yards to his door. Kieron found Jerome’s touch electrifying. His whole body prickled with excitement.

Once inside, Kieron had to continue with his act a little longer. Jerome made Kieron stretch out on the sofa, took off his socks and shoes, and bandaged his ankle. “Well, at least it’s not swollen,” said Jerome. canlı poker oyna “You can sleep here for the night and we’ll see what you’re like in the morning. I’ll get you a blanket.”

It was then that Kieron felt emboldened enough to make his move. As Jerome finished fastening the safety pin on Kieron’s bandage, Kieron suddenly grabbed Jerome’s hand and looked him squarely in the eye. “I’m sorry, Jerome. There’s nothing wrong with my ankle. You’re not angry with me are you?” Jerome understood. He stooped and kissed Kieron full on the mouth. He then lay on top of Kieron, kissing him more passionately.

Kieron relished Jerome’s weight on him, and began to moan softly, knowing that this time things were not going to stop with kisses. Jerome became more fervent, running his hand up Kieron’s shirt and tweaking his nipples, whilst continuing to kiss him. “I’m yours if you want me, Jerome,” assured Kieron. Without further delay Jerome took him by the hand and led him to his bedroom.

“I wanted so much to ask you back,” said Jerome, putting his arms around Kieron’s waist. “But I didn’t want to appear too brazen. I haven’t said anything like this before, but you’re lovely Kieron.”

Kieron’s heart almost leapt out of his chest with ecstasy. “But I felt the same!” cried Kieron. “I was so scared of putting you off!” Kieron knew they got on well together but hadn’t the slightest idea of the depth of Jerome’s feelings for him. Kieron gazed into Jerome’s eyes lovingly, put his arms around his neck, and kissed him deeply, pressing his chest against Jerome’s and assuring him that he fully shared Jerome’s feelings.

As the pair stood by the bed, Jerome first removed the boy’s tee-shirt and began to lick and kiss his nipples, occasionally biting them playfully to heighten Kieron’s pleasure. He then kissed every inch of his face and neck. Kieron felt a wonderful moment of surrender when he just allowed his body to go limp and he submitted entirely to Jerome’s passionate caresses. “Baby, you’re gorgeous. May I take off these?” He meant Kieron’s jeans. Even in the throes of passion, his politeness did not diminish for an instant.

Kieron hadn’t been called “baby” ever in his life, and found it thrilling. He was now literally shaking with excitement. His senses were positively aflame. All he wanted now was for Jerome to make love to him. Jerome unbuckled Kieron’s jeans and dropped them to the floor. The crotch of Kieron’s underpants bulged with sexual anticipation. He then kissed and licked Kieron’s smooth, hairless thighs then slid his large hands down the back of Kieron’s underpants so he could fondle his delectable bottom.

Finally, Jerome slid these down also and removed them. Kieron now stood completely nude. Jerome stepped back to admire Kieron’s naked form, his milky white skin illuminated by the moonlight streaming in through the bedroom window. Kieron suddenly seemed shy and inferior again, even at this point, and looked down demurely at his feet, as if he were thinking: Why would a gorgeous man like him take an interest in a skinny rake like me, with no sense of humour and nothing going for him?

As if reading his thoughts, Jerome held both of his hands and said: “Kieron, you’re caring, sensitive and sweet. I want you very much.” With this, he drew Kieron to him and again kissed him forcefully on the lips.

Kieron smiled warmly, feeling reassured again. “Let me undress you, Jerome. Sit on the bed, darling.”

Jerome hesitated. “I have a confession to make, Kieron,” said Jerome. I haven’t done this before.”

“That’s OK, Jerome. Neither have I.” Kieron was a virgin like Jerome, but he had read about gay sex techniques on the internet and seen a few gay porn clips, so he thought he knew a little about the subject.

Kieron stooped down to remove Jerome’s socks and shoes then unbuttoned his shirt. Finally he pulled off Jerome’s trousers and briefs all in one movement. At seeing Jerome’s fine-looking brown body, he drew his breath in sharply. He looked absolutely wonderful.

Kieron sat on Jerome’s knees and slid his bottom up his thighs so his chest was tight against Jerome’s and his legs were wrapped around Jerome’s back. “Oh Kieron, your skin feels so soft and smooth,” breathed Jerome as he stroked Kieron’s back. They kissed and hugged for a long time, and were perfectly happy with that. However, they yearned for something more.

Kieron then got off Jerome and knelt by the side of the bed between his legs. He planted numerous kisses at the top his lover’s firm thighs. Finally, he took Jerome’s erect penis in his hand and began to lick it. He gave long, lascivious strokes with his tongue, from the base of Jerome’s scrotum to his now exposed and inflamed gland. At the top of each stroke, he would give little flicks of his tongue on Jerome’s most sensitive spot, on his fraenulum, which drew little moans of pleasure.

Initially tense, Jerome relaxed and began to savour the young boy’s loving attentions. He lay flat on his bed, where Kieron went down on him. Kieron was now sucking hard on Jerome’s stiff member, internet casino while Jerome ran his fingers through Kieron’s long hair in appreciation. Jerome now had a beautiful erection and Kieron thought that he was ready for him. “Do you have anything to lubricate me, darling?” asked Kieron.

It wasn’t a question Jerome was expecting, being a little ignorant in these matters. He looked pensive for a moment then said: “I have some baby oil next door in the bathroom. Will that be OK?”

“Baby oil should be fine. Where is it?” asked Kieron.

“It’s in the bathroom cabinet on the top shelf.”

Kieron returned later carrying a small bottle. “Now pour plenty on your hand and push your fingers right into me.”

As Kieron got on all fours on the bed, Jerome did as he was asked. He poured a liberal quantity in one hand and pushed his index finger into Kieron’s rectum. Then, as Kieron’s opening became more slippery with the oil, he managed to get a second finger in. He slid his two fingers in and out a few times, producing gasps of approval from Kieron. “Ooh Jerome, that feels so good. I can’t wait until you’re inside me!”

Jerome also felt so turned on by the sight of Kieron’s lovely petite bottom, which was now being voluntarily offered to him. He poured some oil on his penis, massaging it so it regained its full stiffness. He then positioned himself behind Kieron and prepared to enter him. Kieron shuddered in anticipation. He had used an anal vibrator regularly so felt he had an idea of what to expect, but he was still a little apprehensive.

“Just take it very slowly and easily darling,” Kieron said in a slightly worried voice. He felt his buttocks being spread by Jerome’s large hands then the tip of his penis pushing gently against his anus. Jerome placed his hands on Kieron’s hips and slowly eased half his length in. Kieron relaxed his sphincter muscles in order to facilitate Jerome’s entrance. It was a little uncomfortable but nothing too bad.

“Are you OK, baby?” asked Jerome concernedly.

“Yes, it’s fine,” replied his young lover. “Please, get inside me.”

Jerome pushed the rest of the way in, withdrew slightly, then began to thrust slowly. He had never known pleasure like this. At each stroke, Kieron’s sphincter gripped the base of his penis tightly, producing exquisite sensations that coursed throughout his body. This, coupled with the gentle acquiescence of Kieron, his lovely soft white skin, and his soft groans of enjoyment, produced a sensual feast. As he quickened the pace of his thrusting, the tension mounted in his loins and he knew he could not last much longer.

After his initial uneasiness, Kieron’s enjoyment increased with every stroke. His dreams had been fun, but the reality was infinitely better. He even began to push his bottom back to meet Jerome’s thrusts. He was thrilled to be giving so much pleasure.

“Ooh baby, that feels so good! You’re going to make me come!” Jerome gave one final thrust. He felt every last bit of energy in his body was being concentrated in the tip of his penis as he ejaculated fiercely and copiously into Kieron. He fell on top of Kieron and closed his eyes, to savour his orgasm in full and the feel of the lovely submissive boy beneath him. Having given himself a minute or so to recover, he withdrew from Kieron, turned him round, and kissed him with incredible ardour.

The lovers spent a good few minutes thus, kissing and stroking one another and exchanging nice lovers’ compliments. Jerome’s erection had now totally recovered and he found he wanted Kieron again. Still his correct language and politeness had not deserted him even in these circumstances. “May I make love to you again, baby?” he asked.

“Well, I’ll consider it,” teased Kieron laughingly. “Lie down.”

Jerome wondered what he had in mind, but Kieron wasted no time in letting him know. Facing Jerome, he got astride him and lowered himself on to Jerome’s tumescent member. Jerome slid in easily this time. Kieron gripped him by the shoulders and began move his bottom up and down. As he did so, Jerome stroked Kieron’s penis, which rapidly became erect. As Jerome’s excitement increased, he gripped Kieron by the waist and began to thrust upwards into him, so his thighs thudded against Kieron’s girlish bottom. Another low guttural moan escaped his lips as he reached a wonderful climax inside Kieron. At the same time he masturbated Kieron hard, causing the latter to spurt over Jerome’s chest. The two crushed their naked, sweaty bodies together, their feelings of relief and desire indescribable.

Kieron felt utterly sated and contented, yet he had underestimated his lover’s virility. After a few more minutes the intensity of Jerome’s caresses was such that Kieron realised he wanted to make love for a third time. “Kneel by the bed darling,” he said.

Jerome did as he was told, as Kieron placed his slender legs on Jerome’s shoulders. Kieron felt deliciously vulnerable in this position, with his legs spread and raised, his anus openly exposed to Jerome. Jerome penetrated him once again, gripping his thighs tightly to maintain Kieron’s legs in position. The edge having slightly been taken off his desire, Jerome lasted longer this time — a good ten minutes. He came inside Kieron in a mad flurry of thrusting and moaning.

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